Palladium Books® – Weekly Update – November 10, 2022

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By Kevin Siembieda

I hope you are all doing well out there. There is a heck of a lot going on here at Palladium Books. In addition to the Surprise Package offer shipping and Creature Feature off to the printer, the Rifts® Titan Robotics™ Kickstarter launched at 3:30 PM Eastern time yesterday. We hit our goal in almost exactly 5 hours and support continues at a steady pace. That’s very exciting because word is just starting to spread today and over the weekend by pals like artist Steven Cummings, podcasters, and individuals like you. The support is greatly appreciated.

Rifts Titan Robotics Kickstarter

UPDATE: The Rifts® Titan Robotics™ Kickstarter is live and a continuing success. Titan Robotics™ is a great book and the additional Kickstarter items are pretty sweet too. There is the Titan Robotics™ PDF, the softcover book, two different hardcovers, Savage Worlds Conversion PDF, the Rifts® Cyberworks Poker Deck and the Cyberworks™ Collection hardcovers! The Cyberworks Collection includes Rifts® Sourcebook One, Sourcebook Two: The Mechanoids® and Shemarrian Nation™, plus a little extra all rolled into one, big, foil collector’s edition (signed and the foil hardcover is available only for this Kickstarter campaign, plus 50 or so copies for Palladium staff and insiders). An alternative color cover version of the Cyberworks™ Collection hardcover is also available and it will be offered to the public after our backers receive all their Kickstarter items. There are other cool items too.

This is Sean Owen Roberson’s baby. He has experience doing Kickstarters, he put this all together, is pumped up about it, and is personally overseeing the Kickstarter campaign. Here’s what he has to say on the subject:

“Hi, Palladium fans! For those of you still getting to know me, I'm Kevin’s new Creative Director and Business Partner. I’m super excited to be working with Kevin to carry the Palladium legacy forward into a new generation.

“I'd like to invite you to check out the link to the new Rifts® Titan Robotics™ Kickstarter, and I hope you enjoy the video trailer.

“Some people are curious why I'm running a crowdfunding campaign for Titan Robotics™, and the answer is largely two-fold:

“First, every book I've worked with Pinnacle Entertainment on has had a Kickstarter, and I love how the platform helps spread the word and allows me to interact directly with fans to make a better product.

“Second, I want to do a crowdfunding project for Rifts® Titan Robotics™ to delay price increases and get you all the coolest swag we can provide. Many tabletop companies have had to increase prices dramatically over the past two years because of supply chain disruptions and inflation, and we want Palladium Books to avoid that as long as possible. You may be wondering, how does crowdfunding make a book cheaper? Well, the more books you print at once, the cheaper each book costs to make – often much cheaper as economies of scale multiply. Similarly, when we have accurate print run numbers before we order the books, it makes limited edition foil covers and other popular extras a lot easier to bring to print at a reasonable price. So jump in, get all the limited edition goodies, super low prices on PDFs, and other special backer-only options, and help us spread the word to make this thing as big as possible!

“I hope that helps you understand our core goals for the project. To everyone who supports this new generation of Palladium products and me as a business partner, creative director, art director, writer, and designer, I have only immense gratitude and respect. And you are helping Palladium move forward to do even bigger and grander things in the future.

- Cheers, Sean Owen Roberson

UPDATE: Creature Feature sourcebook for Beyond the Supernatural™ – ships November 23 (that’s the date from our printer). Yes, you can ask for it in the Christmas Surprise Package but not before November 23. (Please do not ask for Titan Robotics™ as it will not be available for Surprise Packages). Yes, Creature Feature it is at the printer. Yes, this book is going to be a crowd pleaser. Though retired, Julius Rosenstein continues to do freelance proofreading for Palladium. He’s also an excellent barometer of our fan base, so I was thrilled by his response when I asked him what he thought of the book. “It’s great! Each monster is unique and offers a very different type of encounter. Then I got to the rules clarifications and gaming section, wow, it’s excellent. And the adventure at the end of the book is a page turner! I couldn’t put it down!”

Nice. It’s always rewarding to hear we hit the mark. As you all know, Steve Dawes put his heart into this book and so did I, putting in lot of time polishing and doing rewrites, expansions, and updates, because I want this book to sing. I also did the border artwork and a few illustrations of monsters. I couldn’t help it, I love BTS so much it just called to me and I really enjoyed doing the art. I’m happy to say, I have not lost my touch doing artwork. In fact, Sean loved the art so much he wants me to do at least one or two pieces of art every book. No promises, but we’ll see. I can’t wait till the book is in your hands. See the complete description for it below. Titan Robotics™ too. I will try to have that FREE Creature Feature Sneak Preview for DriveThruRPG next week.

Creature Feature Pre-Order Note: If you had placed a pre-order for Creature Feature before last week, your credit card had not been charged and you will need to place your actual order for it now. Kathy should be sending notices about this to those of you who placed pre-orders months ago. You will love this book.

Pre-Order Creature Feature

COMING: “Original” Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG Bonus Foil Hardcover (1st Edition rules and monsters). Due to popular demand from our fans, we have a deluxe, blood red foil hardcover also at the printer. This is a reprint of the 1st Edition rule book, plus an outstanding adventure from The Rifter® as bonus material. As soon as we have a ship date from our printer for it we will let you know. Hardcovers can take a while (6-12 weeks), so we are not even taking orders until we have a strong idea for the delivery date. We’re hoping it will be available in time for Christmas. Red foil on a black faux leatherette. 280+ pages, $55.00 retail – Cat. No. 699HC – release date to come (mid-December tentative and hopeful).

UPDATE: Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two. I am back to working on this bad boy, though between the Kickstarter prep, Surprise Packages, and other business matters, I have not been able to do too much yet, but I will. And soon. This will be another great book.

UPDATE: Christmas Surprise Packages – effectively puts everything on sale and is an annual tradition that fans around the world adore. We are happy to do them as our way of showing you our appreciation and saying thank you for your support. Every Update we include Surprise Package comments from fans like you after my Closing Thoughts. I think you may find this week’s comments interesting and uplifting.

Christmas Surprise Package at

That feels like enough excitement for this Update. Enjoy the Titan Robotics Kickstarter, don’t forget about Creature Feature in all the excitement, and keep those Surprise Package orders rolling in.

Rifts Titan Robotics Kickstarter

Rifts® Titan Robotics – Coming – Kickstarter happening NOW!

Rifts® Titan Robotics™ is a high-tech toy box filled with new types of Titan Robotics power armors, giant robots, vehicles, weapons, and gear. Some are big bruisers while others are small and sleek. As fun as these new tech toys are, Rifts® Titan Robotics™ also delves into the company’s many secrets, including ARCHIE-3’s plans and program to monitor and manipulate the outside world. Learn about Archie’s androids that run Titan Robotics and his current schemes and plans for the future. All of which provides food for adventure.

  • New and old Titan robots, plus Chimera weapon mount system.
  • New and old Titan power armor, equipment and accessories.
  • 30+ power armors, body armors, and robots, plus other equipment.
  • The complete catalog of Wellington Industries weapons, gear, and vehicles.
  • The Titan Robotics Corporation and structure.
  • Archie’s secret kingdom and plans for the future.
  • Titan Syntharoid race and Titan Dispatcher O.C.C.
  • Android executives, security, and key Non-Player Characters (NPCs).
  • Campaign prompts, adventure outlines, and more.
  • Art by Walton, Cummings, Siembieda, and others.
  • Written by Matthew Clements, Sean Owen Roberson, and Kevin Siembieda. Cover by Mike Majestic.
  • 192 pages – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 899.
  • See the Titan Robotics™ Kickstarter for special offers, hardcovers, the Cyberworks Collection, new Cyberworks poker deck, and more.

Titan Robotics Kickstarter

Creature Feature

At the Printer – Creature Feature, a Beyond the Supernatural Sourcebook – ships November 23

Beyond the Supernatural™ is set in our modern world seen through the lens of mystery and the supernatural. A lens that lets us see clearly the “things” – the creatures and powers – that science and our rational minds tell us are not real. It is a world of shadows and the uncanny where a monster may really be hiding under your bed or stalking the alley. Creatures that lurk in dark corners and prey upon the unsuspecting, the innocent, and the wicked.

Creature Feature is a journey into just a few of those dark corners. Places where strange and terrible creatures wait, and bold heroes and psychic investigators face their fears and fight against the gathering darkness.

  • 15 supernatural creatures described in depth. Some are new. Some were pulled from the pages of The Rifter® but updated and expanded (many completely rewritten). All of them are dynamic, scary, and offer different horror adventure experiences.
  • Each creature offers adventure hooks and ideas for more.
  • The art of making and running monsters.
  • Creature encounter table and tips on making unique creatures.
  • Player paranormal investigator background table.
  • Game Master source material and tips for running modern horror.
  • More world setting and monster hunting lore.
  • Rules clarifications and errata.
  • A full adventure and numerous adventure suggestions.
  • Paranormal encounter ideas, tips, advice, NPCs, and more.
  • Written by Steven Dawes, Kevin Siembieda, and others.
  • Art by Steven Cummings, Nick Bradshaw, and others.
  • 192 pages – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 704 – ships November 23.

