Palladium New Year’s Eve Update – Dec. 31, 2013

By Kevin Siembieda

Happy New Year!

What a crazy year this last one has been.

Robotech RPG Tactics

Robotech® expanding universe. Thanks to input from fans in 2012, we decided to make 1/285th scale Robotech® game pieces. After joining forces with Ninja Division (the talent behind Soda Pop Miniatures and Cipher Studios), our plans expanded to make a new game called Robotech® RPG Tactics™. Palladium’s Carmen Bellaire was a huge asset in designing game rules that capture the feel and action of Robotech®, as was Ninja Division’s David Freeman. Working together, we had an incredibly successful Kickstarter that will allow us to give fans something truly special. Despite unexpected and unwanted delays, this product line is shaping up to be awesome. As fans of Robotech® ourselves, we at Palladium Books want this game to be a blast to play and the game pieces to blow people’s minds. In fact, we are talking with Harmony Gold to expand the range of Robotech® gaming products we can offer. Time will tell.

The groundwork for more books. 2013 was not a great year for book releases, with all too few in number. Ah, but the titles that saw release were outstanding, and even issues of The Rifter® seemed to be better than ever, with lots of fun, usable source material. 2014 will see that same quality and a much greater number of role-playing game and sourcebook releases. In a lot of ways, 2013 set the stage for Palladium’s explosive return with a lot of new products in 2014.

Palladium getting strong and rockin’ hard. Palladium Books continues to gain strength and we have all kinds of ideas, products and positive changes coming in 2014. I’ll talk more about this in our next Weekly Update.

Look forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year for us all

On the eve before the New Year it seems natural for us to reflect on the past year. To be honest, we've been so busy, we haven’t had much time for that yet. Our heads are well into the 2014 schedule of new book releases and other products. I think 2014 is going to be a great one. Again, I’ll talk more about things to come in the next Weekly Update. For now, I’m going to keep this short, focus on good cheer and leave you with more fan comments from Christmas Surprise Packages.

You have the sincere thanks and appreciation of the entire Palladium crew for your support, kind words and friendship. As I write this, we have a long-time fan visiting the Palladium offices for the very first time. He is full of great stories, ideas and enthusiasm about his Palladium gaming experiences that make me proud, and remind me that most Palladium fans are the greatest. Thank you Kris, you helped make a busy day of business matters end on a fun and cheerful note. My thanks to the multitude of people in my life who make it so rich, fun and exciting. And that includes you, our fans. Happy New Year. May it be better and joyful for us all.

– Kevin Siembieda, Publisher, Writer and Gamer

X-Mas Grab Bags

Two Weeks left – Surprise Package offer ENDS January 12, 2014

As stated in the Special Christmas Eve Update, Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick may be done and resting on December 26th, but at Palladium Books, we want to keep on giving into the New Year. But you only have till January 12, 2014 to order your last Christmas Surprise Package of the 2013 season.

We extended the offer because we realize many of you are so full of the Christmas Spirit that you spend your money on gifts for your loved ones rather than yourself. This wonderful act of charity often leaves no money for you to buy a Palladium Surprise Package for yourself. We think that’s pretty darn awesome, so we extend the offer so you selfless souls can pick up a Surprise Package after the holidays. We know this happens, because a lot of people over the years have thanked us for the extension for this very reason.

The extension is also for you Johnny Come-Latelies who are so caught up in the holiday frenzy, work and life that somehow you miss placing your order for the Christmas Surprise Package before the offer ends. And for those of you who wish you had ordered one (or another one) but forgot.

Lastly, it is our way to carry that holiday good cheer into the New Year. So get your post-holiday Surprise Package and enjoy.

Wujcik Keepsakes are still available, so don’t be afraid to ask for one. They are extra items in your Grab Bag. Items such as a book or magazine that once belonged to Erick Wujcik. Each has a statement written inside that states it is from the Wujcik collection, and signed by Kevin Siembieda.

