Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Sept. 22, 2016

By Kevin Siembieda

GrandCon was a blast. We met and gamed with some awesome Palladium fans, I got to play Rifts® for Savage Worlds® with the head writer for the game line, Sean Patrick Fannon, and enjoyed a nice, working weekend. More on the fun and games at GrandCon later in this Update. All of us have returned from GrandCon energized and have been pounding away on books. The Rifter® #75 is an outstanding issue and going to the printer next week. Work has begun on The Rifter® #76, and work on other titles is coming along nicely. Hell Followed, a 160 page sourcebook for Dead Reign® is next, with several Rifts® titles hot on its tail. The Rifts® Poker deck remains a strong seller, the Raw Preview Edition of Rifts® Secrets of the Atlanteans™ is sold out, the Raw Edition of Rifts® Sovietski is down to the last couple dozen copies, and we are pumped about books coming your way in the weeks ahead. Read on and enjoy.

UPDATE: The Rifter® #75 – “official” source material – October release

The Rifter® #75 is epic, nearly finished and going to the printer next week. That means an early October release. Much of this issue is “official” source material that we think you will love. As I said in the last Update, I think it contains some of the best writing ever by Carl Gleba and myself on the subject of running Rifts® (or any RPG, really), creating settings and Game Mastery. In addition to the Rifts® adventure and gaming advice of that article, there is Greg Diaczyk’s source material about a new type of Elemental being, and Chuck, Chris, Todd and Lance’s continuing Splicers®: I am Legion adventure and source material about this new threat and her army of killing machines. And all that stuff is “official” source material. Ah, but that’s not all; The Rifter® #75 also showcases Rifts® for Savage Worlds, presents actual pages and talks about how it all came together.

The Rifter #76

UPDATE: The Rifter® #76 – November release

The Rifter® #76 is already in development, with articles being selected and artwork being assigned. It will be yet another fun, suspense and horror-filled issue. Cover by Nicholas Bradshaw.

UPDATE: Hell Followed – 160 page sourcebook for Dead Reign® – October Release

The art is done and final editing, writing additions and tweaks are underway. Hell Followed is still on track for an October release. This 160 page addition to the Dead Reign® series contains more adventure ideas, world information and new, whacked out zombies and other treats. More for the Dead Reign® RPG series is already being developed for release in 2017.

UPDATE: Rifts® Poker Decks a fan fave

Fan reactions to the Rifts® Poker Decks at GrandCon were positive and excited. Both Rifts® decks are dynamic, attractive and fun. The Rifts® Poker Decks are practical and can be used to play poker or any card game that uses a poker deck, as well as an Action Deck for Rifts® Savage Worlds. They are a sweet, visual collector’s item, make great gifts, and are just plain cool. Get one of each for yourself and your friends. Both sets of Rifts® playing cards present iconic and dynamic images from covers and illustrations in the Rifts® game series. They make a nice addition to any collection and are available from Palladium Books in full color tuck boxes – right now. Rifts® Savage Worlds Kickstarter supporters can acquire one or both of the Rifts® Poker Decks as add-ons in the Rifts® Savage Worlds Kickstarter Pledge Manager.

UPDATE: Rifts® Secrets of the Atlanteans Raw Preview Edition – SOLD OUT

Sorry, the Raw Preview Edition of Rifts® Secrets of the Atlanteans™ is sold out. The rest of you will have to wait for the finished book. Fortunately, it is coming out later this year and will feature even more spells and awesomeness.

UPDATE: Rifts® World Book: The Sovietski Raw Preview Edition will sell out next – down to the last few dozen copies

Atlanteans is sold out. Rifts® World Book: The Sovietski remains available for now, but they are selling fast, too. Remember, only 150 copies were printed as a limited edition advance preview of the complete, submitted manuscript for this book. The Sovietski™ Raw Preview is a hefty, 160 pages of source material, cyborgs, gear and combat vehicles. Be the first to know what’s coming in Rifts® Sovietski™, planned for release early next year. Sold on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. Get yours before it is gone.

UPDATE: Rifts® World Book: The Sovietski – Fall or Winter release

In production and moving along. Nothing else new to report on this front.

UPDATE: Rifts® Dimension Book: Secrets of the Atlanteans – Fall release

Art is coming in and looking great. This is one of the books I’m bouncing between along with Hell Followed and will see release this year. In addition to the background on the Atlantean tribes, the Sunaj, new Magic Tattoos, and the addition of Crystal Magic and Shadow Magic seen in the Raw Edition preview, I will be adding to the magic sections. I can hardly wait to get this book into your hands.

UPDATE: Robotech® RPG Tactics

There is nothing new to report on this front, but ideas continue to fly on all fronts (including a cool idea for a new Character Card Wayne had yesterday). The PDFs of Wave 2 cards continue to be posted on at a rate of 2 every day until they are ALL posted and available to you over the next several weeks. We are still waiting on a couple of manufacturing quotes, as well as working on plans for upcoming releases like the Robotech® Ghost Fleet sourcebook and RRT scenario books.

UPDATE: Available on – new Wave Two Robotech® RPG Tactics cards every day, plus The Rifter®, Rifts® and other titles added weekly to

The Rifter® #69 was the new addition last week and is available now, along with issues going back to Number One! Rifts® World Book 30: D-Bees of North America and other Rifts® titles are also available, and new Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Wave 2 cards are being made available at a rate of two per day. All of it adds to the growing list of Rifts®, Robotech® and other Palladium RPG game titles available as PDF books, cards and support. A new title should be getting added every week or two through the end of the year, so watch for them. More Rifts® paper minis are also coming soon.

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Wave 2 Paper Game Pieces, and new Wave 2 cards every day, join Rifts® Ultimate Edition and 160+ other PDF Palladium titles, RRT stuff, G.M. helper kits and free material on right now! More Rifts®, Robotech® and other Palladium game titles, paper miniatures and fun are coming to PDF in the weeks and months ahead. Watch for them.

