Magic Questions

  1. 01 Would the magical protection ( the M.D.C.) provided by spells, such as armor of ithan, invulnerability, armor bizarre, and invincible armor, be increased at/near a ley lines or at/near a nexus?

    Answer: Yes, they get the same bonuses just replace the damage increase with protection to show how much more it adds.
  2. 02 The spell "Energy Field" (4th level - Rifts R.P.G. pg. 172) states that it provides 60 M.D.C.of protection. Can a Mage encased in the Energy Field spell fire M.D. weapons through the shield at opponents while their return fire must break down the shield?

    Answer: That is correct; the mage cannot fire through the Energy Field without himself damaging it.
  3. 03 I have a Question about cybernetics and magic... I know that they don't mix, but what is the side effects. A Linewalker looses his arm in combat, can he have a cybernetic replacement. will he lose his magic ability(some, all, none)?

    Answer: Loosing a single limb and replacing it with a bionic will reduce will reduce every aspect of magical powers from P.P.E. to spell strength, damage and duration, by half. If any more are gotten all magical powers are lost. The limb can also be replaced with a bio-system as described in Siege on Tolkeen 1 page 32 and that will not hinder magical powers.
  4. 04 Regarding teleport object a PC wanted to teleport an object into ones Head! Now, I know that one can teleport into something solid and die. So going by that, one can teleport an object into an enemy's head. I have been allowing it but only in a life or death situation. Like an adrenaline rush.

    Answer: Deliberately T-porting something into a solid object as an attack should be extremely difficult. The target will get a Saving Throw vs Magic. A strike roll without any bonuses should also apply.
  5. 05 Will a T.W. Flaming Sword do damage to a vampire, since they're magic weapons? And, if so, does a character's P.S. damage bonus get added in?

    Answer: A T.W. Flaming Sword will harm a vampire. A character's P.S. damage bonus is added.
  6. 06 At least in the basic rifts handbook (I don't know about any supplements, nor do I have them) it appears that the Talisman spell is the only way to create a P.P.E. battery. It also appears that the battery created by this spell can only hold 50 P.P.E. and can only be recharged up to 30 P.P.E. not it's original 50. Is this Correct?

    Answer: Yes, that is the correct amount.
  7. 07 I have a question concerning magic users in the rifts rpg. It says men of magic and also dragons are like living P.P.E. batteries able to absorb energy from ley lines etc. What I'm wondering is if there is a limit to the amount they can take and also how long they are aloud to retain that extra P.P.E.. Is it any different for dragons also?.

    Answer: Mages (and magical creatures) can absorb up to three times their normal limit in P.P.E. Most borrowed P.P.E. can only be held for a short period (the mage's P.E. attribute in minutes) before dissipating.
  8. 08 The sense P.P.E. spell seems to be omitted from the book. Can I use the spell description from the Nightbane book? Are there any major differences?

    Answer: The Sense P.P.E. spell from Nightbane may be used. There are no major differences. Sense P.P.E. can also be found in Rifts Sourcebook One.
  9. 09 How can a mage of any kind get enough P.P.E. to cast the really high level spells?

    Answer: There are several ways to increase ones supply of P.P.E. for a spell, apart from being on a ley line during peak time.
    • The use of P.P.E. batteries similiar to to the talisman spell.
    • The use of ritual/group magic where people donate P.P.E. to the caster.
    • The use of ritual sacrifice, where upon death the sacrifice's P.P.E. is doubled.

    The section on magic details these methods of gathering P.P.E.

  10. 10 In the Main Book, it's stated that a Body/Power Armor can only have 4 enchantments maximum. I was wondering if a body armor has four enchantments (Invincible Armor, Impervious to Energy, Impervious to Ocean Depths, and Invisibility: Superior), Would it still be possible to modify the Body Armor's Helmet's Optic Systems (if any) to install Magical Powers?

    Answer: No, as the helmet is still part of the armor and any enchantments count toward the maximum of four.
  11. 11 Do T.W. devices require the appropriate spell to use OR can a Mage simply pump in the P.P.E. ?

    Answer: If it requires a specific spell to be used it will say so in the description otherwise all that is needed is P.P.E.
  12. 12 How long does it take for a Mage/Psychic to Power a Techno-Wizard Device.

    Answer: One minute per every 10 points of P.P.E. . If the T.W. device is one that is activated by pumping P.P.E. into then it will take one action.
  13. 13 Does "Impervious to Energy" protect you from particle beams? Likewise, does "Impervious to Energy" protect you from a Cosmo Knights blast?

    Answer: Yes to both questions
  14. 14 Can P.P.E. absorbed from talismans, blood sacrifice, etc. be used in the creation of a Dimensional Realm?

    Answer: Yes
  15. 15 If two (or more) mages combine to create a Dimensional Realm and one later dies is the realm affect? Size, P.P.E. spent etc.?

    Answer: No, the realm isn't affected.
  16. 16 Why is size (characteristic B) on the Characteristics of a realm, since the size is determined by the initial P.P.E. originally sacrificed? It also says on the size chart that the same one can be selected multiple times, if so cannot a mage select tiny many times since the special points cost is nothing?

    Answer: Each "tiny" realm would be separate from the others. They cannot be combined together into a larger realm without paying a P.P.E. cost.
  17. 17 Magical and Psychic abilities can be gained while in the Dimensional Realm and used with no cost. Does the mage have to have access to these spells normally? If one mage in a group has the spell can they all have the ability to use it in the dimensional realm at no cost? Even if this would give access to spells not normally cast by that class? (ie techno-wizard casting summon spells)

    Answer: No, specific spells or psionic powers most be bought as part of the creation of the realm to get this ability. It does not mean the creators get to use the powers of the others.
  18. 18 I need clarification of healing spells: Do they heal things like broken bones, torn tendons, etc?

    Answer: Yes, they can heal those types of injuries. It cannot however restore destroyed bones, severed limbs, etc or heal permanent injuries like arthritis.
  19. 19 Can anyone use the medallions used by the blind women warriors of Atlantis? If yes is there a limit to how many one can use it at a single time, and is there a down period between uses? How many force fields/spells can be used at once to protect someone???

    Answer: Yes, One at a time, the medallion needs 24 hours to recharge after 3 uses.
  20. 20 I have a question concerning invisibility. Specifically, the ability certain supernatural R.C.C.s have to turn invisible at will. Does it require an action to go invisible or is it simply the speed of thought? Does he remain invisible when he attacks? If so, what are the combat bonuses (and penalties) of fighting an invisible person? There is also no exact definition of what happens when people turn invisible. Does their for shimmer (like the Predator from the movies) or are they simply not there? Do supernatural creatures have regular invisibility or Improved (ie, inaudibility as well)? What other senses does the power block (ie, infra-red, P.P.E. scent, regular video (if the last one is the case the invisible character has no advantage over most robot vehicles that use electronic equipment for visual))?

    Answer: It requires an action to turn invisible. The being remains invisible while attacking, and their opponents are -8 to strike them. On the other hand, Superior Invisibility cancels itself out when used for combat. In either case, the invisible character is totally invisible and does NOT shimmer (like the Predator did). Supernatural creatures have simple invisibility. Superior invisibility will block infrared and regular video but not stop P.P.E. scent.
  21. 21 Are they're any guidelines for creating new spells? If so what are they and/or where can I find them?

    Answer: They are in "Through the Glass Darkly" (Cat. No. 733) staring on page 36. This is for the Nightbane system but they can be easily used for all Palladium systems.
  22. 22 I have a PFRG game: What kind of circle would a summoner use to summon and control a creature such as a weretiger? Would he have to use the usual summon lesser being spell?

    Answer: It would be a combination of a Summon Animal circle and Summon Lesser Demon/Deevil circle
  23. 23 I'm a bit confused on the magic saving throws. Physical Endurance gives you bonuses to save vs. magic. In the palladium R.P.G. does that mean you get that bonus to saving vs all types of magic or just spell magic and ritual?

    Answer: The P.E. bonus is vs. ALL types of magic.
  24. 24 I was just wondering if anyone knew if mage O.C.C.s for Rifts that did not have listed bonuses to spell strength and saves versus magic got some sort of generic bonus that I cannot find in the books. For examples, see the Mystic Knight and Temporal Warrior. They do not gain bonuses to spell strength or saves vs. magic as they advance in levels.

