Non-Combat Rules Questions

  1. 01 I have found no reference to the height and length one can leap (standing still and running) if they have Supernatural P.S. (Rifts) or Superhuman Strength (Heroes Unlimited).

    Answer: For humans, figure that normal untrained characters can leap 4' high and 5' long. Characters with either the acrobatics or gymnastics skills increase their distance by 2' per level of experience (Note: This is 2' for either skill; having both skills will NOT increase the distance beyond the 2'). Modifying a character's leaping distance for physical attributes (i.e. speed, strength, and/or prowess) is an option for the individual G.M.. If so applied, characters with Superhuman/Supernatural Strength would leap twice the normal distance (i.e. 8' high and 10' long plus 4' per level of experience).
  2. 02 My question deals with physical skills. I know that the S.D.C. bonus only counts towards S.D.C. beings, but what if the M.D.C. being was trained in a place with M.D.C. workout materials? What if a M.D.C. being goes to Atlantis and trains in a M.D.C. equivalent of a Bally's or something, would the S.D.C. bonus count towards M.D.C. beings as a M.D.C. bonus then? I mean there has got to be places that M.D.C. beings can workout too, most of Rifts Earth has M.D.C. beings on it.

    Answer: This would be an option for the individual G.M.. The standard rule though is that M.D.C. being do not gain M.D.C. bonuses from physical skills. They do though gain the other bonuses from physical skills
  3. 03 Why can't you have multiple O.C.C.'s with Psychic character classes?

    Answer: The psychic characters powers are very specific and natural powers. They cannot suddenly just develop a new set of natural powers.
  4. 04. What happens when a character has minor or major psionics and switches O.C.C.'s. Do the power's forever freeze at that level, or do they continue to progress in the new O.C.C.?

    Answer: They continue to progress in the new O.C.C.
  5. 05 On page 101 of Warlords of Russia it states that Robotic strength causes the char to have only 45% sense of touch. On page 239 of Rifts R.P.G., it says that full conversion borgs have a sense of touch of 43%. My question is, the borgs of Russia have a better base of sense of touch or is it that I am just missing the statement where they have a better sense of touch.

    Answer: The Russian Borgs have a slightly better base of sense of touch.
  6. 06 If a Character changes O.C.C.s, does that character retain his/her original O.C.C.'s abilities?

    Answer: Yes, they retain their classes original abilities but they are frozen.
  7. 07 If a Character changes from one Men Of Magic O.C.C. to another, how do you determine the power of his/her spells?

    Answer: If the spell can be used by either O.C.C., use the higher level of the two.
  8. 08 If a non-Psionic Character changes to let's say a Techno-Wizard, would that character gain the Psi Abilities?

    Answer: Yes, they would.
  9. 09 An Achilles Neo-Human R.C.C. with a Temporal Wizard O.C.C.; Is that a legal character combination?

    Answer: Yes it is a legal combination.
  10. 10 If a character has a martial arts form that doubles his/her chi, would that character's P.P.E. also be doubled if they were in Rifts Earth?

    Answer: No, P.P.E. isn't doubled by chi multipliers.
  11. 11 When is the Horror Factor for Wolfen or Changeling P.C.'s applicable and does exceptional Physical Beauty cancel it out?

    Answer: Generally when first encountered, and something startling could occur, i.e. not just walking down the street of a Wolfen city, but turning into an alley in Timro only to bump into the chest of a Wolfen Legionnaire would cause a HF roll.
  12. 12 Would a juicer conversion affect the Mystic Ninja's mystic powers?

    Answer: Yes, since its considered a cybernetic conversion and would have the negative effects related to that.
  13. 13 My juicer has a P.S. of 43, could this be considered supernatural, if so at what equivalent?

    Answer: It is considered Superhuman not Supernatural.
  14. 14 What is the description and base skill% for: Movement (Zero Gravity), Astrophysics, E.V.A.(?), and Consortium Law. Is Navigation (Space) the same skill% as Navigation(main book), and Pilot (Contragravity Pack) the same as Pilot (Jet Pack)?

    Answer: Descriptions and bases for these skills are on pages 150-151 of Phase World.
  15. 15 Can supernatural creatures get Bio-Wizard transmutations, augmentations and reconstruction's? If not, why not?

    Answer: It will depend upon the specific creature(s) involved and the specific augmentations but, in many cases, they can get these Bio-Wizardry enhancements.
  16. 16 Does a spellcaster or psionic need the skill pilot power armor to use TW power armor?

    Answer: Not for rudimentary piloting; yes for anything beyond that.
  17. 17 How should I go about converting Yin-Sloth Jungles to 2nd Edition Palladium Fantasy?

    Answer: Conversions for the Palladium 1st Edition should appear in an upcoming issue of the Rifter. For now, just extrapolate the Yin-Sloth O.C.C.s over to the 2nd Edition rules. 
  18. 18 If a T-man loses an arm does he have to wait until the 4th or 5th level to activate tattoos he cannot touch with his remaining hand or can he get a bio-system arm and use that to activate them in the in-term?

    Answer: He can use a Bio-system arm.
  19. 19 What is CHI listed on some of the character sheet?

