Background and Setting Questions

  1. 01 I am totally addicted to rifts can you tell of any rifts clubs in London you know which have contact with or know advertising on the Internet. On the palladium site you could make a place people can advertise club.

    Answer: There is also a great section in the message board for gamers to contact each other and we're always looking for additions to the Palladium Gaming Group Directory.
  2. 02 Why no TMNT in catalog? Just out of stock?

    Answer: We no longer have the license for TMNT and sold what remaining stock we had.
  3. 03 Whatever happened to the Chaos Earth World Book for Rifts that was going to be about a world where the old governments survived and were forced to learn and deal with the coming of the Rifts and the return of the once lost art of Magic?

    Answer: Chaos Earth has now been published as a its own game and has been expanded with several sourcebooks.
  4. 04 I was just wondering why the SDF-1 is in the picture on page 20 of the Atlantian city in World book 2. Is this another ship from another world with the crew killed or traded away as slaves or joined forces with the Kittani in some under the table deal? Or am I just making more out of it than is worth?

    Answer: Funny enough, this is just an inside joke. The artists like to hide these kinds of things throughout all our books, and if you look hard enough you will find them. From "Lobotomise Me" on a ley line walker in Rifts, to Darth Maul and "Coffin Cola" in Systems Failure.
  5. 05 Does the CS block or censor civilian material coming in from outside (although human and civilized) sources. I mean, If the CS citizens living in Lone Star turn on the radio or television set, can they receive transmissions from El Paso or Ciudad Juarez or Laredo (assuming signals from such places would even be strong enough)? If so, does the CS censor "questionable" material from the programming (questionable being anything that the CS disagrees with). And what if said material is all in Spanish? CS citizens can't read subtitles, and I'm sure they don't know any foreign languages.

    Answer: Censorship depends on the material and its methods of transmission inside the cities. Outside broadcasts are hard to censor and could be jammed. AS to speaking other languages, they may speak other languages. I.E. In Quebec, they would speak French and English, in lone star Spanish may be used.
  6. 06 Are CS citizens allowed to learn to read and write music? If not, does this mean they are completely deprived of any original music?

    Answer: Music may be taught, and learned (read and rote)
  7. 07. I seem to recall that, in "Island at the Edge of the World," there was a city of ruins that had been transported from Atlantis. Would this be Rifts Atlantis, "Real" World Atlantis, or Atlantis from one of the other games? Or is my memory just playing tricks on me altogether?

    Answer: The ruins there were made by survivors of Rifts Atlantis, after the dimensional accident that sunk Atlantis.
  8. 08 In the Nightbane setting, the Nightlands exists in a symbiotic way with the Earth. What would've happen to the Nightlands during the Great Cataclysm?

    Answer: That is pure hypothetical, but the resulting devastation on the Earth would have a Mirror Like effect on the Nightlands. A similar effect would be like what happened when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were A-Bombed at the end of WW2 and the resulting devastation in the Nightlands.
  9. 09 What is the exact timeline for Phase World? It can't be the same as Rifts Earth, can it?

    Answer: As for the timeline for Phase World, since it is a separate dimension, there is no coloration between the time lines.
  10. 10 In Wormwood since everyone is a Mega-damage being does that mean physical attacks cause no damage, ie. a punch or normal sword. This seems to imply that people of wormwood can beat each other up till the cows come home and only suffer fatigue from failing away at each other

    Answer: Wormwoodians are mega-damage beings in reference to SDC objects from other dimensions. Swords and fists will inflict standard damage within their own dimension.
  11. 11 I was just wondering about the chamber of light (in Azlum the Aslum on Atlantis) and the alignment change. I understand that the person believes in they're new ways and that kind of thing but why would the alignment change be permanent? Couldn't other things effect it? The first being other spell magic such as Soultwist or Someone Makes Them just change it back? Secondly couldn't the player characters help the NPC or PC that is affected? If shown that they're (the person changed) is wrong in they're new ways and the person had a desire to change couldn't they? Also, In my characters case couldn't the whole (true) love thing interfere?

