Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Dec. 31, 2014

By Kevin Siembieda

Happy New Year! May it be a prosperous and healthy one for us all

Trust me, good health and loved ones are what matter most in life. And maybe some good games and sourcebooks to play with all those healthy friends. I think we’ll be able to help out on that last part a lot in 2015. And with the Palladium Open House in May, and some ideas and changes I have in mind for the Palladium website, maybe help on all fronts. ;)

I don’t know why it is so easy to get caught up in the minutiae of life and sometimes let the important things – friends, family, good health, appreciating who and what we have in our lives, taking time to play games and have a laugh – get overshadowed by so much drama and negativity all around us. We all do it. Human nature, I guess. It’s hard to escape, because it is everywhere, especially from the media and online. I think my New Year’s resolution (and I rarely do them) is to focus on the fun and the positive. To be a harbinger of imagination and fun, more than ever. Games are our life. Creating vehicles that fire up the imagination and inspire adventure and fun is the very definition of what we do. But we want to do that in even more exciting and dynamic ways. To create a positive environment of perpetual fun and games for a true family of gamers. We’ll be doing that with new games, new sourcebooks, new conversations and changes to the website. And we want you to join in the fun. I’ll go into more details in the next Weekly Update.

2014 was a wild ride for us at Palladium Books®

A lot of that ride and wildness involved the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ game and Kickstarter. As I keep saying, there has been a tremendous learning curve with all aspects of this product, from managing the Kickstarter itself to the manufacturing, importing, shipping, promotion and everything in between. We are certainly much, much wiser and know many things we did not at the beginning of the year. Like I said, it has been a wild year.

It has also been a year of tremendous excitement, potential and growth. If Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Wave One is the hit we all want it to be, this is just the beginning. We have so much more planned for the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ game line. Much more for The Macross® Saga followed by ALL eras of Robotech – The Masters Saga, New Generation, Shadow Chronicles and MORE. (Really.) Before we plot or talk too much about out plans for the future of RRT, we are working toward satisfying the rest of our Kickstarter obligations by getting the rest of the Wave One items to our overseas backers and getting the Wave Two items into manufacturing and release. More on all this in the next Weekly Update.

In some ways, 2015 could be even wilder. I mean we’ll be continuing to release new Robotech® RPG Tactics™ products, but I’m hellbent on getting a lot of other releases out too. Particularly book titles people have been anticipating for awhile now, as well as cool titles that have been in the pipeline waiting for final rewrite and edit. And for many of our game lines, including Rifts®, Chaos Earth®, Palladium Fantasy®, Beyond the Supernatural, Splicers® and Dead Reign®, among others. The Rifter® #68 describes some of these titles for the first time. I’ll talk about them in the next Weekly Update.

Right now, I want to keep business to a minimum and keep the happy holiday vibe going. To do that I’m going to post another big batch of comments from the Christmas Surprise Packages, which are quickly coming to an end. You have two weekends left before the Surprise Package offer is over.

UPDATE: Christmas Surprise Package Offer ENDS January 11, 2015

You have TWO weekends left to order. Do not delay. This offer will NOT be extended further. Every year, we debate whether or not we should extend the Christmas Surprise Package AFTER Christmas. And every year (so far), we extend it.

Why? Because it’s the nice thing to do. We realize many of you are so full of the Christmas Spirit that you spend your money on gifts for your loved ones rather than yourself. This wonderful act of charity often leaves no money for you to buy a Palladium Surprise Package for yourself. We think that sacrifice is pretty awesome and what the holiday season is all about, so we extend the offer so that you selfless souls can pick up a Surprise Package after the holidays. We know this happens, because a lot people over the years have thanked us for the extension for this very reason.

The extension is also for you Johnny Come-Latelies who are so caught up in the holiday frenzy, work and life that somehow you miss placing your order for the Christmas Surprise Package before the offer ends. It’s also for those of you who wish you had ordered one (or another one) but forgot. Lastly, it is our way to carry that holiday good cheer into the New Year. So get your post-holiday Surprise Package and enjoy. Please note that this offer will not be extended further. This is your last chance. Happy Holidays.

Click here to see the entire Surprise Package description.

UPDATE: The Rifter® #69 – January, 2015 release

Wayne is already working away on The Rifter® #69 to get back on our old quarterly schedule. This should be an end of January release.

