Super Powers Questions

  1. 01 In H.U.2ed, the super energy expulsion super blast does 1D6x10 plus 1D6 per level. Does that mean 1D6x10 + 1D6 at level two, or 2D6x10 at level two?

    Answer: It is 1D6x10 + 1D6 per level, so at level 1 it does 1D6x10S.D.C., at level 2 it does 1D6x10+1D6S.D.C. damage.
  2. 02 When a character has Extraordinary Speed/Sonic Speed and Underwater Abilities or Animal Abilities: Fish they get 5X speed underwater that could make them swim at about 1100Mph or mach 5 respectfully underwater! Is this even possible?

    Answer: You would be restricted to around 5x normal speed attribute underwater (not a standard Mph speed given with the other powers).
  3. 03 What is the recovery time (forS.D.C.) for super abilities like Force Aura and Bio-Armor?

    Answer: 4D6S.D.C. per 10 minutes
  4. 04 If you cannot use two Alter Physical Structure (APS) powers at once please tell me how the character in one of your picture in Heroes Unlimited is giant and Ice at the same time? I would like to think that the reason for this is the character changed into a giant then transformed into Ice.

    Answer: It isn't 2A.P.S. powers, butA.P.S. Ice and Growth. The Villain is in Villains Unlimited p157.
  5. 05 I have a Mutant character from the Hero's Unlimited system. He has the power of Intangibility. Does his Intangibility have any affect on the functioning of the human brain?

    Answer: It has no affect on the functioning of the human brain.
  6. 06 How can I stop my mutant character from killing myN.P.C.'s by placing a pencil in their heads and turning tangible? Also if he can only turn 20 lb. intangible with him what happens to his equipment that exceeds the limit?

    Answer: Any object placed in that manner would be displaced outside the body when let go. Also masses over the weight limit cannot be affected.
  7. 07 When a mutant turns into a stone form does his size as well as his mass change by 4 times?

    Answer: While their mass may change their size does not, they get heavier because they get denser.
  8. 08 If the mutant is intangible and can pass through walls etc. how can he walk across a floor that is made of similar material?

    Answer: Through concentrating on keeping his intangible form above the floor.
  9. 09 I'd like to ask a few questions about the new power Supernatural Strength. In H.U. 2nd ed., only greater supernatural beings and few lesser ones get this strength. Most minor supernatural are given superhuman strength. Does this carry over into rifts, as well as the new formulas?

    Answer: It does.
  10. 10 Okay, now that H.U. 2nd Ed. gives us three types of Physical strength (ie: Extraordinary P.S., Superhuman P.S., Supernatural P.S.), could you clarify into which category the following characters would fall: hatchling dragon, alter physical structure character in Rifts or Skraypers, adult dragon, Nightbane in both the Nightbane setting and the Rifts setting? I think that H.U. 2nd Ed. was a terrific update on an already great game. Keep up the tremendous work...

    Answer: Dragons (both hatchlings and adults) - Supernatural; Nightbane (in Nightbane environment) - Supernatural (on Rifts Earth) Supernatural;A.P.S. characters - Extraordinary.
  11. 11 Winged and Wingless Flight as well as Extraordinary Speed have damage listed as +4 every 20 Mph. Is this bonus still applicable to Sonic Flight and Sonic Speed? If not what would a good guideline be for damage done by characters with those powers?

    Answer: The damages for those powers (Sonic Flight, Sonic Speed) are already listed on pg. 289-290 of H.U.2.
  12. 12 I don't own a copy of H.U. 2 so I was wondering what the random tables for powers are (I've noticed that some characters can get 2 majors and 2 minors, or 3 majors, etc.)

    Answer: The new random super abilities table (Heroes Unlimited, 2nd Edition, pg. 227-228) have expanded on those of the 1st edition with new abilities. The 1st edition tables cover most of the minor abilities and more than half of the major abilities.
  13. 13 If a character had Sonic Flight and Extraordinary PP, would the +6 from the flight power be counted towards the autododge?

    Answer: It would be counted.
  14. 14 In Rifts, if a character had Sonic Flight and Supernatural Strength, would the flying punch inflict more damage

    Answer: Yes it would inflict more damage.
  15. 15 Do the Bhlaze aliens get the extraS.D.C. from powers like Sonic Flight and energy absorption?