    Answer: A GM who wishes to have these factors affect the alignment change is free to do so for their individual campaign.
  12. 12 In Skraypers, the races are supposed to be less technologically advanced when compared to the rest of the Three Galaxies. However, if the equipment in the sourcebook is utilized as MDC, everyone in Skraypers seems to dwarf the rest of the Three Galaxies in technology. Was most of the stuff in the book originally intended to be just SDC with the MDC conversion a frowned-upon option?

    Answer: In some respects, the Skraypers races are as advanced as those of the Three Galaxies but in other aspects, they are still lagging behind (this includes areas of Contra-gravity technology, and FTL technology).
  13. 13 In Rift's what level of tech did the golden age get to? Because, I don't know what to tell my players what a ruin city looks like ultra high tech or modern.

    Answer: The Golden Age (just prior to the Coming of the Rifts) had technology at least equal to the highest technology present in current Rifts Earth. The Republic of Japan contains Pre-Rift/Golden age Cities that were rifted forward in time, with survivors from the Time before Rifts. The Technology there should be considered "Golden Age Level." More golden age technology and descriptions can be found in the Chaos Earth serialization that is appearing in the Rifter.
  14. 14 In the CS War Campaign book it says the CS wiped out the Naruni based arms dealerships. Does this include the one in Los Alamo? And if so, what happened to Los Alamo in the Campaign of Unity?

    Answer: The CS has been surprisingly patient with Los Alamo about their Naruni connections. Although this is primarily because of Los Alamo's overall outlook regarding humankind, it is also because the CS is not ready to open up a war on a third front (they already have Tolkeen and Free Quebec to contend with). So, for now, Los Alamo has been keeping a low profile and the CS looks the other way. However, once Tolkeen and Quebec have been dealt with, the pressure will be on Los Alamo to toe the line or else.
  15. 15 How would the Mechiniods feel about Dragon 'Borgs from Japan?

    Answer: Although not themselves humanoid, the Dragon Borgs aid and befriend humans and were-humans. This is enough to put them on the Mechanoids hate list. That they somewhat resemble Mechanoids will make them a priority target if they ever encounter a Mechanoid.
  16. 16 How come C.J. Carella ruined the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse story? In Rifts World Book 10: Juicer Uprising under the description of Aramis knight and The Grim Reaper Cult it says that "Even though death was defeated and sent to another dimension Aramis still talks to him" or close to that.

    Answer: The books have a evolving time line, each book is set in a slightly different period of time. In Juicer uprisings the gathering of heroes managed to defeat death and the other 4 horsemen. Of course in your game the 4 horseman might not have united or have succeeded in uniting (or partly). In this case, have Aramis working directly for the Armageddon creature.
  17. 17 South America 2 speaks of a city rifted from Wormwood, does this region have the same powers of Wormwood itself? If so do the symbiotes work upon leaving that region?

    Answer: The region right around the city does have the same ambiance as Wormwood and allows the symbiotes to work. However, such symbiotes that are away from the city either far enough (50 miles) or long enough (48 hours) will start to lose their powers.
  18. 18 What are the standard Coalition colors?

    Answer: The standard colors are a black or midnight blue color, and white
  19. 19 I was wondering why the Chaing-Ku description (in Dragons & Gods) says that the Elves & Dwarves destroyed all traces of Tattoo magic during the millenium of purification. Why would they?

    Answer: A Lot of different magic was purged during the millennium of purification, a lot of magic was seen as undesirable, and was removed from the records. Tattoo magic is a restrictive magic form, and can easily be used to inflict pain on Elves, cripple spellcasters (give them enough tattoos, so they cannot cast spells again etc. Tattoo magic was also a uncommon form of magic, with the only tattoo masters being Chiang-Ku dragons, and the True Atlanteans (they either fled the palladium world, or died).
  20. 20 Is Vicksburg CS-controlled? Also is Baton Rouge still in it's original location? The Original book says that port gibson, MS to Laurel, MS is the new MS Coast line. if the LA coast follows this, then Baton Rouge should be underwater. However, the CS Brown water navy fleet has a HQ there.

