On the "cutting room floor," you will find things that went out of print, were forgotten or left out for other reasons, along with general errata and excluded material from various books.




The two missing maps from the new ATB
(1st Printing)

The Missing Stats for Victor Lazlo

Victor is a hunted criminal wanted by the NGR. If any Triax/NGR troops should be encountered, and they do have reconnaissance teams scattered throughout Europe and Africa, they are likely to recognize Victor or that the Ulti-Max is stolen (the serial number is that of a stolen vehicle and no NGR soldier would join forces with mercenaries or Lazlo). This can only mean trouble. They may confront the group and demand they turn the criminal over to them in chains. Failure to comply will cause the soldiers to take offensive action. If the group is too powerful, the soldiers may leave peacefully, but track them while they await reinforcements, and attack at the next opportunity. Or they may attack without warning and try to destroy Victor and/or the group. Characters who protect Lazlo are considered to be fools or dangerous subversives to be eliminated. Associating with dragons or other monsters will brand them as monster loving enemy troops. NGR soldiers will NOT join the group to fight the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, although they will report what's going on to their commander.

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