O.C.C. Questions

  1. 01 I have a question about the Juicer O.C.C. Does the Juicer get an automatic dodge against every attack in the melee round?

    Answer: Yes, auto dodge can be used without using up an action.
  2. 02 I have a question on the Spatial Mage from RIFTER #3. It mentions the spells they can have other than the Spatial Magic, but what if they were, say an 8th level Warlock or something to that effect with spells other than those and somehow realizes he possesses the abilities of a Spatial Mage and decides to pursue that O.C.C. Would they be penalized on the restricted spells, or treated like a regular dual O.C.C.?

    Answer: He would be penalized on the restricted spells.
  3. 03 Since a Cyber Knight possess psionic abilities can they learn or be taught other psionic abilities other than the ones prescribed to their O.C.C.?

    Answer: Psionic powers cannot be taught.
  4. 04 If a juicer was to remove his harness or have it removed how would it affect his abilities? I believe that it wouldn't affect his physical stats as the drugs have altered his body (like steroids). The drugs just give him more natural/artificial chemical responses. So would the loss of the harness just affect the bonuses (parry, dodge, # of attacks, etc.)?

    Answer: If the drug harness was removed but the bio-comps remained, the Juicer would go through the equivalent of a withdrawal (as the system that regulates his dosages malfunctions). It might not affect him immediately but, once it did, it could prove life threatening.
  5. 05 What are the bonuses to strike for the Longbowman O.C.C. and the bonuses from gaining levels?

    Answer: +1 to strike at levels 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 11, and 13
  6. 06 Does the monk's Spirit Strike draw any of the character's P.P.E. or I.S.P.? If so then how much?

    Answer: The Warrior Monk's Spirit Strike uses up 3D6 P.P.E. (roll 3D6 and subtract from the Monk's P.P.E. reserve).
  7. 07 What is the S.D.C. for a Temporal Warrior for the Rifts England book?

    Answer: 1D4x10 plus any bonuses from physical skills plus their Temporal Warrior bonus based on their previous experience (6 years = +20, 10 years = +40, 14 years = +60).
  8. 08 Every other Magical O.C.C. I've ever seen in either Rifts or Nightbane has an innate ability to spontaneously learn a spell every level (Like the Ley Line Walker) or something similar. The Shifter does not seem to have this ability. As far as I can tell the Shifter gets only the 12 spells they start with and can only gain spells by a link with a supernatural entity, by buying them, or by reading them from a scroll. Is this correct, or am I missing a line of text somewhere?

    Answer: It is correct as stated.
  9. 09 A Shifter's link to the supernatural seems a bit limited to me, but I'm hoping I don't understand it fully. Must a Shifter's negotiations with a greater power end in a link? Could a Shifter instead negotiate for spell knowledge, items, money, etc. but not ask for empowerment (ie: Do a favor for the power on a one time basis in exchange for spells or material goods)? Could a Shifter ask for different terms of empowerment such as just extra P.P.E. (in higher amounts) but no spells, S.D.C., or bonuses?

    Answer: This is up to the G.M. as far as allowing the Shifter to negotiate a special deal. However, the rules do not prohibit this.
  10. 10 Under what conditions could a shifter end his link to a supernatural being? Are they stuck for life? Is there a standard duration (like a year or so)? Or can either party end their contract at any time (assuming completion of the Shifter's agreed upon task)? If a shifter can end his link with the supernatural, what do the majority of supernatural powers think of that? Is it part and parcel to the course and expected, or is it rude and a good way to censored of an extremely powerful being?

    Answer: Most supernatural powers will try to avoid allowing their link to be terminated. However, under the right conditions, some may go for such an agreement.
  11. 11 Can a temporary animal created by a conjurer be used as a sacrifice for summoning circles and or for P.P.E. I have two players in my P.F.R.P.G. campaign right now trying to use this power gaming type trick. I think its kinda bunk but I would like an official ruling.

    Answer: No, they cannot since they are not real. As temporary animals, they are like Avatars - representing something but not posessing the complete essence and all necessary components of the thing they represent.
  12. 12 Lets assume that a link with the supernatural IS breakable and that doing so won't end up with your character running from the supernatural power's minions for the rest of their natural life. What would then happen to the powers attained through the link? It makes sense to me for the extra P.P.E., S.D.C. and bonuses are lost; as they were part of the supernatural entity's power bestowed upon the shifter. However, what about the spells? I could see that argument going either way.

    Answer: Whether the spells will be retained or lost will primarily depend upon the conditions involved in the making (and breaking) of the link and the relationship between the Shifter and the entity at the time the link was severed. In the end, you'll need to work it out with your Game Master.
  13. 13 Can a Shifter hold more than one link with the supernatural at once? Again, if applicable, is this incredibly offensive to the powers involved?

    Answer: No, attempting more than ONE supernatural link at any time will invariably bring down the ire of at least one of the entities involved.
  14. 14 If a Demi-god character selected the Ley-Line Walker as his special power, how would you determine his P.P.E.?

    Answer: As a standard Line Walker ( 2D4x10+20+P.E. attribute) plus 4D6.
  15. 15 Why couldn't a Ninja Juicer learn Ninjitsu?

    Answer: Incompatible with his current abilities.
  16. 16 Can a Mystic Ninja take the Body Hardening Mystic Power or just the arts of Stealth?

    Answer: Only the arts of Stealth.
  17. 17 Should an operator O.C.C. get the general repair skill as an O.C.C. skill or related?

    Answer: As an O.C.C. skill.
  18. 18 If you were an Apok from wormwood would the mask survive off of wormwood? Could you be an Apok on earth or anywhere else in Megaverse with the mask?

    Answer: Yes to both questions. The Apoks mask is the only wormwood symbiote that can survive away from Wormwood because it is linked to the Apok, not the planet.
  19. 19 In the new Hero's Unlimited 2nd Edition Revised the Mega Hero gets special powers, but there is no reference to if they get super powers as per a mutant, or experiment. What's the deal?

    Answer: Mega-Hero is not a separate power category, but a sub-category. As such, it can be from one of 6 different categories; Aliens, Experiments, and Mutants are the most common with Psychic, Magic bestowed, and even Physical Training characters possible. The key is that you only pick one of these and use the rules from that category.
  20. 20 Is there errata for Rifts: Atlantis? I'm specifically looking for the thing on the True Atlantean Temporal wizard. The way its written in the Atlantis and England books make it seem like it should be different then the standard temporal wizard O.C.C.. And if these changes to that is there changes to the Temporal warrior O.C.C. also for true Atlanteans.

    Answer: The Atlantean Temporal Wizard is essentially equivalent to his human counterpart. Just extrapolate where necessary because of the differences between humans and Atlanteans (Compare human and Atlantean R.C.C.'s (Atlantean R.C.C. can be found on Page 16 of Rifts World Book 2: Atlantis)
  21. 21 I was just wondering what are the illusion spells that the lord magus gets at level 1.

