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One game system – every genre – countless worlds – endless adventure

By Kevin Siembieda & Sean Owen Roberson

Final days of Palladium’s GM’s Days Sale, so please spread the word and continue to enjoy the big savings. 30% discount on key RPGs, sourcebooks, and hardcovers across the Megaverse®. See more details below.

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UPDATE: Rifts® Coalition Manhunters sales heat up. This book has been available for a while, but many gamers have only been discovering it over the last 10 months. That’s wonderful, because I think it is one of the best books I’ve ever written about the Coalition States, its society, Psi-Hounds, and its secret psychic forces. Here’s what a renowned comic book writer, artist, and gamer recently had to say about it:

“I've been reading Coalition Manhunters, it's SO good, I love how detailed and dense it is! I'm using a bunch of stuff from it for a Rifts campaign I'm putting together. – Sophie Campbell

Rifts Coalition Manhunters at

NEW on DriveThru – Rifts® Titan Robotics PDF now available on – Wayne has made Titan Robotics available as a bookmarked PDF on DriveThru. Rifts® Manhunters, all issues of The Rifter®, and most of Palladium’s 300+ titles are also available as PDFs.

Rifts Titan Robotics PDF at

What’s hot at Palladium? Thanks to our ongoing sale, core rule books, hardcovers, back issues of The Rifter®, Rifts®, Palladium Fantasy RPG®, and Heroes Unlimited are hot, hot, hot.

NEWS! LIVE interview on Legion of Myth with Kevin Siembieda and Sean Owen Roberson this Sunday, March 24, starting at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. We’ll be talking about all things Palladium Books including progress on the TMNT & Other Strangeness Kickstarter (it’s all looking amazing!), the Expanded Valley of the Pharaohs 40th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter (ending in less than two weeks), answering some of your questions, and whatever is on the guys’ minds. It will be a fun time so please join us.

Legion of Myth on YouTube

NEWS! Early Days of Palladium Books Interviews is a fun, ongoing series of audio podcasts by the good folks at The Glitterbois. They’ve already posted 3 of them. I think our talk about the TMNT & Other Strangeness RPG taped Tuesday night will be made available this weekend. The 1980s and 1990s Robotech® RPG series is our next topic. With Rifts® and Palladium’s horror topics to follow in the weeks ahead.

The Glitterbois on YouTube

TMNT and Other Strangeness RPG Variant Cover TMNT and Other Strangeness RPG Variant Cover TMNT and Other Strangeness RPG Variant Cover TMNT and Other Strangeness RPG Variant Cover

Backers, we need your Pledge Manager Survey before it closes in a couple of weeks! All Backers, you still have time to upgrade your pledge and add Kickstarter Exclusives for yourself and friends. TMNT & Other Strangeness RPG Exclusives will be very limited production runs, will NOT be for general sale, and are destined to become high-priced collector items. Get them at what will be rock-bottom prices now while you can, because these rare, limited run editions will cost many times more, very quickly. When you see the high quality and beauty of these books, miniatures, and dice, you will understand why they will become so desired by TMNT fans everywhere. That will be especially true of the variant covers, one by Kevin Eastman, one by Sophie Campbell, and the two Mutagen Green Foil covers by Eastman and Laird – as well as those two highly detailed miniature sets, prints, playing cards, etc. Think ahead to birthdays and Christmas. When we say Kickstarter Exclusives, we mean Kickstarter Exclusives!

Backers, click here to start your survey.

Four crowdfunding campaigns you may want to support

Final Hours! Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion Kickstarter. Fully compatible with Rifts® for Savage Worlds, the SWADE Science Fiction Companion from Pinnacle Entertainment Group is in its final hours of funding. This 200+ page hardcover expands options for space travel, giant war-walkers, cyberware, transhumanism, exploration gear, and more to help you add everything from Space Opera to the hardest Sci-Fi to your games. The Sci-Fi Bundle pledge includes the companion, a hardcover adventure book, Pawns, Archetype Cards, an Action Deck, and Vehicle Cards. Go to the Kickstarter for more detail.