Recent PDF titles include Rifts® Ultimate Edition, Rifts® World Book 30: D-Bees of North America, Rifts® World Book 29: Madhaven™, Rifts® World Book 28: Arzno™, Rifts® World Book 27: Adventures in Dinosaur Swamp, Rifts® World Book 26: Dinosaur Swamp, World Book 25: Rifts® China Two, and World Book 24: Rifts® China One, among many, many others. There are also previews of Rifts® CS Heroes of Humanity™, The Rifter® #73, Northern Gun 1 & 2, Lemuria, Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms, Bizantium and many other Palladium titles. Check back every week to see which new PDFs of Rifts® World Books and other titles have been added!

In addition to the titles listed above, The Minion War™ series of books, the Rifts® Coalition Wars®/Tolkeen series, Chaos Earth® Resurrection, all of the Dead Reign® (Zombie Apocalypse) titles, Splicers® RPG and most issues of The Rifter® are available NOW! So are first edition rules of the Heroes Unlimited™ RPG and sourcebooks, Palladium Fantasy RPG® and sourcebooks, The Mechanoids®, and much more, available on

Available right now:

Palladium Collectibles Available in Kevin’s Online Toy & Collectibles Store

More collectibles, artwork and toys are added almost every week. Palladium collectibles, hardcovers (BTS, Lemuria, Rifts® Silver, RUE Gold, etc.), out-of-print titles, original artwork, and toys and items from my personal collection are on my ebay store. We add items on a regular basis and offer sales, so check it out from time to time. Includes one-of-a-kind original artwork, prints, Rifts® and Robotech® artwork by Kevin Long, me and others. There is also a range of limited editions, rare book titles and limited edition hardcovers, toys and more available with frequent new items added. Items include original art, out-of-print titles, redlined proofreader photocopies signed by me and the staff, signed manuscripts with editors’ corrections, some original art, hardcover books (including Rifts® Lemuria, Northern Gun™ One, Northern Gun™ Two, Megaverse® in Flames™, Beyond the Supernatural™ Gold, Rifts® Machinations of Doom™ Gold and Rifts® Ultimate Gold), hundreds of toys and action figures, all from my personal archives and collection. Take a look every weekend or two for new items added.

I will continue to pull things out of my personal collection and Palladium archives and make them available. A bunch of toys have already been added to my online store with more to come.

GrandCon and Rifts® Savage Worlds®

Last weekend, Wayne Smith, Charles Walton II and I attended our first GrandCon, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We were pleasantly surprised to see Megaversal Ambassador “Jake” Jakubowski there, and I had the pleasure of meeting his lovely wife at breakfast Sunday morning. The convention is all gaming, well organized, the show runners are nice folks, and we had a lot of fun. I don’t know the official attendance numbers, but I would guess it was somewhere around a thousand gamers.

GrandCon seems fairly evenly divided between role-playing gamers and board gamers, maybe with an edge going toward RPGers. Cool. The gaming tables always seemed to be filled, and people seemed friendly and welcoming.

The two Lord DeSilca games I ran were a blast for the players and me. Both groups played extremely well and worked as a team. Both did a few things I seldom or never experienced running this fan fave game event, and I have run this game at least 70 times over the last 30+ years. Which made them especially fun for me.

Chris, Amber, Mitch, Jesse, Shara, Destiny, Kelly, Kenyon, and Mark H were in the first game. Shara played a Dwarven warrior with the courage of Hercules and was a heroic fighting machine. Destiny played a cagey and brave Grryph the Wolfen, Mark a clever Mind Mage, and they and all of the rest played wonderfully. They recognized many traps and delaying tactics, snuck around traps, battled demons and kicked some behind. They stopped Lord DeSilca and saved the day in dramatic fashion.

The second group was smaller, but played just as tight. Jodie, Chris (a different person than the Chris in the first game), Andy, Will, Nichol, Luke and Jake all played their characters with cleverness and heroic flare. Andy played one of the best Sir Matthew the Palladin I have seen in a long time, heroic and kind; Chris played the mage, Coltran of Wonders to the hilt; and Luke played the wiley Zandrox Cobbler Goblin with absolute perfection. This group did a number of unexpected things – one toward the end was a complete shock, not just to me, but to most of the other players in the group, and the other was an act of extreme heroics and desperation that was epic. By the way, both of those actions came from Coltran, moments apart. This group stopped the wicked Lord DeSilca with literally two seconds left on the clock. Talk about pulse-pounding, nail biting drama! After playing wonderfully the entire game, I thought they would be the first group ever to fail to save the day. Time management is absolutely critical in this game, with the clock’s countdown adding to the sense of urgency, suspense and drama. But they pulled it out in the last few seconds in incredibly dramatic fashion. Fantastic. Note: I continue to play the Lord DeSilca game at conventions, so I’m terribly sorry, but I cannot give you more details than the above. You’ll have to game with me at a convention, maybe GrandCon next year, to see for yourself.

I also had fun on the three panel talks I participated on, got to know my other panelists, Steven Schend and Marc Tassin (I already knew Sean Patrick Fannon), and enjoyed a pleasant chat with Timothy Zahn, who has written several best selling and beloved Star Wars novels. Of course, one of the highlights of the convention for me was being able to hang out a lot with my friend, Sean Patrick Fannon, a luxury we seldom have. Sean lives a thousand miles away and at most conventions, like Gen Con, we are both busy doing other things. Not only was Sean on each panel, but we had dinner together with Chuck and Wayne on Friday night, saw each other throughout the convention, and I got to play in a Rifts® for Savage Worlds demo game.

