Palladium Weekly Update -- June 28, 2024


Let’s Celebrate! * TMNT pledge manager closes today * TWO Sales!

Happy Friday, Palladium Fans!

Never too early to celebrate!


Hey Everyone,

Is it too soon to start celebrating the 4th of July with
two fun sales? I hope not, because Palladium is offering a selection of physical products at a steep discount – metal and resin miniatures, bookmarks, mouse pads, notepad and pencil set, and a selection of books. See complete details below. The sale starts today and runs thru Tuesday, July 9th.


What’s Hot at Palladium this Week?


Fantastic Fantasy and Rifts sales remained hot this week. We love the enthusiasm, thank you! Keep those orders coming!


Weekly Updates are now posted on the Palladium website.


A technical issue prevented us from being able to post our Weekly Updates on the Palladium website. That problem has been solved and you can get caught up on the last several updates as you may desire; Some had cool art and other info you might enjoy.

Palladium Books - 4th of July Sale


We thought we would heat up your summer by putting a number of  patriotic RPG titles, most metal and resin miniatures, and a bunch of fun accessories on sale. I mean, everyone needs a Glitter Boy on their desk or shelf (I love the Chainsaw Glitter Boy, and Juicer, and Line Walker, etc.) and I use the Rifts notepad and pens all the time.

sale runs thru the 4th of July weekend. Please spread the word and enjoy!


Books and Accessories on Sale


Heroes Unlimited Hardcover – Sale price $35.99

Heroes Unlimited Softcover – Sale price $25.59

Rifts® Chaos Earth RPG softcover (30%) – Sale price $19.99

Rifts® Chaos Earth RPG Hardcover (20%) – Sale price $29.59

🦅 PR820 Stand Strong Print – Chaos Earth cover (Glitter Boy & Flag) – Sale price $5

🦅Rifts® Color Poker Deck - Cat. No. 2575 – Sale price $8.00

🦅Rifts® Black & White Poker Deck - Cat. No. 2576 – Sale price $8.00

🦅Rifts® Cyberworks Color Poker Deck - Cat. No. 2609 – Sale price $9.00

🧨Rifts® Tales of the Chi-Town ‘Burbs Anthology - Cat. No. 304 – Sale price $8.00

🧨Rifts® Notepad & Pencil Set – Cat. No. 2603 – Sale price $8.00

🧨Rifts® Notepad Only – Cat. No. 2597 – Sale price $3.00


Palladium Bookmarks Set one - (Rifts®, Fantasy, Heroes Unlimited, Dead Reign®) - Cat. No. 2554 – Sale price $3.00

Palladium Bookmarks Set Two – (Rifts® Chaos Earth, Phase World®, Nightbane®, Beyond the Supernatural) - Cat. No. 2554 – Sale price $3.00

Fantasy Mouse Pad (Old Ones/Minotaur) - Cat. No. 2567 – Sale price $6.00

Dead Reign Mouse Pad (Zombie Graveyard) - Cat. No. 2568 – Sale price $6.00


🖋️Blue Pen with Stylus - Rifts® logo and words: Unleash your imagination - Cat. No. 2586 – Sale price $3.00

🖋️ Red Pen with Stylus - Rifts® logo and words: Explore the Megaverse® - Cat. No.2604 – Sale price $3.00

🖋️ Black Pen with Stylus – Palladium Books 40 years of Adventure - Cat. No. 2605 – Sale price $3.00

🖋️Greeting Cards Mixed Set (6 cards - 2 Rifts, 2 Birthday, 1 Thinking of you, and 1 Faerie Folk/humorous) – Sale price $7.00


Rifts® 25mm Metal Miniatures on Sale – Big Savings

🤖 MI8002 Xiticix – Sale price $9.00

🤖 MI8004 Dog Boy Pack #1 – Sale price $9.00

🤖 MI8005 Men of Magic – Sale price $9.00

🤖 MI8006 Cyborgs #1 – Sale price $9.00

🤖 MI8007 Simvan Rider on Ostrosaurus – Sale price $9.00

🤖 MI8010 Coalition Sky-Cycle – Sale price $11.00

🤖 MI8015 Damaged Skelebots #1 – Sale price $9.00

🤖 MI8016 Cyber Adventurers – Sale price $9.00

🤖 MI8017 Rogues and Scouts – Sale price $9.00

🤖 MI8019 Damaged Skelebots #2 – Sale price $6.00 super-saver!

🤖 MI8020 Psi-Stalkers & Scouts – Sale price $9.00


Rifts® Heroic 28mm Resin Miniatures on Sale – detailed and dynamic

🤺 MI8046 Glitter Boy (only, classic) – Sale price $25.00

🤺 MI8047 CS Fire-Breather Rifleman – Sale price $7.00

🤺 MI8048 Juicer Assassin – Sale price $7.00

🤺 MI8049 CS Missile Launcher Soldier – Sale price $7.00

🤺 MI8050 CS Officer – Sale price $7.00

🤺 MI8051 Ley Line Walker with Observation Ball – Sale price $10.50

🤺 MI8052 Triax Cyborg with Rail Gun – Sale price $10.50

🤺 MI8053 DELUXE Glitter Boy & Pilot (2 figures) Battle Scene (slain CS soldier lays at its feet on the base); G.B. and pilot both wield a battlefield chainsaw ideal for slaying cyborgs and demons in close combat – Super-Saver sale price $25.00!


Sale ends the morning of July 10th (Wednesday)

TMNT&OS pledge manager closes TODAY!