Final Days! The Valley of the Pharaohs - Expanded 40th Anniversary Edition KICKSTARTER – If you haven’t taken a look at this cool, nostalgic Kickstarter project, you should, especially if you are a Palladium Books collector. The original Valley of the Pharaohs is a coveted collector’s item. This special Kickstarter release by the original author, Matthew Balent, greatly expands upon the original work adding close to 200 pages of new gaming material. Though it is NOT a Palladium Books Kickstarter, we authorize and endorse this impressive expanded edition. It has Palladium’s stamp of approval and I can’t wait to get my copy. – Kevin Siembieda

Valley of the Pharaohs 40th Anniversary Kickstarter

Bric Sanctuary needs your HELP to save lives. Please, please help if you can. If only 1,000 of you pledged a $5 donation, it would be $5,000 to a noble cause that saves lives. This is one of Sean and my (Kevin Siembieda) favorite charities. All the money goes to the people being helped by the charity and it truly saves and improves lives. Please find it in your heart to support the downtrodden through these valiant efforts to help people in an often forgotten part of the world. These are vulnerable people with no voice. They need our help. Thank you. See complete details elsewhere in this Update. This fundraiser ends in a week or so. Please help. Thank you.

GiveSendGo – BRIC and Goma Citizens need help

HEROIC RPG crowdfunder on BackerKit by our pal Bear is an old school style RPG that you might find fun. There seems to be some serious interest in it as it has already funded and is doing well. Click on the link below to get to the crowdfunding campaign for more information.

GM's Days Sale

Huge SALE! Palladium’s GM’s Days Sale – physical books at – ALL at a 30% discount

A huge 30% discount on books in Palladium’s GM’s Days (and players) sale with a wide range of select titles – all books Game Masters and players will find handy and fun, including several hardcovers, Rifter® issues, Rifts®, Heroes Unlimited, After the Bomb®, and Fantasy titles. Remember, the books in the Palladium Weapons & Castles series are designed for use with every edition of D&D, Pathfinder, and ANY role-playing game. While Palladium’s dragons, gods, magic, and characters can be easily adapted to other game systems, they are most epic in our original settings. Game on!

Sale Items at

TMNT and Other Strangeness Game Master Screen

The Pre-Order Store for TMNT and Other Strangeness RPG is open!

Even if you did not back the TMNT & Other Strangeness Kickstarter, you can pre-order the mainstream books at the lower Kickstarter prices. Available items include the following.

- Redux TMNT & Other Strangeness RPG (remastered RPG with bonus content, Truckin’ Turtles, Turtles Go Hollywood, plus loads of tribute and behind the scenes art, history, remembrances, and information; full color).

- Transdimensional TMNT (remastered Transdimensional TMNT with bonus content, TMNT Adventures, TMNT Guide to the Universe, plus loads of tribute art and behind the scenes information; full color).

- TMNT & Other Strangeness RPG Game Master Screen – Featuring fan favorite art by Kevin Eastman, Freddie E. Williams II, and Michael Majestic. It includes plastic pockets for changing the information as the G.M. desires.

- Mutagen Green Dice – Unique and radical. WARNING: Palladium Books is not liable for any mutations or super abilities that may result from the use of these dice.

- Black, White & Red TMNT & Other Strangeness RPG – Sensational black, grayscale, and red color treatment to the art plus the full color bonus material (includes remastered RPG, Truckin’ Turtles, Turtles Go Hollywood, plus loads of color tribute and behind the scenes artwork, history, remembrances, and information; special and dynamic).

- Black, White & Red Transdimensional TMNT – Black, grayscale, and red color treatment to the art plus the full color bonus material (includes remastered Transdimensional TMNT, TMNT Adventures, TMNT Guide to the Universe, plus loads of color tribute art, behind the scenes art, remembrances, and information; special and dynamic).

Note #1: The variant cover edition books (gorgeous), two miniature sets, FanRoll dice sets and accessories, poker deck, art prints, etc., are only available to Kickstarter Backers. If you are not a Backer, you’ll need to find a friend who did back it and see if they are willing to add the items you want to their pledge. As originally announced in the Kickstarter, we anticipate the books and exclusives all shipping to Backers in September.

Note #2: Remember, you can supplement your TMNT adventures (or get a jump on them now) with the Heroes Unlimited RPG and sourcebooks like Mutant Underground, Ninjas & Superspies RPG, Mystic China, and the After the Bomb® RPG and sourcebooks. Mutants! Mutants everywhere!

Non-Backers, click here to go to the Pre-Order store.

