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 Post subject: Chaos Earth FAQ
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Question: They do NOT have ANY Exp tables in Rift: Chaos Earth!
what do I do?
Answer: Chaos Earth main book EXP Tables are on page 111. (they are listed in the table of content.)
Rise of magic tables use
-LLW table for "blue line wizard"
-Mystic for table "Chaos Wizards/Kid wizards"
-Shifter for table "D-shifter"
-witch for table "Chaos Whitch"
-necromancer table for "Death Mage"
-summoner table for "Demonbringer"
-Temporal Mage table for "Deamon Disciple"
-ordinarey person table for "Demon Worshipers" and "Doomsayerrs"

Question: In Chaos Earth: Rise of Magic, just before the description of the Chaos Magic spells it is stated that regular practicioners of magic can learn to cast these spells and they always use the "away from the blue zones" stats for the spells. But none of these spells have any spell "level." So when a mage character is allowed to choose any spells from specific spell levels, how do the Chaos Magic spells fit into that? What level will they count as?
Answer: While it says "any other Magic O.C.C.," Blue Zone Wizards are currently the only other class that can learn Chaos Magic spells, and they get any six of choice, with no regard to level.

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