    Answer: They do.
  16. 16 If a character has Growth and Supernatural Strength, would his strength increase with size?

    Answer: His strength would increase.
  17. 17 For Super Energy-Expulsion, the character has to be in direct contact with a large power source in order to rechannel it? Some would have me believe that they can absorb laser blasts and deflect them even though they don't have the contact to do so.

    Answer: Yes, you are correct direct contact is needed.
  18. 18 Can a character have/possess Extraordinary P.S., Superhuman P.S. & Supernatural P.S. just wondering?

    Answer: It would be up to the G.M.'s discretion to allow a character to possess more than one of the super-type strengths. Usually, the character just gets the better of the types·
  19. 19 What are the strike, parry, dodge, and death blow bonuses for Natural Combat Ability in the Heroes Unlimited Game? And does their strike and parry bonuses for weapons improve over levels? If so at what rate? And any other combat ability bonuses I may have missed?

    Answer: With Natural Combat Ability, a character's bonuses (strike, parry, dodge, etc.) are equal to those of the opponent he is "mimicking". This also holds true for weapons combat.
  20. 20 Is the Supernova (from the heroes power Alter Physical Structure: Fire) damage treated as fire damage?

    Answer: It is considered Fire Damage.
  21. 21 In the Rifts Conversion Book, it states that "Invulnerability" grants the hero with 700 M.D.C. then goes on to say that he is hurt only by magic. When I blast a character with invulnerability with a laser (3D6 M.D.) does the character take damage from the mega-damage weapon.

    Answer: If the laser is T.W. or otherwise magically based, it will inflict damage; otherwise, no.
  22. 22 If someone takes Sonic Speed and Extraordinary Speed are they cumulative?

    Answer: No, use the superior power only.
  23. 23 If someone takes Sonic Speed and Flight Wingless can they fly at Sonic Speed?

    Answer: No, the two powers can NOT be combined.
  24. 24 If someone takes Alter Physical Structure: Ice shouldn't the be able to freeze a portion of a wall and then break it? If not why?

    Answer: Yes, they should be able to do that.
  25. 25 If someone takes an Alter Physical Structure Power are the immune to ice, fire, plasma, etc all the time or just when they are in that form?·

    Answer: Only while in their altered form.
  26. 26 In a mega-damage setting, if a character has Supernatural Strength and Power Channeling, does he do the regular mega-damage for his punch plus the mega-damage for the Power Channeling, or would he only do the damage listed for Power Channeling.·

    Answer: Only the damage listed for Power Channeling
  27. 27 Could you please let me know you interpretation of the super power Invulnerability in Rifts Earth, is it that the person is impervious to every attack or do they take damage until they run out of M.D. then they die or does it mean that only magic and psionocs do damage to the M.D.·

    Answer: As listed in the book they do take half damage from some things. These are listed in the description. They only take full damage from psionics, magic and magic weapons. If its not one of those the attack does no damage.
  28. 28 If a character has Healing Factor, and decides to have implants, will the body reject them? If so, what if the character already had implants before manifesting Healing Factor, what happens then?

    Answer: If the possess the implants before receiving the Healing Factor power the implants will be retained, otherwise they will be expelled since the body will recognize the implants as a foreign body (much like it will remove/expel bullets from the body).
  29. 29 The super power of Possession. If the body of the possessor dies while he is in a different person, will he die, or will he be stuck in the new persons body forever?

    Answer: He will not be stuck in the body forever, instead, when the duration elapses, the characters essence is expelled, and fades away.
  30. 30 What Powers are immune to the Super ability Negate Super Powers? I have heard that Invulnerability cannot by affected that power.

    Answer: Psionics, magic, bionics, and physical training attributes and skills are not blocked. So those heroes using psionics and/or magic are safe from negate super powers. In the case of Invulnerability it would be blocked.
  31. 31 The mimic power says it can mimic psionics. How is this possible if the mimic has no I.S.P. to start out with in the first place? or is it played as though the mimic just has enough I.S.P. to use the mimicked psionic power(s)?