    Answer: The details given in the main book were rough details as mentioned by Erin Tarn. If you refer to the color map of the old American empire on p159, you can clearly make out the coastline, and referring to some maps, Baton Rouge would still be intact.
  21. 21 In The Palladium RPG, Can You Explain The Edge Of The World A Little More. Is The Edge A Form Of Wall?, Does It Envelope The Entire Southern Half Of The Planet?, Does It Span The Planets Equator?, If So What Happened To The Other Hemisphere? From A Planetary Aspect Can You Maybe Explain It A Little More.

    Answer: The edge of the world, and what lies beyond are mysteries to all. No one knows what is on the other side, and no one has every sailed around it. The world itself was torn about by devastating magic's, from the Time of a Thousand Magic's, and the Age of Chaos, and the battles with the Old Ones.
  22. 22 I was wondering, the Palladium Fantasy world, is the map presented the entire world? Does it wrap all the way around the planet? Are there other continents? Can one sail from the eastern territories into the western empire?

    Answer: That is the known world. The rest of the planet has not been explored or is inaccessible, do to the dimensional barrier in the southern ocean.
  23. 23 For Century Station where is the city government and CHIMERA headquarters located in the city? I'd assume somewhere in Society Hill, probably in Silver City, but I was curious if you had any specific location planned for it.

    Answer: They are both located in Silver City.
  24. 24 I was wondering if you guys had plans to specifically explain legends, myths and beliefs of certain landmarks around the planet in Rifts. Like Devil's Tower, Mt. Rushmore, The Badlands... etc. You know, that kind of stuff.

    Answer: In some cases, such legends may appear in future Rifts supplements. Don't be afraid to draw your own conclusions, or, if you're so impassioned, submit written-out descriptions to the Rifter.
  25. 25 I need some numbers for the Planned Coalition war with Tolkeen and Quebec. The CS apparently has a million-man army. How many are going to each front? what proportion are Air and Mechanized? Does the CS use artillery? If so, how many tubes are going to each front? What kind of numbers does Quebec have to oppose? Same question for Tolkeen.

    Answer: The information on Quebec can be found in the Free Quebec Worldbook. The other information on the Coalition States and Tolkeen can be found in the Siege on Tolkeen series.
  26. 26 Any Ideas for cartography maybe a set of maps that shows an over lay of where things were to where they are now? Especially the coast lines around the world or at least the US. I know you have a few maps and all but most are small and have no reference or scale ( book 12 was great with psyscape and soul harvest helps alot)

    Answer: There are no current plans for an atlas of Rifts Earth. Although this is something that we may consider at a later time, right now we have too many other projects that we are committed to doing first.
  27. 27 What about the Mafia? I've noticed my players like playing criminals (Robin hood-esque, and bandits) and if there were a book (even a small one) on the criminals of Rifts earth, I think it would sell well.

    Answer: To see what happened to the Mafia, check out the Sicilian Republic on pages 40-42 of the Rifter #1. Also, Rifts: Black Market might be worth a read.
  28. 28 In Century Station are all the big businesses in town part of the Council of Industry, or are there a few newcomers who weren't around during the time of Project Daedalus?

    Answer: Not all of the big businesses are part of the Council of Industry, but those that are make it very difficult for you to become a big mover and shaker unless you join them. As a result, there are bound to be some powerful companies that are reluctant to enter Century Station because they don't want to put up with the Council's hogwash.
  29. 29 Given that energy weapons seem cheaper and more prevalent in Century Station than any other place on earth, can they be purchased legally, or are they just easier to get a hold of through back-channels(arms dealers, the black market, etc.)?

    Answer: They could be purchased legally (seeing as how common guns are through out the city), but you would still need special permits for them.
  30. 30 What ever happened to NORAD in the Rifts world? You covered it in System Failure but not anywhere else?

    Answer: NORAD was destroyed by a super volcano, and remains lost. Numerous expeditions have been launched to find the place, but none have succeeded.
  31. 31 I was wondering if you could give me some what of a detailed answer on to what the Coalitions opinion on Females in the military is. And this might sound odd, but I was gonna try and play a gay character, but I don't know if there allowed or what the opinions are towards gays in the coalition.

