Monsters and Animals Questions

  1. 01 I was wondering if Rifts had any types of shadow dragons in it. If it does would you be able to send me any info (for stats, etc...) Any info would be a great help.

    Answer: Yes, its in Sorcerers' Revenge (Cat. 841) on pages 109-112.
  2. 02 I'm wondering, are there stats for the "Unlisted" faerie folk? The mermaid, Satyr, Merrow, Will 'o' the wisp.. and I believe one other, are mentioned but stats are not given. Is this an oops or are they planned for another book?

    Answer: All of these are listed in the Monsters; Animals book (Cat. #454)--Mermaid (pg. 70), Satyr (pg. 74), Merrow (pg. 71), and Will 'o' the wisp (pg. 78). Although their descriptions and stats are geared for the Palladium R.P.G., they can be adapted over to Rifts.
  3. 03 In Psyscape in the description of the Zenith Moon Warper it says M.A.: 1D6+2. Does that mean the M.A. is only 3 to 8 or is that a typo? Considering the fact that the Zenith are suggested as good spies, that strikes me as odd...

    Answer: It's not a typo. The Zenith Moon Warper has a M.A. of 1D6+2.
  4. 04 I noticed in Rifts Vampire Kingdoms that the mindolar slug has a lower amount of hit points than the one listed in Rifts Conversion book 1. I just want to know which one to go by.

    Answer: Use the one out of Conversion Book One.
  5. 05 I have always wondered how much damage a tree elemental in Rifts would do to a vampire.

    Answer: A Tree Elemental would do damage equal to its supernatural strength as HP damage against vampires. (I.e. if they do 3D6M.D. they do 3D6 HP to vampires).
  6. 06 Are Fyr'kree Insectoids large enough to use giant-sized weapons? I'm asking because on the mission that I'm currently working on I plan on having the characters run into one that is being controlled by the main opponent. I will probably make it giant-sized anyway (it is an antagonist, afterall), but I just wanted the official stance out of curiosity.

    Answer: They are normal sized and do not use giant sized weapons.
  7. 07 How common are tuskers supposed to be (in the normal Palladium world)? My friends and I run into them every damn mission.

    Answer: They are common in the old kingdom, baalgor wastelands, land of the south winds, and eastern territory, but they do not range in the numbers they used to.
  8. 08 If (for some reason) I were to ever decide to convert Systems Failure into the FRPG (or even Rifts, for that matter, I guess), would the Silkworms only affect humans, or could the affect human-like races (Elves, etc.) as well?

    Answer: They can effect human like races....
  9. 09 It says that the Crystal Dragon can only Light and Dark magic. What are they? We can not figure it out.

    Answer: They are spells that involve light and darkness i.e. Globe of Daylight etc.
  10. 10 In conversion book 1 all of the spirits of light have PB 40-60 is this correct? I mean I doubt that there better looking then Aphrodite.

    Answer: TheirP.B. is correct (their beauty is not just physical but ethereal as well).
  11. 11 There appear to be conflicting numbers on how common Tier 3 Lightning Bugs are in the Systems Failure R.P.G.. On page 62 it says that they make up 3% of the bug population. Page 76 says they usually lead swarms of 1,000 - 1,000,000 bugs, which would put them below 0.1% of the bug population. Which of the two statements is correct?

    Answer: Both are correct. They do not only lead swarms, but do other important tasks in bug society.
  12. 12 Can the Bugs from Systems Failure travel via satellite like they do through hardlines?

    Answer: They cannot travel thorugh satellites, or through any other method of wireless communication.
  13. 13 What are the stats for a normal horse in Rifts? Which book is it in?

    Answer: Normal Horse Stats can be found in Monsters and Animals along with hundreds of other animals.
  14. 14 In World Book 4: Africa, War is the only Apocalypse demon whose vulnerabilities include normal mega-damage weapons. The other three demons do not. Does this apply to all of them, or is it just there in case anyone thinks War can't be killed by normal M.D. weapons?

    Answer: It applies to all the Apocalypse demons and is just a reminder.
  15. 15 How much does a Mologoth wiegh (Baalgor Wastelands, p50)?

    Answer: (Bill Coffin) Hoo boy. Heavy, like a T-Rex. Off the top of my head, I'd put them at around 5 tons (10,000 lbs.) or 4.54 kt (4,540 kg). To be sure, though, I'll check my sourcebook once I get home to remind me of their exact dimensions, so I can compare them to something like ane elephant and make sure that 5 tons isn't way off base.
  16. 16 I was wondering about the stoning eye beams of the Maggot. It has to do a roll to strike and they can be dodged according to the book. Well, lets say the Maggot rolls a 12 to strike, the defender rolls a 11 to dodge, so it hits him, but the defender is wearing studded leather armor. What happens? Is the armor turned to stone, does nothing happen, is the person still stoned because of the nature of the attack (hit or miss type proposition).