    Answer: CHI was introduced in Ninjas & Superspies. It is the energy of life that flows through the earth and every living thing. It was included on the Sourcebook character sheet because that character sheet was originally designed to encompass that system as well. On the later character sheets (such as those in Rifts: Mechanoids and Rifts: England), CHI was dropped. If you are integrating CHI into a non Ninjas & Superspies campaign, it is equal to a character's P.E. plus any modifiers for specific martial arts.
  20. 20 I have noticed that many N.P.C.'s have very high S.D.C. scores. On page 9 of RIFTS R.P.G. collector's edition, it dose not say that you can increase your S.D.C. score except through physical skills. is it possible to make these gains just like with ones hit points?

    Answer: No, S.D.C. is a one-time bonus. However, it can be deliberately augmented (but will not automatically improve with experience like hit points do). 
  21. 21 Can a person (normal) with a high P.S. use any of the big weapons in Warlords of Russia? If so, how high does it need to be?

    Answer: A P.S. of 24 would have no problem, a P.S. of 20-23 would suffer a penalty of -2. to strike.
  22. 22 The martial arts in your system is very good but I have a question. the Rifts Japan book and the conversion book are not consistent. I like to know which is correct.

    Answer: If the adventure is taking place in Japan (or with someone who has been trained in the Japanese martial arts), use the Rifts: Japan rules; otherwise, use those in the Conversion Book.
  23. 23 Are there rules published for creation of starships, power armor, robots, etc. for the Phase World Rifts system? If there are, where can I find them? If not, any suggestions and/or guidelines?

    Answer: So far none has been specifically done for Phase World. There are rules in Aliens Unlimited Galaxy Guide for the Heroes Unlimited systems but will require conversion for the M.D.C. setting of Phase World. The other option is to find something similar to what you want to make and base your stats on it. If you wanted to make stats for a CAF Troop shuttle use the stats from the TE "Rain of Death" as guidelines to what type of stats it should have.
  24. 24 Can P.C. or N.P.C. go beyond level 15? If so how do you find out how much experience it takes to get to the next level beyond 15 and what kind of bonuses do you get for your hand to hand skill? Also if your a spell caster can you get more P.P.E.?

    Answer: The experience tables in the various Palladium games only go up to 15th level due to space limitations; however, it is possible for characters to advance beyond 15th (if the G.M. allows it). It is simply a matter of extrapolating. Take the difference in experience points for the O.C.C. between 14th and 15th level and use that as the amount needed for each level above 15th (Note: this is just a guideline, a G.M. who wishes to could double or triple the experience points needed to advance at these high levels). There is no upper limit other than what the G.M. will allow for their individual campaign. Spell casters that surpass 15th level will continue to receive their normal P.P.E. increase per each level.
  25. 25 I have a quick question for you. In Heroes Unlimited 2ed all the characters have a base S.D.C. rate except for the Physical Training (pg. 186 to 189), All they give is the plus S.D.C. bonus. Can you tell me what the base S.D.C. is for that " O.C.C.".

    Answer: The base physical training S.D.C. bonus begins at 30 before the other bonuses.
  26. 26 How many times can you change an O.C.C.? When you change how many skills do you get and from what O.C.C. skills, related or secondary?

    Answer: Treat multiple O.C.C.s in Rifts as you would in Palladium. Characters that wish to learn a new O.C.C. must first advance at least one level in their current P.C.C./ R.C.C. At second level (or wherever desired), they may opt for training in the new O.C.C. as soon as they reach that new level (it cannot be done after they have advanced in their new experience level). When the character begins their new training, they are zero-level in the new O.C.C. The character must earn experience points equal to the new O.C.C.'s second level (if Men of arms or adventurers) or third level (if magical or psychic). When that amount of experience points is acquired, the character has passed their apprenticeship and is now at first level in his new O.C.C. Once characters change over to their new O.C.C., they retain their old skills (but frozen at the levels they achieved before the change) but all new P.P.E., S.D.C., and other increases will be based upon their new O.C.C. all new experience points are awarded to the new O.C.C. Characters who change to a new O.C.C. will get all of the O.C.C. skills and special abilities, but only HALF the number of O.C.C. related and secondary skills. When powers/skills are duplicated, they get whichever is the better of the two, they do NOT add them together. For special powers and abilities that specific O.C.C.s may possess, adjust where necessary. At the G.M.'s discretion, characters may continue to change O.C.C.s repeatedly as long as they pay the experience points for their apprenticeships.
  27. 27 If a character built enough robotic bodies and equipped each with a receiver and transmitter for intelligence transfer, could he hop from one body to another? 

    Answer: Yes, that could be done.
  28. 28 Does Related skills and O.C.C. skills get the bonus per level already at first level?

    Answer: No, they do not get the bonus at first level. 
  29. 29 What is the rule for characters wanting to change O.C.C.'s, or once they have changed, going back to the original O.C.C.. Also we had a R.C.C. (Sea Titan), that wanted to change to another O.C.C., so our ruling was that a "Sea Titan" was a man at arms O.C.C., so he could change to a new man at arms O.C.C. by freezing his current level and starting at level 1 in his new O.C.C., experience needed for new O.C.C. would be the standard required. If he wanted to change to an O.C.C. outside of "man at arms" then it would take twice as many experience points for each level. What is your opinion on this ruling?

