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CONtraflow, is New Orleans Louisiana’s all-fan run Science Fiction, Science-Fact, Fantasy and gaming convention. I’m sure you know New Orleans has a great reputation for throwing incredible parties and great vacations but we also have a great reputation as a Fan Mecca for the South East and we here at CONtraflow plan on continuing to put on own stamp on those unique traditions and experiences this coming November by once again hosting a Fan run SF and gaming convention to our city.

The dates for our next convention are this November 15-17, 2019. To see a sample of some of the events and activities we have planned you can check out our web page at As you can see, with guests, events, and Fans likes those listed- this year will be a great another one.

New Orleans Airport Hilton;
901 Airline Highway, Kenner, LA 70062

Telephone for the Hilton: 504-469-5000

Dates & Times:

  • November 15th, 2019 - Noon until 2 am
  • November 16th, 2019 - 9 am until 2 am
  • November 17th, 2019 - 10 am until 5 pm



Wednesday, 25 September 2019 23:38

Jorlacks Gaming Group

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I run and play a variety of games but RIFTS was my first game and is still one of my favorites. There's a great RIFTS game on the back burner for Thursdays.

Otherwise, my group is focusing on Savage Worlds right now. 

I also run & play Savage Worlds, Pendragon, Hackmaster 5th, D&D 5e, Shadowrun 6th, Pathfinder, Warhammer Fantasy 4th, Star Wars d6, etc...

 Please feel free to contact me and see about joining my group!

This is a Group that meet three time a week to game in role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Heroes Unlimited, Dead Reign, Palladium Fantasy, and Rifts; just to name a few.

We welcome everyone! We even have what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Denison public library 300 Gandy st Denison Texas 75020

Tuesday 4-7, Thursday 4-7, Saturday 11am to 5pm

Oct 31, 2019 (Thursday) is our Dead Reign horror extravaganza!


Their Public Contact Info:

Christopher House (903-337-1285) - Games Coordinator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Zoe May (903-465-1797) - Library Liaison

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 22:42

The Rifted Gamers

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Welcome to The Rifted Gamers. Join us as our Story Teller/GM, David Schnaubelt, guides us through his own twist on the Palladium Megaverse.  Playing as ourselves we move through the Rifts, between time and space, on a quest to unlock the secrets of Earth's and the Multiverse's past. Though are journey  we discover our ancient lineage to a powerful deific being that has been lying dormant for eons, and uncover deific plots to ensure his slumber. We usually run on Saturdays around 7PM PST. Come on and join us on this post apocalyptic journey.This Game is Based off of the Palladium Megaverse; however there are element of other game worlds and home rules that make for a great gaming experience.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 22:38

Roll High or Die

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We are a group of folks that like to game on Saturday nights! To be clear, we are just a group of friends, who enjoy gaming together. We aren’t sticklers for rules, we will role play, we will bicker, but overall we have fun!
Wednesday, 27 February 2019 01:10

House of BTS

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Step into my parlor... welcome to my House, which is dedicated to the Beyond the Supernatural™ (BTS) Role Playing Game from Palladium Books™. All of the content within this house is a collection of thoughts, ideas and suggestions to help you improve your BTS gaming experience. It also serves as practice for my continuing education as a web designer, so stop by regularly for updates to both the site and content.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019 04:53

Echoes from the Rifts®

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Echoes from the Rifts® was a podcast that was published until 2009. It still has some fantastic interviews and great content.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019 04:35

Have Movies, Will Game Podcast

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Have Movies, Will Game is an irreverent and whimsical podcast that takes movies new and old off the big screen to a round-table discussion, bringing them to your gaming table. Join Matthew, Dusty, and Nathanael every other week as they break down different movies, share their own takes of what made those movies great (or awful!), and then give you advice on how you can find gaming inspiration from them for use at your tabletop role-playing group.

Each episode features a different movie and a new multitude of gaming options! It’s a good half-and-half mix of movie trivia, trope breakdowns, and the tabletop gaming advice born from that critique – with a healthy helping of friendly comedy!

Thursday, 21 April 2016 23:34

Rex's Gaming Group

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I've started a small Palladium-focused gaming group in Aurora Colorado, just east of Denver. If you're in the area and you want to join us, we usually have room for one more.

Thursday, 21 April 2016 23:26

Dungeons & Drafts™

Established in Longmont Colorado, Dungeons and Drafts is a completely gamer-focused pub and grub establishment for gamers looking for refuge on the adventure of life. They offer a variety of board games, video games, and large tables for groups of gamers to get together and game.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 23:40


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AdeptiCon has grown consistently over the past thirteen years, from the humble 110 person event in 2002, to the amazing 2,400 attendees AdeptiCon hosted in 2015. Over these thirteen years, AdeptiCon has been held at five different venues. We have expanded from a handful of events to well over 300 tournaments, event games, and hobby seminars covering all aspects of the miniature war gaming hobby. Despite the continued growth and necessary expansion, we have made every effort to keep consistent focus on one major priority: to present to our attendees the highest quality wargaming event possible. 

Palladium Books is located at 39074 Webb Court, Westland, MI 48185. For questions, please use our Help Desk (, or call us, Monday thru Friday, 9AM to 6PM, at 734-721-2900.

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