Rifts Titan Robotics

New on – Rifts® Titan Robotics joins 300+ RPG titles, and more from Palladium Books

Rifts® Titan Robotics is a high-tech toy box filled with new types of Titan Robotics power armor, giant robots, vehicles, weapons, and gear. Shrouded in secrecy and rumor, the true story of Titan Robotics is finally revealed. The enigmatic arms manufacturer’s undisclosed operations and special projects unveil the shocking truth - androids walk among us and enact a mysterious plan with goals unknown to the unsuspecting world. While their existence is hidden from the public, Titan’s powerful robots and power armor suits are becoming more popular than ever before. Go on covert missions, engage in industrial espionage, uncover shocking truths, get awesome new gear, and enjoy wild adventures.

  • Visit the gleaming steel and metal of a Titan Robotics™ showroom, and test-drive their newest models.
  • 18 giant robots.
  • 12 power armors.
  • Weapons, gear and notable vehicles.
  • Gunny’s Depots – arms dealer and part of Titan’s hidden network.
  • Play a Syntharoid sentient human replica android.
  • Play a Titan Dispatcher and join a Titan Robotics Courier Team.
  • Discover ARCHIE and Hagan’s hidden agendas and secret operations.
  • Explore Titan’s shadowy web of informants and how it prospers and grows.
  • Intrigue, espionage, adventure prompts and ideas, NPCs, and more.
  • 192 pages written by Sean Owen Roberson and Matthew Clements. Cover by Mike Majestic.

No other game company offers more game worlds for so many different genres. Best of all, learn to play one Palladium RPG and you can play them all, because each uses the same basic core rules and combat. There are differences, but the fundamentals are the same. This also means you can bring characters, villains, monsters, powers, magic, weapons, gear, and adventure ideas from one setting into another or mash them together!

Palladium PDFs at

  • Rifts® RPG Megaverse®. Rifts® is the ultimate setting in which you can combine any number of genres and style of game play you may desire: science fiction and technology, fantasy and magic, horror and the supernatural, noir, cowboy adventures, space opera, and more. Play humans, aliens, dimensional beings, modern knights, cyborgs, giant robots, mages, psychics, mutant animals, dinosaur tamers, dragon hatchlings, vampires, werebeasts, dimensional travelers, cowboys, and more to become heroes of legend. Combine any and all of these genres and characters into a wild and fun, yet plausible setting. There has never been a game quite like Rifts®.
  • Rifts® Chaos Earth® titles. Live through the Great Cataclysm and the Coming of the Rifts that created Rifts Earth. Rifts® Chaos Earth® RPG, Creatures of Chaos™, Rise of Magic™, and Chaos Earth® Resurrection™ are all available.
  • The Rifter® #1-85. Each issue is a wealth of source material for Rifts® and 3-5 other Palladium game settings. More than 8,600 pages of source material and counting. Most issues are only available in digital form.
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG® titles. A rich, original setting in which you can play humans or any number of nonhuman species of people in a world of magic, heroes and wonder. All of it epic.
  • Dead Reign® RPG and sourcebooks. The Zombie Apocalypse unleashed. A great introductory RPG that is surprisingly uplifting, fun, fast, and easy to learn.
  • Heroes Unlimited™ RPG Second Edition titles. Create any type of superhuman you can imagine to build your own super-hero universe.
  • Ninjas & Superspies™ RPG and the Mystic China™ sourcebook. 41 types of martial arts, ninjas, super-spies, gizmos, mystic powers, and magic in the main book, plus even more in Mystic China.
  • Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG and sourcebooks. Modern horror; 14 character classes, 42 occupations for “ordinary people,” 100+ psychic abilities, 16 monsters, and more.
  • Nightbane® RPG and sourcebooks – Urban Fantasy. Only you know the truth. Only you can see the Nightlords and their demonic minions. Only you have the power to stop the spreading evil and save lives. But you are just a teen or young adult. There’s no manual on how to use your special powers and magic, and you must transform into your monstrous Morphus to use them. Trust no one.
  • After the Bomb® RPG series and world setting. A post-apocalypse Earth where human civilization has crumbled and legions of mutant animals are the heirs apparent. The RPG presents stats for 100+ mutant animals, 52 animal powers, 33 animal psionics, Chimeras, and rules for creating any mutant animal you can imagine – plus the Empire of Humanity and the ruins of North America. Each sourcebook offers new mutants, world information, and adventure ideas. Or create mutant animals for use in TMNT, Heroes Unlimited, Rifts, and others.
  • Rifts® Phase World® and the Three Galaxies – sprawling space opera! Dozens of alien worlds and their people, Cosmo-Knights, Atlanteans, Prometheans, dimensional gateways, evil empires, villains, heroes, strange beings, alien tech, alien magic, rules for creating spacecraft, planets and dimensions (see Megaverse Builder), and much, much more.
  • The Mechanoid Invasion® RPG Trilogy (The Mechanoid Invasion, The Journey and Home World). Dystopian science fiction at its best. This is the very first RPG (1981) published by Palladium Books, about planet devouring, robotic invaders from outer space. They target all humanoids, but loathe humans most of all. Three generations of galactic heroes battle the Mechanoid® invaders. Also see Rifts® Sourcebook 2: The Mechanoids® featuring a Mechanoid threat to Rifts® Earth unless you and Archie Three can stop them.
  • Splicers® RPG. More dystopian science fiction as humans must turn to living weapons, living power armor, and genetically engineered war mounts to battle the self-appointed caretaker of humanity. The insane artificial intelligence known as Nexus and her many multiple personalities. Think Guyver meets the Terminator with elements of horror, epic and different.
  • Systems Failure™ RPG. You play rough and tumble survivors of an alien invasion that has ravaged Earth and “turned off” technology. It is time to fight back, kill “the Bugs,” and reclaim our world for humanity. A standalone RPG designed to poke fun at the fears about the end of the world. A cult favorite and lots of fun. Kill the bugs!
  • Wormwood, a Rifts® Dimension Book setting. A strange and alien fantasy world inspired by the twisted and fun concepts and art of comic book legends Timothy Truman and Flint Henry. Be a Holy Terror, Wormspeaker, or Apok to battle the demonic beings threatening to overtake the world.
  • RECON®, Deluxe Revised RPG. Fast military combat and action set in a fictional era of the Vietnam War. Different game rules by Joe Martin and Erick Wujcik.
  • The Palladium Weapons & Castles Series – for use with any game system. Nearly 1,000 weapons, scores of castles and floor plans. All historically accurate, real world weapons and castles throughout the ages.