UPDATE: Palladium Fantasy RPG®: Bizantium and the Northern Islands – in production – January release

Those pesky but delightful Surprise Packages, the business demands of year end, and getting knocked off my feet by a nasty bug have kept me from doing much on Bizantium. That said, I have been clearing my plate so I can dive into finishing it and several other titles for release early in 2015. And I can hardly wait. Ideas our bursting out of my head and demanding to be put on paper. Still scheduled for a January release.

UPDATE: Also Coming in January

Rifts® Book of Magic and Chaos Earth® Sourcebook 3: Rise of Magic™. Sorry, neither will be available in time of the last of the Surprise Packages. Other stuff is coming this first quarter, like dice bags for Rifts® and Robotech®, sourcebooks and more.

UPDATE: The Rifter® #68 – Available now!

The Rifter® #68 is full of good stuff and available now. Order yours soon. ‘Nuff said.

The Rifter® #68 preview and 90+ Palladium PDF titles available on

A preview of The Rifter® #68 is now available on, and we’ll be adding more issues to those available on in the weeks to come. Meanwhile, spread the word that there are 90+ Palladium Books titles available as PDFs on with more to be made available in the coming weeks. They currently include the Coalition Wars®/Siege on Tolkeen™ series, Splicers® RPG, The Rifter® issues #1-56 (with more being added soon), and first edition rules of the Rifts® RPG, Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, Heroes Unlimited™ RPG, The Palladium Fantasy RPG®, and related 1st edition sourcebooks for each. And more! Like what? Like Fantasy Paper Miniatures and Game Master Kits for digital download. They are available only as PDF files and were designed special to help you run your games and build campaigns. There are also sneak previews of books and other good stuff. Check it out! And let other gamers know they are available too. We’ll be making more available on DriveThru in the weeks and months to come. So take a look on a regular basis.

UPDATE: More Murmurs from the Megaverse®

I’m posting more frequently and hope to post much more often in the New Year.

UPDATE: Palladium Open House – May, 2015

That’s only FIVE months away! Can you believe it? Have you ordered your admission tickets and “reserved” your hotel room? What are you waiting for? I’m so excited.

Click here for more information and to purchase your tickets.

X-Mas Grab Bag

Season’s Greetings and Fan Comments

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I present for your enjoyment a selection of Surprises Package comments from fans like you.

Every year, in acknowledgment of our fans, and because they are fun to read, we offer a sampling of Surprise Package comments in the Weekly Updates. It’s a nice way to give some of you a shout out and share what fellow gamers are saying and doing. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have stuck with Palladium through thick and thin.

Your comments and support mean the world to all of us. Everyone at Palladium enjoys reading your brief comments. They always brighten our day. Thank you. Since I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like, I have tried to write a short response [in brackets] when applicable. Keep those imaginations burning bright, have a joyous holiday and brilliant New Year.

I.P. in Vanves, France, writes: Love you guys, love Splicers® and Walton. Excellent work on Nightbane® too. And, of course, Rifts®. Autographs please, I collect them!

[We love you right back I.P., in fact, we do these Surprise Packages with autographs as a way to say thank you and to let you know you are appreciated. Keep that imagination burning bright. – KS]

Frank in Bavaria, Germany, writes: You’re still the best gaming company around! It’s a pity that it has become harder and harder to find your books here in Germany. It’s great that you’re offering your Christmas Surprise Package again. Many thanks and a happy holiday season!

[Thank you for the high compliment, Frank. Yeah, distribution across Europe is difficult, so I’m glad you took advantage of the Surprise Package. There’s still time to get another one, if you want one. Happy holidays. – KS]

J.B. in Gilbert, Arizona, writes: Thank you everyone at Palladium! This [the Grab Bag offer] is one of the coolest holiday packages I have ever seen. Have an amazing holiday!

[Thanks J.B., we like to think it is truly unique and fun. You have an amazing holiday and New Year, too. – KS]

A.K. in Horton, Michigan, writes: This is my second Grab Bag this year! First one was awesome. This fall/winter has been jam-packed with high octane tabletop RPGs. It is awesome of you guys to do deals like this. Much respect and I am hoping everybody at Palladium has an excellent holiday season.

[Right back at you, A.K., happy holidays and an awesome New Year. – KS]

S.P. in Harrisburg, Oregon, writes: Love Rifts®, keep it up.