Pre-Order Creature Feature

Christmas Grab Bags

Christmas Surprise Package Offer – now shipping – 6 weeks till Christmas

Beat the holiday rush and order yours today. Shipping now. And God knows this year has been so crazy, we need something fun like the Christmas Surprise Package to bring a little joy and laughter into our lives. With so many people suffering from rising prices, money issues, frustration, and post-Covid-19 related doldrums, they need to escape into realms of role-playing adventure. Not to mention the huge savings and fun autographs available via these Christmas Surprise Packages. Start sending those orders in, we’re ready for you.

What is a Christmas Surprise Package?

A smile and a hug that comes in a box filled with signed game books from available Palladium staff and freelancers. It’s a way for you to get physical books (and autographs if you want them) for PDF prices! $95-$105+ worth of Palladium products for only $58 (plus shipping)! That can nab you four or more items when these days one core rule book can cost you that alone.

These Christmas Surprise Packages are our way of saying thank you for your support and showing you our love and appreciation. It’s a surprise because you never know exactly what you’re going to get or who will sign your books, because we pick from your Wish List and may surprise you with stuff you are not expecting. Extra items may include other RPGs, sourcebooks, issues of the Rifter®, novels, miniatures, prints, art books, greeting cards, T-shirts, negatives, and other items. Some books may be slightly damaged (scuffs, scratches, dings, a bent or crunched corner, etc.) so we can send you more.

No other RPG company on the planet has an offer like this. Truly the best deal in gaming, the Palladium 25th Annual Christmas Surprise Package gets you $95-$105, sometimes MORE, worth of product for ONLY $58 (plus shipping), as gifts for others or for yourself. That’s like getting physical books at PDF prices, plus autographs if you want ‘em.

Christmas Surprise Packages are not just for Christmas. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or the Winter Solstice, or you are looking for that special gift for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any special occasion that falls between now and the end of the year, a Surprise Package may be the ideal way to go. You get a ton of stuff on the cheap, you can get a bunch of autographs (if you want ‘em), and you look like you spent a fortune.

This is also a great way to try that game setting you’ve wondered about – Splicers®, Dead Reign®, Chaos Earth®, Palladium Fantasy®, Nightbane®, Mechanoid Invasion®, Rifts®, After the Bomb®, etc. – or to get something for your favorite Game Master. Or perhaps, to get your player group to consider a new game or setting.

Your “Wish List” is vital – the Palladium Surprise Packages are designed to simulate the joy and surprise of the Christmas Season of Giving. To do this, you submit a list of 10-15 Palladium products (or more) FOR EACH Surprise Package you order. This list of 10-15 items for EACH Grab Bag is critical, because you will not know which items we will select to send you. That makes it just like a Christmas gift because it’s a surprise. Plus, Santa Kevin, who personally hand-picks every item for every Grab Bag, may toss in something extra like a limited edition print, or a negative or similar collector’s item, or an issue of The Rifter®, or something else he thinks you’ll enjoy.

Autographed books. For those of you who want them (which are most people), available members of the Palladium staff, and any freelancers we can lasso at the time, are happy to autograph each and every book in your Surprise Package. This is the only way many fans across the country and overseas can ever get signed books.

Send us your brief comments. There is a special form and format to fill out for Christmas Surprise Packages, including a place where you can offer your brief comments, suggestions, greetings and salutations.

First-timers are always nervous until they see the great value in their first Surprise Package. A typical Grab Bag has $100+ worth of product. Yes, often more for only $58 plus shipping. Many people order 2-3. Some order 4-6, and some maniacs order even more! It makes sense, because it is a great way to fill holes in your own collection, treat yourself, get autographs, try new games and settings, rebuild your collection, replace worn out books, and get your gaming pals gifts. PLEASE spread the word about this great offer.

To those of you outside the USA, the X-Mas Surprise Package is a way to get books and circumvent the damn high cost of shipping from the United States, since you are getting $95-105 (often more) worth of product and only paying $58 plus shipping. Shipping via Priority Mail International (required for packages weighing more than four pounds) to most locations in Europe, Canada and many other countries is around $70-80 US dollars. HOWEVER, because the cost of the product is so low, that’s the equivalent of paying retail for the products and only $2-$30 for shipping. A very good deal. Plus you get autographs if you want them! X-Mas Surprise Packages are the way to go for those of you outside the USA. Please take advantage of it to get all those products you’ve wished you could get except the shipping was too prohibitive. We feel your pain. Game on!

Please spread the word. The Christmas Surprise Package is only publicized by word of mouth, on Palladium's website, and social media, so please tell everyone you know. Buy one for every gamer you know. They make astonishing gifts for every occasion.

Christmas Surprise Package at

European Castles

NEW! The Palladium Book of European Castles – now shipping. It is the last book in the weapon series to be brought back to print due to fan requests. This mighty, little, 48 page resource presents 40+ real world castles from across Europe and includes their floor plans. Each castle and floor plan can serve as a template to making your own castles. Compiled by Matthew Balent. Gorgeous new cover painting by Scott Johnson – 48 pages – $10.99 – Cat. No. 410.

European Castles

UPDATED List of RPG Hardcovers Available Now

Palladium Books® Check List of “Recent Releases” – all available now

To quote a fan, because he nailed it with his comments about recent releases: “The new Rifter® Annual #85 was AMAZING, Lopan is INCREDIBLE, and I'm on the last pages of Land of the South Winds™ (and don't think I didn't see the Erin Tarn/Winslow references in there!). Loving every minute of it. The only new book I haven't picked up yet is the CS Manhunters tome.” He, and you, need to get Rifts® CS Manhunters™ because it is so darn good it should be on the Coalition’s Most Wanted list.

Rifts Bestiary Volume Two

Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two – Coming

The second big, “monster book” reference for Rifts® of what we anticipate to be three volumes in the series, more if we decide to make ghosts, spirits and Entities and/or Creatures of Magic part of the Bestiary series. Much like Volume One, Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume Two collects 70-100 monsters and animals plus 12-24 new beasts found across Rifts North America. The anticipated page count is 224-256 pages.

All volumes of the Rifts® Bestiary™ series are a great resource for players and Game Masters alike. Each description is updated, expanded, and highly detailed to present players with exotic and alien creatures as pets, guardians and riding animals, as well as slobbering monsters to battle and fierce beasts for Game Masters to throw at their players. Designed to offer adventure ideas, plus notes on young, adult, male and female creatures, and all provide plenty of ways to enhance your characters and spice up adventures. Each is accompanied by a map that shows at a glance where the beast can be encountered. Ah, but the presence of Rifts and magic means any of the creatures may appear anywhere in the world, so be on your toes.

  • Monsters and animals of Rifts North America organized into big, easy to use sourcebooks.
  • Updated and expanded descriptions and information for each existing monster.
  • Updated and uniform stat blocks.
  • New exotic creatures – predators, exotic riding animals, beasts of burden, alien horrors, giant insects, and more.
  • A map for every creature showing where it is found.
  • Easily adapted to any Palladium setting – Palladium Fantasy®, Chaos Earth®, Splicers®, Phase World®, the Three Galaxies™, The Mechanoids®, Heroes Unlimited™/Aliens Unlimited™, and others.
  • Basic S.D.C. stats included with each creature description.
  • Fully illustrated, with art by Charles Walton II, Ramon Perez, Robert Atkins, and many others. Written by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 256 pages each volume – $28.99 – Cat. No. 897 (Volume Two). Release date not yet determined.

Pre-Order Rifts Bestiary Two

Available on – Rifts® Coalition Manhunters, The Rifter® #1-85, and much more.

Those are just some of the 300+ Palladium RPG titles available as PDF books. Also check out the FREE Sneak Previews of Rifts® Coalition Manhunters, Northern Gun 1 & 2, Hell Followed, and select other titles.

No other game company offers game worlds for so many different genres. Best of all, learn and play one Palladium RPG and you can play them all, because each uses the same basic core rules and combat. There are differences, but the fundamentals are the same. This also means you can bring characters, villains, monsters, powers, magic, weapons, gear, and adventure ideas from one setting into another or mash them together!

DriveThruRPG offers most of our 300+ Palladium RPG titles as PDF books, making it easy and inexpensive to try out one of our many games. Also check out the FREE Sneak Previews of Rifts® Coalition Manhunters, Northern Gun 1 & 2, Hell Followed, and select other titles.

300+ other titles and nearly every game genre available now – and more is coming. In the meanwhile, discover the Palladium Megaverse® as PDF books with 300+ digital titles, previews, and other products available right now. Thank you for your support.

- Rifts® titles. Rifts® is the ultimate setting in which you can combine any number of genres and play any style of gaming you may desire: science fiction, fantasy, supernatural horror, heroic adventure, dimensional travel, modern knights, cyborgs, giant robots, dinosaur taming, sleuthing, magic, monsters, heroes and legends. Or combine them all. There has never been a game quite like Rifts®.

- Rifts® Chaos Earth® titles. Live through the Great Cataclysm and the Coming of the Rifts. Rifts® Chaos Earth® RPG, Creatures of Chaos™, Rise of Magic™, and Chaos Earth® Resurrection™ are all available.

