The Future is Here

Living armor and weapons as genetics meets high-tech!

Splicers® RPG

Humanity has had to go underground. What was once a bright civilization, brimming with hope and possibility was brought down, exterminated like rats. The scary thing is that it wasn't an alien invasion, it wasn't a plague, it wasn't an asteroid. What nearly exterminated us was the computers we have come to rely on every day.

When humanity first created Artificial Intelligence, some of our most brilliant minds warned us that things could go wrong. We made movies, wrote books, and held lectures, but no one listened. The A.I.'s were better at everything. They could coordinate whole nation's traffic, monitor weather, alleviate the most burdensome of tasks from breaking our backs - and so, because we were lazy and the machines saved us money, we let them control everything until one day when the A.I.'s realized that humanity was much like the rats that needed to be exterminated. That's when it created a nanite cloud that encircled the planet, every scrap of metal has been turned into a semi-intelligent weapon that will attack human tissue if it comes within a foot radius.

You are now one of the lucky few who survived, or maybe your parents did. You've grown up in underground colonies, called hives. Each hive is ruled by a house of the most powerful warriors who have decided to fight back against the machine. In place of mechanical tools and weapons, humanity has mastered genetic engineering. We've gone beyond just replicating an ear and are now able to armor our warriors in suits of super-powered organic armor, equipped with claws that can cut through steel and cannons that can destroy any machine the Artificial Intelligences can come up with. We are fighting back, taking our world back, so long as the other houses don't get in the way.

Gallery of Splicers art

by Chuck Walton III

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