    Answer: Spells that involve manipulating the five senses may be considered as illusionary. Thus, spells like invisibility and chameleon (which affect sight) are illusionary however metamorphosis spells (which involves actual physical transformation) are not.
  22. 22 In The Rifter #3, with regards to the Spatial Mage, on pages 84 and 85 it states in two separate places, that the Spatial Mage can "traverse the dimensions without the use of the spell," (within the Dimensional Portal and Dimensional Teleport spells)however, there are no rules listed for said ability. Would this work like the ability of the Gatherer R.C.C. (see pg. 134 of South America)? Or does their attainment to the dimensional energies and command of same allow an even higher level of accuracy when d-hopping?

    Answer: (Steve Trustrum): "This is one of the annoying things that happened to this O.C.C. as a result of it being one of my first attempts at editing my own work for print. I found that the ability to shift from one dimension to the next really tipped the scales of power for this O.C.C. and so I removed it before sending it in to Palladium. However, my inexperience is an author required to edit his own work showed through because I forgot to go back through the rest of the work and remove such mentioning of this power. The Spatial Mage must use the dimensional portal spell to travel to other dimensions (other than his own realm), but it has a greatly reduced P.P.E. cost. If the Game Master feels that the Spatial Mage should still be able to dimensionally teleport without cost or use of spell, then just grant him a further natural ability that is like the spell only with no P.P.E. cost. I've gotten a lot of questions about this aspect of the O.C.C. and it can all basically be put down as the result of inexperience."
  23. 23 In the original Rifts rulebook it appears that Operators do not get M.D.C. armor to start with. Is this a typo, did I miss it or do they really have to fight without armor until they can buy it? Also, if they do get armor, is it limited to light or can they wear any armor?

    Answer: Operators do not start out with armor per se, but the vehicles they begin with are usually either armored to begin with or soon after the operator begins his career. They can wear any armor but will generally not receive the full benefits from the heavier types that a character who is specifically trained for that armor will get.
  24. 24 The psi-sword for the knights costs nothing, they simply will it into existence. Since there is no I.S.P. cost to do this, can it be taken away from a knight by any means, or nullified by the Psi-Nullifier?

    Answer: The Psi-Sword can be nullified and/or negated by various means. However, the Cyber-Knight would get a psionic saving throw to prevent this from occurring.
  25. 25 A borg has an assumed P.E. of 24 when determining HP. Is that it's P.E. for everything else too? I mean in terms of it's save bonus against magic (or is that supposed to be the +3 that it says all borgs get in the O.C.C. description) and coma %.

    Answer: Yes, 24 is the assumed number for any situations involving P.E..
  26. 26 Does the jump distance of borg go up per level?

    Answer: Yes, at a rate of 2 feet per level.
  27. 27 How is P.B. relevant to a Borg?

    Answer: PB is relevant in their body design and facial features and how much those aspects help them to charm someone. You can look at robots in movies, some are emotive and charming, others are horribly designed and may have no aesthetic ability to charm humans. Compare Chappie with Ex Machina. Chappie is a peace-keeping drone, efficiently designed to act as a peace-keeping officer, but not a lot of time was spent trying to make him look attractive or pleasing. He's functional and probably has a relatively low P.B. of 8. It would take a while for you to trust him as you got to know him. You'd also probably never trust the rest of the robots that were built with him. They have no people skills. Meanwhile in Ex Machina, the robots are designed to be as human and beautiful as possible. Ava probably has a P.B. closer to 20. Even in the trailer you can see that Eva works on convincing Caleb to help her. Every aspect of Ava is designed for humans to think that she is human and sympathetic and worth doing anything for.
  28. 28 If a borg gets an extra set of limbs (arms or tentacles) does the attack it gains from that set go to the overall combat ability or does the bonus attack have to involve that set of limbs?

    Answer: That set of limbs.
  29. 29 If a person, such as a headhunter or C.S. dead boy, becomes a borg latter in life do they have to do the dual O.C.C. thing or do they continue to advance in their current class? What about slave borgs, do they also have to do the dual O.C.C. thing (as described in your web site) or do they just start off as a 1st level slave borg?

    Answer: They advance only as a borg. They start off as a 1st level slave borg. Some O.C.C.'s may be able to receive partial reconstruction like the Cyber-doc, or the Head Hunter, but with most other classes partial reconstruction will mean the character having to change their O.C.C. to that of a Cyborg.
  30. 30 Do Shifters/Diabolists have to be of an evil alignment? Can they only align themselves with evil intelligence's, or can they have a supernatural link with a good aligned intelligence?

    Answer: Shifters/Diabolists do not have to be of an evil alignment.
  31. 31 In the Federation of Magic book, Mystic Knights start with a magic weapon. What are the stats for that weapon? Is it just a techno-wizard sword?

    Answer: Mystic Knights generally start with some kind of T.W. sword.
  32. 32 What is the experience table for the "Fallen Cosmo Knight" and why is it not in the Phaseworld Book?

    Answer: For Fallen Knights, use the first stage Promethean experience table. This table was omitted from Phase World due to space limitations
  33. 33 It seems that one of the biggest drawbacks in psionics is that they recover I.S.P. very slowly. I've currently got a Promethian Phase adept. How much I.S.P. would one recover per unit time?

    Answer: The standard amount (2 I.S.P. per hour of sleep/rest or 6 I.S.P. per hour of meditation).
  34. 34 Why do cyber-knights have cyber armor if they have psionics? That has bothered me since Rifts first came out. We never play them because the armor is weak and detracts from the psionics if you keep adding cybernetic components

    Answer: Cyber-armor does not reduce I.S.P. A cyber-knight low onI.S.P. would be overjoyed for the protection his cyber-armor affords him.
  35. 35 What stats does a starting borg roll for?

    Answer: IQ, ME, MA, and P.B.. The others are set by robotic components.
  36. 36 Does a borg have H.P.?

    Answer: Yes. Assume the equivalent of a P.E. of 24 and add 1D6 per each level of experience.
  37. 37 The source book says a borg has P.P.E.. What could a borg possibly use it for or how is it used against the borg?

    Answer: Even if the Borg cannot use it himself, he can assist his mage comrades by letting them use his P.P.E. to power their spells.
  38. 38 In the Rifts core book, the Glitter Boy O.C.C. states that the character gets: Robot Combat: Elite (Glitter Boy) & Robot Combat Basic, however there are no benefits given for Glitter Boy combat training. Should this instead be Power Armor Elite and Power Armor Basic?

    Answer: Use the bonuses listed under Power Armor training.
  39. 39 Why, in every picture I've ever seen of them, do the Ley Line Walkers always were a gas mask?

    Answer: It's practical and provides protection. You don't always know what you're going to find on the other side of a rift. Not to mention, like bow-ties, gas masks are cool.
  40. 40 Does a True Atlantean Temporal Wizard suffer the same penalties/insanities as a human Temporal Wizard?
    "As I see it, 14 years (the length of a period of servitude) out of the life span of a being such as a True Atlantean (~500 years) is a relatively small amount of time. Plus, Atlanteans have an extremely high mental endurance and are unlikely to develop any insanities--they are also extremely well accustomed to dimensional travel. All of this leads me to believe that they would not suffer the same penalties/insanities (and perhaps they would not suffer any at all). Am I right?