- The Rifter® #1-85. Each issue is a wealth of source material and ideas for Rifts® and 3-5 other Palladium game settings. Most are easily adapted to ANY Palladium game setting. Each issue is a gem. 8,500 pages of source material and ideas for heroes, villains, monsters, magic, gear, and adventure. Many issues are sold out and only available in digital form.

- Palladium Fantasy RPG® titles. This is a rich, original setting in which you can play humans or any number of nonhuman species of people in a world of magic, heroes and wonder. A world with 100,000 years of history. Some of it quite dark. All of it epic.

- Dead Reign® RPG and sourcebooks. The Zombie Apocalypse unleashed. Play ordinary people or post-apocalyptic O.C.C.s or Masked Lunatic heroes. A great introductory RPG that is surprisingly uplifting, fun, fast, and easy to learn.

- Heroes Unlimited™ RPG Second Edition titles. Create any type of superhuman you can imagine to build your own super-hero universe or those of your favorite comic books. Heroes Unlimited™ RPG first edition rule book and sourcebooks too.

- After the Bomb® RPG and sourcebooks. Create and play anthropomorphic, intelligent, mutant animals in a comic book world of crime-fighting mutants and super-heroes, or in a crumbling post-apocalyptic Earth where humans teeter on the edge of extinction and mutant animals are becoming the noble survivors to inherit our world.

- Ninjas & Superspies™ RPG and the Mystic China™ sourcebook by Erick Wujcik. Think James Bond meets Enter the Dragon. 41 types of martial arts, ninjas, and super-spies with gadgets, gizmos and advanced weapons.

- Nightbane® RPG and sourcebooks. You are the monsters ... and the heroes. Embark on a quest of self-discovery and empowerment while locked in a secret war against the Nightlords and their demonic and human minions. Monsters only you, the Nightbane, can see, but only when you transform into your inhuman Morphus. A supernatural and monstrous alter-ego that can see the invading monsters and possesses the power to destroy them. That’s why the Night Princes have been assigned to hunt down and either turn or destroy every last one of the Nightbane. Trust no one. Even your parents, teachers, or friends might be wicked Dopplegangers in league with the Nightlords.

- Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG and sourcebooks. Your first step into the realm of modern horror. The RPG provides 14 character classes and 42 occupations for “ordinary people,” 100+ psychic abilities, 16 monsters, the Lazlo Agency, world setting and rules.

- The Mechanoid Invasion® Trilogy RPG is a long time, cult favorite with a fatalistic worldview of humans vs aliens with superior technology.

- Splicers® RPG is like Iron Man meets Game of Thrones with elements of Terminator – except this army of Iron Men are clad in living body armor and wield living, organic weapons and devices. Created in 2004 by writer and game designer Carmen Bellaire, Splicers® was nominated for an Inquest Gamer Magazine Fan Awards Game of the Year, and has since developed a rabid fan base. Science fiction and horror where humans are forced to use genetically engineered, living weapons and organic war machines to battle an insane Artificial Intelligence and her robot legions. Unlike anything you have ever played before!

- Systems Failure RPG. A one-shot post-apocalyptic setting where humans fight and hide from enslaving alien invaders known as “The Bugs.”

- The Palladium Ancient Weapons Series of real world weapons, armor and castles throughout history. Designed for use with ANY game system.

- RECON® Deluxe & Revised – by Erick Wujcik and others. Vietnam era RPG and more.

- Erick Wujcik’s “Lost first RPG” Sector 57. It is Erick Wujcik’s very first RPG (1980, self-published) – a tournament game, actually. I played it way back when with Erick and it was fun. I think you will enjoy it, and it is a fun piece of history. ALL proceeds go directly to the Wujcik estate and probably toward the education of Erick’s beloved grandchild, Tristan. As most of you know, Erick would go on to write the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness RPG, Ninjas & Superspies RPG, Amber Diceless, and contribute to a number of other RPGs and sourcebooks.

- 300+ Palladium titles in all, plus G.M. kits, paper miniatures and more. Palladium Books has settings for every genre: Fantasy RPG, science fiction (Rifts®, Splicers®, and The Mechanoids®), super-heroes (Heroes Unlimited and After the Bomb), superhero horror (Nightbane®), modern horror (Dead Reign® and Beyond the Supernatural), plus The Rifter® sourcebook series (by fans like you), novels, paper minis, and more. And more to come in the weeks ahead.

Palladium Collectibles, one-of-a-kind Negatives, original artwork, other collectibles and toys are always available in Kevin’s Online Toy & Collectibles eBay Store along with other good things

My eBay store is one of the few places where you can find original artwork by me (Kevin Siembieda), Kevin Long, Charles Walton, and others, as well as one-of-a-kind negatives from classic Rifts® and other Palladium RPG books (they look awesome framed!), rare Palladium collector hardcovers, signed books, one-of-a-kind proofreader copies, other Palladium memorabilia, as well as toys and other collectibles from my personal collection. Yeah, I used to be a crazy toy and art collector. Alex and I will try to post new items on a regular basis, so check in every few weeks to see what’s new.

Other one-of-a-kind original artwork available by me (Kevin Siembieda), Kevin Long, Charles Walton II and other artists, as well as collectible negatives, prints, limited edition hardcovers, proofreader copies, out of print items, Star Wars toys, Marvel toys and many other toys and collectibles from my personal collection. Alex and I will keep adding items as our busy schedules allow, but we have a lot of fun collectibles available now and coming soon. Hundreds of items. Take a look every weekend for new additions.

Available now: One-of-a-kind book negatives. Negatives are always very popular items at the Palladium Open House and Gen Con. Truly unique, attractive, and fun.

Negatives are unique and attractive, one-of-a-kind (on rare occasions two-of-a-kind if a page or section of pages were replaced or a second edition was made) works of art that resemble woodcut art and are very dynamic conversation pieces. Before digital printing, pages of a book were laid out by hand on a board, and each page was photographed. The plastic film negatives were then “ganged” on a massive sheet of Mylar 16 pages per big sheet, and the printing plates were made from the negatives – everything white, printing black.

When our printer, McNaughton and Gunn was going to discard them, Palladium acquired many (not all) of the old negatives. I am only keeping a few books for myself and make majority of the rest available to you. I sign each negative in silver and each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The negative comes on a white board inside a plastic magazine bag and looks fabulous framed! Fits in an 8x10 inch matt opening in a frame (each neg is roughly 8½ x 11 inches). But don’t miss the other collectibles as well.

NEW! Cozy Caverns Mysteries – Beyond the Supernatural RPG adventure podcast from the whiz kids at – now through the end of the year

Here are the descriptions and schedule for the Cozy Caverns Mysteries podcast inspired by Beyond the Supernatural, 2nd Edition.

- Cozy Caverns Mysteries Chapter 1 – Welcome to Cozy Caverns – Jasmine “Jazz” D’Amore and Jordan “Dani” D’Amore are two sisters in their early thirties struggling to find love, job fulfillment, and money to pay the bills on time. When the loss of an estranged family member changes their circumstances, the sisters change their location, and discover the quirky, mysterious town of Cozy Caverns, Arizona and its inhabitants. All is not as it seems.

- Cozy Caverns Mysteries Chapter 2 – Supporting Local Businesses – Following Dani’s weird dream from the night before and Jazz’s unusually invigorating morning run, the D’Amore sisters hit the town of Cozy Caverns for a day of shopping and relaxation! After narrowly avoiding one hunky close encounter and picking up some reading material, the gals do lunch and then hit the library. There Dani’s jaw hits the floor and Jazz’s personal self-restraint is pushed to its limits. The excitement dies down a little bit around nighttime, but an explosive late-night confession throws everything the sisters know, or thought they knew, into chaos.

- Cozy Caverns Mysteries Chapter 3 – Rough Night – Dani has a another dream that leads to unexpected revelations and ramifications, while Jazz’s jog leads to a terrifying situation! There aren’t any romantic parts in this one and you’re not meeting any hunks, we can assure you of that! Suspicious behavior abounds regarding people in authority, and secrets slowly begin to reveal themselves. At least you can count on Milena’s cooking over at the Prickly Pear!

- Cozy Caverns Mysteries Chapter 4 – Deep Dives and Love Lives – It’s an incredibly full day for the D’Amore sisters during the annual Cactus Festival! Dani’s experiences prompt Jazz to have the both of them do more digging into the weirdness that seems to surround Cozy Caverns. The two uncover vital information.

- New! September 9 – Cozy Caverns Mysteries Chapter 5 – D. Frisbee and the Curious Case in the Caves – The D'Amore sisters are certainly keeping busy on their trip! A meeting with D. Frisbee reveals a whole glut of information about some of the stranger goings-on that have taken place within bucolic Cozy Caverns. Meanwhile, a mine tour with ol' Tom goes south fast. It happens when Dani discovers something she really wishes she hadn't in the cool caverns below the little town with the most warmth!

- New! September 23 – Cozy Caverns Mysteries Chapter 6 – A Bumpy Pre-Date Afternoon – With their dates fast approaching, Jazz and Dani are digging up as much information as possible, but will a freak-out underground spell disaster for a promising evening? Or will the D'Amore sisters take their lumps as they come and try to make the best out of a sticky situation?

