Psionic Questions

  1. 01 A Cyber-Knight (Major Psychic) faces a Line Walker and Mind Melter (Master Psychic) duo in a sword-fight. The Psychics draw their Psi-Sword as the Line Walker his Flaming Sword. A) How fast does the Cyber-Knight draw his Psi-Sword? B) Is he matched by a Mind-Melter or does his training provide a quicker/swifter skill of manifesting the Psi-Sword? C) How many attacks does the Line Walker spend in his attempt to fuel the T.W. Flaming Sword?

    1. It takes on melee action.
    2. The Cyber-Knight should have a marginal edge over the Mind Melter.
    3. One
  2. 02 Example: A Dominator Psi, uses Bio-Manipulation ranged at 160 feet /48.8 meters, targets a fleeing unarmored-human distancing 155 feet away from him. The human fails vs. Psi/Mind-Control and succumbs to "stunned" effects/penalties yet manages to cross the next 15ft. The "stunned?" human is well past the indicated Bio-Manipulation range and thus the dilemma. Does the human still suffer from the Psi-Effects of Bio-Manipulation/Stun or is it lifted without much ill-effects?

    Answer: The victim would suffer the effects from the initial attack but would be immune (i.e. out of range) of further attacks.
  3. 03 Can Telemechanics in Rifts control robots and power armor?

    Answer: Yes it can.
  4. 04 Can a character with the Psi-sword psionic use it to create 2 Psi-swords?

    Answer: Yes, for Cyber-Knights as described in Siege on Tolkeen Book 4 Cyber Knights. No, for anyone else as this is a unique ability to Cyber-Knights.
  5. 05 I want to know what the limitations are for Hypnotic Suggestion. My party encountered Chantico and one of them wanted to hypnotically suggest him/super hypnotic suggest him (Vampire P.C.). I don't believe that one (mortal) should be able to control a god or other really powerful beings.

    Answer: No, an immortal (or other extremely powerful being) would not be easily vulnerable to a Hypnotic Suggestion.
  6. 06 Can one fight using telekinesis? Like holding the weapons with their mind and fighting? How would alignment oriented weapons work in that case?

    Answer: T.K. combat could be used in the manner you described. Weapons that would be fulfilling the function of their alignment would probably not object too much to being handled in that fashion but weapons that feel this sort of combat is degrading or beneath them might hold back from their full potential (attack, defense, damage, etc.).
  7. 07 With mind bond could I learn magic spells or new psionic abilities? With mind bond could I learn Mystic Powers?

    Answer: Yes to both.
  8. 08 I have Mind Bond at 5th level Mind Melter. Also I have total recall. Can I combine them to remember all the skills I learned through Mind Bond? and if so Can I learn the other persons combat art and what can I learn about that art.

    Answer: No, Total Recall is primarily used for remembering written words, NOT for skills (particularly those that require physical exertion).
  9. 09 My role-playing friends and I have found a loophole of sorts concerning the Super Psionic power "Super Telekinesis".
    Using our way of interpreting its abilities, one could lift a non-psionic NPC hundreds of feet into the air then drop the poor sap to a nice rocky death without even the benefit of a psionics save. This interpretation seems unfair and at the very least unbalancing. Did we totally misconstrue the abilities of this power or is this possible?

    Answer: If Super T.K. is used as an attack, an attack roll is required and the intended victim should receive a saving throw.
  10. 10 Would it be possible to surround a foe with a Telekinetic Force Field then create a fireball inside the force field, thus causing a large amount of damage to the hapless victim and burning up all of the oxygen inside the field? So, if the sap was lucky enough survive the fireball, they get the overwhelming privilege of an agonizing death by asphyxiation.

    Answer: Albeit ingenious, these two powers cannot be combined for the purpose you illustrate
  11. 11 Using the optional rules for psi-powers in Rifts, can the Psi powers be boosted on any O.C.C./ R.C.C.?

    Answer: That is ultimately up to the discretion of the G.M.
  12. 12 Does a psionic character with the ability "telemechanics" have the ability to prevent a transferred intelligence from taking place?