    Answer: A character returning to its original O.C.C. would have to undergo a refresher period equal to its 1st level of experience to get back to its original level of its former O.C.C.. It seems like a fair ruling.
  30. 30 Is there a skill currently for making ancient melee weapons, ie swords, spears, axes?

    Answer: The Blacksmith Optional O.C.C. from Northern Hinterlands (page 168-169) has the Metalworking skill in its description that can be used for this.
  31. 31 What piloting skill is required for CS Sky cycles of various kinds (they aren't Hover Crafts as such)?

    Answer: Pilot Jet Aircraft.
  32. 32 What, in game terms, does it mean if a character has supernatural P.E.?

    Answer: Supernatural P.E. would allow a person to keep running almost indefinitely without tiring, resist magical disease, and heal faster than normal. 
  33. 33 Can a crazy become a Juicer?

    Answer: No, the Juicer drugs and M.O.M. conversion are incompatible with each other.
  34. 34 Is it possible for other races other then humans to have exceptional stats. As in like the humans 16+ on 3d6 is another d6. If so what is the rule or standard for figuring out the numbers required.

    Answer: It is possible.
    • 2D6 - a single die on a 12 (no additional dice)
    • 3D6 - a single die on a result of 16, 17 or 18, if this dice is a 6 roll another bonus dice (max 30)
    • 3D6+ - a single die on a result of 16, 17 or 18, if this dice is a 6 roll another bonus dice (max 30), then add in the +
    • 4D6 - no bonus die.
  35. 35 How are the pilot and horsemanship skills to be used? I have ruled that every time a P.C. starts a vehicle or mounts a horse (or whatever) he must make a successful skill roll to do so. He must then make a roll every time he tries a complicated maneuver (a barrel roll, spinout, steeplechase style jump, etc.). Do you have any suggestions that differ from my system?

    Answer: Standard things (starting up a vehicle, mounting a horse, etc.) do NOT require a piloting roll; however, complicated maneuvers do
  36. 36 I'm having trouble with my players trying to use skills that they don't have. Is there a base skill percentage that should be used in this situation? (The players are trying to perform a logical and reasonable task i.e. trying to locate a door that a villain had gone through.)

    Answer: For attempting a task that they are unskilled in, a character should roll percentile vs. an applicable attribute (i.e. I.Q. , M.E. , P.S., P.E., etc.).
  37. 37 Why is Physical Endurance used for saving against magic?

    Answer: It is the most applicable attribute.
  38. 38 What would be a good way of handling perception in the game? Am I reading the rules correctly in that if a person fails their prowl roll that they are automatically seen? What about a guard who is watching over an area and someone tries to get past him who doesn't have prowl- by the system in there a way of handling this?

    Answer: Perception Rolls are on pg. 66-67 of the Nightbane R.P.G.. Essentially it involves rolling a D20 (with possible bonuses for high I.Q. , and certain R.C.C./ O.C.C.s) vs. a given situation (ranging from easy to difficult).
  39. 39 I have a question. If an R.C.C. can pick an O.C.C., when picking skills, do you get the R.C.C. skills, the O.C.C. skills, or both?

    Answer: Generally if a R.C.C. selects a O.C.C. they lose their R.C.C. skills unless stated. Certain skills inherent to the race may be retained, like native language, or skills common to all in the race.
  40. 40 Attributes in the exceptional range for some systems starts at 16 and in others at 17, should one be used in one game and on in another? Skill levels also seem to vary how should this be converted?

    Answer: Some systems start their table at 16 and some at 17, but the bonuses are still the same for the same attribute. You can use whichever table you prefer. With Skills, you should use the skill percentage for the particular dimension/system being played in. For example learning a language in a T.M.N.T. setting you should use the T.M.N.T. version of the skill, but if learning in Rifts use the Rifts version of the skill.
  41. 41 In War Campaign, Joseph Proseks' M.E. is listed as 23, and his M.A. is 19, and yet gets no bonus vs. psionics, and only a 55% trust intimidate. Shouldn't these two attributes be reversed?

    Answer: It an omission, feel free to add the attribute bonuses to save vs psionics
  42. 42 Can gene-splicers mutate Atlanteans?

    Answer: Yes they can.
  43. 43 When converting a Nightbane to the rifts world. When in human form is he/she a S.D.C. or M.D.C. creature and when in nightbane form is he/she a S.D.C. or M.D. C. creature?

    Answer: When in Facade form they are considered S.D.C. creatures, and when in Morphus they are M.D.C. creatures.
  44. 44 I was wondering how Chi is changed in Rifts. Does Chi do M.D.C. from the increase in energy? Also how would Chi effect someone without Chi?