    Answer: They get a copy of the base I.S.P. of the person they are mimicking.
  32. 32 In Heroes Unlimited (revised 2nd edition) under Supernatural Strength it states "add 30 +2D6 to strength" does this mean directly add 30 (e.g. 15+30+2D6) or does it mean that the minimum strength is 30?

    Answer: It is added so it would be P.S. + 30 + 2D6
  33. 33 What is the range and duration of 'Clock Manipulation'?

    Answer: Touch and close distances only. Duration is while concentrating on it (or the desired action).
  34. 34 Can Clock Manipulation be used against cybernetics and/or borgs?·

    Answer: They are attached to living creatures so cannot be affected.
  35. 35 Can the Teleport power from Heroes Unlimited be used to teleport and opponent into a solid object? (i.e. a guy grabs the mutant who then teleports four feet forward so the guy ends up inside a wall)

    Answer: The teleport power can only be used to teleport self and an additional 1000lbs. You cannot teleport a object or another person without teleporting yourself. attempting such a task, would only have a 12% chance of success, with the result likely to be a misjump where you as well as the target would appear in the object, or you fail to get the victim to teleport into the object (both you and the victim are alive/intact and standing next to the object).
  36. 36 When a character with Alter Physical Structure: Liquid is using the Water Behemoth power, does the water bolt do more damage? And would the A.P.S.: liquid character be able to hurt a vampire (as listed in Nightbane?

    Answer: It does not increase the damage of the water bolt. Yes they would be able to affect vampires if the liquid is water.
  37. 37 Are Bestowed magic super-powers vulnerable to the Negate Super-Powers power?

    Answer: Yes, however spell casting is not affected.
  38. 38 Is a super-soldier's features (Attempt to make character invulnerable, etc.) affected by Negate Super-Powers? I can't see a how a character can drop 80lbs, lose his 2D6H.P. bonus, etc.

    Answer: They are not since they are physical changes, however any minor super ability can be negated.
  39. 39 Is a mutant animal with super-powers vulnerable to Negate Super-Powers.

    Answer: They are vulnerable.
  40. 40 Are a Magic: Bestowed character's super-powers affected by ley lines and nexus points like a regular mystic and psychic?

    Answer: Their super powers are not affected.
  41. 41 Would a hero with Alter Physical Strcture: Electricity, and Superior Energy Expulsion: Electricity be able to produce enough volts to shock or stun someone, and if he is 15th level can he produce enough to kill?

    Answer: Even at level 1 that can do impressive amounts of damage, The electric fields generated are similar but with different applications. In Super-Energy Expulsion, the aura attack is a quick electric discharge that affects all within 10 feet, and shocks all those within its range. Alter Physical structure electricity allows the creation of more durable electric fields than can shock and kill people who remain in the field. (maintaining the field for a melee round counts as 4 attacks/actions, and the field can be maintained for 2 rounds). Also the field grows in size as the character's level increases.
  42. 42 If a superbeing has "Supernatural Strength" and "Power Channeling", what kind of damage does he do in hand to hand? Both powers have their own listings for attack damages, how would they combine?

    Answer: They would not combine, the power from power channeling is a release of kinetic energy similar to the Psionic power of telekinetic punch.
  43. 43 Can you use the Super Ability "Magnetism" (found on page 185) to move robots and other metal creatures? Not use them to fire weapons, just to move their arms or legs.

    Answer: You cannot just move a limb, instead the entire robot/metal creature would be affected, and only if their weight does not exceed the weight limit.
  44. 44 How would characters with A.P.S. Electricity affect and be affected by the Bugs of System Failure?

    Answer: While in energy form energy blasts will only do 1/3 damage to the S.F. Bugs. Characters with electrical expulsion powers would be seen as prime food candidates, and the bugs will attempt to subdue the character for food.
  45. 45 What happens when a character who has Sonic Speed also gets the Power Vibration, Under Vibration it says "double normal speed attribute" Does this mean the character can run at Mach 2?

    Answer: They are not combined, speed limit is still Mach 1.
  46. 46 I was wondering when a charactor has Extraodinary Speed or has Sonic Speed there are things that say to increase speed attribute two or three time does it go the same for these powers.