The Rifts® for Savage Worlds® demo game was a night of fun gaming. Sean Patrick Fannon (G.M.) is an Erick Wujcik-style gaming maniac who games, games, and games till he drops. So Friday night, Sean invited Wayne, Chuck and me along with a couple other gents to play Rifts® for Savage Worlds. The game ran till 1:15 AM and was a lot of fun. Wayne played a rapidly burning out Juicer in Last Call, Chuck a Combat Cyborg with a dangerous past, Jake played a heroic Cyber-Knight, Joe a Glitter Boy (I believe this was his first time playing Rifts® or Savage Worlds®), and I played a cocky Mind Melter. Long story short, Jake and I came up with a plan that surprised our Game Master, Sean, and it worked out really well... until my character was about to die.

Since my Mind Melter character was supposed to be cocky, I pressed him to the max. I came up with an excellent scheme to quickly take down half the enemy forces. It was a great plan — if it had worked.

Instead, my target for mind control saved. Twice. The Mind Melter was down to 2 I.S.P. and was about to be killed by my intended victim, a big brute of a monster. I’m sure my Cyber-Knight companion would have tried to intervene to save me, but the odds of succeeding were slim and none. Then, suddenly, my opponent’s head exploded and he toppled to the ground! Wayne’s Juicer saved the Mind Melter with a long-range attack and rolled a critical hit to the head. I’m saved in the nick of time, and in dramatic fashion. Thanks again, Wayne! Joe’s Glitter Boy and Chuck’s Combat Cyborg kicked butt, big time, and we enjoyed victory and a raucous good time. Btw, this is the intro adventure that comes in the Rifts® Savage Worlds game, and it plays out very nicely.

As a game designer and dedicated Game Master, I seldom game as a player. I am always the guy running the games. Honestly, I prefer being the G.M. as I tend to get bored as a player. And when I get bored, I become the player who thinks of things for his character to do that can shake the game up or take it in directions the G.M. wasn’t expecting. Yeah, I’m that guy.

Anyway, Sean and I were heading up to our rooms in the elevator when it struck me that this was the first time I had ever been a player in a Rifts® game. Crazy, right? Sean freaked out and was thrilled to have had me as a player in the game and to be the first G.M. to run a Rifts® game for me. There had been other offers at conventions and the Palladium Open House over the years, but I was always too tired to accept those kind invitations. So after 25 years of writing and running Rifts® games, this was my first time playing in Rifts®. I guess that was a milestone of sorts.

Heck, in 30+ years, I think I have only been a player in Palladium Fantasy®, Heroes Unlimited and Robotech® RPG, maybe a half a dozen times each. (RRT is the exception, where I’ve mostly been a player.) I’m not complaining at all. I LOVE being the G.M. It is one of my passions. Of course, I was hardly a first time player, and knowing Rifts® (and my other RPGs) inside and out, it is always difficult for me to keep my mouth shut, play in character and let the other players (and sometimes the G.M.) do their thing without offering suggestions or taking the lead. Whenever I play, I always try to put my character in the background and let the other players take the lead. It is the only thing that seems fair.

Sales were solid at GrandCon, too. The Palladium Fantasy RPG® and Rifts® were the two top sellers, largely due to the gaming events, I suspect, but we sold a little bit of Robotech® and everything else. I’m thinking if we start attending GrandCon and maybe U-Con on a regular basis, they could take the place of the Palladium Open House. Time will tell.

Too many conventions and events in September! And they all compete for our time with other events and responsibilities, or are too close together. GrandCon is awesome and we want to go back next year. We have heard nothing but great things about U-Con and if I recall correctly, they invited me to be a guest this year, but I politely declined. But here’s the thing, GrandCon and U-Con (in Ypsilanti, Michigan) are only a week apart, in the mix is also the Alliance Distributor Open House which almost always falls on the same weekend as one of these two conventions, and I hate to not attend the Alliance show as they are our largest distributor. Plus my sweetheart, Kathy Simmons and I are Halloween maniacs and there is another event, the Motor City Haunt Club Garage Sale that we love to attend together. We seldom get to do things together that we both love, so this event is special for us and, you guessed it, ALWAYS conflicts with one of the events above.

On top of that, as Halloween fiends, every year Kathy and I put up a sprawling “haunt” with 120+ life-sized figures in various scenes and settings. It is truly impressive and fun, and attracts hundreds of people a day, more on weekends, so we always try to have most of the display up by the first weekend in October. That means setting it up in the last two weeks of September, so my time is very limited, especially with an already heavy work schedule. That’s also why I never do conventions in October; I want to be home at night when we get visitors walking around our display, especially weekends where we can see as many as 1,000 people on a nice, rain-free weekend.

But I digress. GrandCon was fun. For several gamers we met, it was their first time at GrandCon and many of them came to see me and the Palladium crew in particular. Thank you, ladies and gents, you made our GrandCon that much more special. And that’s the cool thing about the smaller conventions that see 1,000-5,000 attendees, it is more intimate, making it more personal and fun.

Back to the grindstone and loving every minute of it

GrandCon was fun and invigorating, which means we have all come back to work energized, full of ideas and writing away. The Rifter® #75 is pretty much done and goes into final layout next week. I’m working on finishing up tweaks to the 160 page Dead Reign® sourcebook, Hell Followed, and coordinating work on many other fronts. Ideas are flying and I need to get back to work. Enjoy your weekend and game on!

– Kevin Siembieda, Publisher, Writer, Game Designer

The Rifter #75

NEW! The Rifter® #75 – Ships October 15

The Rifter® #75 is in final production. Layout has begun and goes to the printer next week.

Every issue of The Rifter® is an idea factory for players and Game Masters to generate new ideas and find new avenues of adventure. It provides useful, ready to go source material you can just drop into your ongoing games. A doorway to new possibilities and numerous Palladium role-playing worlds. And the many new characters, O.C.C.s, powers, magic, weapons, villains, monsters, adventures and ideas for one setting can be easily adapted to any Palladium setting. Every issue has material for Rifts® and usually 2-3 other Palladium game lines. The focus of this issue is Rifts®, Splicers® and RPG advice. Don’t forget, unofficial material can be easily adapted for use in ANY Palladium game setting.

