Writing Submission Guidelines


Please Read Everything Carefully.

Submit stuff for the Rifter via email to: riftersub {at} palladiumbooks.com. Include a legible scan or photograph of your signed copy of the Unsolicited Manuscript, Idea, and Artwork Agreement – we will not look at a submission without a signed agreement.

Guidelines for Writing Submissions

Source material and adventures can be based on virtually any Palladium RPG.

"Source material" means O.C.C.s./R.C.C.s, fully fleshed out adventures, adventure ideas and settings, Hook, Line & Sinker TM adventures, Non-Player Characters (NPCs), villains, heroes, monsters, mutants, aliens, new magic spells, new superpowers, new psionic abilities, new robots and bionics, new weapons and vehicles, clarifications on existing spells and powers, clarifications on rules, optional variant rules, in-depth looks at particular O.C.C.s, and articles, philosophies, tips and suggestions for Game Masters and players on running role-playing games. Note: We will consider anything that's good and makes sense.

If you already have "good stuff" on-line, send us an Internet/Web address with a note pointing out what we should look at, please include links in your email.

You must include a signed copy of Palladium's Unsolicited Manuscript Form with each submission.

A formal agreement will be sent to you if we like what we see and plan to use your work. Nothing will be published without a signed agreement.

Thank You

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