- New! October 7 – Cozy Caverns Mysteries Chapter 7 – The Only Good Part was the Sushi – One sister's date goes badly, but it's fun to watch that train wreck happen in real time. The other's goes well, maybe too well. Things get really dramatic after the dates, to the point where the sisters find themselves repeatedly menaced by a shadowy figure that's been stalking their trail! Don't miss the bone-crushing excitement!

- New! October 21 – Cozy Caverns Mysteries Chapter 8 – The Reek of Burnt Motor Oil – A sudden manifestation of potent supernatural abilities puts the sisters back on the right foot, at least for the time being. The two join forces to attack the ancient alien foe who has been stalking them throughout the caverns. They have put almost all of the pieces of the puzzle together, but now they need something even more important than the truth: A plan!

- New! November 4 – Cozy Caverns Mysteries Chapter 9 Finale – Ghost Bashers – This one is for all the marbles! The sisters gather as much equipment as they can and head out to the old mine shaft for their confrontation with their evil spectral enemy! Dark things are revealed. Will the D'Amore sisters get devoured by the darkness beneath the Earth, or will they drag the vileness monster into the light? Don't miss the explosive finale!

Coming ...

- November 18 – Cozy Caverns Mysteries “Bonus” Episode – Cozy After Dark – This is the one where we kick back, stop worrying so much about what's happening in the adventure (since it's over!) and talk about how we created the characters, the setting, adapting an adventure published in 1990 to a 2022 context, cultural issues in portrayal that specifically involve the US Southwest, and give a bunch of information about what we were thinking and feeling as the adventure was going on.

More to come. You can expect a new Heroes Unlimited Christmas podcast special in December, and more episodes of their popular After the Bomb®: Purrsuit of Knowledge™ (mutant animals) series in 2023, as well as a Road Hogs mini-adventure, and could there be a Palladium Fantasy podcast coming? I think there might. We are happy to see more gamers finding these fun podcasts based on Palladium RPG worlds almost as much as we love seeing Palladium fans getting creative and having fun. Spread the word and enjoy.

Closing Thoughts – Kickstarter & Titan Robotics

Welcome to the new age of Palladium Books. We told you we would be making changes and launching new projects, new structures, new methods, and new products as we work to rebuild and strengthen Palladium Books for the future.

Returning to Kickstarter is only one small step in that direction. We are putting our past triumphs and failures behind us and are laser focused on Palladium’s future. That encompasses a lot that we are not able to talk about, but if you are thinking of something you believe we should be doing, we are probably planning on doing it. How’s that for cryptic? All of these things, small and large (and some of our plans are very large), take time, careful planning and execution, and making smart moves with the right people, and we are in the process of doing all of that.

Some of our small, immediate steps are to give you many of the books you have been waiting for. Titan Robotics™ is one of them. Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two is another. So are Land of the Damned 3: The Bleakness (Fantasy), Rifts® Antarctica (mind blowing), Rifts® Coalition Arsenal (which we have been quietly commissioning artwork for behind the scenes), Chaos Earth® First Responders and Psychic Scream, Rifts® Disavowed™, and a number of Beyond the Supernatural and Fantasy titles. None of them are forgotten and by hook or by crook, we are going to get these and others to you as soon as we can. And that’s just some of the titles. We have so much more coming your way.

Some are little things like the re-release of a bonus edition of the Original Beyond the Supernatural RPG, 1st Edition. Many of you have been requesting it for some time now. We thought it would be nice timing to have it release shortly after the new Creature Feature sourcebook for BTS-2. As I have mentioned before, Creature Feature was supposed to be a quick, simple release. A fun little project to give BTS fans something to enjoy. Fast and simple didn’t happen. But you know what? Creature Feature is epic and fun and a taste of things to come for BTS. As I have stated, we want every title released to brim with Wow Factor and push the envelope as we build to bigger and better ... well, everything.

Your support of the Titan Robotics™ Kickstarter, Christmas Surprise Package offer, and other purchases help us move ever closer to our goals of not just giving you more of the RPG material you love, but to keep Palladium Books going for another generation or two, even after I’m gone. So thank you for your love and support.

When it comes to Sean and the launch of the Kickstarter, he has been like a little kid anxiously awaiting Christmas morning. He put his heart and soul into the design and writing of the sourcebook (along with Matthew Clements) and in the Kickstarter itself. He worked hard to keep it simple and clean and fun. He experimented and had fun with the video presentation, finally getting it to where he wanted it after the 4th or 5th version. Every word and image you see on the Kickstarter page is Sean. He also created the poker deck, and he jumped at my idea for the Cyberworks Collection which, honest to God, came to me in a dream. We think he has done a great job. And before I forget, we want to thank the good folks at Kickstarter for their help and support.

Enjoy the Titan Robotics™ Kickstarter and all its goodies, keep the Palladium Christmas Surprise Package orders rolling in, order your copy of BTS Creature Feature, I promise it’s great, and don’t let trolls, politics, and the state of the world get you down. Stay positive and let RPG fun reign.

– Kevin Siembieda, Publisher, Writer, Friend, & Surrogate Santa Claus

Christmas Grab Bags

Surprise Package comments from fans like you

Every year there is a section where our Surprise Package customers can offer comments and suggestions with their order. We do so because we want to know what you think, and what you want, and we appreciate your suggestions and insights. The idea to do hardcover editions of core books came from fan comments in the Grab Bags.

Every year, in acknowledgment of our fans, and because they are fun to read, we offer a sampling of these comments in the Weekly Updates. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have stuck with Palladium through thick and thin and now these new strange times. Please use our games to find escape from the pandemic and other worries. Use them to bring a little joy, laughter, and adventure to the holiday season.

I want you to know that your comments and support mean the world to all of us. Everyone at Palladium enjoys reading your brief comments and they always brighten our day. Thank you for making us smile and feel useful. As always, I have tried to write a short response [in brackets] to each comment. Happy holidays.

J.W. in Verona, Wisconsin, writes: I want to get a Rifts® multiversal campaign going. Really looking forward to Creature Feature. Any other BTS plans? Still hopeful for a UWW sourcebook. Keep up the great work.

[Yes, there are more BTS plans, J.W., and you will love Creature Feature. As for UWW, nothing planned at the moment, but EVERYTHING is on the table as we move forward. – Kevin]

M.S. in Sweden writes in a Help Desk Ticket: I just want to thank you for the X-Mas Surprise Package! It was very expensive to get ($82.50 in shipping), but so worth it. The coffee mug means the world to me, since it is almost impossible to get in Sweden. The books I got were amazing. The autographs filled me with happiness! I will 100% get me one of these [Surprise Packages] every Christmas. Thanks again for making me so happy and I hope you will continue with spreading this happiness for several more decades.

[That’s the plan, M.S.! It is truly a wonderful honor to be able to bring such joy to Palladium gamers around the world with our Surprise Packages. Thank you for letting us know how much it means to you and all your kind words. It was smart of you to indicate in the comment section of your order that the coffee mug was your most desired item in the Wish List. It scares us when we ship a fragile coffee mug so far away, so we are as thrilled as you that it arrived to you unbroken. Lol. That’s the effort of our warehouse goddess, Crystal. Merry Christmas, M.S., and many more. – Kevin]

N.C. in Green Island, New York, writes: Favorites Rifts®. In these tough times I appreciate you guys still doing this annual Surprise Package offer.

[We’ve got your back, N.C. We hope everyone takes advantage of the fun and value of these awesome Grab Bags. Happy holidays. – Kevin]

R.V. in Petrolia, Ontario, Canada, writes: Have played Palladium’s games since the 80s and recently come back since seeing the Savage Worlds Rifts®. Most of my collection has disappeared over the years and I’m enjoying getting back into Palladium again. Thanks for the great books and memories over the years.

[Welcome back, R.V., it’s a great time to be a Palladium fan. Enjoy and keep your imagination burning bright. – Kevin]

J.T. in Athens, Alabama, writes: Love my Rifts® books. Truly awesome world to work with. Can’t wait for the new books to arrive. Keep up the great work.

[Hey J.T., I think you’ll love what we have coming out. You need to get Rifts® Coalition Manhunters and check out the Titan Robotics Kickstarter taking place right now. – Kevin]

R.K. in Bellingham, Washington, writes (in part): My favorite games are Rifts®, Nightbane®, and Heroes Unlimited, with Beyond the Supernatural a growing favorite. I’m a Palladium fan from way back ... lost all my books ... slowly rebuilding my collection.

[Sorry to hear about your loss, R.K., but you’re smart to use the Surprise Package offer to rebuild your collection. Try to get another one or two in if you can. – Kevin]

E.J. in Hanover, Pennsylvania, writes: My teenage son and I are getting back into Ninjas & Superspies and After the Bomb®! Back in the day my crew were serious TMNT and Robotech® players and, of course, we dabbled in Rifts® as it rolled out.