Rifter® #75 Highlights:

  • Rifts® for Savage Worlds® Preview®. Get a look at what’s coming.
  • Rifts® Primer – G.M. and Player Tips, and a Rifts® Adventure, by Carl Gleba and Kevin Siembieda – “official” source material. The Rifts® Primer is jam-packed with G.M. advice, player tips, personal experiences, and examples of game play that should prove to be helpful and insightful for new Game Masters and a fun read for experienced G.M.s. The adventure is designed in such a way as to walk through first time Game Masters and is fun for anyone.
  • Rifts® and Palladium Fantasy RPG® – Primordians, by Greg Diaczyk with additional text and ideas by Kevin Siembieda – “official” source material. New type of Elemental beings that can be used as player characters or NPCs. These strange beings are believed to be some kind of human-Elemental hybrid. They possess curious minds and seem to be exploring the Megaverse® for reasons unknown. Are they emissaries of Greater Elementals or Elemental Intelligences, or something else completely? Do they come in peace, or are they a new potential menace? Get your first glimpse of them in The Rifter® #75. Plus there are some new alien beasts used by Promordians. (Tentative! There is so much we material we want to cram into this issue that this material may not fit and might slip into next issue. That’s okay, because The Rifter® #76 should ship a month later.)
  • Splicers® – I am Legion, Part Four, by Charles Walton II, Chris Kluge and Lance Colley – “official” source material. The adventure continues as Legion reveals part of her sinister plans to your heroes which brings this adventure to a fever pitch. Your heroes must make difficult decisions and must find a way to stop her and her array of deadly machines. Plenty of psychological and horrific terrors to face. All of this leads up to the terrifying final conflict in the next issue. Horrifying Amalgams, twisted and tortured minions, new O.C.C. Tempest and Restored Biotics, new machines and more. Do not miss this new chapter against Legion and her army of deadly machines.
  • Rifts® – new adventure setting (tentative).
  • News, coming attractions, product descriptions and more.
  • Rifts® cover by Garrie Gastonny and Chris Bivins.
  • 96 pages – $13.95 retail – Cat. No. 175. In final production. Ships around October 15, 2016.

Rifts Poker Deck 1

NEW! Rifts® Poker Deck One (Color) – available now

For the first time ever, Rifts® is captured in a deck of playing cards. Each card a powerful image. Perfect for playing cards, collecting, gifts and use as an Action Deck for Pinnacle’s Rifts® Savage Worlds game line.

Gen Con gamers went wild over the two Rifts® Poker Decks and you will too. Both contain iconic Rifts® artwork and characters, and look gorgeous. The color and design of both poker decks makes the artwork pop and a joy to use. Available now.

  • Premium card stock.
  • Standard US Poker size deck of playing cards.
  • Rifts® specific symbols for each suit.
  • 52 full color playing cards, plus 2 Jokers.
  • Diamonds are magic. Clubs are D-Bees. Hearts are heroes. Spades are the Coalition States.
  • Each card is a unique, color image. Artists include John Zeleznik, Scott Johnson, Kevin Long, David Dorman, Charles Walton II, Mark Evans, and others.
  • The back of the cards is the artwork from the cover of Rifts® Ultimate Edition depicting a Ley Line Walker with an Alien Intelligence emerging from the Rift opening behind him, energy swirling. Art by Scott Johnson.
  • Customized, full color, Rifts® tuck box.
  • $11.99 retail – Cat. No. 2575 – available now.

Rifts Poker Deck 2

New! Rifts® Poker Deck Two (black & white illustrations) – available now

52 iconic images and characters by your favorite artists. This second deck of playing cards captures Rifts® in a different light. Each card features a different iconic, black and white illustration set in a color border of rippling magic energy from the Rifts. Illustrations are by a wide range of fan favorite artists. A fun and attractive item for playing cards, collecting, and other uses.

  • Premium card stock.
  • Standard US Poker size deck of playing cards.
  • Rifts® specific symbols for each suit.
  • Color border and suits.
  • 52 playing cards featuring iconic illustrations, plus 2 Jokers.
  • Diamonds are monsters. Clubs are heroes. Hearts are robots and power armor. Spades are the Coalition Army.
  • Each card has a unique illustration of a famous Rifts® hero, monster, mech or agent of the Coalition. Artists include Kevin Long, Ramon K. Perez, Freddie Williams II, Michael Wilson, Jeffery Russell, Apollo Okamura, and others.
  • Customized, full color, Rifts® tuck box.
  • The back of the cards is the artwork from the cover of Rifts® Psyscape depicting a beautiful female psychic warrior, triumphant over a robotic enemy. Art by John Zeleznik.
  • $11.99 retail – Cat. No. 2576 – available now.

Rifts Sovietski Raw Preview

New! Rifts® Sovietski – Raw Preview Limited Edition – available now

The Raw Preview Edition of Rifts® Sovietski™ is an advance copy of the unedited, unillustrated, final working manuscript for this exciting new sourcebook. You get to see the unfinished book months before the final title is released. A rare look at the raw manuscript before publication. Limited to a total of 150 copies.

Contains background information on the fledgling Sovietski and notable cities and people, bunker creation tables, Deadzone Tables, Spetznaz Special Forces, the Soviet Army and its weapons, cyborgs, new bionics, 21 new combat vehicles, Russian D-Bees and more. Note: The finished Rifts® Sovietski™ is anticipated to ship by the end of this year. However, with all the art that is needed, it might slip into an early 2017 release. But you can start playing right now with this special edition!

  • Limited collector’s edition – only 150 total copies made – half of those already sold!
  • Sold on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.
  • A rare glimpse at the virgin manuscript and a work in progress.
  • By Brandon Aten and Matthew Orr.
  • $24.99 – Cat. No. 891-RAW – available now, while supplies last. Do not miss out.