It’s NOT too late for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness backers to add the campaign-exclusive Heroes and Villains Miniatures or Kevin Eastman variant cover to your orders, but you need to finish that up TODAY!

We’re closing the BackerKit pledge manager for the campaign tonight!  And cards for any add-ons will be charged on July 3rd.

These collector’s items will NOT be available at retail or through Palladium after the campaign manager closes, so grab them now!


The Fans have spoken!

Garnering more than 3,000 votes each and well ahead of the rest of the pack by hundreds of votes, we can now announce the winners of the New Mutant Animal poll for the TMNT&OS campaign.

The top 3 vote getters earning a spot in the Redux edition are:

Amphibians (Axolotl, Newt, Salamander, Variant Frogs, etc.)
🦎Lizards (Chameleon, Iguana, etc.)
🦑 Octopus and Squid

Find us at Gen Con

Check out the Closing Thoughts for a can’t-miss Gen Con Photo Opportunity!


Gen Con – Palladium Books Booth #607 – near Chaosium


Palladium Books will at Gen Con as usual, though in a different location, booth #607. This year we’re located close to our pals at Chaosium (Booth #511) and between Paizo and Asmodee near the first hall entrance.


Come on over to booth 607 to meet, chat with, and get autographs from Kevin Siembieda (Founder), Sean Owen Roberson (Creative Director and writer), Wayne Smith (editor), Mark Oberle (author), Glen Evans (author), John Klinkel (author), Mike Leonard (artist and author), Caleb Nelson (Palladium staff), and others. We’ll have Yin-Sloth Expeditions and maybe a few other new releases, a large back stock selection of RPG books, playing cards, some original art, art prints, and collectibles for your enjoyment. We are also happy to sign any books you bring with you.

This year Kevin and Sean are hosting
TWO panel talks for you to bring your questions and find out about the exciting future plans we have in store for you and all things Palladium, so grab your tickets now:

🤖RIFTS and the Future of Palladium - JW Marriott 203 - Fri 5pm EDT
Join Kevin Siembieda and Sean Owen Roberson to talk about all things Palladium, especially RIFTS!

Palladium Talks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - JW Marriott 203 - Sat 4pm EDT
Kevin and Sean discuss the wildly successful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness REDUX edition and future plans.

There are also something like 16 or 20 Palladium Books based RPG game events being run this year at Gen Con, including some by writers John Klinkel and Glen Evans, among others. Check ‘em out! 4th of July PDF Sale


We can’t leave those who prefer digital out of the 4th of July celebration, so enjoy big savings on some of the same products we have on sale in print and some unique digital offerings we’re sure you’ll love: specially at a discount!

Heroes Unlimited RPG 1st & 2nd Edition

After the Bomb® RPG and sourcebooks – compatible with TMNT & Other Strangeness RPG, Heroes Unlimited, Rifts® and Phase World®.

Chaos Earth RPG and sourcebooks – the origin of Rifts Earth.

2 Game Master Kits (Rifts® and Palladium Fantasy)

All Paper minis


Sale ends the morning of July 10th (Wednesday)

Palladium offers more than 300 of our books, every issue of The Rifter, sneak previews, and more in PDF format via DriveThruRPG


Turtle Power and Goings On


We have a Turtle growing in our warehouse! We contracted renowned sculptor, Miki Ivey, who has created displays with Disney Imagineers, to make a 3D, life-size Ninja Turtle sculpture as part of Palladium’s Gen Con display! It should look like Leonardo just stepped off the cover of the RPG. Come on over to Gen Con Booth 607 to take your photo with Leo, buy books, and get the latest news.


Sean is on fire doing final editing and layout tweaks on the Transdimensional Adventures TMNT book, as well as doing the stats for the new mutant animals voted to be added to the RPG by our Kickstarter backers. You folks blew our minds when thousands of you voted. We thank you for your enthusiasm and participation. You are awesome! It may sound silly, but after I saw Sean’s new animal stats, they got me super-excited for these books all over again. And I’m the dang publisher and one of the contributing authors! Lol. These full color, redux collections are just so beautiful and well written. It makes fans of the TMNT so happy.


Yin-Sloth Expeditions! Not only is the writing coming along nicely, but I created four new illustrations for the book and I’m working on a sixth. That does not include the full page illustration of the new villain we showed off a while ago. That bad guy and a few of the other illustrations are for the new Orcish Empire adventure that opens the book. But they and that adventure are not the only new material. All the maps were redone, and there are a number of updates and adventure hooks to the original setting and key locations. Having a blast getting this book finished for you. I hope in time for Gen Con.


Logo T-shirts and Mugs. Due to popular demand, we are bringing back versions of three popular logo designs – the full Kevin Long Rifts logo, Palladium Fantasy Dragon, and Heroes Unlimited logo – as both T-shirts and coffee mugs. All have been sent to the printer.  


Reprints galore. Something in the neighborhood of 30 titles are either at or heading to the printer. A handful, like Civilization Gone (Dead Reign® sourcebook) and the Rifts® Index Volume One, have been out of print for a few months. Other titles have either recently gone out of print or are nearly sold out, like the expanded Yin-Sloth Jungles, and we don’t want that to happen. There is a lot going on behind the scenes here in Palladiumville. All of it good.


That’s all for now. Thank you for your friendship and positive support. We hope to see a bunch of you at Gen Con. Until then, enjoy our two new sales and game on!



– Kevin Siembieda, Game designer, writer, friend

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