    Answer: Females are accepted in the CS armed forces. The prejudices are against non humans, not sexism. For Gays in the CS military, there might be some prejudice, but they are still human, and not demonic monsters, so would probably be allowed to serve.
  32. 32 I gm for robotech and some of the players keep asking about an under water city that is mentioned in book four Southern Cross its on the same page as the description of the O.C.C. Sea Squad and I was wondering was their just not enough room to put it in the book or did it never come up?

    Answer: It never came up. However, you could easily create one there. It would probably be a underwater test center modeled on a space station or base concept. As such you could easily use the plans for Moon Base Copernicus from Return of the Masters for this underwater based operated by the Sea Squad.
  33. 33 Is the Atlantis continent from rifts Earth the only Atlantis? If not, did the others have similar civilizations? Also if there are other ones, are they also dimensional anomalies? Or is Rifts the only place with an actual Atlantis, and the Atlanteans just spread the legend to the parallel worlds?

    Answer: Rifts Earth is the ancient home to the true Atlantean, but Atlantis the continent might exist in other dimensions.
  34. 34 Are there any major cites such as chi-town that don't allow MDC armor and weapons?

    Answer: There are many small towns and cities that do not allow M.D. armour and weapons inside the city proper.
  35. 35 Where is the exact location of Mindwerks in Poland?

    Answer: It is located in South-western Poland, next to the Czechoslovakian border. The exact location is in not defined, allowing the GM to site it within that region wherever they want it. Only a select few known the location, and they are generally well protected.
  36. 36 Which galaxy, if any, is Earth in regarding the Phase world Universe, and if nowhere near, how far away (roughly) is it? I ask because the PC's in my campaign were taken on board a raider ship and rifted to Phase World before they could escape, now they want to go home and have commandeered the raider ship.

    Answer: They are in different dimensions (planes of reality). The only way for them to get home is to go through a Rift.
  37. 37 I have a question. Would the CS accept Zentraedi ( or for that matter tirolians or zentran/meltran?)? it says in the books that they are basically human right? I mean they look human and can bear offspring with humans, and their basic genetic code is very similar.

    Answer: They would not accept them at all. No, matter how Human they look if they are not from Rifts Earth they are a D-Bee to the Coalition.
  38. 38 Does the Palladium fantasy world have a moon? If so, does it have just one or does it have several? What is the moon like? Is it like Earth's moon?

    Answer: They have a moon with a similar cycle to earth's moon.
  39. 39 Are rahu-men the only kind of d-bee accepted by the New German Republic? it says in conversion book one that a rahu-man cyber knight is a member of their government and if so what does the CS think of this? I think his name is rasheen.

    Answer: That was probably from the early years of the NGR (when there was little contact between North America and Europe). As for accepting D-Bees they accept most kinds, and even limited magic and psionics (they are not as prejudiced as the Coalition).
  40. 40 I have question about the Coalition States population. The main books says it is only about 10 million, while Sourcebook One states that it is around 14 million. Both of these seem ridiculously low.

    Answer: The CS is a collection of city states, and the population figures do not count hopeful citizens, those allied with the CS, or those living in the burbs. (counting all these the population is likely to be several times higher). The German population is over a big area, more stabilized, had a huge influx of refugees that were adopted into their population.
  41. 41 Are there any civilian Airports or Airfields on Rifts Earth besides (Atlantis)?

    Answer: There are, they generally as small dirt strips though. Many post-Rifts aircraft are VTOL capable so do not require much space, or prepared facilities.
  42. 42 I was wondering about something I read in Free Quebec. In your opening Erin Tarn journal she talks about her travels. In that she mentions the "Juicer Uprisings." Later it says that this is from here journal in the spring of 104 PA. Am I wrong, or didn't the "Juicer Uprisings happen in the Spring or summer of 105 PA.

    Answer: Mistakes can and do happen unfortunately, just ignore the references to the Juicer Uprisings in the letter, or shift the date of the writing to spring 105 (Mar-May) 4-5 months before Proseks Declaration of War.
  43. 43 What year is Century Station based in?