    Answer: You cannot combine Extraordinary Speed with Sonic Speed. Speed Multipliers and bonus still count, but only when not using their special powers (both of which are fixed speed).
  47. 47 This concerns characters with Healing Factor. Does this power affect natural bodily functions like reproduction? A friend of mine and I were having a debate about that, and I'd like to know for the record. it seems to me that getting pregnant would not prompt Healing Factor to kick in. It's a natural function of human reproduction, so I say it is unaffected by that power. Otherwise, the number of superbiengs in the world have just been cut real short, you know?

    Answer: Healing Factor does not prevent natural functions.
  48. 48 Does a character with the power of Natural Combat Ability also have the W.P. Paired Pistols and W.P. Sharpshooting skills of some Palladium characters?

    Answer: No they do not. It focuses on hand to hand abilities.
  49. 49 If a hero with the Multiple Selves power is hit with Negate Super Abilities, he obviously cannot produce any duplicates; but what happens to any duplicates that are already out and about? What happens to a Duplicate if he is stricken with this ability? Would he lose access to his powers, or would he cease to exist - as he is just a manifestation of a power?

    Answer: The duplicates will still be able to function, and would not be reabsorbed back into the person with the power. Likewise the person cannot absorb and duplicates as well as create them. No effect to a duplicate if they are affected by Negate Super Powers.
  50. 50 If a mutant has Multiple Selves and has a few out, and he is negated, do his copies vanish? What if the copies are negated instead of the creator?

    Answer: They do not vanish, but while affected he cannot create new copies.
  51. 51 If a character with Healing Factor gets some implants (say a bionic eye), and the implants get damaged (his eye gets shot!) will the Healing Factor repair the implants?

    Answer: Healing Factor will not repair mechanical implants.
  52. 52 I was wondering about using the powers of Shrink and Growth in tandem. Could a mutant with both, who maintains their density while shrunk, grow to their maximum height, then shrink down to a normal size and still keep the addedS.D.C. and P.S.?

    Answer: They cannot. While both powers may be possessed only one could be used at a time.
  53. 53 I was wondering if a character with Alter Physical Structure Electricity is intangible if they are beings of pure electricity when transformed? The 2nd Edition of Heroes Unlimited says that the character is either surrounded by electricity or is a being of pure electricity. However it does not say anything about whether they have a physical body mass. What about the other Alter Physical Structure powers?

    Answer: They still have mass, and a physical body.
  54. 54 I had some of my players ask if Sonic Speed could run across water.

    Answer: They cannot.
  55. 55 Can the mutant power Channeling be combined with another mutant power called Vibration?

    Answer: Power Channeling cannot be used with Vibration.
  56. 56 In the mutant power of Vibration one of the bonuses you get is that it doubles your current speed. I have a character that has Vibration and Extraordinary Speed which allows me to run at 220 Mph. So will that double that as well or just my Speed attribute?

    Answer: It would double the speed attribute, and not the speed from Extraordinary Speed.
  57. 57 This concerns the Major Super Ability of Invulnerability, under this you state that an supernatural punches, bites and kicks inflict half damage. Does this mean that a character with the Major Super Ability of Supernatural Strength will inflict half damage, or are you referring to supernatural creatures such as demons and such?

    Answer: Any creature with Supernatural Strength.
  58. 58 I have a question about a character that one of my friends started to make for a campaign of mine.
    He rolled Supernatural P.S. and Alter Physical Structure: Metal (in that order). S.N.P.S. says that skills don't add to P.S. but other powers may, and that's where theA.P.S.: Metal comes in. I know it's ridiculous to add 20+2D4 to the P.S.(superhuman) from the Metal power also, so what's the alternative for this kind of situation? Should we only add a few like 3D6 or so, or add none? (we kind of think it unfair for his P.S. not to be increased in any way in metal form.)
    Answer: In this case the Supernatural Strength ability overrides the superhuman strength ability.
  59. 59 There are several abilities mentioned in Century Station that are not described, such as Attempted Invulnerability, and Tremendous Strength. What are the descriptions for these abilities and any others that may have been omitted?