UPDATED Rifts® Automated Character Sheet now available. Three updates, in fact. This EXCEL template provides automation to your Rifts® character creation process. Done in Microsoft Excel, this character template will allow you to build your character with substantial ease and speed. Ideal for the new gamer who doesn’t know all of the Palladium Books® rules just yet, it’s also a highly effective tool for Game Masters and advanced players alike who make multiple characters, NPCs, or just like to min/max or theory craft characters between games. Note: If you already purchased this item, you can download the updated version for free. Enjoy.

Rifts Automated Character Sheet at Rifts Automated Interactive Character Sheet at DriveThruRPG

FREE Nightbane® RPG digital Sneak Preview on – Have you been wondering what the buzz is all about for Nightbane® and Urban Fantasy? Well, now you can see for yourself with this fun Preview of the core rule book. There are also free Sneak Previews of Creature Feature™, Dead Reign®, BTS, and numerous Rifts® books and other titles, including Rifts® Manhunters™, Titan Robotics™, Northern Gun™ One and Two, Lemuria, and more.

Palladium PDFs at

TMNT Kickstarter

A New Remembrance Sneak Preview

Remembering the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness RPG and its author Erick Wujcik

When I discovered the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic in 1984, I was mesmerized by the sheer grit of the characters and the art style was nothing I have ever seen before. I felt like they were actually speaking to me, in the way they were presented. I, as a teenager, felt like them. I would purchase all the comic books, and one of them showed you how to use a Bo staff that I still can replicate from memory to this day anytime I have a broom in my hand. Then, in 1985 the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness RPG came out, and here was a chance for me to play as a character in this world that meant so much to me. I have very fond memories of playing with my friends that we still talk about to this day.