    Answer: The best answers are in the Rifts Conversion Book or in the Rifter #3 (Mystic China conversions)
  45. 45 A character's P.S. is able to be increased, via superpowers, physical skills, and gensplicing, could you possibly give me an expanded table? (My Character's P.S. is 75)

    Answer: Notes for attributes beyond 30 are provided in the Rifts Conversion Book, or in Heroes Unlimited. For P.S. beyond 30 the damage bonus increases by +1 for every point beyond 30. So your character with a P.S. of 75 has +60 to S.D.C. damage.
  46. 46 I just had a quick question regarding the Yggdrasil tree in "Pantheons of the Megaverse." The information provided in the books says that after a character performs the gift of knowledge ritual, he/she must make a save vs coma/death that is the character's P.E. +1% per level of experience. Does this savings throw include the character's P.E. bonus to save vs coma death (if applicable)? So, for example, if my 1st level character has a P.E. of 18, would his saving throw be 18% or 24% (i.e., 18%+ 6% P.E. bonus)?

    Answer: The base saving throw vs coma/death is P.E. + 1% per level, so bonuses to coma/death will apply.
  47. 47 Several character classes get a save versus disease bonus but don't give a save target number. Also does the characters P.E. bonus apply to this save? The save target number is based on the disease itself. P.E. Bonuses apply to this save.

    Answer: The save target number is based on the disease itself. P.E. Bonuses apply to this save
  48. 48 I would like to know what the guidelines are for using Ninjas & Superspies/Mystic China Martial Arts in the H.U.2 setting. My G.M. tends to stick by what is directly from the sourcebooks/supplements so I need to know how I can Integrate the two games "officially".

    Answer: There are conversion notes in the back of Ninjas and Superspies, for integrating the two games.
  49. 49 What happens if you lose all of your P.P.E.; are there any penalties?

    Answer: There are no special penalties for having zero P.P.E.. With rest the P.P.E. level will be restored.
  50. 50 Can the Diabolist research and create new wards, or is he limited to what's in the book?

    Answer: Technically they can research new wards, but most of the secrets of ward magic are lost, and they are using only the remnants. Lost wards of legends may be discovered by the diabolists like lost circles or spells.
  51. 51 If a Diabolist created new wards, what would the game guidelines be for such a process?

    Answer: A similar process to that of creating spells, try looking in Through the Glass Darkly for ideas.
  52. 52 I have a question about Heroes Unlimited; How would a character create a new technology, such as the timer from Sliders (Dimensional Travel) or a force field generator? Are there any rules on this somewhere that I don't know about?

    Answer: There are no rules as such for doing this. The character should be a hardware character, and would suffer from massive penalties. Crossdimensional travel devices can be found in Transdimensional T.M.N.T..
  53. 53 Can a Achilles Neo-Human R.C.C. have an O.C.C.? If so which ones can I chose from? Do I get both the R.C.C. and O.C.C. skills? Would I use the R.C.C. exp. table or the O.C.C. exp. table?

    Answer: Yes they can elect to take a O.C.C. at a later level. Use the rules for changing O.C.C. (tall their powers and abilities from the Neo-Human are frozen). 
  54. 54 Is it possible for there to be a 1/2 Vampire in any way, or with a Vampire of Human origin to mate with a Human and produce offspring?

    Answer: It is not possible to be a half anything (with the exception of a very few cases such as human/ogre) in Palladium. Vampires since they are dead are likely to be sterile.
  55. 55 Are there any official rules on how long a character can hold their breath? If not, what would be a reasonable suggestion?

    Answer: P.E. in Melees is a good suggestion if not doing anything.
  56. 56 Several races and classes have the natural ability to turn themselves invisible. It is never clarified whether this invisibility is of the simple or superior variety. Our group has a member that can see infrared and heat. If the natural invisibility is simple, he could see them. If it is superior he would not be able to. Please clarify regarding these races and classes.

    Answer: Generally the invisibility is Invisibility Simple, unless otherwise stated. 
  57. 57 When dimensional travelers say from one of the other Palladium game worlds such as Beyond the Supernatural, Rifts, or any of the others travels or gets transported to the Palladium Fantasy world, what happens to say like their fire arms, computers or other advanced gear? Can they keep and use it? Are their any controls to keep importation from being abused?

    Answer: It is generally up to the G.M. as to the limitations involved. Generally M.D.C. if any is converted to S.D.C., and a AR provided if applicable. Also repair, and recharging might be a problem, i.e. once the gun/laser runs out of ammo, it is useless.
  58. 58 In Ninjas and Superspies it mentions something called T.M.F. (Transient Maneuvering Factor). What exactly is this, and how do you determine it?

    Answer: T.M.F. is detailed in T.M.N.T. Guide to the Universe. and is a version of P.P. for vehicles, the higher it is, the more maneuverable the aircraft is. For more detail on T.M.F. it is recommended to look at this book.
  59. 59 Can a T-man activate a tattoo with another part of his body other then his hand? (ie his nose)

    Answer: Yes they can.
  60. 60 Can a person that sees the invisible see every detail of the invisible object or just a vague outline?

    Answer: They can see all the details as if the invisible object was visible.
  61. 61 Recently, I've developed a small problem. I am playing a group of characters in the Three Galaxies, and they are chasing a villain who went through a rift at Phase World. My characters suspect the villain went to the Palladium world and are preparing to go there. Now, I have some of the Palladium books, so I can run the adventure, but the problem is their mega-damage weapons and armor. One of my players made a convincing argument that although magic weapons will become S.D.C. because of the low magic on the planet, there is no reason why technological weapons and armor, like lasers should become S.D.C.. I know the rules say to turn ALL mega-damage equipment into S.D.C., but right now I'm in a quandary. Wouldn't it make sense to leave their weapons and armor as M.D.C.?

