Palladium Books® Weekly Update – June 16, 2011

A Birthday Letter to Palladium Books® from Kevin Siembieda

Happy Birthday, Palladium!

You are 30 years old. It doesn’t seem possible, does it? Those 30 years flew by like a shot for me. The Mechanoid Invasion® (available in the collected trilogy as a PDF from was your very first product. Weapons and Armor your second. Both caught the eye of gamers immediately. Though you have had your share of successful role-playing game releases (the Weapon Series, Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Heroes Unlimited, RECON®, Beyond the Supernatural, Ninjas & Superspies, etc.), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® RPG and Robotech® RPG were your first two “mega-hits.” Man, those were exciting and challenging days. Remember shipping out 12,000-16,000 copies of a new sourcebook the first day of release? Those were the days.

Then came Rifts®. We spent three and a half years creating it, but all that hard work paid off, didn’t it? Remember how nervous we were about its release? Kevin Long was the only one who didn’t have a doubt Rifts® would be a smash hit. But even he didn’t expect us to sell out our initial press run of 10,000 copies in three weeks, or that we’d sell 45,000 copies in the first year of release. That was pretty awesome. Now if only JB Films and Disney would make the darn Rifts® movie. I’d love to see a quality company like Bioware make a Rifts® videogame or MMO too. Wouldn’t that be something? Heck, I think it’s pretty cool that companies like those have shown an interest in Palladium’s intellectual properties.

My, my, Palladium Books. Thirty years old and you’ve touched so many lives. Millions of people by my tally. Even knowing that, I’m always surprised by the number of people who have found Palladium to be a significant influence in their lives. From gamers and fathers to artist and writers, there seems to be an ocean of people whose lives have been touched by Palladium Books in a positive way. Makes me proud to be part of that. When I started the company I never dreamed we’d inspire and delight people in such a meaningful way. How great is that, eh?

Hmm, 30 years old. That is young if Palladium were a human being. Mature as a business. And in the volatile role-playing game business, Palladium is one of only two or three companies to survive 30 years at all, let alone under the same ownership. We had some great times, didn’t we? Of course, not all those years were golden. The last decade has been rough, with its share of unpleasant surprises. I know I’m a little worse for the wear and a bit worn around the edges these days. But you know what, we both seem to have a spring in our step lately. And the ideas for new books, product lines and market areas . . . Wow. I wish I could snap my fingers and make them all a reality tomorrow.

Btw, I love the new website, though aren’t you a little young for a facelift? I guess it’s really more like a new suit of power armor than a surgical facelift. Whatever it is, you’re looking pretty snazzy and getting ready for the next 30 years. I know most of the bugs have been worked out of the new website and think it’s great that Palladium continues working on ways to reduce the load time and make other improvements and additions. I can hardly wait to see the video programs you’re planning for YouTube and the website. I like what you’re saying about things to come and you will turn some heads when you start kicking out all those new products.

Celebrating 30 years

Since you can’t invite everyone over to celebrate the big Three-Oh, I think it’s great you’re going to Gen Con® Indy. I hear Palladium Books® will be Booth #1125 by the Gen Con Art Show and near Fantasy Flight. That should be fun. I hope a lot of gamers drop by Palladium to visit and celebrate. I know I’ll be there, happy to chat and sign autographs the entire weekend (August 4-7, 2011).

The June Palladium Birthday Sales are another fun idea. I like that this weekend, and next, Palladium is offering seven batches of different sale items. And to make it a real celebration for your loyal gamers, Palladium has some amazing prices. Wow. I think it’s appropriate to offer most items in product “batches” of three to represent 30 years of making role-playing games. Though that ONE special hardcover is pretty sweet too. Palladium, you know how to make things fun. I’ll be sure to read all the details about the sales later in this Weekly Update.

I like the ideas you’re kicking around to celebrate some more later in the year too. I know it’s top secret, so I won’t say anything else.

Other News and Information

Those darn Online Sales. I know the uncertain economy and up and down online sales remain a concern for Palladium. Hang in there. The next two weeks of special Sale items to celebrate turning thirty will certainly give sales a boost. And when people see the new books coming out soon they’ll flip out and buy like crazy. Trust me, I know it. Don’t forget, you have the greatest fans on the planet, and they’ve got your back and love what’s coming out.