    Answer: Mages that do not have spell strength bonuses listed do not get such bonuses.
  25. 25 In WB Atlantis it talks about Bio Wizardry and even mentions some NPC's as Bio Wizards in some books. So is there any O.C.C./ R.C.C. that automatically gets Bio Wizardry, or is it only for extremely wealthy PC. Just curious.

    Answer: Bio-Wizardry is not meant for player-characters and was originally intended for NPC's.
  26. 26 When two tattoos are activated, lets say, Invulnerability and Fire Powers, from which one is M.D.C.subtracted first?

    Answer: Whichever tattoo was first activated.
  27. 27 Can a wizard in Palladium learn and cast warlock spells?

    Answer: Some elemental spells (such as Blinding Flash, Call Lightning, etc.) are already available to non-Warlocks. The elemental spells that are not already listed in the Wizard Spell sections are NOT available to wizards.
  28. 28 In the spell creation/study rules in "Through the Glass Darkly" it indicates a -10% penalty per spell level 9+. But all examples show a -3% penalty. Which is actually the case? (I've been assuming -3%, it seems more workable) but the argument has popped a few times already, also I'm curious The -10% penalty would make high level spells almost impossible to create.

    Answer: The -10% penalty is correct.
  29. 29 My first question concerns the spell "Wall of Defense" (Federation of Magic book). The setting: We were attacked by a dragon when our spellcaster thought of using a "wall of defense" by casting it directly upon the dragon, immobilizing it. The question: Can you use the "W. of D." to this end; once a person is caught, can you defrost him/her by pulling him/her out?

    Answer: Yes, the dragon would be frozen in place. As for pulling a person out it would only work if the person made no contact with the wall or they would be frozen to.
  30. 30 In regards to pyramids. they drain alot of power off a leyline. Does it affect the area around it like dampening the drawable P.P.E. in the immediate area? Can you ley line phase past it or phase into the pyramid?

    Answer: The area around a pyramid is not affected by a ley line power drain
  31. 31 Bio-wizardry, is there some kind of complete write up somewhere, in my adventure the characters got enough money to go and get there strength raised. there seems to be no chance of success or failure. so if a character has the money just increase their stats to the ninth degree. I put a limit on the increase but would like an official ruling.

    Answer: The most comprehensive description about Bio-Wizardry is on pages 106-125 of Rifts: Atlantis. More details can be found in Splynn Dimensional Market, and in Rifter #9.
  32. 32 Are there any ley lines on Atlantis that run to another country. I thought that none did.

    Answer: None that are known.
  33. 33 In regards to the hawk-ra, a creature that is not affected by magic, can it step through a mystic portal?

    Answer: Yes (but it will have to save vs. magic).
  34. 34 Why does the energy field have a AR of 4 wouldn't it be useless?

    Answer: The spell Energy Field as of the Rifts Book of Magic (page 101) no longer has an AR at all when used in Rifts. 
  35. 35 I was wondering what would happen if a person under the effects of the spell "Time Slip" would be affected by wards. If so, would the wards affect only the person under the spell? I know its a tough one, but I am hoping to find a way to slip past Wards.

    Answer: Wards would still affect the time slipped individual.
  36. 36 Does invisibility: superior also render radar useless?

    Answer: Yes, it will render radar useless.
  37. 37 Can a Conjurer eat conjured food? If so, does it actually provide sustenance? My guess is that, since the food would have already been converted to energy(i.e. supplied blood with nutrients), it would not cease to "Be" when the Conjurer sleeps. Of course, this would negate the permanence rule.

    Answer: The food will be filling, but not provide any nutrition unless the P.P.E. is spent for permanency.
  38. 38 I actually have a question regarding the Null psyborg from the mindwerks sourcebook. They can start out with techno-wizard items, but being 'borgs, can they use T.W. stuff?

    Answer: They can, since they are a special case partial reconstruction borg. Their Psynetic M.O.M. Implants, allow some degree of manipulation of Psionic powers, though expressed differently from normal psionics.
  39. 39 Rifts Undersea: Grow Tentacles Spell (Pg 65): What's the P.S.? As the "Host"? Is it supernatural?

    Answer: The P.S. is the same as the character on whom the spell is cast.
  40. 40 Rifts Undersea: Strength of the Whale Spell (Pg 68): Is that (or other spells) cumulative? ie: With Superhuman Strength?

    Answer: If a spell gives a bonus to strength is is cumulative with other spells that give bonuses. If it gives a fixed level, it is not cumulative. Since strength of the Whale doubles the characters normal strength and makes it supernatual it is not cumulative with other strength style spells.
  41. 41 Is Float in Air (3rd level Warlock spell) also meant as an offensive spell? I am asking because it has such a long duration while possibly having incredibly debilitating effects on the opponent. Besides, it would work on anybody since there is no saving throw - I find the idea of e.g. an Apocalypse Demon floating rather helplessly in the air quite ridiculous.

    Answer: Yes it would work on anybody, but if they are capable of flight through magic or otherwise the effect is minimal
  42. 42 Would someone reaching into a pocket or purse activate guardian stones? Would the guardian stone be activated if one were to toss it into a crowd (I thought that would be a nifty trick)?

    Answer: No, to both questions. They can be used to guard a area, or possessions, so they would need to be set, with a area to protect.
  43. 43 In order to power up a Techno Wizard Item, do you have to be touching it? Or can you power up some item lets say that is hanging on your belt without touching it? Do you need physical contact to power the thing up?

    Answer: You must concentrate on recharging it,, generally Holding it works best.
  44. 44 How many attacks are used when casting a spell from a scroll? Is it dependant on the level of the spell? The description says anyone can use a scroll, but the eye of mystic knowledge tattoo gives a percentage chance to use scrolls.

    Answer: Reading a scroll requires at least two melee actions. The higher level spells (7 or higher) may require up to four melee actions. It requires at least a 55% literacy in the language that the scroll is inscribed in to use it.
  45. 45 My question is concerning the creation of magic (not T.W.) items. I've not been able to find any rules for it. Where can the rules be found for making "standard" (i.e. no T.W., Rune, Bio-wizardry, etc.) items?

    Answer: Some O.C.C.'s like the smith druid in England, the Mystic Smith in Russia can make standard magic items. Some magic items are covered in the Rifts Conversion Book. For a good reference on Magic Items in Rifts, consult Palladium Fantasy. At this point there is not set creation system for making magic items.
  46. 46 The Wizard (in Palladium 2nd) automatically starts with Cloud of Slumber. The only problem is that Cloud of Slumber is only an Air Warlock spell. What level should the wizard equivalent be, and how much P.P.E. should it cost.

    Answer: For a wizard, a Cloud of Slumber spell is 1st level and costs 4 P.P.E. to cast but the spell's duration is only half that of his warlock counterpart.
  47. 47 While Stormspire is obviously the only city that can mass produce the T.W. Clips listed in Federation of Magic, can other Techno-Wizards also create these clips or would they have to purchase the design from Stormspire? Also, how much P.P.E. does the average clip hold and can the average mage draw forth the energy for using other spells? Finally, what are the methods for recharging these clips?

    Answer: P.P.E. clips could be akin to the Talisman spell, one form of which allows it to be used as a P.P.E. battery. They would store about the same amount as the talisman spell (50 P.P.E. ) on average. Some devices could hold more or less. A wizard must know the spell talisman to be able recharge these e-clips. Other T.W. could create them but would have to get the secrets of their design from Stormspire and that would not be very easy. If you want the player to know it recommend some great task for Stormspire that would earn them the secret of there construction.
  48. 48 The P.P.E. for Implosion Neutralizer from Federation Of Magic is not listed in the spell description. Could you tell me what it is please.

    Answer: 12 P.P.E.
  49. 49 It says that wards cannot be placed on weapons that are being used frequently. What of the Diabolist's own weapon? Since he doesn't set off his own wards unless he wants to, he should be able to handle his own weapon, and use it, all he wants? For example an area affect ward to protect from sneak attacks.

    Answer: No, its still a weapon and handled frequently and both are listed as baring wards from working.
  50. 50 Can I make a book of wards on parchment made indestructible by the silver rune? I figured it would be a good way to have an arsenal of wards handy. Also can I reuse the ingredients of spent wards to make new ones?

    Answer: No, that would be the same as putting them on fabric and that is specfically a no. Yes, ward materials can be saLVaged and reused.
  51. 51 On page 119 of Ninjas and Superspies, there is a description of the Chi Healing skill. It does not say whether or not the person performing chi healing must touch the injured person in order to heal them. Can this skill be performed from a distance, or do you have to touch someone in order to heal them?