    Answer: Some of these are part of the Super Soldier option under the Experiment category, and Mega-Powers which can be found under the Mega-Hero.
  60. 60 On the Side If the Group Took time out of action to go back to school for a few classes the way it says you can get new skills. Could a Multiple person with 3 duplicates go to 3 different schools for 3 different skills at the same time then re-combine and give them to the Character? It says that you get all the memories of a duplicate you reabsorb.

    Answer: They cannot, since they do not grow in experience independently.
  61. 61 Can Disruptive touch be used in conjunction with A.P.S. Mist? It seemed since you are able to choke someone that it would be considered physical contact.

    Answer: You cannot combine those two powers at once.
  62. 62 For Heroes Unlimited: if you have the super ability of Shapechanger and the minor of Winged Flight is it possible to turn into a normal human to conceal the wings. If not what's the use in the power of Shapechanger it says its the ability to change all aspects of your physical appearance.

    Answer: It would be possible to use shapechanging to conceal the wings, but the character will not be able to fly while the wings are concealed/not present.
  63. 63 If a character has Sonic Flight and A.P.S. Metal is his flight speed cut in half while in metal form (350 Mph)?

    Answer: Yes, when in metal form his flying speed is cut in half.
  64. 64 If a character has the minor super power of Impervious to Fire and Heat, is he protected from plasma too? Is plasma considered as fire, heat, or energy in gaming terms?

    Answer: He is and it is considered a type of fire.
  65. 65 Is it possible to use the Teleportation ability to teleport yourself and an enemy straight up, reappear, and continue to teleport upwards until you choose to stop, and then teleport to safety as your enemy falls to his death?

    Answer: Yes it is possible, but the chance of a unsuccessful teleport would be high (no frame of reference for the arrival point apart from "up", and teleporting away once up there, should be around the same % chance since falling from altitude would unnerve and distract the character. (A good % for this sort of teleport would be around 38%-50%).
  66. 66 If I had Extraordinary Speed and Sonic Flight, then would I be +12 to dodge while flying?

    Answer: You would not. The bonuses from Extraordinary Speed will not count in flight.
  67. 67 I have a question regarding Supernatural Strength. In Heroes Unlimited it says to add 30 to your P.S.. Is this correct? When transferring to Rifts I have a character with a strength around 65!

    Answer: This is correct. Conversion notes for H.U. 2 powers can be found in Dimension Book 4 Scraypers.
  68. 68 If a character selects both "Animal Abilities: Reptile" and "Vibration" as super abilities, is his or her normal speed attribute doubled or quadrupled?·

    Answer: The speed attribute will only be doubled.
  69. 69 I was confused as to has the stats for "Other Combat Info" was determined for "Sparticus", and "The Iron Brigade". I understand the +15 to +33, but I don't understand why a power punch is 1D4x10 to 1D6x10 to 2D4x10. Is their something I'm missing?

    Answer: The damage inflicted by a power punch is calculated by using the Supernatural Strength table. the higher the P.S. the more damage is inflicted by a power punch, plus the damage bonus.
  70. 70 With the minor super power Winged Flight states that the wings have 40S.D.C., does this increase from physical skills or other super powers (mainly Extraordinary P.E.)?

    Answer: It doesn't.
  71. 71 So, in possession of Sonic Speed and Sonic Flight the character reaches MACH 1 initiating a sonic boom, is immediately deafened and stunned and careers headlong into the nearest obstacle?

    Answer: It doesn't, when they reach mach one they have exceeded the sound barrier and are traveling ahead of any sonic boom (which is occurring behind them, like the wake/wash of a boat moving at high speed.
  72. 72 I am playing a alien gray, I have the ability Clock Manipulation. Can I use this power on the clock mechanism of a robot? The power says it cant be used on living creatures but even with ai is a robot alive?

    Answer: Robots are not alive and as such can be affected by this power.
  73. 73 In H.U. 2nd Ed. under the power of Shapechanger, it says the physical attributes remain unchanged. I am assuming this is a mistake, as it seems only natural that the shapechanger could alter his P.B. at will. Lowering it should be a snap, at least. But he should at least have the chance to raise it, especially if he is trying to impersonate someone.

    Answer: Physical attributes do remain unchanged. If the G.M. allows it successful use of a disguise roll may be allowed to alter the P.B..
  74. 74 Does someone with disruptive touch major power roll to hit first, then if successful the defender saves? Or does it just hit? Could they actually strike to cause damage then add the disruptive part too?