Good to see Rifts® Free Quebec – BACK IN PRINT and available now. Free Quebec offers different types of Glitter Boys, Quebec weapons and gear, adventure ideas, maps, world information about Free Quebec, O.C.C.s and more. I remember working on this puppy. Good stuff.

I’m also glad to see Palladium working to get other books back in print, including Mutant Underground™ for Heroes Unlimited™, Rifts® Dimension Book™ 6: Three Galaxies™, Rifts® World Book 23: Xiticix Invasion™, Coalition Wars® (Siege On Tolkeen) Book One: Sedition™, Book Two: Coalition Overkill™, and Chaos Earth™ Sourcebook Two: Rise of Magic™.

Plus you’ve had these eight items brought back in print and ready to ship recently.

UPDATE: Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms™. Palladium, you always have me working on so many things at once, that I never have enough time to just sit down and write my heart out like I’d like to. Despite that, I’ve gotten a lot of writing done on Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms™ and it is coming along beautifully. Hmm, beautiful probably isn’t a word I should use in context with the undead, but you know what I mean. I keep expanding on old ideas and adding new ones. I think probably 65% of Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms™ is finished at this point, and about 30% of Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook™. Writing has been going great and I plan to press on until it is done.

UPDATE: The Rifter® #55. Wayne and Alex are editing, I’ve assigned the artwork. It’s another great issue. I wish we’d see more people contributing articles for future issues. The Rifter® is designed to publish “fan” created source material, so what are people waiting for? They need to send us their 8-25 page articles.

UPDATE: Rifts® World Book 32: Lemuria. Editing and rewrites are underway. I’ve assigned more artwork. Palladium, you should have this book out by the end of July and in time for Gen Con. – Kathy Simmons’ life-size Halloween props never cease to amaze. They are so lifelike and fun. I know they look good in the photos, but they are even more impressive in person. If you are looking for a unique Halloween display, they are worth every penny.

Work progresses on Alex’s house. The plumbing is in and outdoor work finished. The electrical is all roughed in, and furnace and duct work should be in by the end of the week. All that’s left is replacing some windows, the interior painting, carpeting, and inspection by the city! They’re getting close to completion. Alex is very pleased.

Speaking of birthdays, we’ll be celebrating Kathy Simmons, Alex Marciniszyn and Thomas Bartold’s birthdays Friday night. I’m looking forward to a little down time with these good friends and wonderful individuals.

That’s it for now. Happy Birthday, Palladium Books. May the entire year be filled with one fast, new book release after another, and many successes. All of us look forward to going on adventures with you for years to come.

– Kevin Siembieda, Founder and Publisher

Warm Father’s Day Wishes

The warmest regards to all the gamer fathers out there. And there are MANY. All of us at Palladium Books® hope you have a wonderful day with your families.

Don’t forget to call your own father and tell him how much he means to you. This is my first Father’s Day without my Dad. It feels weird and a bit empty. I miss my Dad and wish he was here to give him a big hug and kiss. I am so thankful that we were close and that I have no regrets or words left unsaid. Still, even with the many fond memories, I miss Hank. Make sure you find the time to call or visit and send a card. It means so much to be remembered and feel loved and appreciated. While you’re at it, let Mom know you love her too. ;)

I also want to applaud all the Gamer Dads and Moms introducing the joys of pen and paper role-playing games to their children. It is so cool for me to see our games handed down from one generation to the next. Have a wonderful weekend.

Palladium’s 30th Birthday Sale

– June 16-20, 2011 – 5 Days Only!

After the positive response from our Palladium Memorial Day Sale, we thought we’d close out the month of June with a pair of sales to celebrate Palladium Books® turning 30 years old.

This week’s sale lasts five days only and ends Tuesday morning, June 21, 2011. Note: Next weekend’s 30th Birthday Sale offers seven different batches of items for sale. That will be it for awhile with sales, so take advantage of them while you can. Spread the word.

