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By Kevin Siembieda

One game system – every genre – countless worlds – endless adventure

The last week has been a chaotic and crazy one here in the Palladium Megaverse®. We lost power Saturday morning and the power outage fried part of our phone system, so if you have had trouble reaching the office or were unable to leave us a message after hours, that is why (in the meantime, try the sales line after hours, 734-721-2903; that voicemail is working). The refrigerator in the office kitchen/lunchroom also died and is too old to repair, and Chuck Walton’s brakes went out on his car on Sunday. Thankfully, he was moving slowly and was able to avoid getting into an accident. Kathy’s garage started to flood during a storm, so she had to go out during a downpour to unclog the gutters filled with leaves. Wayne lost power one night and realized the annoying buzzing and crackling sound he heard was a downed electrical wire he could see through the woods outside his window! It caused a small fire but the fire department was on it. Another Palladium insider had his house and car flooded by a storm. He is staying at a friend’s house. Crazy, right? All of this contributed to slowing our progress on Rifts® Secrets of the Atlanteans™, but the book is being typeset and in layout right now. It will go to the printer Friday afternoon or Monday morning. The book is truly awesome. We start final edits on Nightbane® Dark Designs™ Monday!

We’ve been spending most of our time working on book releases and a bit of Gen Con prep as it is coming up fast. We also made our decision about hosting the Palladium Open House. Read on for details.

2018 Palladium Open House – April 19-22, 2018

With feedback from the poll and personally (Scott Gibbons, myself and others), we decided to hold the Palladium Open House in 2018. It was looking like Palladium Open House (POH) votes were leaning heavily toward 2019, however, that changed in dramatic fashion over the crazy weekend with the votes overwhelmingly leaning toward 2018. As of this morning, the poll has swung back slightly to 2019. However, we have also been speaking to people via other means and much like the poll, people seemed split about 50/50. One difference, however, is that most of the people Scott and I spoke with said they would attend whether it was held in 2018 or 2019, even if their personal preference leaned toward 2019. They just wanted us to have another one.

The two common reasons most people seemed to have for preferring 2019 were to save up more money to spend at the POH (thank you, that sentiment is very appreciated), and concern that the POH would further delay product releases. The latter was also a concern of mine, but Scott Gibbons, Palladium’s new business manager, assures me that he will not let that happen, and that he and his team will do a lot of the heavy lifting for the 2018 POH. Scott has been on the ball so far, so I’m going to trust him on this.

So the decision has been made, there will be a Palladium Open House (POH) – April 19-22, 2018. Start making your plans now. We will post details about the event, how to reserve your tickets, hotels, etc., in a week or two. Now that the decision has been made, I’m feeling excited about it. I hope you are too! Our sincere thanks to all of you who participated in both POH polls, it is very appreciated.

What is the Palladium Open House? Four days of fun and non-stop Palladium games with the very people who created them. And at the place where they were created, the Palladium office and warehouse. On one hand it is sort of a mini-convention held at the Palladium Books warehouse. It is limited to 250-300 people who come from across the USA, Canada and around the world (typically the UK, Germany, Spain, South America, and sometimes as far as Australia).

The POH is more than a mere convention. Many of the non-stop Palladium gaming events are run by the very writers, artists and game designers who create them, but you also have easy and frequent access to me, the Palladium staff, and usually 20+ Palladium artists, writers and creators all on hand for the ENTIRE event – the largest gathering of Palladium creators ANYWHERE. Plus the whole thing has a fun, joyful, family reunion, big party vibe.

So won’t you join us for a 3-4 day gaming party? I hope you will. Please spread the word about the Palladium Open House. It’s only 9 months away! Details to follow very soon.

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So you want to be a Megaversal Ambassador

1) What is an MA?

Answer: The MAs (Megaversal Ambassadors) are a growing group of Palladium Game Masters who volunteer to run Palladium role-playing gaming events and/or demos at conventions, stores and other gatherings to introduce NEW PLAYERS to the Palladium Megaverse®. They are also active talking about Palladium products and the enjoyment and merits of role-playing, online and at events, to get new players interested in Palladium’s games and to keep the enthusiasm alive among established gamers.

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