    Answer: It is meant to be a contemporary setting, or near future.
  44. 44 In Federation of Magic it states that Alistair Dunscon possesses all spell knowledge from level 1 -15 (as well as Necromancy spells). I'm curious to know how much Dunscon knows in the way of Rituals...should he know all the Ritual versions of his spells?

    Answer: Exactly which versions he knows is ultimately up to the G.M. but with a lot of spells he would probably know both versions, and probably in different formats. 
  45. 45 In Siege on Tolkeen 2 it states that the head of an adult dragon will get a bounty of 10,000 credits but a (staked I presume) vampire will get you 100,000 credits. Is this correct? It just seems that either this is a misprint of the Coalition really wants to find out more about vampires.

    Answer: Vampires are seen as a greater threat, and one that can spread through human population centers.
  46. 46 How is Prosek alive? It would only require a relatively low level shifter to kill him. (teleport, shoot him in the head with a Wilk's laser pistol and teleport out.) Our GM has decided that they must grow Proseks at Lone Star or something.

    Answer: To teleport in, you have to know exactly where to go, in public he does have body armor, and any magical activity would alert his body guards.
  47. 47 How come Emperor Prosek's wife is called "The Lady Prosek" since she is the Emperor's wife and not concubine, wouldn't that make her Empress?

    Answer: She probably prefers that title over Empress. Besides the Heir apparent is not called Prince Prosek. While Emperor Prosek is the Emperor, he has not taken royal trappings and titles for the political system.
  48. 48 On page 22 of Free Quebec you state that there are 144 Skelebots stationed at the Quebec Navy Base on Anticosti Island, and on page 33 it states that the Free Quebec Army has no skelebots out of a paranoid fear that the CS Army can take control of them. Which is right? (If the 144 at Anticosti Island is correct please explain.)

    Answer: The skelebots were there when the facility was being run by the CS Navy, when the Quebec forces took over they mothballed the skelebots.
  49. 49 Does the dreamstream only apply to humans, or are their certain d-bees or supernatural creatures that share and/or can have their dreampools entered into or manipulated by either of the available 'dream' rccs?

    Answer: It is up to the individual GM to decide which creatures have their own dream pool and to the extent of their permeability. It is reasonable though to allow dream pools for most beings that think, automations and constructs do not have a dream pool.
  50. 50 In PFRPG why aren't there any Dragon Rider OCCs? I think it would be a great idea.

    Answer: Because the dragons are intelligence spell casting creatures of magic who see being just a mount akin to being a slave under the direction of mere mortals. To most dragons the best place someone can ride them is in their stomach.
  51. 51 What is an Auto-G, it is mentioned on page 51 of the Main Rifts book, but I can find no reference to them in any of the other books. am I missing something?

    Answer: The Auto-G finally appears in the Siege on Tolkeen series (Book 3 - Sorcerers Revenge). The Auto-G is a master shape changer capable of changing at the genetic level.
  52. Does Death of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse really regenerate 1d4 * 1000 M.D.C. per minute like says in the third printing of Africa? If so wouldn't Death have the best regenerative abilities and not War.

    Answer: The regeneration rate is correct as listed. Death is the leader of the four and the most powerful.
  53. 53 In Coalition War Campaign, it mentions several medals of honor. Besides a formal reprimand, what forms of citations can a superior officer penalize a soldier with? I ask because one of the PC's in my games is truly despised by his CO! :)

    Answer: Loss of pay, privileges, rank, punishment details (Latrine duty etc).
  54. 54 How are Changelings regarded on Rifts Earth? Are they hated and feared (even by non-humans) like in Palladium Fantasy, or are they considered normal D-bees? Would a changeling hide his true nature even from other D-bees?

    Answer: It all depends on the individual location, but shapechangers are generally feared. They would have a hard time fitting in even in a place like New Lazo with no chance at all in the Coalition States.
  55. 55 If you are attempting to trade/barter goods with the Black Market, does it occur at a credit-for-credit rate, or does it use the diminished values found on p. 208-209 of the Rifts RPG?