    Answer: They suffer from the insanities like a Human Temporal Wizard. It is not the time out of their life, or the fact that they are experienced dimensional travelers (not all are), but their training and servitude, plus exposure to raw and overwhelming forces of magic that cause the insanity.
  41. 41 How are theP.P. values determined for Robot's inH.U. 2nd? Also what about the other attributes. Are the robot creation systems close enough to use the one in Rifts Sourcebook one, I don't have it and would get it if they would work.

    Answer: There is no P.P. attribute for Heroes Unlimited Robots. For game purposes you could call the P.P. 10. If you wanted to add P.P. to Robot Arms, just use the notes listed under bionics (start at 10, and costs $10,000 per point of P.P. max P.P. is 24). Robot characters do not have a I.Q., M.E., M.A., or P.E. attribute as they are mechanical. Speed is calculated based on the propulsion system or the legs, and each limb has its individualP.S. and/or P.P. scores, though generally the same these can be varied (a robot with a powerful left arm, and a weak right arm etc).
  42. 42 Love the new edition of heroes but one small problem... you guys forgot to include clarification on the rules of robotic A.R.. Does robot A.R. act like natural A.R., and if so, where in the books does it say so?

    Answer: It acts like Natural A.R., any attack roll that hits but does not exceed the A.R. simply bounces off. Those attacks that are higher than the A.R., damage the S.D.C. of the Robot. All Robot Armour must be deleted before attacks can be directed at the passengers/crew inside the robot (if any).
  43. 43 About a T.W. learning electrical and mechanical skills at a cost of 2 for 1? The T.W. starts with the basic knowledge of these two skill categories so why should it cost double to learn more advanced knowledge?

    Answer: They have a basic understanding, but they are not skilled electrical or mechanical engineers, in fact they probably ignore advanced engineering principles most of the time due to their reliance on magic to get done what they want to do. Pulling a T.W. device apart will give insight on how it work. A character could pull apart a gun only to find a paper clip, some lint, and half a mouse as it's components. Techno-Wizard magic works on a completely different set of laws and rules from standard weapons. It's more about imbuing objects with magical properties than creating scientifically-sound systems.
  44. 44 Heroes Unlimited, 2nd Edition: Does the Hardware: Weapons character start with W.P. Energy Pistol? (It is listed with their Sharpshooter skills.)

    Answer: No they do not. The listing under W.P. Sharpshooting in Heroes Unlimited is the types of weapons that can be used with it, and not a W.P.. They can invest in another Weapon Proficiency if they want to select another W.P. in Energy Pistol.
  45. 45 I was wondering if all the new juicer types can go through detox. Of the ones who can, what would be their new stats after detox? Can one type of juicer (I.e. Titan) detox and then become a Mega, Dragon or even regular Juicer?

    Answer: Once one has gone through Detox, they cannot become a Juicer again. The process is too damaging to the frail human body and while experiments continue to take place to see if a successful technique can be found, so far 98% of all second-time juicers die within 1D6 months (Roll once per week. A successful 99 or 100 means the character continues to live).
    Most of the Juicer types can go through Detox, though the magic juicers do have problems.
    • The Dragon Juicer will die without their dragons blood.
    • The Murder-Wraith cannot go through Detox as it is an undead monster.
    • The Maxi-Killer (Splurgorth juicer), will die when the symbiote is removed, so no detox is possible.
  46. 46 I have a question about the High Magus O.C.C. from World Book 16 Federation of Magic. For his P.P.E., it says to roll 3D6*10+45+ P.E., this gives only 190 P.P.E. if you roll the maximum on all dice. But the lowest P.P.E. cost for level 11 spells is 100. I was just wondering if the High Magus' P.P.E. is supposed to be like this,or if this is an error in my book?

    Answer: That is correct. They use a lot of P.P.E. Storage/Batteries, tap into ley lines, and use other methods for accessing additional energy for their spell casting. Their P.P.E. is correct.
  47. 47 Can the Apok power T.W. items?

    Answer: Yes they can.
  48. 48 Do crazies have an average life expectancy? Do crazies act crazy all the time (even in some cases)? Will there be a book about crazies soon?

    Answer: Crazies do have a normal (for them) life expectancy and they do not have to act crazy all the time. Some go about their business us usual until something triggers off an episode. There are no current plans to do a sourcebook about crazies. This is something that may occur in the future but we have too many other projects at the present time.
  49. 49 In Adventures on the High Seas, 2nd Ed. you left out the Necromancers starting P.P.E. and their starting spells. Is it the same for these Necromancers as it is for the ones in Rifts, Africa?

    Answer: Necromancers begin with 6 necromancy spells and 6 common spells associated with necromancy. Additional spells and rituals related to necromancy may be learned or purchased at any time regardless of the character's experience level; however, the necromancer does NOT obtain these automatically. A Necromancer begins with P.P.E. equal to 2D4x10 plus his P.E. attribute and gains 2D6 more P.P.E. per level of experience.
  50. 50 What should the P.P.E. base for the Undead Hunter in Yin Sloth Jungles be?

    Answer: 3D4x10+P.E. attribute plus 2D6 per level of experience.
  51. 51 What are the healing powers a Knight of the Hospital from Wormwood have?

    Answer: They might use healing magic, but all have paramedic training.
  52. 52 Does the Mystic Knight ability Immunity to Energy work on his Armor of Ithan spell?

    Answer: No, it doesn't affect armour of any kind (magic or otherwise).
  53. 53 Can Temporal Warriors wear armor and cast spells, how about power armour. What are the armour limitations for spell casters?

    Answer: Yes they can wear armour and cast spells. The same armour limitations for other spell casters still apply (metal armour still causes problems), they are just more trained in hand to hand skills than standard spell casters.
  54. 54 I would like to have a list of the Saloon Bum's equipment in the Rifts World Book 14, The New West. The list had a major error?

    Answer: We see the error, a section of text between language translator and vibro blade has been omitted. Weapons probably include a S.D.C. pistol/revolver, a M.D.C. pistol and one other weapon of choice
  55. 55 My question is about the Sea inquisitor O.C.C. Can they take any other R.C.C. or O.C.C. or are they limited to the few in the book.

    Answer: They can be of any O.C.C./psychic R.C.C., but generally they come from the listed classes.
  56. 56 Can Ocean mages, whale singers, and sea druids learn the magic spells listed in the Rifts RPG book or are they limited to spells listed in Rifts: Underseas?

    Answer: They are limited to the specialized ocean magic from Underseas
  57. 57 Supposedly the Cosmo-Knight is to fight evil of the entire galaxy. Do they have detect evil and if so what kind and range.

    Answer: They do not get any detect evil powers. They simply rely on their moral compass and sense of what's right.
  58. 58 If a being becomes a Cosmo Knight, does he lose his natural abilities (i.e. Nightvision, Sensing supernatural evil, Psionics, Superpowers, Magic, etc.)?

    Answer: Yes, they are effectively made over as a new being.
  59. 59 I have a question about borgs and boxing. In the main book it says they can't have boxing and in the NGR book it allows it. Which one do you go by?