[Sounds like fun, E.J., we wish we were there gaming along with you. Merry Christmas. – Kevin]

Weapon Books

The Palladium Books® Weapon Series – For use with any game system

Each book is historically accurate and found in some libraries! They are heavily illustrated, present real world weapons through the ages, and are suitable for use with D&D (any edition), Pathfinder, all Palladium Books RPGs, and ANY game system. Quick, easy, at a glance reference books you will use in gaming for decades (and maybe school assignments too). Attractive color covers. Clear, clean artwork throughout. Weapons & Armor, Weapons & Castles, and Weapons & Assassins have each sold more than 100,000 copies and have been in library collections for decades. All the weapon books are excellent references for real world weapons. Weapons & Castles of the Orient is one of my faves, and The Compendium of Modern Weapons is one of Sean’s. Best of all they can be used with any game system. Yes, I know I already said that, but it bears repeating.

European Castles

NEW! European Castles – Available now

40+ real world castles from across Europe and includes their actual floor plans whenever available. Each castle and floor plan is your template for making your own castle designs for your games. Suitable for use with any game system. Compiled by Matthew Balent. Gorgeous new cover painting by Scott Johnson – 48 pages – $10.99 – Cat. No. 410.

European Castles

Exotic Weapons

NEW! Exotic Weapons – Available now

104 real world weapons from around the globe. Blow pipes, tiger claws, battle axes, chakram throwing rings, throwing sticks, African throwing irons, katar, kris, war clubs, swords, pole arms, lantern shields, whips, and more. Back due to popular demand. Historically accurate and suitable for use with D&D, Pathfinder, Palladium Fantasy (and all our RPGs), and ALL game systems. Compiled by Matthew Balent. New color cover – 48 pages – 100+ weapons – $10.99 retail – Cat. No. 409 – available now.

Exotic Weapons

Weapons and Armor

Weapons & Armor – available now

700 real world ancient weapons – swords, battle axes, knives, war hammers, maces, morning stars, pole arms, spears, staves, and more – and 30 suits of armor through the ages. Every single weapon and armor illustrated. Compiled by Matthew Balent – 48 pages – $8.95 – Cat. No. 401.

Weapons and Armor

Weapons and Castles

Weapons & Castles – available now

20+ real world, ancient bow weapons, slings, siege weapons, and 15 castles with floor plans. Every weapon and castle illustrated. Compiled by Matthew Balent – 48 pages – $8.95 – Cat. No. 402.

Weapons and Castles

Weapons and Assassins

Weapons & Assassins – available now

Notorious assassins throughout history, their weapons and tricks of the trade; the Order of Assassins, Ninja, and more. Every weapon illustrated. Written by Erick Wujcik. 48 pages – $9.99 – Cat. No. 403.

Weapons and Assassins

Weapons Armor and Castles of the Orient

Weapons, Armor & Castles of the Orient – available now

31 types of weapons and many variants, Samurai armor, 15 other suits of armor, plus helmets, 8 castle floor plans and one city. Compiled by Matthew Balent – 48 pages – $9.99 – Cat. No. 404.

Weapons Armor and Castles of the Orient

Compendium of Modern Weapons

Compendium of Modern Weapons – available now

Your guide to 20th Century armaments. 450+ weapons from around the world, listed by country and type. See complete details above. 176 pages – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 415 – available now!

Compendium of Modern Weapons

Rifts Coalition Manhunters

Rifts® Coalition Manhunters – all new – Written by Kevin Siembieda – available now

Rifts® Coalition Manhunters is a 224 page tour de force by Kevin Siembieda detailing all new information about the Coalition States, CS culture, its citizens, psychics, Dog Boys, Kill Hounds, the secret Psi-Ops Thought Police, and the even more secret CS Manhunters (psychic assassins who answer only to Emperor Prosek). And that’s not all!

There are 80+ new psionic powers that are well balanced, fun to play, and suitable for use in Beyond the Supernatural, Nightbane®, Heroes Unlimited, and Phase World®. As well as the Corgi Dog Boy Magic Specialist, some gadgets, bionic implants, D-Bees, CS history, insight about Emperor Prosek, the Minion War, and the Prophecy of the Seven Dangers. Note that the Manhunters can be used as NPC villains or as player characters. Is one of your teammates really a Manhunter? A must for every Rifts® fan and a great read. Note: This book is NOT related to the 1990s Rifts® Manhunter RPG published, under license, by another company.

  • 80+ new psionic abilities (including the special abilities of the Manhunters) and revisits of some favorites. The majority of new psi-powers are available to most psychic O.C.C.s.
  • 9 CS Manhunter O.C.C.s, their orientation and areas of specialty. Each with unique, exclusive psionic powers and abilities.
  • CS Manhunter background, operations, special ops, and more.
  • Dog Boy O.C.C. revisited.
  • A new Dog Boy magic specialist.
  • CS Kill Hound O.C.C. revisited.
  • Some of Emperor Prosek’s secrets revealed.
  • Insight about the Coalition States and its citizens.
  • Deciphering the Seven Dangers Prophecy (101 P.A. and appearing in Rifts® Sourcebook 2: The Mechanoids®).
  • Secrets of Psi-Ops Division and insight about Coalition psychics.
  • The impact of the demon plagues unleashed by the Minion War.
  • A comic strip with art by Nick Bradshaw and written by Kevin Siembieda, presenting new insight about CS operations and Psi-Hounds.
  • Player Characters, new psionics, NPCs, CS history and never-before-revealed information, adventure ideas galore, and more for both players and Game Masters alike.
  • 224 pages – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 894 – available now!

Rifts Coalition Manhunters

Compendium of Modern Weapons

NEW! The Compendium of Modern Weapons – available now

Due to popular demand, your guide to 20th Century weapons in modern role-playing games is back. Easily adaptable to ANY role-playing game, and ready to use in Heroes Unlimited™, Ninjas & Superspies™, Beyond the Supernatural™, Dead Reign®, Nightbane®, After the Bomb, Systems Failure, and even Rifts® (think Golden Age Weaponsmiths). It is a comprehensive resource to modern armaments with clear ranges, damage, and other game stats. Enjoy.

This is a direct response to the many requests asking Palladium to re-release the Compendium of “Contemporary” Weapons. Since we did not add any new material to make it truly “contemporary,” we renamed it the Compendium of “Modern” Weapons. All the weapons contained in this tome are still viable today and represent the vast majority of weapons used around the world.

  • 450+ weapons from around the world, listed by country and type.
  • 106 small arms – pistols and revolvers.
  • 92 military grade rifles.
  • 68 submachine-guns.
  • 43 anti-tank weapons.
  • 38 hand grenades & pyrotechnic devices.
  • 28 machine-guns.
  • 25 grenade launchers.
  • 13 shotguns.
  • 17 anti-aircraft, light support, and mortars.
  • 21 armored vehicles.
  • 17 types of body armor.
  • Flamethrowers, EOD, and riot control gear.
  • Plus some bayonets, special magazines, scopes, and accessories.
  • Historically and technically accurate. Suitable for most game systems. Bring more firepower to your tabletop games.
  • 176 pages – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 415 – Available now!

Compendium of Modern Weapons

Palladium Fantasy Defilers Print

NEW! The Defilers Print – Palladium Fantasy® – Signed – 2 sizes

The prints debuted at the Palladium Open House and we are now making them available to everyone. Two sizes. Each print is signed by 3 of the original Defilers: Kevin Siembieda (G.M.), Julius Rosenstein, and Alex Marciniszyn. This is the Fantasy game and the characters that launched Palladium Books. Artwork by Kevin Siembieda (1981). Both sizes are suitable for framing.

- The Defilers Black & White Print – 11x8.5 inch print, 10x8 image – $5.00 retail – Cat. No. PR834.

- The Defilers (Deluxe/Large) Black & White Print – 17x11 inch print, 16x10 image – $10.00 retail – Cat. No. PR835. Note: Personally, I love this larger print because you can really see the detail and character of each hero, but the small one is sweet too.

- And while you are at it, get the Palladium Books® 40th Anniversary Commemorative Print – a steal at $10.00 for a color print (we want to keep it inexpensive for Palladium fans to celebrate our 40 Year Anniversary); $10.00 retail – 6 signatures – full color art – Cat. No. PR833 – All available now.

Palladium Fantasy Defilers Print

Palladium Books 40th Anniversary Print

Palladium Books® 40th Anniversary Commemorative Print – Signed

We tweaked and retooled art by Ramon K. Perez and made it our 40th Anniversary Commemorative Print – signed by the Palladium crew.

  • Full color.
  • 11x17 inches in size.
  • Signed in marker by the Palladium crew.
  • Shipped in a mailing tube.
  • Special price of only $10.00 retail – Cat. No. PR833 – available only from Palladium Books. Now shipping.

Palladium Books 40th Anniversary Print

The Rifter #85 Annual

NEW! The Rifter® #85 Annual – Available now

The Rifter®, your favorite player and G.M. portal to the Palladium Books® Megaverse®, is back as a super-sized annual. And this one is packed with epic adventures, O.C.C.s, toys, magic, settings, and source material. A little something for almost everyone. The Rifter® is all about new ideas, pushing the envelope, trying new things and alternative methods, rules and approaches to create epic adventure! There is no one way to look at things. Open your mind to the infinite possibilities. Remember, adventures and source material for one game setting can also be adapted to other world settings with some easy and obvious modifications. Most of all, have fun.