Robotech RPG Tactics

Robotech® RPG Tactics

Robotech® is getting hotter and hotter. It is the Number One Anime on Crackle, the Robotech® movie from Sony Pictures sounds like it is going to be become a reality, more Robotech® licensed products are appearing, and Palladium is gearing up toward the release of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Wave Two and more Robotech® products. Ah, but the core game and expansion packs to get you started are available right now.

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast-paced, tabletop combat game that captures the action and adventure of the Robotech® anime. Two or more players can engage in small squad skirmishes or scale up to massive battles. Relive the clashes of the First Robotech War, engage in stand-alone tactical games, or use the dynamic game pieces to enhance your Robotech® RPG experience. Or simply collect your favorite mecha from an expanding range of top-notch game pieces. Get yours now.

Robotech The Masters Saga Sourcebook

Robotech®: The Masters Saga Sourcebook – New, large format 8½ x 11 sourcebook – Now available!

Robotech®: The Masters Saga™ Sourcebook has been enlarged to the standard 8½ x 11 inch format and 160 pages. Artwork was given the deluxe treatment – large, clear, and detailed to go along with the wealth of information about the Second Robotech War, the Army of the Southern Cross, its combat forces, mecha, weapons, and vehicles. The same comprehensive treatment was given to the invading Robotech Masters.

Forget the corny drama, the emphasis of this sourcebook is on the Second Robotech War and the equipment on both sides. Making the Masters Saga a big mecha and equipment book that you will want in your collection. Did you know the Army of the Southern Cross used power armor and Battloids in addition to their famous mecha? You’ll find out all about it in this comprehensive 160 page sourcebook. Much of it described and statted out in an “official” capacity for the very first time in this sourcebook. Note: Only the size, size of artwork and layout has changed. The text and data are the same as the manga-sized edition, apart from eratta and minor additions.

  • 40+ weapons; pistols, rifles, grenade launchers.
  • 15 O.C.C.s and MOS skill packages for the 8 main branches of the ASC and the 7 Special Forces Divisions operating under the Tactical Corps.
  • 14 ASC vehicles of the Army of the Southern Cross (ASC).
  • ASC Tactical battle shields, jet packs and other gear.
  • ASC Veritech Mecha including the Ajax, Logan, Spartas Hover Tank, Myrmidon Light Hover Tank.
  • 6 ASC power armor suits.
  • 4 ASC Battloids.
  • The Golem Autonomous Patrol Robot.
  • The Robotech Masters and their legions.
  • 6 different Bioroids, as well as the Bioroid Terminator, the Bioroid Invid Fighter, hover sled & more.
  • Tirolians, spacecraft and other gear and info.
  • Cover by Apollo Okamura. Interior art by the Mannings and others.
  • Written by Jason Marker.
  • 160 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 552. Available now.

The Rifter #74

NEW! The Rifter® #74 – Now available!

Rifts®, Splicers® and more awaits you in The Rifter® #74. And some material is official.

Every issue of The Rifter® is an idea factory for players and Game Masters to generate new ideas and find new avenues of adventure. It provides useful, ready-to-go source material you can just drop into your ongoing games. A doorway to new possibilities and numerous Palladium role-playing worlds. And the many new characters, O.C.C.s, powers, magic, weapons, villains, monsters, adventures and ideas for one setting can be easily adapted to any Palladium setting. Every issue has material for Rifts® and at least 2-3 other Palladium game lines. And don’t forget, most of the material can be easily adapted for use in ANY Palladium game setting.

Rifter® #74 Highlights:

  • Rifts® – The Town of Moorcroft™, by Julius Rosenstein – “official” source material. The Town of Moorcroft is not on most maps for a reason: most people don’t even know it exists, or that it rests on a Hidden Rift. Read about the town’s unique history, its Nexus Born, and key places and people. Makes a great location for player groups to rest, trade goods and find adventure.
  • Splicers® – I am Legion, Part Three, by Charles Walton II, Chris Kluge and Lance Colley – adventure plus “official” source material. The adventure continues as your heroes must deal with the new Machine personality known as Legion. In this adventure, the player group discovers a secret weapon facility of the Resistence. They will be introduced to a wide array of new Bio-Tech Weapons and Enhancements to prepare them for the ultimate showdown with Legion!
  • Rifts® – A Town in the Pecos Empire™, by Brett Caron.
  • Heroes Unlimited – The Ancient Weapon Master: Specialist, by Robert Daley Jr.
  • Rifts® short story – Acceptance, by S.E. Gibbons.
  • News, coming attractions, product descriptions and more.
  • A Rifts® cover by Apollo Okamura.
  • 96 pages – $13.95 retail – Cat. No. 174. Available now.

Coalition States Heroes of Humanity

NEW! Rifts® Secrets of the Coalition States – Heroes of Humanity – Available now!

Rifts® CS Heroes of Humanity™ changes the landscape of Rifts North America and beyond, presents ways to upgrade and improve existing Men-At-Arms characters with Advanced Training, and includes new character classes, weapons, equipment, alliances and conflict to inspire epic new adventures.

Rifts® Heroes of Humanity™ outlines the battle for the soul of humanity. The Minion War™ has spilled onto Rifts Earth. At the epicenter of the invasion is North America. If either of the two rival demonic forces succeeds in conquering the continent, the rest of the world shall follow and Earth will be annexed to Hell. The demon hordes believe no one can stop them. The Coalition States has something to say about that.

For the first time in history, the Coalition States, Northern Gun, the Manistique Imperium, Lazlo, New Lazlo, Free Quebec, the Cyber-Knights, Lemurians, True Atlanteans, D-Bees, mages, mercs and many, many others stand together against a common enemy. Meanwhile, the Splugorth of Atlantis, Archie Three, the Republicans and the Vanguard engage in their own shadow war against the invading demon hordes, and each other.