    Answer: You must be able to touch, or be a short distance away (but within touching distance)
  52. 52 My group is currently running a Palladium Fantasy game, some of my players want to use a few of the spells from Federation Of Magic, how should I adjust the damage/ P.P.E. / S.D.C. to fit the P.F.R.P.G.?

    Answer: P.P.E. costs remain the same, but turn all to S.D.C. (so 4D6 M.D. becomes 4D6 S.D.C.). Those spells that create armour would have a AR between 14-18. Duration and saving throws remain unchanged.
  53. 53 Hi, my question is about rune weapons. Is the force blast that comes from the double dragons' heads considered an energy or normal kinetic attack, and will it work on those impervious to energy?

    Answer: A kinetic attack, like a TK round from a T.W. weapon so it would do damage.
  54. 54 The spell cloud disk(New west) states that it knocks down opponents regardless of size. Does this include Glitterboys anchored into the ground. Also does it include things like doors and vehicles.

    Answer: Since they are anchored they cannot be knocked off their feet. Doors can be blown open, vehicles rocked etc.
  55. 55 My question was, do you get hurt if you walk through a ley line when your not a Ley Line walker and even when you are do you get hurt if your not concentrating?

    Answer: No you do not get hurt crossing or traveling within a Ley Line.
  56. 56 I notice that in the main Rifts book, it says that the only changes a T.W. makes to weapons is the power source. Then it also lists damage and payload. If so, Most weapons are better off not been converted. My question is, which damage and/or payload should I use when converting weapons? Non-T.W.? T.W.?

    Answer: You should use the T.W. conversion damage.
  57. 57 I have a question regarding Cloud Magic. Does Cloud Magic work in places like outer space?

    Answer: Yes it does, though some effects would not work in space.
  58. 58 There is one more issue regarding the use of escape vs. magic net I was hoping you could help me out with. One of my players argue that in combat using the escape spell against magic net would take at least one full melee round, I disagree since the escape spell doesn't mention anything about anything like that. I hope you can help us resoLVing this issue since it has been the topic of many long discussions lately.

    Answer: The spell itself takes 1/2 a melee round to cast, and then only one restrain or lock can be undone with each invocation (one per melee is possible), so escaping a magic net taking 1/2 melee round is correct.
  59. 59 Why does every NON-T.W. magic weapon in Federation of Magic have the Ensorcel spell in its list of creation spells?

    Answer: All the weapons listed are T.W. weapons. and the Ensorcel is just part of their construction. It is probably used to control the T.W. item in question as they do not have obvious and mechanical means of operation like switches, levers, buttons triggers etc, but are trigged by command.
  60. 60 "Exhale Poison Cloud" how quickly does the area of effect get filled?

    Answer: Exhale Poison Cloud: The area of effect is pretty much filled straight away.
  61. 61 "Exhale Electrostatic Cloud" Does this spell effect robots and bionics?

    Answer: Exhale Electrostatic Energy: Yes it can effect Robots, and bionic systems.
  62. 62 Is it possible for a Lord Magus or any other type of mage that relies on the typical list of spells to learn spells from the Warlock character classes? Or perhaps a minor variation that might cost a little extra P.P.E. or something? I realize that Warlocks them selves cannot teach the spells as their abilities are gifts from the elemental spirits, but isn't it possible for some other type of mage to create an incantation that would create the same effect?

    Answer: Yes, such spells could be developed, rules are presented in Through the Glass Darkly for spell creation. Normally range is reduced and P.P.E. cost is doubled.
  63. 63 Hello, I'm playing an Undead Hunter in P.F.R.P.G. and one of the spells they start with is Strength of Utgard Loki, but only one problem. I cannot find that spell anywhere in any of the books. is it gonna be in a later books or what. If it is possible. could you give me the stats on the sell like the p.p.e required and what it does. thanks a lot.

    Answer: This spell is in 1st edition Palladium Fantasy and was not reprinted in 2nd edition. The spell lasts for 2 melees per level of the caster and provides the following bonuses. 
    +5 to all saving throws
    +6 damage
    +5 dodge.
    P.E. and Spd raised to 24, P.S. raised to 21
    +1 attack
    Can be cast on self, or one person up to 30 feet away. It is a level 5 spell.
  64. 64 Can you have medallion that can open portals?

    Answer: Yes you could have a magic medallion that could open dimensional portals, and similar travel magic.
  65. 65 I have PC who would like to be a Techno-wizard Cyborg and I am unsure as how to proceed. Should I invent new tech on the spot? Using existing material (with modifications and penalties?).

    Answer: Extrapolation would be best. Generally magic and cybernetics/bionics cannot be combined.
  66. 66 If a Scroll or Talisman are made on a Nexus (or ley line), is their power increased accordingly(X3 or X2 duration, range, etc.) even when off the ley line?

    Answer: No, making them on a Nexus or Ley Line has no effect.
  67. 67 Will the Necromancer spell "Death Strike" damage creatures that can only be hurt by a specific element, such as fire or water, even though the damage need not come from a magical source?

    Answer: Only if they can be harmed by magic
  68. 68 If a Temporal Mage casts Time Warp: Age on a juicer will he turn into a 100 year old juicer? If so, wouldn't his old body not be able to handle the strain of all the chemicals running through him and just keel over dead?

    Answer: His body may age, and the bio-comp systems may be able to adjust to partially compensate, so death would not be instantaneous (it may take several hours or days though).
  69. 69 Can Dragons get Bio-wizard augmentations? (Specifically, additional Plate Armor)If so, would it interfere with their Metamorphing abilities. (Removing the ability completely, or restricting it in some fashion?) A small debate has started over this and I figure- go to the source. Arguments that it is part of the "natural body" once they are in place and heal as appropriate organs.

    Answer: They are not natural parts of the body, and as such would interfere with metamorphosis (unable to shape shift).
  70. 70 I haven't found a duration for the Line Magic spells of (among others) Entryway and Fire Lines. Does the Entryway exist forever once it is made? Do the Fire Lines exist until someone/something crosses them? Is there a default duration I am missing?

    Answer: 1 minute per level of the caster would be an appropriate duration for both of these spells.
  71. 71 I just wanted to know the extent of the chameleon spell, and also invisibility simple. Can Chameleon mask your scent? also, can people using infrared and similar devices see chameleon? Does the spell detect concealment work on spells like chameleon and invisibility or does it only work on the concealment spell?

    Answer: Chameleon only alters color and patterns. Scent and IR/Thermal devices would still work in spotting the character. Detect concealment works on Concealment spells.
  72. 72 Does the spell "Impervious to Energy" negate the effects of a TK-Machinegun?

    Answer: It does not, since it is a bolt of force not energy. 
  73. 73 A Question on magically created items. Do they always radiate magic that can be sensed. I say anything created or transformed is magic only during the change. After it is normal and no longer magical.

    Answer: If the created item has a duration it will radiate magic. Even items created through magic that have no duration will have a residue of magic associated with them (though it does not count as a magical item).
  74. 74 For the spell Return from The Grave in Mystic Russia it says that the caster has to spend a total amount of 60 P.P.E. and 24 hit points permanently. But in the spell description the numbers work out to 39 P.P.E. and 26 hit points (13 full moons in a year, multiplied by 3 for P.P.E. and by 2 for hitpoints). I was wondering what value is correct.

    Answer: The 60 P.P.E. and 24 Hit Points are correct.
  75. 75 Can the Northern Gun power pack (Rifts Mercenaries) be converted to T.W.? How? What costs? What spells? Would the duration of the charge be effected? Would it still self-charge?

    Answer: It cannot be converted to T.W..
  76. 76 On what page in RIFTS basic books does it say you can only hold three times your base P.P.E.?

    Answer: It a rule that has been added to the system and can be found in the Rifts Book of Magic on page 21. 
  77. 77 Could a Techno-Wizard and a Psi-Mechanic work together in order to build a device with both magical and psionic abilities?

    Answer: No, they use different principles, however the Amaki in South America have the ability to use psionics in techno-wizard style devices. 
  78. 78 Can children use T.W. weapons, even if they do not possess Magic or Psionic Powers?

    Answer: Since Children have such a High P.P.E. level (6D6 as a young child), they can use T.W. items, but as they grow up they lose the ability to use them, unless the develop psionic powers, or learn magic.
  79. 79 What does it really mean when someone has a "Complete understanding of magic", such as that gained from the World Tree Yggdrasil in Rifts: Pantheons.