    Answer: It is up to the individual operator how he scales his prices based on need etc. A skilled operator would trade you his product at full price while taking yours at the reduced rate meaning that you are effectively paying more for the item you are after.
  56. 56 Does the Coalition have Xenobiologists? What O.C.C. should I use for such a character (it's an NPC).

    Answer: They do have scientific researchers. There are the RSCG Military Scientist (can be found in Coalition war Campaign), as well as Scholars and Scientists (from the main book dropping the Rogue in the title).
  57. 57 In one of the "Rifters," it said that a vamp-intellegence had once invaded the PFRPG world and was banished into a rune sword. Are there any vamp intelligences in the PFRPG world right now, or are all the vampires running around on their own?

    Answer: Well there is one, The God of the Undead. He is keeping a tight reign on the Fantasy world, and likes to kill vampires belonging to other intelligences (the other gods tolerate him).
  58. 58 In the RDF Accelerated Training Program, it alludes to an "RDF Code Of Honor." What is the RDF code of honor?

    Answer: The Code of honor is probably similar to the code of honor used by many of the armed forces around the world (Saluting a senior officer when wearing a hat, discipline and behavior (being polite, no disrespect, no fighting etc).
  59. 59 Are the Tundra Rangers part of the Coalition (as the cover suggests with death heads on top of maple leafs), Or are they there own separate entity?

    Answer: They are a separate entity, a lot of their technology is pre-rift Canadian and American, and as such bears a relationship with the technology employed by the CS.
  60. 60 How do any normal, SDC animals survive on rifts earth with so many supernatural, MDC, predators around? Why don't the supernatural predators ruin the ecologies?

    Answer: Well some creatures ruin the ecology (Xiticix), while in other areas there are relatively few supernatural creatures, and less humans restoring some balance. Not only do you have MDC predators preying on the native inhabitants (plants and animals), a new balance has been achieved, with predators preying on those predators.
  61. 61 I'm extremely curious about any information that has been released about the Dragonwright. I have the Yin-Sloth Jungles book, but haven't seen anything else out there on the Dragonwright. I've checked what net sources are out there, but nothing seems to really deal with on the Dragonwright. Any locations or information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. 

    Answer: Pages 221-228 of Dragons and Gods (cat. #451) has the most comprehensive description to date of the cult of Dragonwright.
  62. 62 In the Robotech RPG pilots of different ranks fly different versions of Veritechs. How do you move up in rank? please include a list of RDF ranks.

    Answer: Skill, courage and leadership in the field will result in increases of rank. Most characters will become corporals and sergeants with relative ease. However, it is unlikely to attain a rank beyond Sergeant Major. The RDF ranks (from highest to lowest) are as follows: General, Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant, Sergeant Major, Master Sergeant, Sergeant 1st Class, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal, Private 1st Class, Private. 
  63. 63 I would like some more information on the dragon Styphon and his "son" Styphathol. I read a brief note that Styphon lives, but am interested in some more information about him.

    Answer: The most complete description of Styphon is on pages 226-228 of the Coalition war Campaign (cat. #451).
  64. 64 What are the names of all the True Atlantean clans?

    Answer: There are many True Atlantean Clans out there, several of the clans have been mentioned in the books though. For other clans just make the names up as most likely a full list will never be made.
  65. 65 I can not recall reading anywhere the state of religion on Rift Earth, so a couple question about the "old" religions on Rifts Earth.
    • A) Are any of the "old" religions (Christianity, Judiasm, Islam, Baha'i, Hindu, Buddhism, Mormonism, Zoroastrianism, etc) still taught or preach? Read Answer
    • B) How do the following civilizations/regions look at 20th century religion?: Read Answer
      • 1) CS
      • 2) NGR
      • 3) Free Quebec
      • 4) Russia
      • 5) South America
    • C) What, if any, are the punishment for teaching the "gospel" of what where/are obviously supernatural D-Bees? Read Answer
    • D) Are certain "old" religions more common than another? Read Answer
    • E) Are the churches and temples out in the open, or are they hidden? Read Answer
    • F) Would the "grounds" of these establishments be considered "hallowed", and thus safe from certain supernatural creatures like ghouls, vampires, etc? Read Answer