    Answer: It depends on the Borg O.C.C. selected. What you are referring to is two different O.C.C.'s from two different settings. Follow the rules for that borg in that setting.
  60. 60 If the initiative bonuses are already factored into the Monster Borg and he has amplified hearing shouldn't he have more than just a +3 to initiative since amplified hearing provides a +6?

    Answer: Amplified hearing now provides +3 to initiative.
  61. 61 The Cosmo-Knight in Phase World is an excellently designed character. However, the original description varies from the pre-printed character sheet in the back of the same book. Which, if any, are the most correct?

    Answer: Please follow the listing under the R.C.C. description of a Cosmo-knight, rather than the character sheet.
  62. 62 Does a type 1 & type 3 robots A.R. act as body armor, or does it act as a regular robot's A.R. would?

    Answer: They act as regular Robotic A.R..
  63. 63 Would a renegade Indian with an O.C.C. of Cyber-Knight whom tried hard to keep the tradition of his ancestors be able to use totem animals and fetishes?

    Answer: Yes they would be able to select a totem, and use minor fetishes, but they probably would not take the Cyber-Armour.
  64. 64 In Rifter 7, the Dragon Hunter O.C.C., how would one convert the Dragon Skin power for Rifts? My friends and I were thinking something like P.E.xlevel in M.D.C.. What would you suggest?

    Answer: Add Hit Points and S.D.C. and convert to M.D.C.. +10 M.D.C. per level is also useful.
  65. 65 For the special training characters, are the S.D.C. "bonuses" listed actually the character's base S.D.C.? If not, what is the base S.D.C.?

    Answer: That is the base S.D.C. of each of the special training characters.
  66. 66 Can a Cosmic Knight create a Shield as their Melee weapon or are they limited in their weapon choice

    Answer: Yes a Cosmo Knight can create a shield as their Melee weapon. They are not restricted to one weapon, but additional weapons do drain the Cosmo Knight of P.P.E. (remember the weapon creation process requires a permanent expenditure of P.P.E. and/or M.D.C.
  67. 67 Can a tattooed warrior get bio-wizard modifications in addition to his tattoos or not?

    Answer: Yes, they can receive bio-wizard implants.
  68. 68 I was curious if the Maxi Man from Rifts Atlantis could use techno-wizardry?

    Answer: Yes the Maxi-Man can use Techno-wizardry.
  69. 69 What is the advantage of the samurai from Rifts Japan? He is the only traditional character not capable of M.D.C. transformation. Also, is there a P.P.E. cost for the chi death blow? If not, why such a high base P.P.E. for the Samurai?

    Answer: The Samurai is the traditional warrior class from Japan. For the Chi Death Blow, it costs 2D6 P.P.E. to use.
  70. 70 I was wondering what the S.D.C. of a Master Blood Rider is in South America 2?

    Answer: Since they are a Psychic R.C.C., they get 3D6 base S.D.C. plus the S.D.C. bonuses from their Class (in the case of a Master Blood Rider, they get a additional 4D6 S.D.C.).
  71. 71 How can a juicer auto-dodge: 1) noiseless weapons, 2) when incapasitated 3) invisible attacks?
    I ask this do to the rule he can auto-dodge any attack, the "any" being the key term. This comes up do to the group I play with uses the rules literally to deal with most conflicts and I don't feel that a juicer should be able to dodge those above.

    Answer: The main guideline is common sense. With noiseless attacks etc, if they can see the attacker shooting, or threatening to shoot dodging is quite possible, against invisible attackers, feeling their presence, seeing their footprints in the dust (or blood), and deduction work. If a Juicer is incapacitated, they should not be able to dodge since they are incapacitated. Basically, it's the same limitations you would have. If you can't see, hear, or feel something happening, you wouldn't know to dodge it.
  72. 72 Okay, if borgs have a P.E. of 24 and have a hit point total, why do they have an M.D.C. total? In this case, is the M.D.C. used like S.D.C. normally is?

    Answer: Borgs are constructed with M.D. alloys, giving them a M.D.C. body. However they still are partially flesh and blood and those flesh and blood systems would still have hit points.
  73. 73 How do High Mangus enchant? I haven't seen any guide lines for it. For example lets say that I wanted to make my armor fly what would I need to do so I don't have to to make it.

    Answer: The High Magus uses spells like Create Automation and the Enchant Weapons (minor) spells, and do not create magic items like the traditional alchemist or Techno-Wizard.
  74. 74 What races are allowed to become a Warlock Marine O.C.C.?
    The description mentions that even a few dragons are Warlock Marines; does this mean that a Hatchling Dragon, for instance, could choose this as an O.C.C.? The way it is described, it seems like ANY race could become a Warlock Marine (Godlings, Dragons, giants, Draconid, Sphinx, etc.)

    Answer: Any race can become a Warlock Marine the only limit would be any imposed by the G.M..
  75. 75 Could, for example, a Veritech pilot use a Destroid (badly) in a tight situation (and similar situations)?

    Answer: Yes, but a penalty to their pilot Veritech skill is certainly warranted.
  76. 76 Can a crazy or a juicer become pregnant or will their bodies destroy the embryo? and if there can become pregnant what sort of mutations the child have?

    Answer: Crazies should have no problem, however Juicer augmentation would probably result in a miscarriage or severe malformation (95% chance).
  77. 77 I have a question about the REF V.T. pilot O.C.C. from Invid Invasion and The Sentinals books for Robotech. The class has the mecha combat skill for the cyclone, but no piloting skill listed. Does the character have to select the skill or does piloting a cyclone fall under the V.T. fighter piloting skill? If the skill has to be selected, would it be an appropriate modification to add that skill as an occ skill?

    Answer: Their training in mecha combat, and use of the agile Veritechs gives them innate combat training and reflexes in the Cyclone, but not the ability to use the mecha. To properly use the Cyclone they have to learn how to pilot it. Likewise they can use the Cyclone in motorcycle mode, with just the Pilot Motorcycle Skill.
  78. 78 I was wondering if the Undead Slayer in the Atlantis world book, described in depth on page 97, is only available to the True Atlantean. It doesn't say what the racial restriction is, but it looks to be only available to the True Atlanean. Is it only available to the True Atlantean?

    Answer: It is only avaialbe to the True Atlantean.
  79. 79 Is it safe to assume that the Destroyer 'Borg from South America #2 starts with the same "other" Cybernetics as the Megaversal Trooper (ie. sensor hand, bionic lung/oxygen storage cell, language translator)?

    Answer: Yes, you may include those in your character sheet.
  80. 80 When a Titan Juicer goes though detox do they become as week as any other Juicer after detoxs and what happens to the physical changes that have happened to there bodies such as the growth of bone and there increases in size. What really happens to Titan Juicer that try to detox?