    Answer: They know the fundamentals of how magic works, and the can read runes, and all mystic symbols (normally restricted knowledge), recognize all wards and circles as magic, and the knowledge of all common magic spells equal to his experience level. They also get the knowledge and spells of both necromancy and temporal magic, but not the special abilities of those classes.
  80. 80 If power armor is only allowed 4 Techno-Wizard magical enhancements then how do you explain the mystic power armor that has over 8 enhancements?

    Answer: Normal power armour is only augmented by technowizardry, while the mystic power armour is a magical creation and is not augmented normal armour.
  81. 81 Can a Techno-Wizard use any kind of spell to empower T.W. items like the different warlock spells, and the temporal wizard spells, etc?

    Answer: They have to work with the other spell caster involved, but it is possible.
  82. 82 If a diabolist uses the protection from magic ward will this negate all magic directed at him? Or can he still be trapped with a carpet of adhesion or magic net?

    Answer: It will not negate the magic, but if a saving throw can be made, they will get a +2 bonus to save.
  83. 83 If a being first cast Metamorphosis Dragon, then cast Doppelganger, the Doppelganger would be in the form of a dragon, but the rest of us say that the Doppelganger would be in the casters normal form who is right?

    Answer: The doppelganger would be in the casters normal form.
  84. 84 Would the Warlock spell Iron to Clay work on an Iron Golem, or similar creature, and if so would they get a save?

    Answer: They would not get a save, and such creatures would take 4D6 damage (including metal armour etc).
  85. 85 Would Stone to Flesh work on a Stone Golem, or similar creature, and if so would they get a save?

    Answer: It would not work on magical stone (such as a stone golem).
  86. 86 In the Rifts main book, Dessicate the Supernatural has a damage rating of 3D6x10 M.D. But in Mystic Russia, the damage rating is 2D4x10 M.D. Which is the correct the damage rating? Or are they two separate spells?

    Answer: The damage listing in Mystic Russia is correct. However, if you wish you could consider them two different versions of the same spell (one Living Fire Magic, the other Standard Magic).
  87. 87 Does energy field move with the target that it is cast upon and can it be used as a prison?

    Answer: It is a static field (does not move).
  88. 88 I would really like to know if rune magic and bio wizardry was meant to be a ancient rare and lost art where no player character should posses or find. Also the difference between rune mage/smith/and master?

    Answer: Yes, the results of such magic can be used, but the arts itself are not recommended for player characters (and as such no O.C.C.'s are provided). There is no difference between a rune mage/smith/master, just a matter of title, like calling a wizard a mage, sorcerer, ley line walker, spell thrower etc.
  89. 89 If the spell Superhuman Speed was cast while on a Ley Line, would the speed granted be doubled (to 88)? If yes, then would the doubling also be applied to the Superhuman Strength spell?

    Answer: No to both.
  90. 90 If a Golem were created on a Ley Line, would its Attributes and M.D.C. be doubled; and because the duration is permanent, would the doubling also be in effect even if the Golem was away from a Ley Line?

    Answer: No, there would be no bonus from making it on a Ley Line or Nexus.
  91. 91 What I wish to know is if the Carpet of Adhesion is indestructible or can things such as arrows and swords pass through or do they get stuck? Is there a M.D.C.value for it?

    Answer: The carpet is a layer of magical energy that bonds whatever passes through/touches it. The carpet, since it is energy is practically indestructible, though it can be buried, covered up. There is no M.D.C.value for a carpet of adhesion.
  92. 92 On a few occsions an item say's it can be recharged at a ley line or nexus point. How long does it take to recharge? Can anyone recharge an item in this manner? Does the item need to be physically touching the ley line or nexus or can it be placed in a certain vacinity?

    Answer: One minute per every 10 points of P.P.E. . at a nexus, twice as long at at Ley Line. Yes, anyone can do it. It has to be placed within the ley line or nexus point.
  93. 93 My party has found, and is abusing the carpet of adhesion spell - basically once you are caught in it you are caught until spell duration is up, even if you have supernateral strength - are there any amendments to this spell? As it stands right now any joe shmoe could cast the carpet on, say Thor and stick him down, then blast away at him until he was dead - are there any new breakout rules for this sort of thing?

    Answer: The spell when used correctly can be powerful (it is one of the most underrated spells in the game). To be caught in the spell one must land or walk over it, so those who can fly or hover are not affected by this spell. and even though the character is stuck, that does not stop them for returning fire. Spells like Anti-Magic Cloud, or Dispel Magic Barriers can be used to dispel/negate a carpet of adhesion as well.
  94. 94 Can a character whose only magical abilities come from Tattoo Magic use their P.P.E. to charge and activate Techno Wizard items if they have less than 7 magic tattoos (not a tattooed man O.C.C.)?

    Answer: Yes, since they are trained in using their P.P.E. they can use and charge T.W. Items.
  95. 95 What precisely is an "entity"? As in the spells Summon and control Entity, and Control/enslave Entity. Is it one of the Entities listed in the conversion book, such as a tectonic entity or ghost? Or a demon as is suggested by Control/Enslave Entity's reference to the spell Banishment?

    Answer: The term entity specifically refers to the type of the supernatural beings known only as entities. I.e. Tectonic Entities, Possessing Entities, Poltergeists etc.
  96. 96 Is it possible for someone with negate magic to negate the magic created by tattoo magic whereas a ley line walker could negate an undead slayers armor tattoos or summoning tattoos?

    Answer: Yes since they are considered a magical effect, they can be negated by the negate magic spell.
  97. 97 I know that in metamorphosis spells, the recipient can't cast spells due to the change in their physiology. But, since they do retain all of their mental faculties, can they used their psionic abilities, since they are mental in nature?

    Answer: Yes Psionic Abilities can be retained.
  98. 98 Question about pg 66 in the south america book. The biomancer spell strengthen plant: what is the P.P.E. cost. It seams to say 100 P.P.E. to cast for temporary but it also gives listing for other size of plant life with different P.P.E. listings...

    Answer: It refers to the area affect transformation, for cost.
  99. 99 What is the proper component for power wards? The R.P.G. 2d edition rules seem to give conflicting answers. Under "Ward Components", a power ward "must be drawn or painted with the ground bone of a Hydra's tooth or Unicorn horn," while under "Ward Creation Time", a power ward must be "drawn or painted in ground bone (humanoid or animal.)"

    Answer: Use the listing under Ward Components
  100. 100 In the Main book for Palladium FRPG on page 76 under third level druidic magic powers it says A druid gets "Healing Touch", the same as the wizard spell. Since there is no healing touch spell, does it mean a druid gets "Heal Wounds" the wizard spell, or "Healing Touch" as the priest ability.

    Answer: It is the Heal Wounds Spell.
  101. 101 I was also curious about the spell paralysis bolt. This spell is mentioned several times in the Western Empire as an effect of rings and such, but I see no mention of this spell in any of the other books (though when I had a first edition rules book I seem to recall something about it, but can't be certain). Where is this spell or what are the stats on it?

    Answer: Treat it like the spell Paralysis: Lesser 
  102. 102 Can you cast Speed Weapon ( FoM) on a phase sword?

    Answer: Yes it is possible
  103. 105 103. Do the Wendigo from Spirit West get fetishes? Tattoo fetishes also?

    Answer: They can get and receive fetishes
  104. 105 104. Can a mage put spells from scrolls into a talisman during creation?

    Answer: No they cannot, they must know the incantation to be placed into the talisman.
  105. 105 Can a Hydra or any other supernatural being with an animal intelligence be made as a monster tattoo. Atlantis says 'Animalistic predators' and that is what is said about the hydra in Conversion Book 1

    Answer: They are still classified as dragons and cannot be used as a monster tattoo.
  106. 106 Would Impervious to Energy spell have an affect on the energy source of a vibro weapon? or Does the Impervious to Energy Spell on the T.W. Rhino Armor negate the vibro weapon?

    Answer: It has no effect on vibro weapons, since the attack is physical in nature.
  107. 107 I would like to know if the magic rings, bracelets, etc can be worn under armor, like rings under a gauntlet.

    Answer: They can be, if they do not interfere with the armour (i.e. a ring with rubies on it, cannot be worn under gloves). 
  108. 108 On page 249 of Palladium Fantasy, it states that it takes 5-10 days to get a magic feature put into armor (or weapons). It then goes on to say that it takes 2D4 months to make magic weapons. Which is correct? 