    Answer: Yes they must touch their victim and in combat a strike roll would be required. If the touch touches then the victim can make a saving throw.
  75. 75 The major super power Slow Motion lists the ability to dodge bullets and energy beams. It says it works like an auto dodge( which I know auto dodge has separate dodge bonuses from your standard dodge bonuses). However, the way it is worded makes it sound as if this power allows one to use their standard dodge bonuses with the auto dodge. If not, why not? Since the power is constantly on then your standard dodge bonuses would be useless.

    Answer: This power uses the normal dodge bonuses. In this case, you are not slowed down, but all attacks are slowed down, giving you the better dodge at no cost in actions.
  76. 76 This is a question that has been bugging me for a while. If a character possesses the major power Animal Metamorphosis-Reptile, and he turns into King Cobra. will he possess the snake's venom. If this is true, then any animal that has venom means the character will have a poison bite, sting, etc.?

    Answer: That is correct they get the venom.
  77. 77 If a mutant has the power of Vibration, will a vibro-sword affect him/her while the mutant has vibrated to Intangibility?

    Answer: Unless the vibro weapon is at the right frequency range they will just pass through like most solid objects. However the G.M. may rule that some vibro weapons are close enough in frequency to the intangible character they may do 1/3 to 3/4 damage.
  78. 78 Can someone with Healing Factor regrow limbs? If not, how about if the severed limb is attached to the stump? Will it reattach?

    Answer: Generally Healing Factor does not allow regeneration of lost limbs unless otherwise stated. No you cannot reattach a severed limb to the stump and hope it will grow (however if combined with micro surgery there is a good chance the severe limb can be reattached properly.)
  79. 79 Can the super Powers Energy Absorption and Energy Expulsion Super be used at the same time? If I use Absorb, channel, and release energy that isn't the same energy type I have selected (in which I would take damage) would I take no damage because of the power Energy Absorption, which says I am impervious to all forms of energy.

    Answer: No, the damage from when you use Super Energy Expulsion to absorb, channel and release energy is not energy based damage but feedback damage.
  80. 80 Using the power of 'Vibration', can a hero use the ability 'Vibrate Through Substances' to punch/kick someone through their armor? Under the power's description, it says that the only substances that cannot be passed thru are living, organic substances. Speed is also reduced to 1/3. So, can a physical attack be made through an opponent's inorganic armor? If so, is the damage reduced by 1/3 because the Speed is 1/3?

    Answer: No, it is not possible to use this power to vibrate a punch through armor.
  81. 81 Can the Enchanted Weapons from the Magic power category parry energy blasts & bullets? I ask this because the book says they are rune weapons, and all rune weapons can parry energy blasts with a -6 penalty.

    Answer: Yes, it would be possible.·
  82. 82 My question is in regards to the power Control Elemental Force: Earth. Under the entry Quicksand, the attacks per melee section seems to be missing. Is each attempt to create a pool of quicksand considered one attack? Some of the others count as two or three, so I'm not sure.

    Answer: Unless otherwise stated each action counts as one attack.
  83. 83 Heroes question, can the power Create Force Field stop/trap attackers and hold them?

    Answer: Yes, it can, through a strike roll will probably be required and the characters being trapped should be able to get a dodge roll to avoid being trapped.
  84. 84 In the current Heroes Unlimited system, it states that characters with the "Invulnerable" power are affected by chemicals at half damage, duration, effect, etc. Does this include acid? More importantly, does acid affect the character only internally or both externally and internally?·

    Answer: It does not include acid which is more physical damage (chemicals in the above sense means things like knock out gas, drugs etc).·
  85. 85 Regarding super powers, how does Control Elemental Force: Water affect, if at all, Alter Physical Structure: Liquid?·

    Answer: If the Liquid form is water then it could be used to force someone to change back to normal form (a saving throw would be required).. If the Liquid form is not water but something else then it will not work.
  86. 86 Can a H.U. character with gravity manipulation create a gravity well if he's in space (thereby preventing anyone in a ship with an ftl drive from escaping)?·

    Answer: No.

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