$85-$95 worth of product for only about $48 or so in every Palladium Christmas Surprise Package! These days, that’s the price of a core rule book or two supplements. And sometimes the crazy Publisher includes even more value than that!

Autographs in every book in your Surprise Package, upon request if you want them. For many gamers, this is the only way for them to get signed books.

Get original artwork. The inclusion of art is considered only for those who request it, and depending on the size, subject and quality of the art, you may only get the art and one or two other items. (The typical piece of original art is 8½ x 11 and has a value of $30-$60.)

Get other goodies like limited edition prints, posters, back issues of The Rifter®, game settings you've been meaning to try, T-shirts, coffee mugs, bookmarks, magnets, Chi-Town Library pencils, Palladium greeting cards, and other Palladium goodies.

A great gift for ALL gift-giving occasions – Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.

It’s a surprise, like a real present, because you never know exactly what you are going to get and it is packed with love!

FREE Erick Wujcik Keepsake for Christmas Surprise Packages. A paperback novel or a magazine read and owned by Erick. This is a bonus item. Include it in your Wish List or in the Comments section by saying, “Please include an Erick Wujcik Keepsake,” and we’ll do so; while supplies last.

Placing your Surprise Package order involves you sending Santa Kevin a “Wish List” of 12-14 different in-stock products and a flat payment (plus shipping and handling). I then hand-pick items from that Wish List and I may include product you didn't ask for (hence the nickname, “X-Mas Grab Bag”), but all things I think you’ll enjoy, and we ship it all off to you. Gamers have been loving this special offer for 15 or 16 years now. Order one or several for yourself and for your gaming buddies. For the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or just to get cool stuff and signatures. Get all the information from the description in the online store.

Christmas Surprise Packages or Grab Bags are a long-running holiday tradition in which you can get several RPG titles at a substantial discount. It is our way to say thank you to our many fans for being so kind and patient, and for your years of support. You are appreciated more than you may know.

A great way to try that game setting you've wondered about (Splicers®, Dead Reign™, Chaos Earth™, Palladium Fantasy®, Nightbane®, etc.), or to get something for your favorite Game Master, or perhaps to get your player group to consider a new game or setting.

Click here to get more details and to place your order.

Check your Wish List twice. PLEASE make sure you give us 10-14 items on your Wish List that are in print (and NOT all Gold Editions, which are very limited), for EACH Surprise Package, or you might get items you already own or don’t want. It is a Grab Bag, after all, and if we don’t know what you’d like to get, we just grab items randomly.

Surprise Package comments from fans like you

Every year there is a section where the customer can offer comments and suggestions with his or her Surprise Package order. Every year, in acknowledgment of our fans, and because they are fun to read, we offer a sampling in the Weekly Updates. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have stuck with Palladium through thick and thin. Keep those imaginations burning bright, and enjoy a prosperous and happy New Year. Thank you for everything. Enjoy.

B.L. in Peabody, Massachusetts, writers: I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you again for the Christmas Surprise Offer! I wish everyone at Palladium Books a wonderful 2014.

[Thanks B.L., we wish you a wonderful 2014 as well. And yes, we had a very nice Christmas. I made the guys come into work the Thursday and Friday after Christmas, but I did treat everyone to the new Hobbit movie Friday evening. We enjoyed it. And I gave them the weekend off. I even took the weekend off myself. Probably shouldn't have, but it was nice to have a couple days away from work. – Kevin Siembieda]

F.F. in North Miami, Florida, writes: This year was going to be the first one ever that I would have failed to order a Surprise Package! BUT now: Thanks for the extension! I am already thinking about ordering a second one. Merry Christmas to all the PB crew!

[Glad we could help, F.F., enjoy. – KS]

B.M.L. in Washington Court House, Ohio, writes: Really, this year, I am just looking for some new settings to play with my group, and fill in some pieces of my Heroes Unlimited™ game. Love the Dead Reign™ game. Have had over a year success with it and the game is going strong. Keep up the great work! You guys rock!