    Answer: Both are correct. Basic colors etc may be added in days, while magic flaming swords may require months to construct.
  109. 109 Can you dodge a Call Lightning cast by a Warlock? Is the spell Call Lightning the same for both Warlocks and Wizards?

    Answer: You cannot dodge the Warlock version of the Call Lightning Spell. It says so in the description of the spell.
  110. 110 Is the magical ritual that Soul Harvesters (WB13:Psyscape) use an actual spell and if it is can it be taught to other spell casters?

    Answer: It is a spell, and will only be taught to other Harvesters and their apprentices.
  111. 111 Can characters with symbiotes get tattoos as well? If so, could the character tap his symbiote for the P.P.E. needed to activate the tattoo? 

    Answer: Yes they can have tattoos if the are eligible to receive tattoos. However, they must use their own P.P.E. unless in the description of the Symbiote allows them to tap their P.P.E. or provides additional P.P.E. to the character. However Bio-Borg Transformation/transmutation will remove any potential to use tattoos.
  112. 112 I was wondering if a S.D.C. creature (ie. a Palladium character) magically acquired the ability to fly faster than the speed of sound, would the laws of physics apply and decimate his body, or would the magic include protection?

    Answer: Magic would protect the body from the stresses invoLVed in traveling that fast.
  113. 113 Does the tattoo of invulnerability which provides 75 M.D.C.per level apply only to physical attacks? Because it does not mention anything about energy

    Answer: It functions like normal armour/M.D.C., protecting against all attacks.
  114. 114 Could a demi-god who is half human or true Atlantean use tattoo magic?

    Answer: They cannot since they are no longer true human.
  115. 115 Do energy-based spells and other magic attacks such as "Call Lightning" and "Fireball" count as energy when attacking a target affected by Impervious to Energy or something similar?

    Answer: They count as energy
  116. 116 I've been looking all over for the Fire Whip spell mentioned in the Rifts Conversion Book 1 as the favorite weapon of the Baal-rog demon. The book states that the Fire Whip is a level 7 spell but I can't find it.

    Answer: The Fire Whip (Rifts Conversion Book, pg. 78) is itself a 6th level Fire Elemental spell. However, a Baal-rog employs it at 7th level proficiency.
  117. 117 On page 257 of H.U. 2, what's the Horror Factor for the thunder clap under altered atmospheric conditions, and does this also apply to the call lightning power on the opposite page?

    Answer: The thunderclap has a HF of 8 and is not altered by atmospheric conditions. There is no HF for the call lightning since the sound would come from the sky unlike thunder clap which is right next to the target.
  118. 118 The Life Drain spell, it only effects S.D.C. beings correct?

    Answer: Correct, it only affects S.D.C. beings.
  119. 119 Can a mage use the Magic Energy Cells from the federation of magic book as a P.P.E. battery for fueling his own spells?

    Answer: No he cannot use them to power his own spells.
  120. 120 Is the spell "Anti-Magic Cloud (A.M.C.)" effective vs. innate natural magic abilities, such as invisibility, polymorph, fire breath weapon, flight, etc.? And does the spell effect wards in any way? Also if one was out side the area of effect of the cloud, could another " A.M.C. " be cast over the other canceling the first spells effect? And finally are spells such as Sanctuary (spell of legend), effected by a " A.M.C. ". This is a matter of much debate so any and all information is appreciated.

    Answer: Yes to all. Innate magical abilities are affected, though other special abilities and powers not magical in nature are not affected. Yes a Anti Magic Cloud could be cast over another Anti Magic Cloud Where the clouds overlap both would have to save, with the new cloud saving first. If it saves then the second cloud has to save vs magic. If both save, both will be at half effectiveness, if either one fails, that one would be canceled/negated. Spells of legend are affected by the Cloud.
  121. 121 What spells does a life-force mage start with or is it solely up to G.M. discretion?

    Answer: They do not start with any wizard spells but can learn them.
  122. 122 Could you tell me the specifications for the wizard spell Call Lightning. It seems that it was omitted from my copy of the 2nd Edition of Palladium Fantasy. It is supposed to be on page 194.

    Answer: The index is wrong, and the Call Lightning spell appears on p198.
  123. 123 What would happen if a Juicer (Any) were the "victim" of the Purge Other Spell?

    Answer: If they were resisting they would have the +8 to save. Failing this save, or not resisting, will expel the Bio Comp systems, and purge the Juicer of their chemicals, sending them into detox. They will need to undergo reimplantation of the Bio-comp system etc to become juicers again.
  124. 124 If I put the three following wards on a dagger can it inflict to the first person that touches the dagger (or a book) a permanent blindness? Inflict, Permanent, Blind. If not is there a possibility to do that?

    Answer: The permanency ward does not do that, instead it makes the ward permanent (so every time it is touched/disturbed it will be activated, instead of being activated only once.
  125. 125 Circle magic in rifts - do you still have to use components (like fairy wings & unicorn horn) or do you just use the P.P.E. cost in the conversion book to power the circles?

    Answer: You still have to use components, as well as P.P.E.
  126. 126 As far as we understand and have read we were understanding that all spells simply required words.

    Answer: Yes, most spell incantations require words, but other spells require gestures, or other requirements. The 3rd Rifts Novel uses this point, and Through the Glass Darkly for Nightbane goes into even more detail.
  127. 127 Do M.D.C.creatures remain M.D.C.after death, at least in the short term (A month, say). In relation to the 'animate and control dead' spell.

    Answer: They generally remain M.D.C.
  128. 128 Nightbane have the "Shroud" talent which renders them invisible. Does this protect them from Creatures who can see the invisible or are they visible.

    Answer: Those using See the Invisible will be able to see Nightbane using the Shroud Talent.
  129. 129 Are Techno-Wizard devices ruined by E.M.P. and are cybernetics and bionics vulnerable to E.M.P.?

    Answer: They are not vulnerable to E.M.P.. T.W. items are powered by magic, Cybernetics and bionics are shielded.
  130. 130 It states that the spells Deflection and Targeted Deflection can be used against magic energy. Does this include all magic spells or just physical manifestations( call lightning, carpet of adhesion, fireball, etc. )?

    Answer: Only those with a directed manifesting like energy bolt, or firebolt, exploding style magic or carpet of adhesion cannot be deflected.
  131. 131 I was wanting to know the circle of transformation from the old ones complex in the Old Ones book, when the character is changed to an elf are all attributes rerolled as an elf or do the characters original stats stay the same?

    Answer: Physical attributes should be rerolled. Mental attributes can remain the same.
  132. 132 The level 4 wizard spell flamebolt in P.F.R.P.G. says it does 5d6 S.D.C. Does that mean that it will only do S.D.C. or will it do hit point damage when total S.D.C. is overcome?

    Answer: Once S.D.C. is depleted, any attack will do damage direct to hit points.
  133. 133 Can you transcribe scrolls or try to learn the spell off them without using up the scroll?

    Answer: Any attempt at scroll conversion will destroy the spell on the scroll.
  134. 134 Would the ritual (sorry, forgotten the name, I think it's a Fleshsculptor spell) from Nightbane: Through the Glass Darkly which rebuilds or reshapes the mind of the recipient via chisel and sponges, be able to restore the sanity of a Crazy without removing powers?

    Answer: It wouldn't work, since any such cure would be temporary, unless the implants are removed at this time.
  135. 135 Is it possible to place a Techno-Wizard enchantment on a suit of power armor which allows the operator to cast spells through the armor unimpeded?

    Answer: No, that is not a possible T.W. enhancement.
  136. 136 Does the Deathward spell from Federation of Magic (WB: 16) take an entire melee to cast (because it is a high level spell, level 10) or one action? I ask because in the description the attack is described as "muttering a single word", which is barely even a melee action.

    Answer: It takes a round to cast the spell, then a single word to trigger the effects of the spell on a target.
  137. 137 With a Talisman charged with spells, can anyone invoke the magic in it (Just as anyone can read a scroll & get an effect). How quickly do the spells manifest? Say a fire bolt spell is charged. Does it fire in one melee action, or does it take the same time as a normally cast firebolt spell.

    Answer: Anyone could use it, and one action is all it takes to release the magic within.
  138. 138 What is the cost in P.P.E. to use the 3rd level spell 'Resist Fire'?

    Answer: 6 P.P.E.
  139. 139 Can the spell "Annihilate" be used in the construction of a T.W. weapon? If so, what's the smallest size that weapon could be? Could it be rifle-sized for a human, or for a robot suit?