Since 2011 is Palladium’s 30th Anniversary/Birthday, most items are bundled in groups of three. The savings are mind blowing. This sale is a great way to add to your collection or buy gifts for birthdays, graduation, anniversaries and other occasions.

Please spread the word about this 5-day sale. After all, it’s part of Palladium’s birthday celebration and we want as many people as possible to be part of that. And don’t forget to pick up those new books, T-shirts and back in print titles you've been meaning to buy. Game on!

Rifter® #5, #6 & #7 Special

Rifter® #5, #6 & #7 Special

You get three out of print, highly collectible editions of The Rifter®. On the collectors’ market these issues can sell for as much as $30. Palladium sells them at conventions for $15.95 each.

  • The Rifter® #5, 112 pages, includes Robotech® Mecha, Palladium Fantasy RPG® Rune Weapons and the Rahu-Man, Spatial Magic™ spells, Techno-Wizard™ aircraft, werebeasts, a Knights of the Dinner Table™ comic strip and more. $15.95+ retail.
  • The Rifter® #6, 112 pages, includes Palladium Fantasy® Assassins, Ninjas & Superspies™ martial arts and adventure, the Mafia in Nightbane®, Hunter Robotics for Heroes Unlimited™, the Khans of Mongolia for Rifts®, Game Master tips, a Knights of the Dinner Table™ comic strip and more. $15.95+ retail.
  • The Rifter® #7, 112 pages, includes 10 martial arts not from the Orient, Dragon Hunters for Palladium Fantasy RPG®, new monsters for Nightbane®, experimental Skelebots for Rifts®, a Knights of the Dinner Table™ comic strip and more. $15.95+ retail.
  • $23.95 is your special sale price for ALL three items! Available for FIVE DAYS ONLY. Offer ends Tuesday morning, June 21, 2011.
  • $47.85 is the total value at Palladium prices, can be more on the collectors’ market for these three items.
  • Cat. No. MEM10.

Rifts® CS vs Magic Miniatures Special

Rifts® CS vs Magic Miniatures Special

You get three sets of Rifts® miniatures including Skelebots, Dog Boys and Men of Magic. Ideal for gaming, painting or display.

  • Pack #8004: Rifts® Coalition Dog Pack, four different Dog Boys, 25 mm metal miniatures, $6.00 retail. NO construction required.
  • Pack #8005: Rifts® Men of Magic, four different mages – a Ley Line Walker, Mystic, Techno-Wizard and a different looking Ley Line Walker.  25 mm metal miniatures, $6.00 retail. NO construction required.
  • Pack #8008: Rifts® Skelebots, Four Skelebots in different poses ready for patrol. 25 mm metal miniatures, $6.00 retail. Construction required.
  • $7.00 is your special sale price for ALL three items! Available for FIVE DAYS ONLY. Offer ends Tuesday morning, June 21, 2011.
  • $18.00 is the total value at normal retail for these three items.
  • Cat. No. MEM11.

Erick Wujcik Commemorative Collection

Erick Wujcik Commemorative Collection

You get three uniquely Erick Wujcik items you will enjoy and cherish for years to come.

  • Amberzine 12-15 – Rare – only 1,000 copies printed. This 512 page publication is Amberzine #12-15. Erick was a year late releasing the four issues of Amberzine, so he published them all under one cover in a massive tome. Includes two short stories by Roger ZelaznyBlue Horse, Dancing Mountains and Hall of Mirrors, plus Isle of Regret by Trent Zelazny, and many other contributors. This was the LAST issue of Amberzine published by Erick Wujcik/Phage Press. 512 pages, 6 x 9 inches. $60.00-$200.00 on the collector’s market. Rare.
  • After the Bomb® – the original sourcebook. 48 pages, $9.95 retail, (Cat. No. 503, sourcebook not RPG). Mutant animals suitable for use in Heroes Unlimited™ plus adventures in a post-apocalyptic Earth.
  • Mystic China, a sourcebook for Ninjas & Superspies/Heroes Unlimited. 208 pages, $24.95 retail, Cat. No. 526. It includes 14 Chinese martial arts, 87 Chi Magic spells, Celestial Calligraphy, a wealth of mystic powers (Mudra, Atemi, Katas, etc.), mystical creatures and more.
  • $47.00 is your special sale price for ALL three items! Available for FIVE DAYS ONLY. Offer ends Tuesday morning, June 21, 2011.
  • $94.95+ is the total value at normal retail from Palladium Books, more on the collectors market for Amberzine.
  • Cat. No. MEM12.