Rifter® #85 Highlights:

  • Rifts®: Soul in Flames – A town, Skelebots, dinosaurs, and adventure.
  • Rifts®: Glitter Boy™ Revisited – New variant Glitter Boys, weapons, ammo, upgrades, and material to leave players and Game Masters drooling. Easily adaptable to Chaos Earth® and Phase World® settings.
  • Rifts®: The State of Rapid City – Setting and adventure ideas.
  • Phase World® – Naruni civil war and 8 adventure hooks.
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG® – 40 new magic items suitable for Rifts®, Chaos Earth®, Phase World®, Heroes Unlimited™, and any setting with magic.
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG® Relics of the Elven Empire – Notable surviving Elven cities and source material.
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG®: The Colony of Gonarn – A sweeping new location and adventure.
  • Heroes Unlimited™ – 3 new Hardware O.C.C.s, Archaic Genius, Gadgeteer, Static Genius and adventure.
  • Heroes Unlimited™ tribute by comic book artist Freddie E. Williams II.
  • Dead Reign® – Adventure and danger. Don’t trust anyone.
  • Dead Reign® – 25 Vehicle Encounter Tables including condition, loot, and adventure hooks. Adaptable to Chaos Earth®, After the Bomb®, BTS™, Systems Failure™, Rifts®, and any post-apocalyptic setting.
  • Beyond the Supernatural™: Beyond Midnight – A combination of story, creature feature, and plot hooks that includes adventure seeds that span nine different Palladium RPG settings!
  • Nightbane®: The Redeemer – A compelling new O.C.C.
  • Short stories, news, coming attractions, product descriptions.
  • 224 pages – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 185 – available now.
  • SEEKING submissions for The Rifter® #86 – Fall 2022. We get many submissions for Rifts®, and are sitting on some for The Rifter® #86, so you will have a greater chance of getting accepted and published in the next Rifter if you send material for Nightbane®, Dead Reign®, Chaos Earth®, Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, After the Bomb®, Palladium Fantasy® and other Palladium settings. Any size submission from 4-25 manuscript pages is acceptable. We prefer game material, but short stories (the shorter the better) are also considered.

The Rifter #85 Annual

Lopan Raw Preview

NEW! Lopan (Fantasy) Raw Preview Edition – Collector’s item – Available now

Get your first glimpse of Lopan with the Lopan™ Raw Preview Edition. Lopan is the often overlooked gem of the North. Nestled in the middle of the inland sea, it is near the center of the known world, yet Lopan is isolated from much of the rest of the world’s nations. This has kept it a calm, peaceful domain largely free from war and conflict. The creation and clever marketing of the (Olympic-like) Lopanic Games and the Garden of the Gods have brought Lopan international notoriety and increased trade from the rest of the civilized world.

Like the rest of the Palladium World, Lopan has a long, rich history, much of it forgotten. A history which harbors ancient secrets and forgotten magicks, such as Mosaic Magic. Meanwhile, though it seems grand, its future is not entirely certain. As a home to Elvenkind, these long-lived people, alone, bring with them a checkered past and a certain amount of drama that can be good or bad for Lopan’s future.

Glen Evans’ Lopan world book explores the present politics, people, and places, as well as a few of its secrets and history. Lopan is a safe environment where visitors do not have to worry about war, throngs of thieves and cutthroats, or monsters. That makes it a resource and staging ground for expeditions into any of the many lands around the island nation. Lopan serves as a place for adventurers and mercenaries to resupply, sell and trade treasure and loot, buy weapons and gear, acquire magic, find clues and information about new quests, and rest in between missions. Of course, the Lopanic Games offer the chance for fame and riches, while the Garden of the Gods may provide inspiration, visions, quests, and just causes to champion.

  • Your first glimpse of Lopan in its “raw” manuscript form.
  • Kingdom of Lopan overview and notable history.
  • Key cities and places.
  • New character classes.
  • Notable people.
  • New Mosaic Magic.
  • Magic items and gear.
  • Many paths to adventure and ideas for more.
  • Only 350 copies of this limited collector’s item are available.
  • Sold on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.
  • Written by Glen Evans.
  • 184 pages – $28.99 retail – Cat. No. 476-RAW – Available now.
  • What is a Raw Preview Edition? It is the unfinished, unedited, advance manuscript subject to rewrites and expansion. It gets a limited print run of around 200-350 copies and is fun for collectors to have something rare and unique, and is especially handy for writers and game designers (and curious gamers) because they get a glimpse into the development process at Palladium when they compare what is in the Raw Preview and what sees print in the final book, what gets expanded, dropped out, etc. In this case, writer Glen Evans has presented an overview of Lopan based on conversations and notes from Kevin Siembieda. Kevin will be tweaking and adding material to make the final book even more compelling and full of adventure hooks. And of course, this is the perfect companion for Garden of the Gods and if all goes well, it should be followed by a sourcebook about the fabled Lopanic Games (and how your characters can participate in them).

Lopan Raw Preview

Land of the South Winds Raw Preview

NEW! Land of the South Winds (Fantasy) Raw Preview Edition – Collector’s item – Available now

Get your first glimpse of the Land of the South Winds with the Land of the South Winds™ Raw Preview. Also known as the Land of 10,000 Cults, the Land of the South Winds is a sweltering pit of secrets, mysteries and opportunity for those bold enough to seize it. From its farmland to its dense coastal cities, the region is infested with Ratlings, jungle people, death cults, jungle cults, strange religions, believers in forgotten and ancient gods, dark magic, foreign spies, smugglers, pirates, mercenaries, thieves, assassins, nonhumans, adventurers, and fortune seekers of every type. Political corruption abounds and intrigue and opportunity of all sorts, there and abroad, are available for those bold (or foolish) enough to seize the moment. In short, it is a great place for adventure!

  • Your first glimpse of the Land of the South Winds in its “raw” manuscript form before it is split into two books.
  • Land of the South Winds overview and notable history.
  • Key cities and places.
  • 11 new O.C.C.s and 7 R.C.C.s.
  • The secret history of Ratlings and Dwarvlings.
  • New Monsters and more about the Yema and other creatures.
  • 30+ notable locations.
  • Notable people and forgotten gods.
  • Many cults, plots, and skullduggery.
  • Countless paths to adventure and ideas for more.
  • Only 350 copies of this limited collector’s item are available.
  • Sold on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.
  • Written by John Klinkel.
  • 224 pages – $28.99 retail – Cat. No. 477-RAW – available now.
  • What is a Raw Preview Edition? It is the unfinished, unedited, advance manuscript subject to rewrites and expansion. It gets a limited print run of around 200-350 copies and is fun for collectors to have something rare and unique, and is especially handy for writers and game designers (and curious gamers) because they get a glimpse into the development process at Palladium when they compare what is in the Raw Preview and what sees print in the final book, what gets expanded, dropped out, etc. In this case, writer John Klinkel has been helping to manifest the exotic Lands of the South Winds with Kevin Siembieda. This manuscript is likely to be split into 2-3 books with additional material by Kevin and another writer. All of it filled with even more mystery and intrigue and adventure opportunities than you see here. The Raw Preview is 224 pages all by itself.

Land of the South Winds Raw Preview

Chaos Earth RPG Hardcover

Back in Stock! Chaos Earth® RPG “Bonus” Edition Hardcover

The Great Cataclysm as it unfolds! The Golden Age of Science and human civilization is shattered with the return of magic and the Coming of the Rifts. Humanity struggles to survive against impossible odds as ley lines appear and Rifts tear open the fabric of space and time to unleash all manner of alien invaders, demonic horrors, and monsters. Natural disasters – storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tidal waves – topple cities and create panic and chaos on a global scale.

You play survivors or the heroes of NEMA (the Northern Eagle Military Alliance) as you battle against the elements, madness, the demonic, the alien, the monstrous, and the magical amidst the devastation. You are equipped with Chromium Guardsmen (Glitter Boys), Silver Eagles (SAMAS), and a host of giant robots, power armor and advanced technology, but is it enough to stand against a rising tide of enemies and invading horrors from other worlds?

You and other survivors are humanity’s last and only hope to survive the apocalypse that will become known as the Great Cataclysm. These are the heroes you play in an ever-changing, nightmare world that can only be described as Chaos Earth.

  • A complete RPG and the origins of Rifts® Earth.
  • Overview of the Great Cataclysm as it unfolds.
  • Introduction to NEMA and its weapons and resources.
  • 11 different character classes, including robot pilots, the Para-Arcane, Demon and Witch Hunters, Chromium Guardsmen & more.
  • Robots, power armor, vehicles, weapons, and equipment.
  • Monsters, chaos and adventure. Written by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 30 pages of “bonus” material gathered from The Rifter®.
  • 192 pages – $36.99 retail – Cat. No. 660HC. Also available as a 160 page softcover RPG ($20.95 retail – Cat. No. 660).