    Answer: When they detox, their muscles degrade, Oestero-perosis (weakness of the bone) sets in and other organs stop working efficiently. Liver and kidney function reduces by as much as 50%, chemical imbalances in the brain will most likely result in some instability or insanities down the road. The heart has been enlarged and is thus weaker and working harder. Blood pressure and cholesterol become harder to manage and the risk of heart attack per year increases by 7%. The person is also much more vulnerable to cancer. Arthritis begins setting in and, year over year, it becomes painful to move without medical repairs to the body. In effect it would leave a weakling giant, who cannot do much at all.
  81. 81 For the hardware guys in H.U. 2nd, it says their skills are allowed to surpass 100% because of the big minuses they face, but with the special skills increasing only 1-2% per level they would have to be at least 10th lvl to even manage 100% on the hot wiring skill. Please tell me I'm reading this wrong or that it was an error. To sum up, how can they get their skills above 100%?

    Answer: That is correct. While some special skills may barely get over 100% or not even make it, it should also apply to the other normal skills of the hardware character within their specialty. So for example an Electrical Hardware person could have the Electrical Engineering as a skill over 100%.
  82. 82 I just bought the Splynn Dimensional Market and it's really good! In it, you mention a "Kill Crazy" as either an O.C.C. or parasite or both. I can't seem to find anything on it.

    Answer: The kill crazy organism was removed from the book but was put in Rifter #9 along with a number of other Bio-Borgs.
  83. 83 While reading the Macross II book, I noticed that under the Valkyrie Pilot O.C.C. a bonus percentage is given for Mecha Combat. But in Robotech, its only Basic or Advanced. Is there a different set of rules for Macross II combat?

    Answer: The % bonus to Robot Combat in Macross 2 is a typo, since the Robot Combat skills do not have a % value.
  84. 84 In South America there is a tribe that uses tattoo magic (Tattoo Monster Hunters), for that O.C.C., do they have to roll on an insanity table like the Tattoo monster men O.C.C. in the Atlantis book? It also says that they can have monster tattoos, do the same rules apply to this O.C.C. as to the rest of the tattoo mages ( can not have a monster tattoo with high intelligence, must be low animal intelligence).

    Answer: They do not have to roll on the insanity table like the T-Monster Man (different O.C.C.). Yes they can have monster tattoos (other Tattooed O.C.C.'s may have monster tattoos, but the T-Monster Man is a specialist in the use of Monster Tattoos. The same restrictions for Monster Tattoos apply to the Monster Hunter, as any other Tattooed Man O.C.C.
  85. 85 How many times may a priest with the prayer of intervention power successfully use this ability per day?

    Answer: There is no limit as to how many times a day it is used, but excessive use may mean the characters deity looking more onto the circumstances and requests, perhaps even denying their powers for the time being based on potential abuse.
  86. 86 May a priest ask for intervention from any of the gods in the pantheon he follows, or is he limited to just a single deity?

    Answer: There is no limit as to how many times a day it is used, but excessive use may mean the characters deity looking more onto the circumstances and requests, perhaps even denying their powers for the time being based on potential abuse. Generally a Priest looks to a single god in a pantheon, but worships/respects the rest of the gods in the same pantheon.
  87. 87 I know that Spacial Mages can permanently expend P.P.E. to create their own realm. But can a Spacial Mage stand near a ley line/nexus point/etc. and absorb the P.P.E. from that and use it to build their dimension without having to use and loose any of their own base P.P.E.?

    Answer: No they cannot.
  88. 88 Since Zentran, Meltran and Marduk are so closely related to humans, can they receive juicer augmentation?

    Answer: That is up to the individual G.M., but it is a possibility for Meltrandi and Zentran
  89. 89 I was just a little curious about the Flyboy O.C.C. described in Rifter #8. What is the characters base S.D.C. and how many O.C.C. Related skills does the character get?

    Answer: Whoops! Thanks for catching this! The Flyboy O.C.C. has 30 base S.D.C. and 6 O.C.C. related skills.
  90. 90 Do the three temporal O.C.C.'s in Rifts England increase in abilities like normal mages or do they just raise at those levels listed for the time of servitude/ partnership?

    Answer: Once their term of servitude has finished, that is all in the way of bonuses the receive apart from P.P.E. increases, and things like the Magic Bonuses for the Temporal Wizard.
  91. 91 How is a Paladin's P.P.E. figured?

    Answer: P.P.E. is determined normally for their race, and 2D6 P.P.E. is then added to this base score.
  92. 92 Can an Atlatean Undead Slayer charge and use T.W. items or cast spells?

    Answer: They can charge and use T.W. items, but cannot cast spells (the magic Tattoos prevent spell casting).
  93. 93 I build a character (a NORAD Splicer) and just for fun I rolled Step 4: Psionics. I rolled a 2. I said: Okay, a Splicer with Psionics. I got 7/2 other skills. Do I round down or up?

    Answer: You round down.
  94. 94 If the armor from a Cosmo-Knight had taken damage, could the knight take the armor off and then bring it back and have all 500 M.D.C. and does the armor heal if he doesn't have it on?

    Answer: The armour heals at the same healing rate as a Cosmo-Knight. If it is dispelled, and resumed, it will come back at the same level of M.D.C. as when it dispelled, plus any healing that would have occurred since then.
  95. 95 Why would it be that gunslingers and such get the "Commando" hand to hand that only the "elite" forces of the Coalition states get?
    These men have trained under the strictest military conditions and are hardcore warriors. If the gunslingers were to have autododge, it should have been listed as a separate skill. After all, gunslingers don't "body flip/throw" - they gunfight.

    Answer: Have you seen the magnificent Seven? Clint Eastwood Westerns? Gunslingers don't just fight with guns, it is just their trademark. They train themselves, mind and body, extensively and as such, many could have hand to hand training equal to the finest taught by the Coalition (hand to hand Commando).
  96. 96 The O.C.C. Bounty Hunter is in both New West and in Rifts Mercenaries, but the stats for both are slightly different. In New West there is a lot more information on hunting, and the reward system, in Mercenaries there is nothing. Also the O.C.C. skill lists are different, as are the bonuses. What is with this? Is one correct, or are both? And if both are correct, why does the Bounty Hunter O.C.C. have no languages in their O.C.C. Skills?

    Answer: There are two versions of the bounty hunter, an Eastern bounty hunter and a Western bounty hunter. Use which ever bounty hunter is appropriate in your campaign. They do not need additional language skills though they can be useful (taken as O.C.C. related or secondary skills).
  97. 97 Why can't you be an alchemist?

    Answer: They are designed to be a NPC character class only. The skills a alchemist generally requires means years of studying Wizardry, Diabolism, Summoning, before spending years learning the secrets of an alchemist. Becoming an Alchemist is like getting at least three PhD's, then, once you've studied and worked in those fields for many years, going back for another PhD in Alchemy. By the time a character could become an Alchemist, they're probably much older and less adventurous than you would want to play.
  98. 98 What is the experience table for a Sword Bearer in the Nightbane RPG?

    Answer: For the O.C.C./R.C.C.s in Nightlands, use the following tables:
    • Flint People R.C.C.. = Ashmedai, Psychic, & Sorcerer table
    • Geo-Immortal O.C.C. = Ashmedai, Psychic, & Sorcerer table
    • Doppelganger Warlord = Nightbane & Guardians table
    • Shadow Warlock O.C.C. = Nightbane & Guardians table
    • Sword Bearer O.C.C. = Hound Master table
    • Hell Rider O.C.C. (depends upon race, see below)
    • Human, Doppelganger = Nemtar/Hollow Men table
  99. 99 When creating a Road Sentinel, where are the charts and tables for using the extra cash you receive for 'souping up' your vehicle? Are there supposed to be any, or do we use pre-existing or modern-day costs for such things? Are they there, and I simply missed them?