    Answer: It is possible, probably a Bazooka/anti tank rocket size, or larger.
  140. 140 Can Temporal spells be integrated into T.W. creations? For example "D-Phase".

    Answer: Yes, it is possible.
  141. 141 If a spell is shot from a talisman does it count as a spell attack or a melee attack?(does it take one action or half a melee?)

    Answer: Melee attack.
  142. 142 Can Tattoo Masters Tattoo themselves?

    Answer: Yes, but it is very painful, and the hand may be unsteady, so it is best to let others do the job.
  143. 143 If I cast a spell that normally has a duration of 1 week, while at a ley line nexus; and then move away from the nexus, does the spell last the normal 1 week or 3 weeks? Or would it last only 3 weeks while within the beneficial range of the nexus?

    Answer: It will last the full 3 weeks.
  144. 144 In Vampire Kingdoms it says that vampires cannot enter a room with the sanctum spell cast upon it? However since vampires are considered a greater supernatural creature should they not be allowed to walk on a sanctum or is there something I`m missing?

    Answer: Vampires and the Sanctum Spell is a special case.
  145. 145 Can Chiang-Ku use and/or create Power Arrows (After all they are the Masters of Tattoo Magic)? If no why(in Rifts England it says "Chiang-Ku possess all the same knowledge as the Splugorth") And is the Chiang-Ku Tattoo Masters conceded as the "O.C.C."?

    Answer: The arrow tattoos are only a recent development by the Splugorth, and were not developed by the Chiang-ku (with whom the Splugorth stole the secrets from). So Chiang-Ku dragons do not know power arrows, unless they themselves steal/acquire the knowledge from the Splugorth.
  146. 146 You seem to have left out the area afflicted by the necromancy spell "Stench of Death" in P.F.R.P.G. 2nd Ed. High Seas. What is the area affected?

    Answer: It affects a 10 foot area.
  147. 147 In Rifts Undersea it states that a character who cannot speak out loud may cast silently. If this is true why are there spells that create silence to stop spell caster? Why does gagging a mage supposedly stop him from casting? Or is this ability to cast, out of Rifts Undersea, not a general ability (which is the way it does read)?

    Answer: It is not a general ability and is designed for ocean magic. Different spells have different requirements, some may not use words, but concentration and movements of the eyebrows. Traditional spell casting though requires words, and in most cases gestures/props.
  148. 148 Ok guys, I got to know. Is the Water to Wine spell a joke or what? Is this a biblical reference? And can it be used to turn water into other liquids besides wine?

    Answer: It is not a joke. In medieval times it was common practice to drink wine, or watered down wine, since alcohol has antiseptic qualities and the quality of the water was not very good at times.
  149. 149 Do tattoos that count as more than one count as more than one for purposes of activation? Example: A sword covered in flames and a coiled snake (1), dripping with blood (1), with wings (1), crossed (1) counts as 4 tattoos. Since characters are limited to 6 tattoos being active at once, would such a tattoo count as 1 or 4 for purposes of activation?

    Answer: It would count as one (since it is one tattoo, and the costs are just added together), you cannot activate just part of a single tattoo.
  150. 150 When casting spells would it be permissible to begin casting while behind cover and then 'pop up' to cast the spell?

    Answer: Yes, there is no reason not and in a combat zone its also just a good idea.
  151. 151 In a few of the magic and psionic powers the range is listed as [X feet] + [Y feet] per level (for example 20 ft +5 ft per level). One player insisted that the starting range (Level 1) would be 25 feet (30 feet for level 2 etc.) rather than 20 feet at level 1, 25 feet at level 2 etc.. Please clarify what X+Y would mean.

    Answer: It means the starting distance at level 1, + the bonus per each additional level. In your case that would be 20 feet at level 1, 25 feet at level 2 and so on.
  152. 152 The spell tongues. Is it simply a magical speech translator or is knowledge of the language temporarily transferred to the spell caster? i.e. Do you hear the words as they are (or in your own language) and do you truly speak the language (or are your words translated as they leave your mouth)?

    Answer: It is a magical translation, you speak and listen in your native tongue, and it translates your speech, and sounds coming in.
  153. 153 Can the globes created by the spell "Fire Globe" (Federation of Magic, p143) be activated and teleported to their target via "Teleport: Lesser" or is literally being thrown part of the required activation for the globes to explode?

    Answer: They must be thrown. 
  154. 154 Small question. Whenever it says like, spell strength +4. What does that mean? Does it mean all spells are +4 or whatever?

    Answer: A bonus to spell strength acts a modifier to other peoples saving throws vs. magic (your magic is stronger). With a +4 bonus to spell strength, people would need a 16 or better to save vs. spell magic instead of a 12 or better.
  155. 155 Soul in a Bottle = Can a mage use the partial P.P.E. and I.S.P. stored within the bottle as a source for his own spells. What about building the container into a T.W. weapon and using the contained P.P.E. and I.S.P. to power it (something like a new type of rune weapon, but without the pain of permanently binding the entire soul of the creature to the item)? Could this spell be used to merge a person with a robot that has been T.W.ed to provide enhanced control?

    Answer: No to all.
  156. 156 Immobilize = After the spell is cast, can the caster move off or is he required to remain with the cone. Also, is the range of the cone 60' from the caster's hand? If not, how does it work. With the cone being 20' wide and 40' tall, is it shaped more like a "hallway" than a cone, or is the 40' the length of the cone?

    Answer: The caster can move off. Yes the cone is from the casters hand. 40ft is the length of the cone.
  157. 157 Regarding the new Ley Line spells, specifically the Ley Line Tendril Bolts spell. Because these new spells must be cast on a ley line, I assume the ranges, durations, damage, etc. are not modified further by the ley line energies. Would a ley line nexus amplify the power of these spells, perhaps increasing the damage and/or range of a ley line tendril bolt?

    Answer: No, this type of magic is already geared towards being used on Ley Lines and Nexus so gain no special abilities from being used on a Nexus unless the spell specifically says so.
  158. 158 Now that there is more magic spells in Federation on Magic, would any of the spell casters from the Rifts R.P.G. book (namely the techno wizard) start with any additional spells?

    Answer: No, the number of starting spells does not increase but they can use there usual spell selections to pick the ones from Federation of Magic if that is one they can normally learn.
  159. 159 Can we get a definitive break down on what levels constitute low, mid, and high level spells?

    Answer: Low 1-6, Medium 7-10, High 11-15
  160. 160 Can a Diabolist learn to do magic like a Tao Shih if he gets access to the info? And Vice Versa?

    Answer: If it a different technique, but it may be possible.
  161. 161 In regards to T.W. enhancements to Body Armour, does it require an action to activate one of the powers or is it instantaneous? If they don't require an action, can you activate multiple enhancements at once? And for T.W. weapons like flaming sword, do they need an action to activate?

    Answer: Unless the power is on all the time it requires a action to activate and only one can be activated at a time.
  162. 162 Since dragons are creatures of magic, would a dragon juicer be able to use T.W. items because he gets his power from dragon's blood?

    Answer: They could use T.W. weapons since they have supernatural abilities.
  163. 163 What is the system to learn a spell from another magic user? What has to come into play when the magic users are of different O.C.C.'s and/or levels. For example if a first level Techno Wizard, a third level Lay Line Walker, and a 5th level Shifter want to swap Armor of Ithan, Fire Bolt, and Constrain Being, how does one calculate out the time needed?

    Answer: 2 days per level of the spell being taught. So a 1st level spell takes 2 days to learn from another spell caster, while a 5th level spell takes 10 days to learn.
  164. 164 Can a character with the teleport ability be able to remove the limb of a skull smasher by teleporting it away?

    Answer: They cannot since it is attached to the rest of the Skull Smasher.
  165. 165 In rifts world book 15, Spirit west. It list the amount of damage regenerated for the minor armor fetish and Legendary Dragon bone armor fetish. But gives no listing for the Great armor fetish (Page 87). Does this armor regenerate and how fast.

    Answer: It generates at the same rate as the minor armor fetish.
  166. 166 I have a question concerning the spells a Temporal Wizard can learn per each new level of experience. In the character description it says that the O.C.C. starts with 4 spells of choice from any level. From what level can a Temporal Wizard choose his new spells upon gaining a new level of experience?