    Answer: They do not have the power to prevent the transfer.
  13. 13 What are the bonuses gained from Telemechanics when using in conjunction with a suit of power armor?

    Answer: Telemechanics allow a psychic to operate power armor in a rudimentary fashion. However, they are much more awkward when compared to a trained armor pilot and get no bonuses in combat.
  14. 14 I was recently playing a game in which one of my players used the super psionics power telemechanichs to communicate with an artificial intelligence robot. I allowed him to have the robot change targets and then self destruct. Afterwards some of the other players said that the power doesn't work that way. Is this actually possible? If not what are the limits of telemechanics?

    Answer: Telemechanics will allow a psychic to communicate with (but not necessarily command) an AI robot. If the psychic could manage to convince/persuade the robot to change its targets and then self-destruct, all well and good. If not, the robot would simply refuse the psychic's suggestions. You might use a Trust/Intimidate roll or related skills.
  15. 15 If a character gains a psychic power at fifth level, does it operate for duration power, and range as fifth level or first. I am asking this because it is a debate in our group whether the character starts at level 1 as per a skill, or that the character's level reflects their total aptitude and the power starts at fifth level as the character is already a psychic who has spent time honing and strengthening their abilities.

    Answer: 5th level proficiency
  16. 16 Can a character move him/herself with telekinesis?

    Answer: They cannot.
  17. 17 At what speed do telekineticly hurled and/or moved objects travel? Do heavier objects move more slowly etc.?

    Answer: A baseball sized object will move at 60 mph, heavier objects will slow down proportionately to their greater mass
  18. 18 Using telekinesis on living things: Can a character with sufficient I.S.P. seize an opponent and throw the opponent with telekinesis? Does the psionic retain control for the duration of the psi-power or is I.S.P. expended every time an opponent is thrown? Is there any way to resist being thrown telekineticly? How much damage would it do to be thrown with telekinesis?

    Answer: If using T.K. as an attack, the psychic must roll his attack on a D20. The defender can roll his resistance on his D20 with the high score winning (much like normal combat). If caught by the T.K. attack, the target may attempt to break free with a P.S. saving throw. If unsuccessful, the damage inflicted will be 1D6 per 10 mph.
  19. 19 Distance: Does the distance listed for light, medium and heavy objects indicate a total linear distance the object can be moved per expenditure of I.S.P. or a radius in which the character can move objects?

    Answer: Linear distance.
  20. 20 What level of accuracy/fine control is available with telekinesis? Can the character perform delicate tasks (pick locks, writing etc.) using telekinesis? Can a character use telekinesis to manipulate and fight with a weapon with the usual +4 to strike and parry, and if so at what range?

    Answer: T.K. is not designed for fine manipulation. If attempted to be used in this manner, there should be a penalty ranging from -2 to -10 (depending upon the specific use, the finer the control attempted, the greater the penalty).
  21. 21 What effect does cyberware and bionics have on Psionics?

    Answer: Minor bionic/cybernetic enhancements like 2 implants or one limb will reduce every aspect of their Psionic powers by half (range, duration, damage etc). Anything more will completely destroy their psionic powers, the lose all their Psi powers, and all their I.S.P..
  22. 22 I need info On Psionics vs. Full Borgs. If you could tell me the best way to use Psionics vs Borgs.

    Answer: Borgs still have a vulnerable flesh and blood brain, and maybe some other organs still inside them. This means that they could be subject to such attacks that target the mind. Also Psionic attacks that do physical damage can affect borgs, like telekinetic acceleration attack from Psyscape.
  23. 23 I have a question about a Mind Melters Telemechanics vs the Juicers Bio-Comp. Could a Mind Melter effect the bio-comp? And if so, what would be the effects?

    Answer: Telemechanics give no ability to control it, but to understand the workings, and operations of a mechanical device.
  24. 24 If you have someone with Mind Block up. Does Mind Bolt effect the person? How do you bring down the Mind Block?