– James Simpson, Owner of Cellbloc Studios and Associate of Larry Elmore Productions

[Note: Just as I do for the Christmas Surprise Package Comments from Fans Like You, I will include a few of my own thoughts and memories (sometimes Sean will too). I hope you enjoy this new, limited, feature. It was Sean’s idea and I love it. – Kevin Siembieda]

James is a friend of Larry Elmore and involved in the making and marketing of many Elmore products as well as being involved in the RPG industry. He’s a huge TMNT fan so I asked him to write a remembrance. Larry Elmore, himself, has no direct first-hand stories of the Ninja Turtles, except through his kids and grandchildren who all know and love the Ninja Turtles. In fact, Larry agreed to do a tribute page of art for the Redux edition for them and because, and I quote, “How can I say no to an old friend like you, Kevin?”

That last sentiment is one of the things that makes this project pure joy for me and Sean – working with legends in the comic book and gaming industry who love the TMNT, the RPG, and yes, even me. It has been a delight to reunite with old friends like Larry, Kevin, Peter, Freddie, Jim, Steve, Dan, Ramon, Mike, Apollo, Ryan, and a whole lot of other friends. It has also been wonderful making new friends and acquaintances who have been a pleasure to work with like Sophie, Ciro, Luis, Jeremy, David, Chris, and, again, a whole lot of other people. That includes many fans, podcasters, and YouTubers who are quickly becoming friends. It means the world to me that I can reach out to these wonderful people to chat with about the Turtles, gaming, artwork, writing, etc. We laugh, reminisce, spit-ball ideas, and enjoy great conversations (when we can squeeze them in). Awesome.

I was surprised and honored when our Paramount liaison suggested that Sophie would want to color my Transdimensional TMNT tribute art and that I should ask her to do so. I did. She said, and I quote, “Yes, yes, yes. I’d love to.” Followed by an email after Sean sent her the artwork, “Got it! Looks great!” Plus the note that opens this Weekly Update about how much she’s enjoying Rifts CS Manhunters.

I’m a comic book fan boy who admires Sophie and her art and writing, so I was over the moon that she said my art looks great and was loving Manhunters. I can’t wait to see her colors on my art.

There has been one beautiful, meaningful (to me) moment like that after another. Many of those moments have been with Sean. Watching him work so hard and with such passion, and witnessing his excitement meeting all these awesome artists and creators. The TMNT & Other Strangeness Redux has been a ton of hard work and we are hip deep in it. Sean and I are fighting exhaustion on a regular basis, but it is also supremely rewarding. A true high note in my long life of making RPGs that I will never forget. And now I’m making them with a great partner and friend like Sean and the rest of the crew. Wow, I am blessed.

– Kevin Siembieda, That Publisher Guy

Closing Thoughts by Sean – The Savage Side of Things

Hello there,

I wanted to reflect on this week’s TMNT Remembrance sneak preview, and Kevin’s comments on what an awesome project this has been to helm and work on alongside all of the legendary artists and creatives associated with the Ninja Turtles. I just realized, it’s virtually every single one of them. Amazing!

Another project that I was thrilled to work on over three years ago was the nascent SciFi Companion for the Adventure Edition of the Savage Worlds role-playing game. Shane Hensley, the creator of Savage Worlds, asked me to contribute to it to make sure all of the guns, armor, and vehicle statistics would play well with the Rifts for Savage Worlds series of books that I work on as the Line Editor.

Well, I did that, but I also got excited and added more material like a section of advice on how to run different flavors of science fiction adventure – everything from “hard” science fiction like The Expanse or 2001: A Space Odyssey to “space opera” like Star Wars or Flash Gordon. Oddly enough (as is often the case with publishing), even though work on that companion book started very early after the release of the new rules edition, most of the other books like the Horror Companion and Fantasy Companion ended up coming to market before it. Even so, it was cool to see similar Game Master advice for running various subgenres of horror and fantasy included in those books as well; it seems the concept struck a chord.

I just finished doing a comparison of my initial manuscript (version sixteen of the SciFi Companion) with the one currently in production (version ninety-one) and I’m proud to see that my contributions have weathered the edits and remain in the book intact, often with more great ideas layered on top. This includes all the fantastic new aliens, weapons, armor, and gear – so if you are a fan of Rifts for Savage Worlds I think you will get a lot of mileage out of this book.

But do it quick, because as I write this the Kickstarter is just about to end!

Savage World SciFi Companion Kickstarter

– Sean Owen Roberson, Writer, Designer, Adventurer

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