    Answer: There was a chapter made up to cover this but it was cut from the book. It will hopefully make it in to one the other Australia books.
  100. 100 Secondly, when using a Melbourne-created Juicer, is the equipment, bonuses, and everything else received exactly the same as if he was a standard North American Juicer? I know the variants are unavailable (except in an odd circumstance), but what's the mainline?

    Answer: You would use equipment suitable for Australia. You are also right in that none of the variants are available in Australia.
  101. 101 Can the Stone Mage from Atlantis manipulate metals and other items that come from the earth (eg. Metal, Sand). If yes to number 1 can they change/shape M.D.C. alloys.

    Answer: It must be raw ore or natural material. Processed materials cannot be manipulated (dressed stone is not processed but shaped and could be manipulated).
  102. 102 I was wondering how the force field ability of a Cosmo Knight Works? Is there a switch on the weapon or is it a mental thing? And how fast does the M.D.C. on the forcefield regenerate? Or does it just stay damaged forever?

    Answer: It is a mental trigger. When depleted it can be recreated at full strength, however, the forcefield can only be activated twice per hour.
  103. 103 In Rifts RPG, can a Cosmo Knight's Cosmic Blast be used against vampires and undead as a holy weapon?

    Answer: It cannot.
  104. 104 In Heroes Unlimited 2nd edition: For the Magic Weapon category, when a PC changes and gains extra S.D.C. from the weapon, and then takes damage, could the character change back to normal and then transform again to regain the 2D4x10 S.D.C.? Or does the extra S.D.C. have to "heal"? How fast does it come back?

    Answer: The S.D.C. is instantly gained when transformed, but is healed as per the character's normal healing factor. Thus, they can't just jump in and out of battle and be magically okay. Even their super-form needs time to recuperate.
  105. 105 Can an Apok damage a vampire with his/her bare hands?

    Answer: They can since their strength is considered supernatural.
  106. 106 A question concerning the Line Maker from South America 2 pg 28. It says they can learn wards and such like a Diabolist. What level would you energize them at? Would it be at the characters current Line Maker level or at the character's actual expertise of wards (i.e 0 level Diabolist)?

    Answer: As their current level as a Line Maker.
  107. 107 In Rifts Dimension Book: Phase World Sourcebook, there is an O.C.C. called the Cyberai. In the text it says they have built-in force fields, but they do not show it in the stats.

    Answer: The Oni Cyberai Force Field has 100 M.D.C..
  108. 108 How much M.D.C. do C.S. cyborgs get? It isn't under their O.C.C. section and I can't find it anywhere else.

    Answer: They get the M.D.C. as listed in the Bionics section of the main book, unless they are using a imported Triax Body or similar.
  109. 109 I was wondering if a Conjurer could create an energy weapon or pieces of an energy weapon without a power source.
    For example: They would supply the power source themselves (ie: an E-clip). If they could, how many pieces would they need to build an energy weapon? Also, would the conjurer need the forgery skill to create fake documents or could they just create the documents on their own, and when they create a temporary object does that object register as magic if checked?

    Answer: No a Conjurer cannot create the components of a energy weapon without a power source and then assemble them. Forgery is required to get the document looking as authentic as possible (and possibly knowing about hidden features etc). Yes a Temporary Item has a magic aura associated with it.
  110. 110 For the Mystic O.C.C. it says that Sixth Sense and two other powers are automatic to him. Does that mean that they do not cost anything to use?

    Answer: They still cost I.S.P., it's just that they automatically receive these powers.
  111. 111 Can the High Magus create T.W. weapons? It seemed to hint at that in the Federation of Magic Book.

    Answer: They do not create T.W. weapons, but magic weapons.
  112. 112 Manoa in South America has a force field that is generated by their stonemasters / pyramids. Yet no mention is made of this in the Atlantis book. Can other stonemasters create a force field at pyramids?

    Answer: It uses the P.P.E. stored in the pyramids and is not stone magic (other magic is used to create the force field, the pyramid just powers it).
  113. 113 Do full conversion borgs need to eat to keep there living systems alive?

    Answer: They do require nourishment for their organic components and that can mean eating, however all borgs can be fitted with internal IV feeds, allowing them to function without eating. Often, when they stop at a city or well-equipped town, they'll buy a stock of nutrient packs. (Assume the same cost as a regular meal for a bag that lasts 1 week). Also keep in mind that Borgs will want to be careful as to their nutrient pack supply as cheap or knockoff products could lack nutrients or be poisoned.
  114. 114 What is the rate of P.P.E. recovery for a Tattooed Archer??

    Answer: Standard P.P.E. recovery as outlined in the main book (5 P.P.E. per hour of rest or sleep.
  115. 115 If you are playing a summoner in P.F.R.P.G.. How do you use Circles of Protection and power for the betterment of your party? They take a while to make so how would you use them?

    Answer: They are mainly used from a defensive situation. Their magic while powerful is not front line magic.
  116. 116 A Diabolist is impervious to his wards and to trigger one of his own wards, he have to spend 2 P.P.E.. But what about if he does a Knowledge ward, or something else that could help him. Does it affect him or it does not (if he wants to speak / read ... every language)?

    Answer: His wards will not affect him at all.
  117. 117 Let's say a gunslinger wanted to be faster, so he opts for the Hyperion Juicer conversion. Under the quick draw initiative bonus for the gunslinger it states maximum P.P. of 30 for a bonus of +13. If he got the Juicer upgrade couldn't his P.P. go way above 30?

    Answer: His P.P. could possibly go higher, but his gunslinger initiative bonus will max out whenP.P. is 30 at +13.
  118. 118 In the Rifts: Canada World Book some of the new Headhunter O.C.C.'s are listed as being able to get Hand to Hand: Jujitsu. Where should we draw those rules from? (Ninjas & Superspies?, Rifts: Japan?, use Hand to Hand: Commando?, or is it missing from the book?)

    Answer: The Rifts Japan version.
  119. 119 In Palladium Fantasy, for the Priest Of Light, how many actions does it take for a Prayer of Intervention?

    Answer: They generally take at least 1 melee to do, but could take up to an hour under some circumstances and for some requests, as well as how much in favor the priest is with their god. We suggest Game Master's discretion.
  120. 120 Does a high magus have to wait until the appropriate level to use the spell "Enchant Weapons", or is it a constant power of the high magus (assuming he has apropriate P.P.E.). The reason I ask is because at early levels I don't really see the role of "creator" for the high magus being possible.

    Answer: There is no minimum level for casting any spell provided the character has enough P.P.E. for casting the spell.
  121. 121 I have a question regarding the Murder Mage in Rifts. If a Murder Mage is turned into a vampire (secondary, or, given their inclinations, master) does he retain all O.C.C. abilities, specifically the ability to absorb P.P.E. and experience? If so, the newborn Vampire R.C.C. character would gain insane levels of power and Experience within a very short time span.