  • Heroes of Humanity™ lets unprecedented types of characters gather in mixed groups that would otherwise be ideologically opposed. Together they fight side-by-side for the greater good.
  • New ways to upgrade your existing Men-at-Arms characters.
  • Coalition Demon Hunter school and advanced training programs.
  • New Coalition O.C.C.s like the Death Knight and Skelebot Specialist.
  • Coalition military O.C.C.s expanded such as the CS Juicers, CS Combat Cyborgs, Psycho-Stalkers, Coalition psychics and more.
  • New CS gear such as the Hellbuster and Falcon Death Wing.
  • CS battle plans, world information and many adventure ideas.
  • The strategies and tactics of the demons against humanity.
  • The strategies and tactics of the Coalition States and its allies.
  • Summary of Demon and Deevil vulnerabilities.
  • One Xiticix battle plan and who really pays the price.
  • Plenty of guidelines, tables and rules to help you run it all.
  • Art by Charles “Chuck” Walton II, Amy L. Ashbaugh, Nick Bradshaw, Mark Dudley, Allen Manning, Brian Manning, Mike Mumah, Apollo Okamura, Tanya Ramsey, Benjamin Rodriguez, and Kevin Siembieda.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda, Carl Gleba, Matthew Clements and others.
  • 160 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 889. Available now!

Heroes of Humanity Arsenal

NEW! Secrets of the Coalition States: Heroes of Humanity Arsenal Sourcebook – Fall

The name, CS Heroes of Humanity™ Arsenal says it all. New Coalition armor, power armor, robots, combat vehicles, and related material.

  • New CS gear and weapons
  • New CS SAMAS and power armor.
  • New CS robots and combat vehicles.
  • More ways to upgrade and improve your characters.
  • More secrets and information about the Coalition States.
  • Wild adventure opportunities, fun and more.
  • Part of the Minion War™ “Crossover” series.
  • Art by Charles “Chuck” Walton II, Amy L. Ashbaugh, Nick Bradshaw, Mark Dudley, Allen Manning, Brian Manning, Apollo Okamura, Benjamin Rodriguez, and others.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda, Carl Gleba, Matthew Clements and others.
  • 96 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 893. Fall release. In final production.

The Rifter #73

NEW! Rifts® Secrets of the Atlanteans – Fall

True Atlanteans are descendants from Earth’s past. The survivors of the sinking of Atlantis (really a dimensional mishap) and travelers of the Megaverse, wielders of Tattoo Magic and other lost mystic arts. Most people regard them as heroes, but are they? The Sunaj Assassins are mythic villains feared by all, yet they too are True Atlanteans who serve dark forces.

For the first time, much of the story behind True Atlanteans and their secrets are revealed.

  • True Atlanteans revisited.
  • Optional Atlantean character creation tables including clan heritage and other factors.
  • Secrets of the stone pyramids, different types/purposes and powers.
  • Many new magic tattoos, magic spells, weapons and armor.
  • Atlantean hideouts and secret communities across the Megaverse.
  • The Sunaj Assassins, their secrets, history and plans for the future.
  • Atlantean Monster Hunter O.C.C., Atlantean Defender O.C.C. and much more. And this is just the tip of what this book contains.
  • Written by Carl Gleba. Additional text and ideas by Kevin Siembieda.
  • Final page count and price yet to be determined, but probably 160-192 pages – $20.95-$24.95 retail – Cat. No. 890. Fall release.

Rifts The Disavowed

Rifts® Secrets of the Coalition States: The Disavowed™ – Fall

“Desperate times require desperate measures. War has nothing to do with morality or justice. It’s all about winning or dying. We cannot bind our hands with high ideals, even our own, or worry about the laws of renegade nations or the rights of alien people. We must fight fire with fire. And you are the match.” – Colonel Lyboc addressing a Disavowed team

The Disavowed are so Top Secret that their existence is known only to a handful of the Coalition States’ most elite, top echelon, with Joseph Prosek II the mastermind behind the Disavowed operation, and Colonel Lyboc its shadowy face. Find out who these men and women are. How the Disavowed get away with using magic, traveling to other parts of Rifts Earth and even to other dimensions in pursuit of enemies and strategic information that cannot be had through conventional means. Learn about the secret parameters in which these hard-boiled warriors, secretly hand-picked by Joseph Prosek II, operate, why almost every mission is considered a suicide mission, and why they must forever be the Disavowed.

  • CS operatives so secret that even the top military and political leaders right up to Emperor Prosek know nothing about them. And if they did know, would they condone their activity or condemn it?
  • Are the Disavowed heroes or renegades? Assassins or soldiers? Madmen or super-patriots? Or a little of them all?
  • Unsung heroes who keep the CS safe, or thugs and pawns of a shadow agency within the Coalition government?
  • What role does the Vanguard play in this group?
  • How do they reward their D-Bee “teammates” when the mission is over?
  • What happens to the Disavowed when they have seen or learned too much? Adventure ideas galore and so much more.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda and Matthew Clements.
  • Final page count and price yet to be determined, but probably 96 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 892. Fall release.

NEW! Rifts® Haunted Tech – Fall

The Republicans decide to make their move while Archie Three is waging his own shadow war against the demonic invaders. The result unleashes a menace Archie has kept contained and locked away for 300 years. And he is not happy about it.

  • Haunted Technology.
  • New weapons and gear.
  • More secrets and information about the Republicans.
  • More insane adventure opportunities, strangeness and fun.
  • The new rules, powers and abilities for Haunted Tech will blow your mind.
  • Haunted Tech gives new meaning to “ghost in the machine.” But are they a godsend or a Pandora’s Box of new dangers?
  • The Republicans reveal themselves and take action! Yes, that means Chaos Earth® NEMA O.C.C.s, robots and technology in Rifts® Earth.
  • Archie Three takes action behind the scenes, in a big way.
  • Part of the Minion War™ “Crossover” series.
  • Art by Charles “Chuck” Walton II, Mark Dudley, Allen Manning, Brian Manning, Benjamin Rodriguez, and others.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda with help from Charles Walton II.
  • 96 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 894. Fall release.