    Answer: To make this easier for mixed games, converting M.D.C. to S.D.C. is essential, but you can do what you want in your game. If you believe that their stay in the fantasy world is a short stay, then you could rule M.D.C. damage and armour remains M.D.C., with a possible dimensional devolution to S.D.C. over time (weeks, months).
  62. 62 Are there any published rulings regarding getting into/out of armor? The example given in the Rifts main book (in the combat section, with the bandits and their SAMAS), seems to indicate that armor can be donned in 2 action. My G.M. rules that it takes 1 full minute (4 combat rounds). Any suggestions? Also, would Power Armor be different than M.D.C. body armor (as far as time requirements go)?

    Answer: Depends on the armour involved, most armors would take several melee rounds to 2 minutes to don, however armored vests, jackets/coats can be easily put on quickly (several attacks/actions).
  63. 63 My question involves the stats for some of the gods in the Rifts system. In your book Dragons and Gods, you give M.D.C. stats for the Palladium gods when they are on Rifts Earth. Are these stats before or after the 1/5 decrease whenever a god appears on Rifts Earth? The reason I ask is that some of the M.D.C. stats for the Palladium gods presented in Dragon's and Gods is really high, and comparatively higher than the Earth M.D.C. stats for the gods presented in Pantheons of the Megaverse, who are gods who have been established on Earth for eons longer, yet are inferior in M.D.C. to the gods from the Palladium world when and if they appear on Earth. Could you please clear this up for me because I still can't see how it would have a higher M.D.C. on Earth that one of the most powerful Earth based gods like Odin or Zeus.

    Answer: The M.D.C. values are correct. However as G.M. you may wish to adjust these values in your own campaign.
  64. 64 Can Ley line Rejuvenation be used for M.D.C. Ley Line Walkers. If so how much M.D.C. is rejuvenated?

    Answer: Yes, only 2D6 M.D. is restored though.
  65. 65 I have seen several references to 'All attributes are supernatural'. I know what this means for P.S. and P.E. but what about the other attributes. Does having Supernatural Speed, M.E. allow further bonuses?

    Answer: It has no effect in game terms apart from physical attributes of P.S., and P.E..
  66. 66 How much sleep does a being with Supernatural P.E., P.S. need per day or can they go for several day without sleep?

    Answer: Supernatural P.E. provides 4 hours sleep per night indefinitely without any ill effects although 5-6 hours is better. Rules for Sleep Deprivation can be found in the Heroes Unlimited G.M.'s Guide.
  67. 67 If a supernatural character with M.D.C. regeneration is infected with Negative Chi (if normally filled with positive Chi), or vice versa, would their regenerative capabilities be affected?

    Answer: Bio-regeneration common to many M.D.C. creatures could be considered akin to the Healing Factor Super ability (minor) in Heroes Unlimited. These creatures have normal Chi, but can heal chi at their normal rate, and are invulnerable to Dim Mak. If they are infected with negative chi, they can dispel it at one point per hour.
  68. 68 I was wondering what the rules were for psionic characters in the Robotech R.P.G.. Like, what can a weak psionic do? What are the "minor" skills and the "major" skills? Are there any special notes for psionics?

    Answer: There are no rules for psionics in Robotech, except for certain races in the Sentinels. If you want psionics you can adapt the rules from Nightbane, Rifts or Systems Failure.
  69. 69 I have some questions about chi, from Mystic China. Is there chi on Rifts Earth as well? What about the skill packages. Can I use those?

    Answer: If you are using Ninjas and Superspies and Mystic China in Rifts, it is recommended that you incorporate Chi into Rifts. As to the Skill Programs, use those programs with Ninjas and Superspies characters, otherwise, use the standard O.C.C. skill system from Rifts.
  70. 70 The X.P. chart states that a character can earn 150 to 300 X.P. for killing or subduing a great menace. What exactly is a menace. Is it a menace to society or a menace to a character. If the party is all good but one person is selfish or evil, does that selfish or evil person get X.P. for something that may not have been a menace to him. Is this situation alignment based or is it based off the social norm. If based off the norm for society, how do bad guys get X.P.?

    Answer: The menace is in relation to the characters. I.E. a horde of 20 Orc warriors, a Solitary dragon etc.
  71. 71 I was just wondering something, in England the god Dagda has a Horror Factor 19 in pantheons practically none of the gods have a horror factor above 18 I mean how scary is a crazy old man?

    Answer: Those who know him, or of him, tend to be very very afraid...
  72. 72 The damage for a supernatural punch is Xd6 (possibly times 10) now how would a higher strength effect this damage such as an addition modifier at the end of it (let's say a Supernatural strength of 28, the character gets 3d6 M.D. would he add the damage bonus to that in MD)?