    Answer: From any level. Though the individual G.M. may place any restrictions on what spells may be selected though.
  167. 167 Should there be a limit on the amount of chi a person can pump into a stat with the body chi ability. My G.M. feels that he is having a problem maintaining game balance when someone pumps too many points into the stats. Should he put a limit or is it fine the way it is?

    Answer: There is no limit, however pumping in too much can leave the character vulnerable to negative chi attacks, or low on chi if they use it up prematurely.
  168. 168 Since P.P.E. doubles at the moment of death, and since the Tolkeen frontlines will be the site of great carnage. Can magic users use P.P.E. energy released from fallen comrades to fuel spells?

    Answer: Only if they are prepared for it. 
  169. 169 Could you please tell me when (In the Rifts R.P.G.) the spell "Invulnerability" (LV.7,pg. 178) is used does the spell end when the 35 depleted or does it keep going without the 35 M.D.C.but keeps giving you Impervious to energy, and +10 to save vs. magic, HF and Psionics.

    Answer: It keeps going even if the M.D.C. protection is destroyed so the additional effects of the spell continue. As of the Rifts Book of Magic (page 116) it now gives 50 M.D.C.
  170. 170 When initially constructing a Golem in clay, must the Golem be made life-sized? Or will the magic enlarge a small hand-held Golem to full size(6ft - 18ft)?

    Answer: It must be made life-size.
  171. 171 How large is "large" as defined in the 'Fireball' spell? (Rifts R.P.G., page 176) Would there be a blast radius? Or might the fireball be large enough to damage two targets standing close together?

    Answer: I consider it to be about basketball size, maybe a touch smaller. There is no blast radius with Fireball.
  172. 172 Will a person who has been under the influence of the spells 'Domination' or 'Compulsion' be able to remember their actions after the spell has ended?

    Answer: Yes, they can remember.
  173. 173 Can a mage being controlled by the 'Domination' spell cast one of his own spells if ordered to do so - in light of the minor speech impediment which is caused by the spell?

    Answer: They can be ordered to cast spells (though it will take a extra melee action longer to cast).
  174. 174 Can magic armor be doubled up? (ie. a mage casts Armour of Ithan on himself. Then Armor Bizarre, and then Invincible Armor) Would this work? If so, from which armor would damage be deducted first? Also, can a single type of armor be doubled? (a mage casts Armor of Ithan on himself twice).

    Answer: You cannot double up on these magic's.
  175. 175 Can an Atlantean Undead Slayer use all the powers oh the tattoo described under "Chain Around a Cloud" (air powers page 91 Atlantis Rifts World Book Two) in the same attack, for example Float in air, Wind rush and Call lighting at the same time?

    Answer: Each use would count as a separate action.
  176. 176 T.W. devices that are made from S.D.C. material; are they M.D.C.after being converted? I'm thinking they would be M.D.C.of they wouldn't survive long in the outside world. Perhaps they are the result of the conversion and any energy field that might be invoLVed with its abilities?

    Answer: T.W. devices made of S.D.C. material are still S.D.C. unless magically augmented to provide M.D.C..
  177. 177 When a tattoo master has multiple tattoos, it prevents him from casting spell. Do multiple tattoos effect other P.P.E. abilities, such as circle making and the Diabolists ability to create runes, and does it effect psionic/I.S.P. abilities or chi techniques in any way?

    Answer: It blocks all other P.P.E. related abilities including spell casting, ritual magic (including circle magic) and creating wards and runes (magic). It does not affect psionic or chi abilities.
  178. 178 I was looking though the Conversion Book and saw that the 5th level phantom spell doesn't say what level the phantom cast his magic. Is it at a set level or is the level of the Warlock who cast the spell.

    Answer: Treat the magic as if it was cast at level 4.
  179. 179 Every wizard needs the spell Armor Of Ithan to stay alive. This is as true for Rifts as it is for P.F.R.P.G.. But I want to know if P.F.R.P.G. if the spell has a natural armor rating like that of a monster or does it have one like that of normal armor. If it is natural it strong defense, which means only 19-20 can harm it and even then one has to remove all the S.D.C..

    Answer: It is treated as normal armor for A.R. purposes not natural A.R.
  180. 180 Does a magic object "bond" to it's owner? I mean, if someone takes the magic object away by force or treachery, will they then be able to use it against it's original owner?

    Answer: Magic objects unless otherwise stated do not bond to any owner.
  181. 181 The spell familiar link has is limited so that it cannot be used on any animal over thirty pounds, but would it be possible to link with a baby animal then hold the link as it grows, so that a person could have a familiar link with a larger animal?

    Answer: It is not possible.
  182. 182 What are the stats for Zombies in Nightbane as I am planning an adventure based in Raccon City.

    Answer: The stats can be found under the Create Zombie spell which can be found on p59 of Through the Glass Darkly (Nightbane world book 3).
  183. 183 I recently had an encounter with a G.M. who said that the once you use one of your Magic tattoo's it disappears? Is this true or did he just say that to mess with my mind?

    Answer: They disappear for the duration of the magic, then they reappear. They are not one use items.
  184. 184 Using the Necromancer ability/spell(?) shape bone, could they create their own armor, and use the spell turn bone into M.D.C.? If so would they need the spell that creates ligaments to get it off, and would it have an armor rating or would that depend on how well it was constructed?

    Answer: Yes, they could use the spells Fragile Bone to M.D.C. bone with bone and joint bonding to create M.D.C. armor. No armor rating applies unless it is partial armor, but against M.D.C. attacks no AR should be used (strikes should strike the M.D.C.component).
  185. 185 Would using the spell Decipher Magic improve a wizards chances of converting a scroll into a functioning magic spell incantation?

    Answer: It will not.
  186. 186 In Rifts Conversion Book One, the P.P.E. required for Sanctuary is 3500, however in both Palladium 2nd Edition and Siege on Tolkeen Book One, the P.P.E. is 1500. Which is it?

    Answer: Use the later printings.
  187. 187 Can a Sunaj Assassin utilize tattoo magic while wearing the Sunaj environmental plate armor?

    Answer: At 7th level and higher when they do not need to touch the tattoo then yes they can use Tattoo magic while wearing their body armor, but until then they must touch the tattoo to activate it (thus preventing the use of armor over their tattoos). For this reason most posing as Sunaj assassins do not use tattoos or are experienced enough to use them without touching them.
  188. 188 I was just looking at my P.F.R.P.G. 2nd e. book, and found a listing of spells that a Priest of Darkness can learn. One of those is Fire Touch. I couldn't find that in the wizard spell or elemental spell sections of the book. Is this a misprint, or did the spell get cut out? If it was left out, what is the spell?

    Answer: Use Fire Fist instead.
  189. 189 I have a question on the chameleon spell from the Rifts main book, can you use it if you are wearing M.D.C.body armor and will it work on power armor?

    Answer: Body armor yes, power armor no.
  190. 190 In the Wormwood sourcebook, the forces of darkness use life-force batteries to sap and store P.P.E. Exactly how much P.P.E. can a life-force battery store?

    Answer: Probably several thousand P.P.E. capacity, but they have to absorb P.P.E. for one person for ages to build up to that level and they would generally be drained before they get that full.
  191. 191 I was wondering if one could manufacture crystals useable in techno-wizard items? Specifically if they were: created on a ley-line OR created on a nexus OR Infused with P.P.E. during the process.

    Answer: No, the crystals must be natural, and not manufactured (by Technology or Magic).
  192. 192 What kind of negatives should be imposed if I were to cast the spell "increase weight" on a weapon being used in melee?

    Answer: It all depends on how much weight is applied, if the weight added exceeds the characters carrying capacity, then it cannot be used in combat, but it can be used to increase damage since more force is applied behind it, though penalties to Strike, and Parry as well as throw may be applied.
  193. 193 I was wondering if an anti-magic cloud cast by a mortal would have the same effects on a god who happened to be in range as it would on any other magic user, or if the god would have some special save or resistance to it.

    Answer: The affects are the same.
  194. 194 Would the spell "Restore Life" work on a freshly dead juicer?

    Answer: No, the organ damage for those who have died from life span ending is to great to be repaired.
  195. 195 When describing some of the advantages of magic over technology in Coalition War Campaign for warfare, they mention the ability to magically create rations and give the spell "Create bread and milk" as an example. Where is that spell described?

    Answer: It is a Palladium Fantasy spell. Its costs 15 P.P.E. has a range of 30 feet. It creates 2D6 loaves of bread and one gallon of milk in jugs that disappear when empty.
  196. 196 In Federation of Magic under the spell barrage the save is to parry or dodge. What number should be rolled against for the parry or dodge? The spell hits automatically (unless parried or dodged) so no strike roll is made.