    Answer: There is a Psionic Power in Between the Shadows (Nightbane World Book 1) called Block Breaker. Mind Bolt can penetrate a Mind Block.
  25. 25 You explain that as a mage goes up in experience the strength of his spells gets stronger as well. Is this true of Psionics as well? I've looked through the books but I haven't found anything like this at all. If not then that would mean that a 15th lvl Mind Melter with a M.E. of 22 would have no advantage over a 1st lvl Mind Melter with the same stats other than more I.S.P. and more powers. This doesn't seem to make sense to me. Or am I missing something? Please reply before my P.C.s draw and quarter me.

    Answer: Psionic strength does not increase unlike magic spell strength which does.
  26. 26 Does the Ruby-quartz helmet from the first Rifts book protect against physical psionic attacks such as psi-sword and telekinesis?

    Answer: No it does not effect physical attacks as a physical vector is involved such as a energy field, or rock.
  27. 27 One player in my group has asked me a question on the Pyrotechnics power in the main book under psi powers. It had two different damages and does not state if is M.D.C. or S.D.C. damage. Can you clarify?

    Answer: Damage is S.D.C., only the Burster can make M.D. fire.
  28. 28 I just recently bought Coalition Navy. I was wondering if some who used the psionic power or magic spell - Impervious to Fire would survive when the C.S. dropped nukes on them? Would they survive the 1.8 million degrees Fahrenheit.

    Answer: No they wouldn't survive. Nuclear blasts are much more than just fire. They could surive closer to a blast than someone else who didn't have the same protection, but a direct strike would still kill them.
  29. 29 Can psionic powers be used in T.W. items? A tri-corder like device with Object Read for example? Or is it only spells?

    Answer: Generally not, but the Amaki of South America can do so, plus you have Psi-mechanics who can build psi-powers into devices.
  30. 30 I know that the super power of Mechano-Link allows characters to "merge" with a computer and re-program it. The character can control his/her own vehicle by thought alone. Does the power allow the same character to usurp control of a suit of Power Armor or a Tank away from another pilot? I understand that this is ultimately up to the G.M., but I would like to know how the power was intended to be "used".

    Answer: Generally not, since with this power, touching the machinery is essential to create the link. Doing such a thing under a combat situation is very dangerous, but they could shut down a tank etc. Time is also generally required to communicate with the machine in question.
  31. 31 Does the bio-regeneration psychic ability set something like a compound fracture without physical mis-shapening?

    Answer: It does. Though setting the bone is recommended to hasten the process.
  32. 32 Regarding mutant animals from T.M.N.T. and psionics: Can mutants with animal psionics (purchased through BIO-E) also have regular psionic powers (by any means)? Or is this a G.M. call? If so, what would their I.S.P. be?

    Answer: No they cannot have regular psionics if they have animal psionics unless you are using the optional tables from Mutants in Orbit.
  33. 33 I have a question concerning the Psi-Ghost, I was curious as to the weight the Psi-Ghost can carry, does this weight include his armor? What about weapons, or whatever is in his/hers backpack?

    Answer: Generally light objects, and clothing. A good figure would be 20 pounds of additional material.
  34. 34 Would the psionic Psi-sword do damage? I considered it a physical attack with a weapons summoned by psionics, but some friends say that its a psionic attack.

    Answer: The Psi Sword is a physical attack done through a psioniclly created weapon. It's essentially the same translation as a light sabre from Star Wars, A lightsabre is made of energy, but it does physical rather than purely electrical damage.
  35. 35 Does Negate poisons/Toxins work on a Juicer? How about Psychic Purification?

    Answer: Yes, they would work on a Juicer, but only momentarily. The Bio-Comp system can easily compensate after the spell effect ends.
  36. 36 Would a Psionicist get the W.P. Sword bonuses for using a Psi-Sword?

    Answer: Yes, W.P. Sword bonuses are applicable.
  37. 37 One question about psionic abilities. Are they powers that can be learned without going up in levels (like how magic can be learned) or are they more like super powers, in that you have to go up levels to get new psionic powers.