    Answer: They lose the murder mage powers and abilities.
  122. 122 I had a question about the O.C.C. Related and Secondary skills for the Blood Rider in South America 2. It doesn't list the restrictions for the Physical, Pilot, and Pilot Related Skills. Are they the same as the Master Blood Rider? If not, what are the limitations?

    Answer: The same as the master Blood Rider is acceptable.
  123. 123 Under the description of the Dragon Juicer O.C.C. it says he does not get cybernetics. Does this mean that the cybernetics would be expelled as it would from a supernatural creature or does it mean that they wouldn't voluntarily receive them?

    Answer: Bio-regeneration will remove them.
  124. 124 If I take this verbatim, a priest could do healing touch 120 times in an hour? It seems like this is a little unbalanced. Could not the party engage in a tough fight with some large creature or party, run away after dealing a few blows, heal up to full in about fifteen-twenty minutes, run back and fight.

    Answer: It is possible. Also keep in mind the creature could do the same thing and some have magical bio-regeneration that will also them fully healed. If the priest or creature do it that often they may annoy their deity to the point of being cut off or put on a type of probation. You can imagine a five year old that wants your attention and keeps poking you. The god may feel a similar draw on their power.
  125. 125 How much starting P.P.E. does a Rifts Priest get? Is it the same as a mystic? (they get the same spells as them so why not the same P.P.E....)

    Answer: P.E. + 6D6 P.P.E. plus 1D6 P.P.E. per additional level of experience.
  126. 126 For the demon hunter advancement table (pg 41 M.C.) at level 8 it says "+1 attack per melee round, and select +2 to break fall" is this a typo and what is the correct version?

    Answer: It is +2 to break fall, the "select" is a typo.
  127. 127 Can the Conjurer O.C.C. from the Federation Of Magic World Book create (1) radioactive material, like Uranium? (2) Explosives? (3) Poisons? (4) drugs and/or medicines? (5) Contained gasses, like a neon tube?

    1. No Return to Reference
    2. Yes if simple explosives (like gunpowder dynamite etc), things like fusion blocks, etc, - no. Return to Reference
    3. Again simple poisons yes, complex poisons like nerve gas, etc, - no. Return to Reference
    4. Simple drugs yes, complex ones, no. Return to Reference
    5. Yes. Return to Reference
  128. 128 In Palladium Fantasy RPG book #10 Mount Nimro the Were-Shaman is not allowed to take acrobatics, but in the feline totem bonuses it gives them +5% bonus to acrobatics. Can they take acrobatics? Can the take it if they are aligned to the feline totem? Is this a typo?

    Answer: Normally they cannot take acrobatics, but the restriction is only a guideline and the G.M. may allow a character with a feline totem to take acrobatics if they wish.
  129. 129 I was wondering if gizmoteers can make robots, because robotics is not in the ninjas & superspys book?

    Answer: If they possess the skills Robot Mechanics and Robot Electronics yes it is possible for them to design and build a robot.
  130. 130 Are Neo-humans able to receive magic tattoos?
    South America 2 says they have more common genetics with their mutant animal brethren, such as Falconoids or possibly Dog Boys, than with humans; however, ogres, elves, and Mind Melters can receive tattoo magic though they are considered separate species from Homo Sapiens. If Neo-Humans can receive tattoos, would they follow standard rules or would penalties such as the elf suffers apply to them (I suspect not, as they are not infused with magic in the manner elves are)?

    Answer: They cannot receive magic tattoos.
  131. 131 Can a Sohei Warrior Monk O.C.C parry Energy Blasts directed toward him with his millennium tree staff? And is if so is there any way that he could redirect the blast back toward the source kind of like a Jedi and his light saber?

    Answer: Yes it is possible, -6 to parry, and no he cannot do a targeted deflection.
  132. 132 Can the Night Witch shape change into the listed animals or is it just a myth (It says traditionally)?

    Answer: They can change shape.
  133. 133 How many tattoos can an Undead Slayer have on them? There must be some kind of limit?

    Answer: Only surface area on the body.
  134. 134 I have a question regarding Sea Inquistors. Can Sea Inquisitors use there powers while in environmental body armor, power armor, etc? For example, could a Sea Inquisitor negate a spell while in a Glitter Boy or Behemoth?

    Answer: No, The same rules that apply for Psionics and Spell Casters apply to Sea Inquisitors.
  135. 135 In the Conversion Book One, it doesn't list the experience table for the Warlock. Could you tell me where I can find it?

    Answer: It was left out by mistake but can be found in the Rifts Game Master Guide on page 299.
  136. 136 In the Federation of Magic the Mystic Knight has the P.P.E. channeling power it says that he can charge standard e-clips for 12 P.P.E.. Now is that just one shot or does he recharges all of the shots?

    Answer: That is the entire e-clip.
  137. 137 In Rifter #11, It says that the Ley Line Walker can learn any spell. Does that include Warlock spells, Blue Flame spells, Cloud spells, Shaman spells, Necromantic spells, and/or Russian Fire Sorcerer spells?

    Answer: Much specialized spell magic is beyond the capabilities of the Ley Line Walker to learn. While other types of magic may be learned by the Ley Line Walker/Wizard. For example, Warlock spells cannot be learned by the Ley Line Walker, but Neco-magic can (though at double P.P.E. Cost).
  138. 138 I was wondering what experience tables you would use for the Trickster and Ludicrous Mages (Rifter 9 1/2), and the two space mages from Rifter 10?

    Answer: Ley line Walker/Wizard.
  139. 139 The inherent abilities of the Lord Magus allow him to become invisible at will at 1st level (I think that's the level) what is the extent of this invisibility? Would it be equal to "Invisibility Lesser" or "Invisibility Superior"?

    Answer: All abilities to turn Invisible at will are considered to be Invisibility Simple unless otherwise stated.
  140. 140 If a Cyber knight was to gain bionic arms, as his real arms were lost in battle(a very malicious monster was responsible). The F.A.Q. says he will lose most of his psionic ability. But will he still keep his Psi-sword ability? I have a theory that with bionic arms he can't, but I am not sure, can you clear this up for me?

    Answer: Two limbs will cause the total loss of all Psionic abilities including their Psi-Sword.
  141. 141 Can a Lord Magus O.C.C. from the Federation of Magic book use their 1st level ability of "Become invisible at will" while in more than half metal body armor?

    Answer: They can.
  142. 142 Under the Mystic Kuznya in Mystic Russia, it says that 500 M.D.C. is the max for plate mail armor. Does this mean that they cannot make an armor that has more than 500? I don't see why they couldn't because they can put feather light on it to reduce the weight.

    Answer: There are limitations not only with weight, but bulk and how much magic they can put in it.
  143. 143 In Federation of Magic under the High Magus O.C.C. it lists Healing Touch as one of their starting spells. I can't find this spell anywhere?

    Answer: It is the heal wounds spell.
  144. 144 I was wondering, in the Atlantis book it say's there is a bio-wizard O.C.C., but it's not in the book and doesn't say where to find it. some help would be appreciated on this.