    Answer: The damage bonus remains S.D.C. only, so a character with a supernatural Strength of 28 wound do 3D6 M.D. plus 13 S.D.C. damage with a punch. In M.D. combat the S.D.C. damage is simply removed for a total of 3D6 M.D.
  73. 73 Are the stats on the Wilderness: Hunting skill in Rifts Main one time only or Per Level?

    Answer: Since they are bonuses, they are only one time only.
  74. 74 Are the ice skating speeds from Rifts Canada cumulative? I.E. Figure skating gives 3x running speed and ice hockey gives 4x running speed. Would the two of them give 7x or just the better of the two?

    Answer: Use the better of the speed multipliers.
  75. 75 How should environmental body armor effect spellcasting and psionics?

    Answer: The rules for this can be found in the Rifts Book of Magic on page 21.
  76. 76 As I understand it the juicer drug harness uses hypodermic needles to inject the drugs. So by "logic" if you were to make the needles and Bio Comp out of silver would you be able to use it on a were creature or vampire?

    Answer: Technically yes, But the chemicals would have no effect at all, nor would the bio-comp function.
  77. 77 Do M.D.C. being's corpse turn S.D.C. after they die?

    Answer: They do not. 
  78. 78 Our playing group has been bugged by a certain question that has come to in mind. Considering that mutant animals do have a certain amount of genetics related to humans, do they have the potential to reproduce with humans? If it is possible, what would the offspring appear as? And yes, even though this is an odd question, it is a real one.

    Answer: Mutant animals cannot interbreed with humans, or any other mutant animal (unless they are of the same species).
  79. 79 In regards to Rifts, How is it that trust/intimidate and charm/impress work? Do you just roll % and if you pass the N.P.C./P.C. is now either charmed/impressed or trusts you? Is there a way to save against this roll?

    Answer: It can be used for first impressions, and as a aid in role playing. I'll try and talk him into letting me sit in the sports car ( G.M. rolls for the P.C. to see if the N.P.C. trusts the P.C. to allow him to sit in the car). There is no save, but role playing may add bonuses or penalties to this role. Other factors like voice only, may negate the P.B. bonus.
  80. 80 What are the basic guidelines for creating Deities? I have Dragons and Gods and it sorely disappointed me in that area (although it is one of the best books I have).

    Answer: There are no hard and fast rules, the best idea is to use the gods for a template, or look at Pantheons of the megaverse.
  81. 81 When determining hit points in a newly created character would you use the original P.E. score or the modified one depending on which physical skills were selected? I'd say the latter but I think others should know the "official" rule.

    Answer: You use the modified P.E. attribute to determine base hit points etc.
  82. 82 . Where would I find rules for radiation for the rifts R.P.G., caused by ruptured nuclear power supplies, or nuclear weapons? If there are none could you give me some ideas on how to use radiation.

    Answer: Coalition Navy has rules for nuclear weapons, Dead Zones (radioactive hot spots) can be found in Warlords of Russia.
  83. 83 One of my players was making a Janissary O.C.C. and during step #3 where you determine psionics he rolled Major Psionic ability. In accordance of the psionic rules the Janissaries other skills are reduced by half. Because the Janissary O.C.C. related skills make the character take two from Military and two from Espionage and then gets four other skills of choice, does that character lose all four of his other skills or should he receive two of the four.

    Answer: He loses the 4 other skill choices because he has 8 total O.C.C. related skills.
  84. 84 Roy Fokker is listed as having a 99% chance to pilot a jet. If a player spends two slots on a piloting skill, can he too get 99%?

    Answer: No, however, given enough time, O.C.C. bonuses, and experience the skill could be raised to 98% which is the maximum.
  85. 85 In Rifts, do starting I.Q. Bonuses apply to spells that have a percentage? (i.e. Exorcism, Object Read) Does it also apply when you get new skills? Or only when you start the character?

    Answer: Only to skills, not spells or psionics that give a percentage.
  86. 86 In the Heroes Unlimited game. The bonuses for body building is it adds to your P.S. and 10 to your S.D.C.'s. Now this is my question do you get those bonus every time you perform the skill or when you pick the skill during the making of your charter only. Cause my game master lets you get them every time you do the skill and has made for some really strong N.P.C. that can kill someone in one hit.

    Answer: The bonuses from Physical skills are one time bonuses added to the character when the skill is first selected. Also physical skills cannot be selected multiple times.
  87. 87 If, by some miraculous and incredible means, a MORTAL character reaches 20'th or more experience level, can he be considered to have reached demigod or godling status? Does he become effectively immortal?

    Answer: No, and No, he is just very powerful/Knowledgeable, but he doesn't become a immortal, except perhaps in legends and tales of his exploits.
  88. 88 In the rifts main rule book it has no mention towards making a check against an ability score. Is this possible? and if so what die and/or how would you do it? 

    Answer: It is possible, Roll a D20, with modifiers based on the circumstance (the G.M. should decide the modifiers) and if the roll is below the attribute then the roll is successful. 
  89. 89 In H.U.2, under skill programs it lists Basic Pilot Program but doesn't give any skills, just says they can be taken as secondary skills. What skills would be standard for taking the program?

    Answer: The skill program contains no skills, instead skills from the Pilot Basic category can be selected as Secondary Skills.
  90. 90 If I don't have the prowl skill but it is important to prowl, what would I roll under? 