    Answer: You cannot learn new psionic powers like spells, you can only learn/develop them when you go up in level (and the O.C.C. description will state when you can learn a new psionic ability)
  38. 38 Super psychic ability Invisible Haze - Does the psychic need to be visible to the target? For example thick fog with 10 visability (visible outline of victim at that range) ( I wanted to turn ivisible before I went to melee range)

    Answer: Yes, one must be able to see the Psionic character to be affected by the Psionic Haze.
  39. 39 I have a question about Systems Failure. If someone rolls up a character with random psionics and does not take the Pyschic O.C.C. but wants to work for NORAD, would they train the character to develop the extra psionics? If so, would the character need to use the Psychic O.C.C. experience table?

    Answer: They can get the extra powers, and do not have to take the Psychic O.C.C.
  40. 40 Does the psionic power Mind Block protect against the psionic power Invisible Haze? It protects against Hypnotic Suggestion and the description of Invisible Haze says it's a powerful hypnotic suggestion. I need an official call on this.

    Answer: Yes it does protect against Invisible Haze.
  41. 41 The power of Sixth Sense. It cannot be used at WILL to sense traps/ambush. It only comes on automatically once the danger is in motion. What would happen in the situation of a tripwire tied to a claymore. Would they sense it just before they tripped it?

    Answer: They will get the feeling something is wrong as the head towards the claymore, but not sense it directly. They go to break the tripwire, just as they are about to do so, they get a precognititon flash or other warning to stop what they're doing.
  42. 42 I have a question regarding bio manipulation (the evil eye). For the Paralysis power is this a complete paralysis? Can someone still talk etc?

    Answer: The victim is unable to move, but can still breathe and talk.
  43. 43 What is the damage of Psi-Sword on level 15, and does it get stronger if you gain more levels?

    Answer: At level 15, it does 16D6 M.D. (in Rifts). That is up to the G.M., but if they wish for it to get stronger then an additional 2D6 at levels 18, 21 etc is appropriate (every 3 levels).
  44. 44 I was wondering about when I make a mutant and role up the powers and I get psionics as well as mutant powers. I know that your I.S.P. is your M.E. x2 but when you are a mutant does your I.S.P. go up with your levels of experience?

    Answer: Your I.S.P. is M.E. + 1D6x10 for those who get Psionic Powers in the Super Powers Table. They will also get 1D6+1 I.S.P. per level.
  45. 45 Could a Mind Bleeder with the psionic ability to make a target mess up their speech, then use this ability to make a spell caster mess up a spell and have to try it again?

    Answer: If that spell is verbally based, yes.
  46. 46 Is a T.K. forcefield at all visible? If not, does the spell "See The Invisible" allow its viewing? What about creatures that can naturally do so?

    Answer: It is not visible, and cannot be seen with See the Invisible, however its effects can be easily seen when things such as dust are blown against it.
  47. 47 Under the psionic ability of "Impervious to Poison/Toxin" it lists the duration as 2 minutes (8 melees). Is that per level of experience or just 2 minutes because every other "Impervious to" spell duration is per level of experience.

    Answer: It is not per level.
  48. 48 I just got The Rifter #9 and I'm wondering about the Ectoplasmic Objects psionic power. Does a wooden stake made with that power have the same effect on a vampire as a real one? thanks for your time.

    Answer: It will not, since it is not wood.
  49. 49 In Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition it says that the Telekinesis Super has the advantage of being able to manipulate greater weight, but it does not give a max weight. Is it only limited to when the psychic runs out of I.S.P. or what?

    Answer: That is correct, there is no maximum weight limit on Telekinesis (super).
  50. 50 Can a Mind Mage cast telekinesis on an opponents armour and crush their body? Can Telekinesis rip an opponents limbs off?

    Answer: No to both.
  51. 51 Once and for all would you give me the official Palladium Books answer about whether or not psionics can affect people in boy armor and/or power armor at any given time?