[Thank you B.M.L., I’m glad you are enjoying Dead Reign™ so much. It is a very fun setting. Hope you enjoy your Surprise Package. And make sure you check out Fear the Reaper™, the latest sourcebook for DR. - KS]

Z.S. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, writes: I've played Rifts® for 10 years and I’m a huge fan of the Palladium RPG system.

[Thanks, Z.S., game on. – KS]

S.P. in Pacific Grove, California, writes: I have played your pen and paper games for over 17 years and still get great joy out of your universe. Thank you for your lovely brains.

[Yes, they are rather lovely brains, aren't they S.P.? Hey, wait a minute! You’re not a zombie, are you? – KS]

J.C. in Niles, Michigan, writes: When I opened my first X-Mas Package, I was so excited. So when I found out I could do this again, before next year, I jumped at the chance. Thank you Kevin and staff for making my X-Mas present to myself so awesome!

[You are very welcome, J.C., enjoy. – KS]

M.B. in Polson, Montana, writes: Really enjoy the Fantasy game. You guys game a light in the darkness that was D&D 3rd edition.

[Glad you enjoy Palladium Fantasy® so much. Game on! – KS]

M.H. in Crystal Lake, Illinois, writes: Thanks again, Santa Kev! Your generosity really allows so many people to enjoy your awesome games!

[Ah shucks, that’s the whole idea, M.H., to brighten the spirits of gamers everywhere. Ho, ho, ho. – KS]

J.J. in Ogden, Utah, writes: I haven’t played the Robotech® RPG since the late 1980s. Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is going to be so amazing, I can barely see straight while I wait for it to ship. I would love to get some Robotech® source material to help tide me over while I wait (somewhat) patiently for RPG Tactics™.

[I think you’ll find Robotech® RPG Tactics™ worth the investment and the wait, J.J. We feel your pain, though, and wish we could have gotten the game and crowdfunder items done and shipped out already. Sorry for the delays, but we want to make this game as excellent as possible. Hang in there and thank you for being (somewhat) patient. :) – KS]

J.P. in Florissant, Missouri, writes: Palladium Fantasy® and Mechanoids® are my favorites, and I really like Beyond the Supernatural™, Splicers®, and the Three Galaxies™ settings as well. I hope to see more for those lines. And Mechanoid® Space! In all seriousness.

[Hey J.P., you will see more sourcebooks for BTS and many of the lines you mentioned in 2014. Not Mechanoid® Space, however. Maybe in 2015. I know, I know, the torment of it all. – KS]

R.S. in Caddo Valley, Arizona, writes: Palladium Books has always been a company full of imagination and heart.

[Thank you, R.S. At the risk of sounding vain, you are correct. Thank you for noticing. We really do care about our products and the fans, and not just as a publicity stunt. We love what we do and we pour our hearts and souls into the products. Thanks again for recognizing that. Happy New Year. – KS]

J.D. in Modesto, California, writes: I love every game I own, but I have a special place in my heart for Dead Reign™, and Beyond the Supernatural™, with Heroes Unlimited™ a close third.

[Palladium Fantasy® is my all-time-favorite RPG to play. Beyond the Supernatural™ is probably second and Dead Reign™ third, especially when it comes to running at conventions. But I’ve had plenty of fun playing them all, and Rifts® is the ultimate. Um, no pun intended. – KS]

J.O. in Milan, Illinois, writes: Love the game system, that’s why I am still playing after 25 years.

[Thanks, J.O. Game on! – KS]

R.C. in Victoria, Texas, writes: YOU GUYS RULE!!! Happy New Year!

[I’m glad you think so, R.C. Happy New Year. – KS]

A.H. in Pleasant Hill, California, writes: Thanks again for another great year of fun releases. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the whole Palladium crew!

[We appreciate it, A.H. – back at you. – KS]

Happy New Year from the guys and gals at Palladium Books

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