    • A) All of the pre-Rifts religions are still active in Rifts Earth, however they are most likely much changed from what is seen in 20th century Earth. Believers have most likely been passed down stories from the religions rather than everyone personally having their own books to read from daily. There will still be fanatics who twist the religions to their own ends as well as humble believers who just strive to live a good life. Return to Reference
    • B) Russian Orthodox Christianity is big in Russia, Catholicism is big in much of South America, Protestantism is popular in the NGR and (to a lesser degree) in Free Quebec. Only the CS has practiced a doctrine of suppressing religion much like how the Soviet Union did. Return to Reference
    • C,E) Depends upon the specific region/situation (to both questions). You'll definitely find houses of worship in most cities, even Tolkeen had temples for many faiths like sun gods and everything in-between, so the likelyhood of pre-Rifts religions having a presence is very likely. The thing to keep in mind is the surrounding society's general attitudes and how those affect the expression of any faith. Return to C Reference Return to E Reference
    • D) Christianity is still big in the West, Buddhism and Shintoism in Japan. The Baha'i faith is found globally, but would probably not be the most common faith to be found. For other religions, research where they are most common currently and it's most likely that some vestige of them has survived. Return to Reference
    • F) They are considered hallowed ground and a safe haven from some supernatural creatures. The level of faith of the believers is what makes these places hallowed as well as the location's history of faithful worship there. Return to Reference
  66. 66 Erin Tarn and Plato seem very close from the letters she sends him. Is there anything other than a good friendship between them? Maybe some adoptive family ties or romantic hintings?

    Answer: As far as we know, they are just very good friends. When asked about any past romantic involvement, Erin just smiles and walks off while Plato will insist (politely at first) that they change the subject.
  67. 67 Before all the rifts broke out on earth, and I mean immediately before, was the United States still running (operating/existing)? And what ever happened to the USA?

    Answer: Right before the Coming of the Rifts, the American Empire was one of the most powerful nations on Earth. As to what became of them after the Time of the Rifts, that has been writen about in Chaos Earth.
  68. 68 Is Karl Prosek's wife dead? Coalition War Campaign says that she was killed by the Federation of Magic, Lone Star says she is alive and taking life-expanding drugs.

    Answer: She was presumed killed during a terrorist attack by the Federation of magic. It was later found out that she was kidnapped, and was rescued and returned by Lord Coake.
  69. 69 Are the stories of Karl's half-brother true?

    Answer: It is up to you, there is no confirmation in any of the books.
  70. 70 Hey I was wanting to ask you guys a question, recently me and my friends were playing Rifts and in our campaign we were part of some kind of large spell that warped us into the Palladium Fantasy setting and in the past. In Rifts earth we have the language called English or American, in Palladium its called Common, I was wondering since my character speaks American can he talk and understand someone using Common from Palladium because the game master is saying that I can't and its hurting me not being able to speak to anyone.

    Answer: There is no "common" tongue in Palladium Fantasy, each region has its own language, plus the various races may have their own languages. The closest lingua franca would be Dragonese/Elven. Other tongues that may be understood include Gobblely (Goblin), Demongogian (by some monsters). Human languages from Earth are not understood by the inhabitants of the Palladium World, but mages and the nobility may have access to the Tongues spell that can act as a magical translator, and some experienced dimensional travelers may know some alien languages including Greek/Atlantean, English, Latin etc. The simple fact is that Rifts Earth and Palladium Fantasy have not overlapped in millenia and thus there really is no commonality of language. At the same time, if your GM wants to do their own thing, they are the one telling the story, so you may have to just get creative with a work-around.
  71. 71 Which books (if any) contain information on the Old Ones, demonkind, and the nether realms?

    Answer: Apart from the Palladium Fantasy main book, you might look into: Dragons and Gods, Old Ones, Library of Bletherad.
  72. 72 I just want to know if the Knight and Palladin Orders mentioned in Eastern Territory will be given a full description in an upcoming Rifter or PFRPG supplement. I was racking my brain trying to understand anything about the different orders mentioned while I was reading the book, and was extremely disheartened to find only the minor description of the Palladins who serve Rurga.

    Answer: See the Rifter #15 for details.

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