    Answer: It only says it follows the target, each attack still requires a strike roll to hit (which can then be parried or dodged).
  197. 197 With the spell construction rules (re: Through the Glass Darkly), it assumes the mage works by themselves using resources commonly available to them. Are there any bonuses for co-operative spell construction and better-than-average resources (eg. excellent arcane libraries such as Kingsdale and the library of Bethany)?

    Answer: There are no bonuses.
  198. 198 Could Summon and Control Animals affect Dog Boys (they would receive a save of course).

    Answer: No.
  199. 199 Does the spell Desiccate The Supernatural affect dragon juicers? The spell says it doesn't affect Creatures Of Magic like dragons but is a dragon juicer a creature of magic or a supernatural creature for this spell?

    Answer: They would be considered supernatural creatures.
  200. 200 If your are caught in a carpet of adhesion spell, you save, and you have the ability to fly, can you go straight up out of it instead of walking 2D6 rounds through it? If you can fly straight up out of it, would it still take you the 2D6 rounds, if not, how long would it take?

    Answer: It will still take 2D6 rounds to get free and fly away.
  201. 201 I was curious, in Palladium Fantasy 2nd Edition, under the Conjurer O.C.C. it lists the spell "Lantern Light" as one of the spells the class gets. My friends and I have checked through every Palladium Fantasy 2nd edition books that we own and we could not find this spell listed anywhere. Could you help us out by sending us stats on this spell?

    Answer: Lantern Light is a low level light spell that can be found in Federation of Magic for Rifts. Federation of Magic also contains lots of new spells, and while many are designed for Rifts they can be easily used in Palladium Fantasy.
  202. 202 I have a question about the metamorphosis spells. The spells can supposedly be cast on other people (other than the mage casting the spell) but only through the Ritual version of the spell. There is however, no range listed for the ritual (how far the target must be from the caster). What is the range?

    Answer: They must be present at the actual ritual (taking part in it, or in the middle etc).
  203. 203 When the conjurer makes an item permanent, does he lose 1D6 P.P.E., or is that only when he makes an animal permanent?

    Answer: He loses 1D6 P.P.E. permanently no matter what he creates that is permanent.
  204. 204 Can a carpet of adhesion spell affect insubstantial beings such as energy beings and those with the intangibility power or D-Phase Temporal Spell/Phase power?

    Answer: Since they are not there physically they will not be affected.
  205. 205 In our Rifts game, we have also introduced a lot of Ninjas and Super Spy's stuff. What is the Coalitions view on Chi related abilities, and zenjoriki powers? What about people with body hardening exercises? Would they need to register or something?

    Answer: Body hardening is ok, but mystical powers would be outlawed.
  206. 206 The 'Ricochet Strike' spell (Fed of Magic). During its casting, can the mage draw the blade/weapon from its scabbard, that he intends to throw while casting? Then at the same time he completes the spell, throw it?

    Answer: Depending on how the spell is cast then they could ready the weapon, but cannot throw it while finishing the spell. So it will still take an extra action to throw the blade.
  207. 207 A level 6 water warlock summons a little ice monster for 40 P.P.E.. A warlock has the ability to use the P.P.E. from elemental monsters linked to the warlock. What stops the warlock from drawing the 110 P.P.E. that an ice monster has, to summon an army of little ice monsters?

    Answer: They are still subject to the rules for drawing P.P.E. from living creatures.
  208. 208 Hi there. If a character is caught in a magic net is he totally helpless? what about psionic powers or cybernetic/bionic implants that don't require and physical action to activate?

    Answer: They will work.
  209. 209 Could you tell me what the conditions are in side a dimensional pocket bag like the temperature, how time passes, the space. Is it just a big void? is there air in the bag, if you fill it full air will it stay and so on!

    Answer: Treat it as a void. As for temperature it would be 70% Fahrenheit and time would pass. As for air it will stay breathable.
  210. 210 Concerning the spell sustain (page 138 Fed. of magic). If the character doesn't need air, food, or water. Then if the character got his/her head ripped off, or got torn in half, then the character shouldn't die. because the brain doesn't run out of oxygen so it doesn't stop working, and the brain would not run out of energy until the spell duration runs out. So if the character gets put back together then they won't die. so does this make sense to you? is this a possible optional ruling.

    Answer: The spell might provide the necessary conditions for life support but the blood is still required to carry the oxygen to the cells, the heart to pump blood etc, the kidneys and liver to remove toxins from the blood. Death will still result.
  211. 211 If theoretically a powerful immortal being such as a god or such, were imprisoned within a rune weapon and then sometime later down the road a druid got a hold of said rune weapon and baked it in a magic cauldron of destruction (Rifts: England p.41), would the entity inside be released or destroyed?

    Answer: They would be destroyed.
  212. 212 The spell sub-particle acceleration. The process where you can overcharge an E-clip to cause it to explode. Can this be done at the range listed for the spell? If not then does the character have an action to teleport it away or throw it?

    Answer: Yes, it can be done at the range of the spell.
  213. 213 In the Aliens Unlimited Galaxy Guide description of Riathenors, one of their spells listed is Teleport(Self). This is listed separately from Teleport: Superior. There is no Teleport(Self) spell on any spell list I know of. Is there such a spell? Can you either give me its description or tell me where to find it (book, page)?

    Answer: This spell can be found in the Heroes Unlimited G.M. 's Guide.
  214. 214 Where is the "Shape Bone" spell from Mystic Russia?

    Answer: Sorry, it was left out by mistake but can be found in the Rifts Book of Magic on page 198.
  215. 215 Can a Psi Stalker feed on the P.P.E. from Techno Wizard devices?

    Answer: They cannot.
  216. 216 Can any wizard with the talisman spell create techno-wizard-type items? (example: armor of ithan amulet?)

    Answer: No, they cannot, Techno-wizardry is exclusive to the Techno-wizardry, and wizards are restricted by what the talisman and amulet spells can do. To do anything further they would have to become a techno-wizard, or Alchemist.
  217. 217 If a 5th level spell gives you 50 M.D.C. per level what level do you start counting at? level one? Or the level you chose the spell?

    Answer: You would use the level of the caster.
  218. 218 We have recently added a earth warlock into our group, and have bumped into problems with some of the spells. The wall spells, are they really supposed to be instant kills. Currently, when a wall (clay, stone, iron, etc.) is dropped on someone, there is no save, dodge, strike roll, etc. Could you please clarify?

    Answer: Since you are aiming these spells, a strike roll is required, and the victim can attempt to dodge. And they are not instant kills, a character could still survive and be pinned underneath.
  219. 219 How would the spell 'Lifeward' from the federation of magic work on a Promethean from Phase World.

    Answer: The damage would be converted to S.D.C., and then haLVed because it is a S.D.C. attack on the Promethean. 
  220. 220 If you get 7 magic tattoos as a human, does your strength get converted then to M.D.C.strength?

    Answer: It does not.
  221. 221 Does mind bond allow the casting of specialty magic? For example, if a ley line walker mind bonds with a cloud weaver, will he be able to cast cloud magic? 

    Answer: It does, if there is sufficient P.P.E. to cast the magic.
  222. 222 In the Federation of Magic book there is a spell called "Lifesource". This spell works under the assumption that you are and S.D.C. creature, the problem arises if you are M.D.C.. You can use the spell to trade 2 S.D.C. for 1 P.P.E. or 1 Hit Point for 1 P.P.E. . There is no exchange rate for Physical M.D.C.. I assume it's 1 for 1, but let me know if there is another answer.

    Answer: One for One works.
  223. 223 This question concerns the spell "Shadow Meld". It states that the mage becomes visible when enough light floods the area and disperses the shadows so he can no longer hide. Now, what about races like dwarves and gnomes who can see perfectly in total darkness. They never see shadows, therefore would the mage be visible or not to them?

    Answer: They have nightvision, and cannot see in total darkness, shadows will still affect them.
  224. 224 When using Body Chi to pump up physical strength, at what point does the P.S. become Supernatural? Same for P.E. , and if so, how much would they be able to regenerate? Talked with one G.M. who stated the P.S./ P.E. will never be supernatural, but with the stat being above the normal limit (and easily in the 50-70 range, possibly up into the hundreds), I'm inclined to think it would cross a threshold where it would become supernatural.

    Answer: They will not cross over some threshold and become supernatural attributes.

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