    Answer: It would be a hit or miss style attack. if hit by the eye beams the victim gets a saving throw vs magic.
  17. 17 In Canada it says that Loup Garou are invulnerable to damage from magic weapons and magically created energy such as fireballs. Does this immunity apply to other werebeasts as well?

    Answer: No. The Loup Garou is a special case werecreature.
  18. 18 Concerning the Loup Garou in Canada (Book 20) the hit points seem to be listed twice. Which is correct?

    Answer: Use the second listing for the moment.
  19. 19 I have a question about Systems Failure: can a bug enter something like an outlet if it leads to nothing but a dead wire (ie the wire is cut.)?

    Answer: They can, and emerge at the cut wire. (likewise they are traveling through a live system, and that line is cut, the will emerge at the cut end).
  20. 20 What makes a supernatural creature lesser or greater how can I tell the difference for the spell Constrain Being. What are the entitys from the Control/Enslave Entity spell and Summon Entity spells

    Answer: Entities are those creatures that fall under the entity subclass. Entities are listed in Beyond the Supernatural, Monsters and Animals (2nd edition) and the Rifts Conversion Book.
    This is a list of lesser and greater Supernatural Beings from Beyond the Supernatural (1st edition). This list can be easily used for the other Palladium Games. Creatures not on this list, should be able to be placed by comparison with the creatures already on this list.
    • Lesser Supernatural Beings:
    • Banshee
    • Boschala
    • Burrowers
    • Dar'ota
    • Dimensional Ghoul
    • Dybbuk
    • Entity: Poltergeist
    • Entity: Syphon
    • Entity: Haunting
    • Entity: Tectonic
    • Entity: Possessing
    • Garkain
    • Gargoyle
    • Gurgoyle
    • Grave Ghoul
    • Gremlin
    • Hell Hounds
    • Malignous
    • Nacarant
    • Sowki
    • Spider Demon
    • Tokolosh
    • UFOnaut
    • Werewolf
    • Greater Supernatural Beings
    • Supernatural Intelligences
    • Elementals
    • Goqua
    • Mindolar
    • Vampires
    • Ancient Gods and Demigods
  21. 21 I have a question. In the 2nd Ed. Monsters & Animals for the Palladium Fantasy R.P.G., the entry on the Beast Dragon says that the Breath Weapon does 3D6 M.D. is this an error or should it read 3D6 SDC?

    Answer: That is correct, it should say S.D.C.
  22. 22 What kind of horses do Wolfen ride?
    I own two horses myself and I have a hard time imagining something over 8 feet tall riding a "Riding and jumping a horse". Over the years we (my friends and I) just assumed that they rode something like a Clydesdale. True these are large and strong horses, but they are meant to pull weight, not carry it. When you figure in the creatures' weight, the saddle for something it's size, any equipment it would be carrying as well as personal armor, the weight gets to be considerable. Giant beings like Wolfen are mentioned as being able to assume any Man at Arms O.C.C. yet there is no mention of special consideratons as far as horsemanship. Now this hasn't been an issue that has unbalanced the game, however more and more often we are playing these giant-sized races and it has caused some mildly annoying disputes about things like my friend who plays a Troll Paladin. As a G.M. I want him to play some thing he wants to within the rules, but I personally don't see how a 12 foot troll in full plate can ride ANY horse. I introduced something I made up called a "Troll War horse" many years ago. This was to be a rare breed of massive stock. It works for now, but the question still lingers. Any suggestions or comments are heartfully appreciated.

    Answer: Wolfen and most other giant races generally do not ride horses, and in battle tend to fight on foot (they are big infantry). Larger horses can accommodate some of the larger creatures can ride normal horses, generally those of the larger breeds. At other times they may use magic or ride other creatures.
  23. 23 Regarding the Great Dream Snake from Rifts World book 14: The New West. M.D.C. for these beasts are supposed to be Physical Endurance times 1000! Can this be true? Or is it supposed to be PEX100 or even PEX10? Ancient dragons go home!

    Answer: It is correct as listed.
  24. 24 This pertains to M.D.C. creatures. In Warlords of Russia, the Steppe Ostrich is listed as both a steed and a food animal. The T-Rex from New West is similarly listed as a food source. Both of these creatures are M.D.C., not SDC so how can they be eaten by normal beings? Numerous other entries refer to bones, teeth and hides being used as armor. This seems to be a real contradiction. M.D.C. creatures are still M.D.C. when they die so it would be like eating Dead Boy Armor!

    Answer: Size, hide, bones etc could provide the M.D.C. protection, plus possibly magic/supernatural augmentation while alive only. The meat itself could also be tenderized (hit, softened, boiled etc to make it soft enough to eat).

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