    Answer: Your P.P. attribute on a D100.
  91. 91 What would be a reasonable repair time frame for player characters to fix M.D.C. damage on body armor, power armor, robots, and vehicles?

    Answer: Minor repairs can be done in a hour or so, longer repairs up to several hours, while extensive repairs may take days or weeks to do. This all depends on accessibility of spare parts and components, tools and facilities. 
  92. 92 Would the psychic still gain powers as he advanced in the new O.C.C.? Example: A 6th level Neo-Human (SA2) gets 2 psionics per level. He becomes a 1st level Rogue Scholar. Does he still gain psionics as he advances as a Rogue Scholar? What about Magic or "semi-Psi"(Cyber Knight, etc.) O.C.C.'s? 

    Answer: New Psionics will not be gained as they increase in level. The character literally forfeits their old class, training in their new one, so all progression in their old class is effectively frozen. The same applies to other classes that could get psionics (they do not gain them).
  93. 93 When repairing power armor should a roll for every 10 points for success be made or just once for each location (arm, leg, main body ect.) Example. 50 points 5 rolls or just 1 roll, and what time frame to effect repairs just armor repairs. I've heard an hour but is this 1 hour per loc. or for each 10 points.

    Answer: You roll once per section, but additional rolls may be required depending on the severity of the damage. As for repairing armour, generally require 1-2 hours per 10 M.D.C. in workshops, and can take up to 3-4 times longer to perform.
  94. 94 It was mentioned in 'Through the Glass Darkly', that it was hard to construct new spells due to the 'psychic environment', which is why the percentages are pretty low. But for an environment like Palladium or Rifts, where magic is well established, are there any modifications to the new spell construction rules? 

    Answer: There are no modifications. 
  95. 95 When a high power R.C.C. (i.e. dragon), changes to an O.C.C. such as the Line Walker, what experience table do you use?

    Answer: With a high powred R.C.C. like a Dragon, they continue to use the R.C.C. experience table.
  96. 96 Can M.D.C. material be repaired in the field, with minimal tools(laser torch etc) and spare sheets of M.D.C. material removed from other structures?

    Answer: A Operator could do that, but such patching would be temporary, and may not hold, or be really effective.
  97. 97 I know a character of magic is limited to tattoos in Atlantis. What are the limitations concerning a character of psionic abilities

    Answer: There is no limitation to psionic characters having magic tattoos apart form the standard limitations applying to race.
  98. 98 Is the save vs. Temporal magic the same as regular magic? Is there a different save to it ( example: save vs Temporal magic - 14? 

    Answer: It is the same as normal magic.
  99. 99 In P.F.R.P.G., if I pick acrobatics, gymnastics and tumbling, what will be my sense of direction, backflip and climb/rappel skills be at? Do I just pick the highest one, or do I get some bonus for picking all three?

    Answer: You use the highest skill.
  100. 100 Is there a psychiatrist skill anywhere in your books and if not what would the requirements be and the skill proficiency be?

    Answer: As for the Psychology Skill it can be found in Beyond the Supernatural 1st edition (currently unavailable), and its base skill is 40% + 5% per level. It is a Science Category Skill.
  101. 101 If a character who is classed a supernatural with bio-regeneration is killed (fails save vs. comma death) will the bio-regeneration bring them back to life. One of our characters thinks it should but I do not.

    Answer: No, dead is dead, bio-regeneration will not be able to save the characters life at this point.
  102. 102 Can one dual- O.C.C. into a P.C.C.? It seems to me that one cannot just "become" a psychic by Dual classing...

    Answer: You cannot.
  103. 103 Can a soul harvester harvest a soul from a bug, the ones from system failure? 

    Answer: They can, in this case the soul would be the bug.
  104. 104 Can a player takes his dragon character up to 15th level in one session simply by having his character practice back flips for a game day or so.

    Answer: This is to get the skill experience points, only meaningful use of the skill should count (used under stress, to do something important etc, not just because they can). When used in the manner above it should not gain experience points.
  105. 105 When selecting skills that can be taken twice for professional quality (such as art or writing) can you spend one skill selection at character creation to acquire an amateur talent in an area, and later spend an additional skill slot on it to improve the quality to professional? If I select art as an O.C.C. Related Skill, do I have to spend another O.C.C. Related Skill slot at a higher level to increase my proficiency to professional level, or can I use a Secondary Skill slot?

    Answer: Yes it is possible.
  106. 106 Why do certain O.C.C.s, like the Imperial Legionnaire and CAF Trooper from Phase World and the Coalition Grunt from the Rifts Main book, are given "Robot Combat: Basic" as an O.C.C. skill, but not "Pilot: R & PA"? as an O.C.C. skill? How can someone be trained in fighting with Robots and Power Armour without learning how to pilot them?

    Answer: They are taught the fundamentals of combat, without being taught to pilot them. This allows them to act as more effective gunners and assistants to the pilot.
  107. 107 In the RIFTS book, there is nothing stated about a saving throw for Mentally Possess Others. Is there one? Would it be standard, or harder to pass? It seems a little cheap if you could just possess them at will.