Garden of the Gods – a Palladium Fantasy RPG® Sourcebook – Fall

This has been a secret project of Kevin Siembieda’s that he has been plotting and writing in what little spare time he has. The Garden of the Gods is said to be a holy place watched over and even frequented by the avatars of the gods. According to legend, the god may visit heroes and followers in dreams or in person by an avatar of the god, to be given guidance, inspiration, heroic quests, and gifts of knowledge and magic. More details about this title will follow.

  • The Garden of the Gods described in detail.
  • Godly insight and visitations.
  • Gifts of magic and knowledge.
  • Sanctuary and more.
  • The Black Pit, a place of evil and dark secrets. Is it a counterbalance to the good of the Garden or a trick of the Old Ones?
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda.
  • Final page count and price yet to be determined, but probably 96 pages – $16.95 retail. Cat. No. 475. A Fall release.

Hell Followed

NEW! Hell Followed – Ships in October

A Dead Reign® Zombie Apocalypse Sourcebook

At 160 pages, Hell Followed™ is the largest Dead Reign® sourcebook yet. Artist Nick Bradshaw is already fast at work on the art. Cover by E.M. Gist is finished.

Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Find out by playing the Dead Reign® RPG series. This post-apocalypse setting is only picking up steam and is about much more than just killing the walking dead. And future sourcebooks are about to get scarier as they delve deeper into the survivor camps, Death Cults, the new world order, and human heroes and villains.

  • 10 new types of zombies.
  • New O.C.C.s and skills.
  • Running zombie horde battles.
  • Disasters and other dangers.
  • US government’s response to the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Government enclaves and survivor camps.
  • More world information, new dangers and new adventures.
  • Cover by E.M. Gist.
  • Interior art Nick Bradshaw.
  • Written by Taylor White. The biggest Dead Reign® sourcebook yet.
  • 160 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 236. October 2016 release. In final production.

Rifts® Chaos Earth® Sourcebook: First Responders – Winter

The Great Cataclysm has devastated civilization, but humanity fights for survival. The struggles of civilian law enforcement, fire and rescue, and everyday men and women are some of the most epic tales to be told in a world gone to hell. They fight monsters, aliens, the paranormal, the elements, and each other, all with the hope of reclaiming their lives from the Chaos.

  • New D-Bees and monsters from the Rifts.
  • First Responder O.C.C.s, skills and special equipment.
  • New “average citizen” Occupational Character Classes (O.C.C.s).
  • New equipment for NEMA “Roscoes” and other emergency personnel.
  • Notable rescue vehicles, robot drones, and technology.
  • Source information and stats for common Golden Age technology (weapons, vehicles, medical tech, etc.).
  • Apocalypse Plagues brought from other worlds to Chaos Earth.
  • Adventure ideas and more.
  • Written by Jason Richards. Additional text by Clements & Siembieda.
  • 96 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 665. Winter release (tentative).

Wolfen Empire

BACK in STOCK: Wolfen Empire for Palladium Fantasy

The Wolfen Empire is growing. And that means trouble for humans, Dwarves, and other people as the Wolfen flex their military might and begin to study magic in earnest.

The Wolfen Empire™ sourcebook provides insight and history about the Wolfen, their past, present and goals for the future. The Wolfen are poised to become the next great civilization, but at what cost? Six fleshed out adventures plus a 101 adventure ideas table give players and Game Masters plenty of material for exploring the Great Northern Wilderness and encounters with the Wolfen.

  • The 12 Wolfen Tribes, their history and legends.
  • The Wolfen Empire, its economy and civilization.
  • Wolfen Military, rank, position and plans.
  • Geography of the Wolfen Empire.
  • 13 notable creatures of the North.
  • 101 Adventures Table and numerous other Random Encounter Tables.
  • 6 fleshed out adventures across the Great Northern Wilderness.
  • A few infamous towns, villains and notable people.
  • Cover by Ramon K. Perez. Art by Perez, Johnson, Talbot, Williams and others.
  • Written by Erick Wujcik, Kevin Siembieda & Bill Coffin.
  • 160 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 471. Back in stock.

Villains Unlimited

BACK in STOCK: Villains Unlimited for the Heroes Unlimited RPG series

It’s the reference book that never gets old – 80+ superhuman villains, a secret organization that supplies villains and criminals, another that hunts superhumans, plus rules and tables for creating your own super-organizations, Game Master playing tips, and more.

All of it provides Game Masters with bad guys and ideas for adventure, because each description presents the villain’s origin, motivation and goals. Just drop ‘em into your campaign and watch the super abilities fly. That’s why Villains Unlimited™ has been a fan favorite for years.

  • 80+ villains completely stated out.
  • A few villain teams and organizations and their evil agendas.
  • S.C.R.E.T. stands for Superbeing Control Retrieval and Elimination Teams who are part of a multi-national organization to handle the “superhuman problem.” Are they hunting your heroes?
  • Fabricators Inc. is an international arms dealer whose exclusive clientele is superhuman bad guys and the criminal underworld.
  • Magic Tattoos, weapons, cyborgs, a crazed world conqueror, madmen and adventure ideas galore await.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda and Kevin Long. Art by Kevin Long.
  • 224 pages – $24.95 retail – Cat. No. 501. Back in stock.

Century Station

BACK in STOCK: Century Station

City, Villain & Heroes Sourcebook for Heroes Unlimited RPG

Century Station™ is a compelling cityscape described and mapped. It is a great location to base a Heroes Unlimited™ campaign or a place to visit. The 51 superhuman villains, some of whom are members of villain teams, provide instant antagonists that can be dropped into any game at any time. Likewise, the 40 dynamic heroes can be used as NPCs (Non-Player Characters) or as pre-generated player characters, plus there are weapons, equipment and adventure ideas galore. All ready for you to incorporate into your campaign in an instant.