[Will do, S.P. – KS]

A.M. in Athens, Georgia, writes: Long live Palladium. Been playing since the early 90s. Now as an adult, I am getting friends back together to play again, and I have introduced role-playing to my child. I love this stuff.

[Thank you, A.M. I hope we can be around for decades to come. Glad you still enjoy RPGing so much, me too! I don’t mean for that to sound strange, I just LOVE role-playing games, and it can be so fun to bring your children into the fun. Kids pick up RPGs like falling off a log. – KS]

S.R. in Polson, Montana, writes: You’ll be happy to know that I have introduced four new players to the Megaverse® in the last four months, and now they are buying books. Your minion base grows! Looking forward to more Fantasy and Beyond the Supernatural books. Can hardly wait.

[That makes me very happy, S.R. I’ve always believed “word of mouth” is one of the best ways to grow a product line. And who doesn’t want more minions, lol, so thank you. I expect 2015 will see at least 2-3 new books for both Palladium Fantasy RPG® and BTS. – KS]

M.S. in Sweet Home, Oregon, writes: You guys do great in finding what my husband wants! Your best judgement would be appreciated from a wife that knows nothing about gaming.

[Glad we can help, M.S. You help us by providing a few specific books and helpful general information. Wish everyone was as clear and helpful. – KS]

S.H. in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada, writes: Merry Christmas guys and gals, so this is my 12 or 13th year in a row ordering a X-Mas Grab Bag and the primary reason I have no room on my bookshelves and have trouble making this list. LOL. I’m super-looking-forward to Bizantium and the Northern Islands™, and hope that some new Heroes Unlimited™ stuff is in the pipe line. Wishing you and yours a great holiday season and that all of you have a great 2015.

[Thank you for the warm wishes, S.H. I hope your holiday season is a great one too, and may all of us enjoy an amazing 2015. I’m looking forward to Bizantium™ as well, though I have had little time to work on it these past few weeks. Getting sick in time for Christmas didn’t help matters. A couple of things are being worked on for Heroes Unlimited™, but no sense of a release date for them yet. Happy New Year and game on. – KS]

B.B. in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, writes: I haven’t been able to take advantage of the X-Mas Surprise Package for a few years. I’m glad you still offer it. It’s a great way for fans to help complete their collections.

[One of many reasons we do the Surprise Package offer, B.B. Enjoy. – KS]

M.T. in Sahuarita, Arizona, writes (in part): I recently ordered my first Surprise Package and was very pleased with what Santa Kevin sent me. So pleased that I’m ordering again. I love the autographs and comments . . . I was a big backer of Robotech® RPG Tactics and I am hoping to see a future Kickstarter for a Southern Cross set.

[I’m glad you are enjoying the Surprise Packages, signatures and personal touches, so much. As for Southern Cross, if things go well with getting everyone their Wave One and Wave Two products, and the game line sells well, you can count on it. We plan to do EVERY era of Robotech®. Game on. – KS]

A.J. in San Antonio, Texas, writes: I look forward to Christmas every year because of the Grab Bags. Thank you so much.

[Always pleased to spread some holiday cheer whenever I can. Happy Holidays, A.J. – KS]

J.G. in Los Angeles, California, writes: Just a heartfelt thank you once again for all the years (decades actually) of fun.

[You are very welcome, J.G. Thank you for the decades of support. – KS]

J.R. in Kamloops, BC, Canada, writes (in part): It has been a year of hosting games at my local shop, spreading the word about the Palladium settings and getting new people hooked. We’ve had some wild adventures and some great laughs. Events like these make me proud of my almost 20 years as a fan, because every year Palladium proves that it loves its fans like no other. So happy holidays to the whole crew at Palladium, and here’s to another great year of gaming with friends and making new friends.

[I’m proud to have awesome fans like you, and thousands of others. I love your comments, J.R., because to me, RPGing is all about fun, friends, character and story – adventure with those friends, new and old. Fantastic. Hey, if you aren’t one of Palladium’s Megaversal Ambassadors, you might want to look into the M.A.s. Thanks for running games and spreading the word. – KS]

To all of you out there in the Palladium Megaverse®, Happy New Year and keep those beautiful imaginations burning bright. I can not believe the year is almost gone. I must be a glutton for punishment, because I’m hoping to make 2015 the most exciting year for Palladium Books, ever! Happy holidays from me and everyone at Palladium Books. May your adventures, real and imagined, always have a happy ending.

– Kevin Siembieda, Publisher and proud Surrogate Santa

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