    Answer: There is a normal saving throw vs. psionics.
  108. 108 P.F.R.P.G. if a dragon has a ps of 30 and a Dwarf has a ps of 30, are they equal?

    Answer: Since a dragon has a supernatural strength they are not equal, but if the dwarf got supernatural strength then they would be equal.
  109. 109 We are having trouble understanding how the meditation skill works in the Mystic China book. How do you arrive at a base skill number? How does the "+ 20%" bonus for the Nei Chia Wu Shih O.C.C. apply to the Meditation skill?

    Answer: Your base skill is your M.E. attribute expressed in percentile (a M.E. of 15 would mean a 15% base skill for meditation). The +20% from Nei Chia Wu Shih is added to the amount figured out from M.E. So a M.E. of 15 would equal 15% plus the 20% for a total of 35%. 
  110. 110 If a character has two O.C.C.'s which both provide him with bonuses to save vs. magic, should they be added together or should only the higher one be used? 

    Answer: Use the highest.
  111. 111 When selecting skill programs in Heroes Unlimited 2nd edition, do you receive all the skills that come under a category as well as the ones from a related category as they are listed? For example, If you select the basic Military skill program do you get all the other military skills in addition to the ones listed under the basic program?

    Answer: You only get what is listed under the program (not what is in the category). Selecting the program again will allow you to pick more skills from the appropriate category.
  112. 112 I would like to know what saving throw to use for gases.

    Answer:Depends on the type of gas involved:
    • KO/Tear Gas etc might require save vs. non lethal poison
    • Nerve gas might require a save vs. lethal poison (maybe at a negative).
    • Nitrous Oxide gas might require a save vs. harmful drugs.
    • Magic gasses generally require a saving throw vs. fumes (magic) or magic.
  113. 113 How are skill 'defaults' handled in the Palladium system?

    Answer: There are no skill defaults as such in the Palladium System. Many tasks cannot be attempted if the correct skill is not possessed, however you may be able to perform some tasks with a related skill by taking a penalty to the skill assigned by the individual G.M. I.e. attempting to fix a biplane with the auto mechanics skill when you do not possess aircraft mechanics. However fixing a computer without Computer Repair or Computer Operation (for software failures) is impossible unless detailed manuals etc exist which would give a base skill level again determined by the G.M. based on the quality of the material.
  114. 114 In Heroes Unlimited what skill if any is needed to use an exoskeleton? I don't mean big power armors like the Iron Brigade's or the Juggerman system but the smaller stuff like S.C.R.E.T. suits, Gauntlet's armor, and the Maximillian light combat armor. I say that as long as you can pilot a jet pack you should be fine but my G.M. disagrees.

    Answer: For the very light suits no skill would be required except what is required for advanced systems (read sensory instruments, weapon systems, jet pack if a jet pack is built in etc.). For heavier units a skill like Pilot Robots and Power Armour is appropriate.
  115. 115 Is the strength for Atlantean Undead Slayers considered supernatural. If so, what about other T-men?

    Answer: Unless otherwise stated the strength is not supernatural (it can be made supernatural through the use of magic such as tattoos etc).
  116. 116 Can a psi-stalker and dog-boy still detect a mage or psionic at 0 ppe and 0 isp? Can a mage get rid of the magic 'scent' besides using psi-skill or spell to hide the scent?

    Answer: They can, and no the magic scent can't be hidden.
  117. 117 Say a character with the pick locks skill is trying to tell another character, that does not have that skill, over a com-link how to pick a certain lock. At what percentage would you have to roll against. My guess is at half the skill % of the one doing the talking. Is that right? 

    Answer: It all depends on the circumstances. Where all you have to do is to follow instructions, rolling near the base percentage will work, but where feedback is required, or a delicate touch, etc like feeling the tumblers of a lock (which the person whose skills are being used cannot feel) then the percentage should be much lower, or even impossible to perform. 
  118. 118 If playing a female character, and the character gets pregnant, what kind of penalties and bonuses can be given? 

    Answer: That really depends on the race of character and the stage of the pregnancy. Though there are no penalties and bonuses listed the individual G.M. should feel free to assign such especially towards the later half of the pregnancy.
  119. 119 Can you take the skill of running or any other physical more than once?

    Answer: You cannot take the same physical skill twice
  120. 120 Has Palladium has printed any rules on the effects of radiation sickness? Like if a person traveled through or camped in a nuclear 'hot spot'. 

    Answer: The closest rules would be in Further Adventures in the Northern Wilderness.
  121. 121 How many times must your character make a skill roll? Say if the player is playing their flute how many successful skill rolls must that player make and if it's multiple rolls what's the limit on how many rolls successful or otherwise?

    Answer: Generally One roll per task (in the above case, once per piece of music). 
  122. 122 Does your I.Q. bonus apply to special skills on Heroes Unlimited like the wizard's Spell Translation or the Weapons Expert's Make and Modify Weapons skills? 

    Answer: They do.
  123. 123 While my friends and I were playing Rifts last week we came across a skill called "Track Humanoids". We looked through all of are books and could not find it. Could you please tell me what this skill is and where I can find it?

    Answer: It is the Tracking skill form the Espionage category.

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