Each villain and hero provides Game Masters with ideas for adventure, because each description presents the villain’s or hero’s origin, motivation and goals. Century Station™ and Villains Unlimited™ are both excellent resources for gadgets, weapons and inspiration for creating your own heroes, villains and conflicts.

  • 51 villains completely statted out.
  • 40 heroes and lawmen to use as NPCs or pre-generated player characters.
  • The District of Century Station, its history, purpose, problems, and notable locations mapped and described.
  • Dozens of gadgets and weapons.
  • Endless adventure.
  • Cover by John Zeleznik. Interior art by Wilson and others.
  • Written by Bill Coffin. Additional text by Siembieda.
  • 224 pages – $24.95 retail – Cat. No. 517. Back in stock.

After the Bomb RPG

BACK in STOCK: After the Bomb® RPG

– Stand alone game and suitable for Heroes Unlimited RPG

Ever wonder what it would be like to play an intelligent, humanoid eagle? What about a sword wielding turtle or ninja rodent, or heroic wolfman, or a flying pig? In After the Bomb® you can turn a mouse into the size of a gorilla, or keep him small and sneaky, but with special animal powers, psychic abilities and human speech and intelligence. Or create that winged humanoid eagle who preys upon criminals. Or maybe that giant hamster, let alone mutant lion or tiger, is an animalistic brute who hunts other mutants (humans and animals!) and feasts upon them like a monstrous predator. The choices are yours.

After the Bomb® lets you mutate any animal you can think of, into a heroic crime-fighter set in our modern world or a mutant animal survivor of post-apocalyptic Earth — think Planet of the Apes on steroids. An environment where humans struggle to survive in a devastated (nuked?) world, and intelligent mutant animals appear to be the inheritors of the planet. Fun. Wild. Imaginative stories await.

The After the Bomb® RPG and its future world setting is one of the late, great, Erick Wujcik’s most fun and lasting creations. Play it as a stand-alone game or use AtB as a resource to create mutant animals that can be dropped into your Heroes Unlimited™ game, Aliens Unlimited™, Rifts®, Phase World®, Robotech® or just about any game setting. Play them as mutant animals or aliens from another world, heroes or villains, victims and fugitives, but get After the Bomb® because its mutant creations can fit many roles and are a blast to play in any setting.

  • 100+ intelligent mutant animals already described, statted and ready for you to play.
  • Mutant animal creation rules that lets you turn ANY animal into a mutant with human intelligence, a humanoid body (or not), and super animal powers and/or animal psionics.
  • Mutant humans who sacrifice their humanity for super abilities.
  • The blasted, post-apocalyptic setting and villains.
  • Six post-apocalyptic After the Bomb® adventures.
  • A complete role-playing game with core rules, skills, weapons and equipment, apocalyptic world setting and playing tips.
  • Suitable for use with the Heroes Unlimited™ RPG and other RPG settings.
  • Art by Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Jim Lawson, Ramon K. Perez, Freddie Williams II, Tyler Walpole and others.
  • Cover by Scott Johnson.
  • Written by Erick Wujcik.
  • 224 pages – $24.95 retail – Cat. No. 503. Back in print.

Heroes Unlimited RPG

Heroes Unlimited RPG – Reminder

Want to play superhumans and caped heroes, mutants and aliens, power armor clad champions and super soldiers? The Heroes Unlimited™ RPG lets you create them all and more.

The game is called Heroes Unlimited™ because it enables you to create every type of superhuman and comic book hero you can imagine. Bring your favorite comic book heroes to life or create an entirely hero of you own design. Then weave adventure adventures set in our modern world but one where superhumans, heroes and villains make our world even more exciting and dangerous. If you know and love comic books, you know what happens next.

A complete game, all you need to get started is this 352 page rule book, a few friends, dice and an imagination. With several sourcebooks back in stock, and comic book heroes the rage in film and TV, we thought we would remind people about just how awesome the Heroes Unlimited™ RPG really is. Order yours today.

  • 101 super abilities. And many have a variety of sub-powers within them, plus bonuses and special combat capabilities.
  • 100+ magic spells plus enchanted weapons and objects.
  • Wizards and those enchanted and empowered by magic.
  • 72 psychic powers.
  • Mutants with super abilities and mutant animals.
  • Mega-Heroes and immortals.
  • Bionic and power armor creation rules.
  • Robots and super-vehicle creation rules.
  • Super-Soldiers and martial arts masters.
  • Cover by comic book legend, Jim Steranko.
  • Art by Ramon K. Perez, Paulo Parente, Mike Gustovich, Kevin Long and others.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 352 pages for a complete RPG – $26.95 retail – Cat. No. 500.

Coalition States Heroes of Humanity

Rifts® World Book 28: Arzno

Looking for vampire slayers and anti-vampire TW devices? You need to visit Arzno. Arno is a mercenary city built on the edge of the Grand Canyon. It is a force for good, but threatened by the encroaching vampire menace from Mexico who have marked the mercs for destruction. Arzno™ has plenty of fun source material, Techno-Wizard power armor and weapons, a vampire invasion adventure scenario and other adventure ideas. Available from Palladium in book form and as a PDF from

  • The City and Territory of Arzno™ described and mapped. A good place for adventurers to trade goods and resupply.
  • The Arzno Mercenary Corps, notable heroes and people of Arzno.
  • 36 Techno-Wizard creations including TW weapons, power armor, vehicles and devices, most designed for combating vampires!
  • The vampire legions of General Zavier Stuart, and the sinister Blood Cult.
  • The ghost-filled forest known as the Waste and some of the monsters found there.
  • The Great Trade Road and many other notable locations.
  • Looking for adventure? Arzno brings it.
  • Cover by John Zeleznik. Art by Walton, Dubish, Breaux and others.
  • Written by Jason Richards. Additional text by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 160 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 868. Now available in PDF form as well as the printed book!


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