Chaos Earth RPG Hardcover

Original Palladium Fantasy 1st Edition Foil Hardcover

NEW! “Original” Palladium Fantasy RPG® “Bonus” Edition Commemorative Hardcover, 1st Edition Rules – Available now

This deluxe, foil stamped edition presents the original, First Edition rules, expanded with the inclusion of the Arms of Nargash-Tor adventure sourcebook. The Original Fantasy Edition includes Erick Wujcik’s popular Tombs of Gersidi adventure left out of the 2nd Edition rule book, and all the original illustrations. The cover is a recreation of the original, famous red and black cover of the original RPG. We sold more than 120,000 copies of the first edition rule book back in the day, so we know a lot of people have fond memories of it. Hence, the request for Palladium to offer it again in some form. We hope you enjoy the deluxe First Edition Fantasy hardcover. It sure brought back memories for many of us.

  • The complete, original RPG – the game that started Palladium Books.
  • First Edition rules are easily adaptable to current Fantasy titles.
  • Includes The Tombs of Gersidi adventure and setting (ancient vampires and dark magic) written by Erick Wujcik. Maps by Erick Wujcik. Easily adapted to current rules.
  • Depictions of Eastern, Western, Northern, and Old Kingdom coins.
  • Fan favorite artwork by Kevin Siembieda and Michael Kucharski.
  • The Arms of Nargash-Tor adventure sourcebook included as “bonus” material back in print form for the first time in 35 years.
  • Deluxe hardcover edition. Probably limited to fewer than 1,000 copies.
  • Recreation of the original cover with red foil stamping into a black faux leatherette hardcover. It should look beautiful.
  • 320 pages total with “bonus” material – $55 retail – Cat. No. 449HC – available now while supplies last.

Original Palladium Fantasy 1st Edition Foil Hardcover

Splicers RPG Bonus Edition Hardcover

NEW! Splicers® RPG “Bonus” Edition Hardcover – Available now

The Splicers® RPG “Bonus” Edition Hardcover includes 50 pages of Splicers® material from The Rifter® #30, #32, and #51 offering War Mounts, The Wasteland, and Living Weapons like the Swarm Lord, Hive insects, etc., written by Chris Kluge.

Splicers® is a unique science fiction RPG unlike anything else on the market. It might be thought of as The Terminator meets Guyver. Human beings (on a far future Earth or is it a distant space colony?) are forced to hide and turn to bio-engineered, living weapons, armor and war steeds in their ongoing struggles against “The Machine.” A Super-Artificial Intelligence originally designed to help and protect human beings, but now hunts and destroys or enslaves them for their own welfare. It is a battle for survival that varies for each House of Splicers and the different regions controlled by the different personalities of the insane AI.

  • The complete Splicers RPG written and created by Carmen Bellaire.
  • 50 bonus pages of source material written by Chris Kluge.
  • 280 pages – $44.99 retail – Cat. No. 200HC – available now while supplies last.

Splicers RPG Bonus Edition Hardcover

Original Rifts RPG 30th Anniversary Commemorative Hardcover

Still hot! The Rifts® 30th Anniversary Commemorative Hardcover

This beautiful commemorative hardcover reprints the original Rifts® RPG as a special hardcover edition. It includes the original cover, the two color art sections, plus an additional 32 page color section that is a must for every Rifts® fan. We are proud of this book and the 30 years of Megaverse® spanning adventure Rifts® has brought to the world.

The difference between the Rifts® Commemorative and Rifts® Ultimate Edition (RUE) is substantial. The Rifts® Commemorative is a re-release of the original, somewhat simpler and smaller, 1990 Rifts® RPG that sold more than 300,000 copies before the RPG was rewritten and expanded by a 100+ pages into the larger Rifts Ultimate Edition (RUE).

  • The Rifts® 30th Anniversary Commemorative RPG contains writing, maps, and artwork different from what you’ll find in Rifts® Ultimate Edition, including 16 full page illustrations by Keith Parkinson, Larry MacDougall, Kevin Long, and Kevin Siembieda.
  • A dynamic and fun extra 32 pages of color in the back of the book that makes entertaining reading.
  • A gallery of 160+ Rifts® covers making it the definitive reference on 30 years of Rifts® releases.
  • Rare behind the scenes stories and insight to the making of Rifts®, and the key people behind it.
  • Keith Parkinson’s original pencil drawing for the cover, other concept art by Parkinson, Long, and others.
  • Pinup art and other material fans love. All written and compiled by Kevin Siembieda. The gallery of covers compiled by Wayne Smith and Siembieda.
  • The unforgettable and evocative Keith Parkinson painting on the cover for the first time as a hardcover.
  • This commemorative edition will not stay in print forever and is destined to become a collector’s item. Besides, it is a beautiful bit of gaming history and fun to have on your shelf. Don’t miss out on getting your copy. It also makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays for the Rifts® gamer in your life (or as a gift to yourself).
  • 288 pages – 48 pages of color – only $49.99 retail – Cat. No. 800HC30 – available now while supplies last.

Original Rifts RPG 30th Anniversary Commemorative Hardcover

Rifts Automated Character Sheet on

Still Hot! Rifts® Automated Character Sheet for EXCEL

The next step in character data collection! This EXCEL template provides automation to your Rifts® character creation process. Done in Microsoft Excel, this character template will allow you to build your character with substantial ease and speed. Ideal for the new gamer who doesn’t know all of the Palladium Books® rules just yet, it’s also a highly effective tool for Game Masters and advanced players alike who make multiple characters, NPCs or just like to min/max or theory craft characters between games.

  • Dice Roller: A simple dice roller is on the main page of the character sheet to help with character creation or in-game dice rolling needs.
  • Automated Attributes and Stat Block: All the bonuses and features from attributes are presented in a large stat block allowing you to easily see your bonus to save vs Psionics, Mind Control, etc. You can pick your strength type (Normal, Augmented, Robotic or Supernatural) to determine your carrying and lifting capacity and even your M.D. punch damage if your strength is high enough and of the right type.
  • Automated Combat Stats: The main page holds a section where you can pull up data for your various combat stats, from hand to hand abilities such as Strike, Parry, Dodge and Disarm, to W.P. bonuses including those of the W.P. Sharpshooting variety. This section draws upon all of your character’s selection of skills and abilities and even offers customization from odd O.C.C. or racial abilities.
  • Automated Psionics: All psionics from Rifts® Ultimate Edition, Rifts® World Book 12: Psyscape™ and Rifts® World Book 32: Lemuria can be selected from a dropdown menu that then populates tables with the information on psionics for your character. Each psionic ability’s data including damage, M.D.C. and range also automatically increases based on the character’s level of experience.
  • Automated Spells: All Common Invocations, Necromancy, Ocean Magic and Biomancy spells (yes, all the Lemurian Biomancer spells too!) can be selected from a dropdown menu that then populates tables with the information on spells for your character. Each spell’s data including damage, M.D.C. and range also automatically increases based on the character’s level of experience.
  • Automated Skills: All skills from the Rifts® Ultimate Edition, Rifts® World Book 25: China 2 – Heroes of the Celestial Court™ and Rifts® World Book 32: Lemuria can be selected and then automatically add bonuses from prerequisites and related skills. Physical skills that provide bonuses also add those bonuses directly to attributes and combat stats. Bonuses that require dice rolls are denoted and can then be manually rolled and added to the character sheet. Custom percent bonuses such as O.C.C. bonuses can also be added to individual skills.
  • Automated Cybernetics & Bionics: All cybernetics and bionics from Rifts® Ultimate Edition along with some favorites from other books can be selected from dropdown menus which then tabulate bonuses and add them to your combat stats. Prices also sum up so an enterprising Headhunter can keep track of his hardware and upgrades. Simple cybernetic body part diagrams even allow players to allocate the locations of their various cybernetic and bionic components.
  • Freeform O.C.C. and Racial Power Section: A section for non-standard powers, special O.C.C. or racial abilities allows the player to add custom skills and powers that can be linked to those features to draw upon the character’s level of experience, I.Q. bonus or other stats so powers grow as the character advances.
  • Character Building Section: On the main page of the document is a section to help you build your character, from customizing attributes, to adding non-standard bonuses from O.C.C. or racial abilities, to an optional point buy system for attributes.
  • Helpful Hints and Suggestions: Red triangular tabs appear throughout the document. Hovering over the red tab with the mouse cursor will reveal useful data from sourcebooks, hints, suggestions and other information, such as what a particular stat means, how it’s used in the game and what things can add bonuses or affect it. There is also a page with overview instructions on how to use the sheet, and a number of instructional videos will be posted via Palladium TV on the ins and outs of the character sheet. The first can be found here:
  • Portrait: A special sheet is set up so you can add an image to the document for a custom portrait for your character. That image is then displayed on the main page and is protected from accidental movement or deletion from the main page.
  • Password Protected: Several pages of the document are password protected so players won’t accidently delete formulas and ruin the character sheet’s automated features. The password is provided so players can customize the sheet to their liking then protect the sheet again so they don’t undo all their hard work.
  • Note: The file is best used in Microsoft EXCEL 2016 or above. Some data may be lost if not using Microsoft EXCEL, such as when using similar products like Open Office.
  • Available from AND – make them characters!

Rifts Automated Character Sheet on

Palladium Fantasy® Interactive Character Sheet

Also still hot – the Palladium Fantasy Interactive Character Sheet which is equally helpful in managing Palladium Fantasy RPG characters. Created by Travis Guerrero.