    Answer: It is a NPC only O.C.C. and as such is not listed.
  145. 145 How can there be Techno-Wizards in Wormwood if the M.D.C. humans can't have psionics?

    Answer: Techno-wizardry can be learned by foreigners who can have Psionics, and Psionics are not a integral part of being a Techno-Wizard, just magical ability.
  146. 146 In P.F.R.P.G., do Warrior Monks receive +20 S.D.C. per level, or just once at first level?

    Answer: They receive the bonus just once at level 1.
  147. 147 In the Lone Star book, it said that there are 2-3 free-born dog boys that were being trained as cyber-knights. When trying to put one together I saw that it was going to be very powerful and looking at the F.A.Q.'s on the webpage it said that the dog boys can't get any more Psionics, so how are they going to get Psi-swords?

    Answer: The Zen like mystical training allows them to develop these additional abilities for Cyber-Knights.
  148. 148 Under the Hardware super hero, it says that they may trade in three attacks per melee in exchange for another area of expertise. Can this be done at first level? If so, how? Once three attacks are traded in, does this mean that the character can't attack in a melee round? I would greatly appreciate a little help.

    Answer: They can select this option when first created and they get the special abilities etc of another Hardware character. With any form of hand to hand training, a starting character will generally have 4 attacks per melee (3 if taking Assassin) at level 1. This means they will always have one attack per melee left (if they take Assassin, they will still have 1 attack, but when they next get an attack they will lose one of them).
  149. 149 Do objects created by the Conjurer O.C.C. look exactly like the objects simulated or do they simply resemble them? The picture in Federation of Magic shows the knife and the bird to appear translucent. Would a conjured coin look like a real coin?

    Answer: They will look genuine, unless you decide the substance it is made out of is different.
  150. 150 In the Warrior Monk Stick Power-Strike, is it really a modified roll (ie: including strike bonus) of 18 or higher or a natural roll of 18?

    Answer: Bonuses still apply to this strike roll.
  151. 151 At 4th level, the Cyber Knight gains an ability that negates any bonus from his opponent provided by a machine. Since the Juicer Bio-comp harness does contain a microchip and is powered by electricity, how does this Cyber Knight's ability affect a Juicer if they are engaged in single combat?

    Answer: It does not affect Juicers since the machine element is considered minor, the powers are not provided by the biocomp system but by the chemical augmentation.
  152. 152 According to the 2nd Edition Palladium Fantasy rulebook the Thief O.C.C. does not get any Wilderness skills (O.C.C. Related Skills list: Wilderness: none). But on the Thief character-sheet published on this site the Thief gets "Wilderness Survival (+20%)" and also "Track humanoids (+15%)" as O.C.C. skills. Both are not listed in the rulebook for the thief. I did not find any errata on this either.

    Answer: Use the character description from the main book.
  153. 153 In H.U. 2, the Hardware - Weapons Expert has the Sharpshooter skill. Does the character receive the same bonuses as the Gunfighter/Gunslinger for the appropriate sharp shooting skill?

    Answer: They do not. What they get is what is listed under their power category.
  154. 154 I noticed in one of the Rifts sourcebooks (I think the Triax?) that mentioned an Administrator O.C.C. My friends and I are curious if there are any more information on that particular O.C.C.

    Answer: Use the Rogue Scholar O.C.C..
  155. 155 If a Cyber Knight decides that he has progressed as far as he can as a knight, and decides to learn another trade to better the cause of the knights, does he lose his psi-sword? (assuming that he retains his alignment, and dedication to the knights)

    Answer: The Sword is retained.
  156. 156 On in the Rifts main rulebook, it talks about how major psionics have less skills and skill bonuses than they otherwise would...
    Is this taken into account for the O.C.C. information regarding Cyber Knights, or do you need to adjust it if your character is among the 80% of Cyber Knight characters that are considered major psionics? I'm assuming this has already been taken into account for the other O.C.C.'s that have psychic powers, but I'd appreciate being informed of exceptions.

    Answer: No, this does not apply to Cyber-knights.
  157. 157 I have a question that was raised by the Cyber-Knight book. It had a list of several races that could become Cyberknights, one was the Psi-Stalkers. My question is since they are mutant humans can other mutants like the ones fromH.U. 2 become Cyber-Knights?

    Answer: That is possible.
  158. 158 In regards to the Dedicated Martial Artist found in Ninjas and Superspies. Why is the Character so unskilled? Bruce Lee was a "dedicated" martial artist, yet he also had a degree in philosophy. Surely these characters should have more than just two secondary skills at level one.

    Answer: Additional skills could be learned later in life, and martial art powers and abilities can be traded in for additional basic skill programs.
  159. 159 I love the whole Megaverse and have been a fan since 1986. Palladium is great! Now on to my question - In the F.A.Q. area it is stated that the P.S. of the Undead Slayer is not Supernatural. However, in the description, it is clearly stated that the Undead Slayer is considered a Supernatural Being. Why? since the P.S. isn't supernatural what are the advantages of being considered supernatural?

    Answer: The magic tattoos on their skin make them supernatural, but just being classified supernatural does not grant abilities like supernatural strength. They can gain supernatural strength through the use of their magic tattoos though.
  160. 160 I was wondering what would be the best O.C.C. would be for a Court Jester. Or what skills I should use to make one.

    Answer: Entertainer O.C.C.'s can be found in Adventures on the High Seas for Palladium Fantasy.
  161. 161 In the early Rifts books (RPG, SB1, etc) O.C.C.'s did not list the native language, though they would often have items like "select two other languages+bonus" etc. Is every O.C.C. assumed to have native language at 98%? (American or Spanish in NA, Euro in Europe, etc).

    Answer: That is correct.
  162. 162 How much do Juicer Refills cost? There are prices for the conversions, but I haven't found prices for the drug replacements.

    Answer: 20,000 - 50,000 credits a year depending on availability and legality. This is mentioned in Juicer Uprising.
  163. 163 When it states that the were-shaman can choose another totem at fifth and tenth level (Mount Nimro page 49, bottom, left column), does that mean that he will receive all the bonuses and benefits from the new totem in addition to his old one?

    Answer: That is correct.
  164. 164 In Psyscape under the Harvester O.C.C. it says that they can "harvest" two souls per level of xp.
    My question is this: Is that two souls ONLY per level or does it have an accumulative affect? i.e. at level one you can "harvest two souls, then at level two it can "harvest" four 'more' souls as well as the two it already has. Or is it simply two souls per level?

    Answer: It is simply 2 per level and is not accumulative.
  165. 165 Bought Palladium's Western Empire book and can not find the experience table for the Imperial soldier and Imperial Janissary. What are they and in what book are they placed in?

    Answer: Use the Soldier O.C.C. tables.
  166. 166 In South America 2, The Megaversal Trooper is a partial borg and they usually have a listed P.P. value for them. the Trooper just has "Enhanced reflexes add +4 to P.P. , for a minimum P.P. of 17." So do they roll forP.P. as normal or do they have a set amount based like normal partial conversions?

    Answer: Roll normally, then add the bonus, if less than 17, raise to 17.

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