    Answer: Body Armor yes, Power Armor No.
  52. 52 I just recently acquired an Absurr Life Node (Atlantis) for one of my characters. He is a master psionic, and before receiving the symbiotes was S.D.C.. What I was curious about is if his Psionic Healing Powers (ie Super Bio-Regeneration) would still be of any use. Normally it heals 4D6 hit points and 4D6 S.D.C. every time it is used; is that power now useless to me because I am M.D.C., or would it still work in some way?

    Answer: Hit points only would be restored as M.D.C.
  53. 53 In The Psyscape World Book on page 78 the Psi-Warrior at 3rd level gets the psionic power Combat Initiative. (which I can't find anywhere) It is supposed to be Intuitive Combat, correct?

    Answer: That is correct.
  54. 54 If a psychic uses a psionic such as evil eye, then is killed does the psionic effect still remain, or does it end with the death of the psychic? is this the same for magic?

    Answer: It would end with the death of the psychic.
  55. 55 Unlike auto mind block, how is the person to know that they are being probed or someone is attempting to "Mentally posses other" (page 125 Rifts)? How does a G.M. role play a scenario like that, with out letting the cat out of the bag.

    Answer: They must suspect something to raise their shield.
  56. 56 Does Mind Bond work with sentient robots (like the machine people)? If it did, would the machine person also gain the skills and psionics of the Mind Melter?

    Answer: No, it will not work.
  57. 57 Can a character with Telemechanic Possession cause an electronically controlled door that requires a security code to open without knowing the code?

    Answer: Yes.
  58. 58 Can you activate Psi powers while inside a suit of power armor? For example, can you activate the super Psi power of psi-sword while inside power armor?

    Answer: You can, but the powers will not normally penetrate/work through the armor, in this case the Psi-sword will appear in the characters hand, tearing through the hand of the PA unit.
  59. 59 Does a Psi-sword damage an invulnerable being (whether by super-power or by virtue of being a vampire or lycanthrope)?

    Answer: If they are vulnerable to psionics, yes.
  60. 60 If you create a Psi-sword on one action and then put up mind block, what happens to the Psi-sword? Does it dissipate due to mind block stating no psionic abilities can be used or since you have already spent I.S.P. for the sword, it becomes a physical object not affected by Mind Block.

    Answer: Since it is already activated it will remain up and running once the Mind Block is in place.
  61. 61 While it has been said that one cannot create two Psi-swords and use them paired, could a magical/psychic character create a magical sword (like Lightblade) and a Psi-sword and use them paired?

    Answer: Yes, that can be done.
  62. 62 Could a Psychic controlling a machine like a computer via Telemechanic Possession be able to utilize the computer's defenses against another psychic who is entering the same machine via Machine Ghost and try to kill him?

    Answer: Only if they are aware of the other psychic.
  63. 63 How exactly do the Telemechanic powers (possession, paralysis etc) affect nano machines? Would controlling/paralyzing one affect all the machines in the colony? Could a controlling psychic make the machines harm their host instead of heal like they usually do (like Arrak Chrome from Mercenaries)?

    Answer: Generally they cannot be affected. Nano bots in the body would be treated like cybernetics and bionics.
  64. 64 In the Psyscape book under the Special Powers of Psyscape Psychics, it says the Psychic can transform themselves into a being of pure psychic energy. However, there is no account of what this does to the psychic in regards to his physical and psychic abilities, attributes, rate of movement, etc. What are the limits and limitations of this form?

    Answer: Physical attributes and abilities mean nothing while in energy form. They are only capable of limited movement.
  65. 65 With Telekinesis Super does it always cost 10 I.S.P. to lift something say a baseball or can you use less I.S.P. like with T.K. minor?

    Answer: You will have to pay the minimum I.S.P. Cost. for this reason it might be appropriate to have both Psi powers and use the appropriate one at the appropriate time.
  66. 66 Does wearing body armor affect a psychics abilities in anyway? And if this is listed anywhere in the Rifts books, what book and which page?

    Answer: It does not, though may psychics feel uncomfortable while wearing a helmet.
  67. 67 Does the psychic power of Mentally Possess Others require a saving throw? It doesn't list a saving throw in any of the books I have referenced.