Palladium Fantasy Interactive Character Sheet

Rifts Property of the Coalition T-Shirt

Back in Stock! Property of the Coalition States T-shirt

Just in time for the summer – this fan fave T-shirt is back in print. It goes perfect with Rifts® Coalition Manhunters and those gorgeous new Rifts® miniatures.

  • Black print on a light grey T-shirt with the words “Property of the Coalition States” punctuated by a CS skull and lightning bolts insignia.
  • 50/50 blend. Machine washable (follow instructions on the shirt).
  • Available in sizes Small to 5XL while supplies last.
  • Cat. No. 2528 – $19.99 retail for sizes small, medium, large, and XL. Larger sizes cost more, see store for complete details. Available now.

Rifts Property of the Coalition T-Shirt

Rifts Splugorth Slaver T-Shirt

NEW! Rifts® Splugorth Slaver T-shirt – Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Rifts®

The iconic Splugorth slave barge seemed like the perfect iconic image to celebrate the Rifts® 30th Anniversary. Small words under the image read: “2022 Palladium Books Open House” but you don’t need to have been at the POH to proudly wear this shirt. I’m tempted to say this evocative new T-shirt is my favorite, except I love all the new shirts. – Kevin Siembieda

  • White print on a black T-shirt.
  • Art is the iconic Splugorth Slave Barge by Kevin Long.
  • 50/50 blend. Machine washable (follow instructions on the shirt).
  • Available in select sizes Large to 5XL, while supplies last.
  • Cat. No. 2606 – $19.99 retail for sizes large and XL. Larger sizes cost more, see store for complete details. Available now.

Rifts Splugorth Slaver T-Shirt

Rifts Red Borg Game Master T-Shirt

NEW! Rifts® Red ‘Borg GAME MASTER T-shirt

The dynamic Red ‘Borg looms menacingly on this shirt. The words “Game Master” in bold, block letters and distressed type. Under it “Palladium Books.” It screams Rifts®, Palladium Books®, and don’t mess with the Game Master. I love this shirt too. – Kevin Siembieda

  • Red print on a black T-shirt.
  • Art is the iconic Red ‘Borg by artist Kevin Long.
  • 50/50 blend. Machine washable (follow instructions on the shirt).
  • Available in select sizes Small to 5XL, while supplies last.
  • Cat. No. 2607 – $19.99 retail for sizes small, medium, large, and XL. Larger sizes cost more, see store for complete details. Available now.

Rifts Red Borg Game Master T-Shirt

Palladium Fantasy Adventure Boldly T-Shirt

NEW! Adventure Boldly Fantasy T-shirt

This epic fantasy shirt features one of our favorite Scott Johnson fantasy pieces with a bold adventurer accompanied by her dragon hatchling ally. Is she a warrior? A wizard? A thief? Whatever she and her companion may be, they have their eye on the prize inside the castle in the distance. I love this shirt, but then Palladium Fantasy holds a special place in my heart, and this artwork represents the many facets of the fantasy setting and the bold, imaginative gamers who play it and all our games. – Kevin Siembieda

  • White print on a black T-shirt.
  • Art by Scott Johnson with the words “Adventure Boldly” and under it “Palladium Fantasy RPG” in smaller type.
  • 50/50 blend. Machine washable (follow instructions on the shirt).
  • Available in sizes Small to 5XL, while supplies last.
  • Cat. No. 2608 – $19.99 retail for sizes small, medium, large, and XL. Larger sizes cost more, see store for complete details. Available now.

Palladium Fantasy Adventure Boldly T-Shirt

5 New Rifts® 32 mm miniatures – Available now!

Five new detailed Rifts® miniatures commissioned by Carmen Bellaire who is allowing Palladium Books to print and release them. We expect a few more to be offered later this summer and fall.

Rifts CS Missile Launcher Dead Boy MiniatureRifts CS Missile Launcher Dead Boy Miniature

Rifts® CS Missile Launcher Dead Boy Miniature

CS Soldier in Dead Boy armor, kneeling with a rocket launcher pointing at his next target. Better hope it is not you. Exquisite detail.

  • 1 1/4 inches tall.
  • Sturdy, detailed, lightweight, gray resin miniature.
  • Quick and easy to build. Fun to paint.
  • Sculpted by Ben Calvert-Lee. Thank you Carmen Bellaire and Rogue Heroes LLC.
  • $9.99 retail – Cat. No. MI8049 – available now.

Rifts CS Missile Launcher Dead Boy Miniature

Rifts Coalition Officer Miniature

Rifts® Coalition Officer Miniature

CS Officer in Dead Boy armor. A laser pistol in one hand, a Vibro-Knife in the other. A dynamic and detailed figure.

  • 1 5/8 inches tall.
  • Sturdy, detailed, lightweight, gray resin miniature.
  • Quick and easy to build. Fun to paint.
  • Sculpted by Ben Calvert-Lee. Thank you Carmen Bellaire and Rogue Heroes LLC.
  • $9.99 retail – Cat. No. MI8050 – available now.

Rifts Coalition Officer Miniature

Rifts Ley Line Walker MiniatureRifts Ley Line Walker Miniature

Rifts® Ley Line Walker Miniature

Ley Line Walker forming an energy sphere and walking above the ground along a crackling ley line. His cape blowing in the wind, a Wilk’s laser pistol in the other hand. This is the best depiction of this mage ever. Incredible detail. It is almost as if he has walked off the page of the Rifts® RPG.

  • 2 1/8 inches tall on a custom, elevated ley line base.
  • Sturdy, detailed, lightweight, gray resin miniature.
  • Quick and easy to build. Fun to paint.
  • Sculpted by Ben Calvert-Lee. Thank you Carmen Bellaire and Rogue Heroes LLC.
  • $14.99 retail – Cat. No. MI8051 – available now.

Rifts Ley Line Walker Miniature

Rifts Triax Cyborg Miniature

Rifts® Triax Combat Cyborg with Rail Gun Miniature

Think Red ‘Borg! This fun, dynamic figure is shooting from the hip with his rail gun. Incredible detail.

  • 1 3/4 inches tall.
  • Sturdy, detailed, lightweight, gray resin miniature.
  • Quick and easy to build. Fun to paint.
  • Sculpted by Ben Calvert-Lee. Thank you Carmen Bellaire and Rogue Heroes LLC.
  • $14.99 – Cat. No. MI8052 – available now.

Rifts Triax Cyborg Miniature

Rifts Chainsawy Glitter Boy and Pilot Miniature SetRifts Chainsawy Glitter Boy and Pilot Miniature SetRifts Chainsawy Glitter Boy and Pilot Miniature SetRifts Chainsawy Glitter Boy and Pilot Miniature Set

Rifts® Chainsaw Glitter Boy and Pilot Miniatures – Set of 2 figures

Both Glitter Boy and Pilot wield menacing combat chainsaws. The Glitter Boy stands pointing, as if calling out his next opponent, on a super-detailed custom base with a slain Coalition soldier laying at the Glitter Boy’s feet, with the tip of the M.D. chainsaw resting through the fallen Dead Boy’s armor and body. Truly stunning.

  • Phenomenal detail – you can see the teeth of the chainsaws!
  • Glitter Boy stands 2 3/4 inches tall to the tip of the stowed Boom Gun and handle of the chainsaw. The Pilot stands 1 5/8 inches, chainsaw at the ready.
  • Sturdy, detailed, lightweight, gray resin miniature.
  • Quick and easy to build. Fun to paint.
  • Sculpted by Ben Calvert-Lee. Thank you Carmen Bellaire and Rogue Heroes LLC.
  • $39.99 retail – Cat. No. MI8053 – available now!

Rifts Chainsawy Glitter Boy and Pilot Miniature Set

Palladium Books 40th Anniversary Print

NEW! Palladium Books® 40th Anniversary Commemorative Print – Signed

We tweaked and retooled art by Ramon K. Perez and made it our 40th Anniversary Commemorative Print – signed by the Palladium crew.

  • Full color.
  • 11x17 inches in size.
  • Signed in marker by the Palladium crew.
  • Shipped in a mailing tube.
  • Special price of only $10.00 retail – Cat. No. PR833 – available only from Palladium Books. Now shipping.

Palladium Books 40th Anniversary Print

Rifts Explore the Megaverse Red and Gold Pen

NEW! Rifts® Explore the Megaverse® – Red & Gold Pen

A handsome, laser etched, soft-touch pen with stylus for use on a smartphone or tablet. It features the Rifts® logo and the words “Explore the Megaverse® – white print on a burgundy pen with gold color clip and tip.

  • $5.00 retail – Cat. No. 2604 – available only from Palladium Books.

Rifts Explore the Megaverse Red and Gold Pen

Palladium Books 40 Year of Adventure Black and Gold Pen

NEW! Palladium Books® 40 Years of Adventure – Black & Gold Commemorative Pen

A handsome, laser etched, soft-touch pen with stylus for use on a smartphone or tablet. It features the Palladium Books logo and the words “40 Years of Adventure” – white print on a black pen with gold color clip and tip.

  • $5.00 retail – Cat. No. 2605 – available only from Palladium Books.

Palladium Books 40 Year of Adventure Black and Gold Pen

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