    Answer: A saving throw is required.
  68. 68 Can someone using Telekinesis (super) attack with more that one object at once if there all the objects do the same action. For example, could a third level Mind Melter attack the same target with three or two vibro-blades in one attack or only one object per attack.

    Answer: They can use more than one object, but it will be considered one strike (with one strike roll) and they will tend to be confined to a small area (i.e. hurling a container of knives at someone, a successful dodge will allow the character to avoid all the knives).
  69. 69 Using Super T.K. as a form of flight, how could I reasonably determine speed per I.S.P. spent.

    Answer: You cannot use any Telekinesis to fly.
  70. 70 How would the Psyscape Power T.K. Body Field convert to Palladium Fantasy? It lists 10 M.D. per level. What would the S.D.C. per level be and would there be an Armor Rating?

    Answer: Treat it as a psionic version of Armor of Ithan.
  71. 71 If a Mind-Melter (or other psychic) loses one or more of their limbs, (for instance, they were caught in a blast and lost both arms and both legs due to amputation) does the psychic's powers become reduced or lost? If not, why would cybernetic replacements cause a reduction or loss of psychic power?

    Answer: It is not the loss of the limb that causes the problem, but the interface with something not natural that can cause the disruption.
  72. 72 Could Psychic Surgery also be used for plastic surgery, such as fixing a person's face, etc.? Especially someone with the Experiment Side Effect of no facial features?

    Answer: No, it can be used to heal damaged blood vessels etc, but not for plastic surgery.
  73. 73 Could a character with the super power of Teleport grab on to someone (with a successful attack roll) then teleport to a maximum distance above the earth and drop the victim, then while falling teleport safely away?

    Answer: It is possible but the chance of a miss jump is higher than normal (it would probably count as a totally unknown place unless your character has flown over that spot before and hovered there getting bearings).
  74. 74 In the Psyscape books, natives from Psyscape get one super psionic power double range duration and damage. Would that also apply to a Burster or Zapper? Would they have their powers doubled? What about a Cyber-Knight?

    Answer: Only a Super power, special powers cannot be doubled.
  75. 75 Can a Mind Melter with super telekinesis twist someone's neck with it (in turn killing them)?

    Answer: No, The attack is likely to cause the victim to spin around. 
  76. 76 Psi-Shield is an ability that states that it cannot parry energy attacks or projectile attacks, but Psi-swords are made out of energy, right? So can the psi-shield parry psi-swords, or can it only parry your typical hand-to-hand weapons? And can you perform a bash attack with it?

    Answer: They can parry Psi-Swords, and yes it is possible to perform a bashing style attack with a Psi-shield.
  77. 77 Could a Changeling Mind Mage use the Physical Psionic Power of Impervious to Poison/Toxin to negate the harmful effects of alcohol and salt? Thus giving him or her a great way to negate suspicion of his or her true nature.

    Answer: That is up to the individual G.M..
  78. 78 Can one combine the Teleport Object psionic power and the Super-Vision: X-ray Vision powers to teleport objects into people? And if so, to what effect?

    Answer: You cannot combine X-ray vision to teleport a object into a person.
  79. 79 I was wondering if a character who randomly rolled psionic powers would be able to learn new ones with the aid of a more powerful psionic. What would their limitations in learning be if they could?

    Answer: They will not be able to learn additional powers. Psionic powers are determined from the character's birth/D.N.A. So they cannot learn additional powers without the intervention of something like M.O.M. implants.
  80. 80 What does the Super Psionic Power, Super Charge in Between the Shadows do to the Psionist in an M.D.C. environment? Does it give him a combined M.D.C. of his H.P.s and S.D.C. plus the 40 S.D.C. For the Duration of the Power? Or is the Psionisist still a S.D.C. being (assuming he was to start with) when the power is in effect?

    Answer: He still remains S.D.C. if that is what he now is, but now also has supernatural strength will enable them to inflict M.D. punches.

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