Robotech® Gold Hardcover Special

Robotech® “Gold” Hardcover Special

Get the signed and numbered limited Collector’s Edition of the

Robotech® Shadow Chronicles® RPG at the lowest price ever offered. Makes a fantastic gift. Looks rich and classy. 224 pages, Cat. No. 5500 HC.

  • Limited to 500 copies.
  • Color signature card is signed by 8 contributors including Kevin Siembieda and Tommy Yune.
  • Gold embossed on black leatherette. Special end sheets. Gorgeous.
  • The complete Robotech® RPG hardcover core rule book plus some art and space rules not in the manga edition.
  • Quick Character Creation Tables enable you to roll up your character in 15 minutes.
  • Alpha Fighters, Beta Fighters, Cyclones, Invid and more.
  • $49.95 is your special sale price for FIVE DAYS ONLY. Offer ends Tuesday morning, June 21, 2011.
  • $70.00 is the normal retail for this book.
  • Plus a special, surprise gift.
  • Cat. No. MEM13.

Rifts® Art Book Special

Rifts® Art Book Special

You get three gorgeous art books for almost the cost of just the first one in the list. What a deal. These books are as fun to look at as they are to read. Great for gifts.

  • Rifts® and the Megaverse®: The Art of John Zeleznik. 128 pages, $22.95 retail, Cat. No. 2510. This beautiful book is an inspiration to artists and may inspire game ideas. Includes many color paintings, color roughs, and hundreds of concept drawings. Color on glossy paper.
  • Rifts® Coloring Book. 48 pages, $5.95 retail, Cat. No. 870. Break out your crayons, markers or watercolor and have fun doing your rendition of the covers to Juicer Uprising, Coalition War Campaign and many other covers by John Zeleznik. Fun for all ages.
  • Rifts® Machinations of Doom, 128 pages, $18.95 retail, Cat. No. 871, and presents new Coalition schemes, genetic monsters to destroy magic users, characters, adventure ideas and a Rifts® comic by fan fave artist, Ramon Perez.
  • $25.50 is your special sale price for ALL three items! Available for FIVE DAYS ONLY. Offer ends Tuesday morning, June 21, 2011.
  • $47.85 is the total value at normal retail for these three items.
  • Cat. No. MEM14.

Zombie Deluxe Special

Zombie Deluxe Special

You get the Dead Reign™ RPG, the Dead Reign™ Dark Places™ sourcebook and the Dead Reign™ Coffee Mug – everything you need to start your zombie apocalypse campaign!

  • Dead Reign RPG, 224 pages, $22.95 retail, Cat. No. 230 – complete game with everything you need to play except dice, gamers and imagination.
  • Dead Reign Sourcebook Two: Dark Places, 64 pages, $12.95 retail, Cat. No. 232 and offering more zombies, madmen and adventure.
  • Dead Reign Coffee Mug – red printing on a black mug, microwave safe. Perfect for coffee, soda pop or whatever beverage helps you to survive the zombie apocalypse.
  • $27.54 is your special sale price for ALL three items! Available for FIVE DAYS ONLY. Offer ends Tuesday morning, June 21, 2011.
  • $45.90 is the total value at normal retail for these three items.
  • Cat. No. MEM15.

Gamer’s Special

Gamer’s Special

You get the Gamer Coffee Mug, the mixed set of Palladium Greeting Cards (six different cards and envelopes), and the Rifts® Adventure Guide™.

  • Rifts® Adventure Guide, 224 pages, $24.95 retail, Cat. No. 849 – with tips and ideas for building adventures that can be applied to Rifts® and other settings.
  • Palladium Greeting Cards – Mixed Set, 6 different cards (2 Christmas, two birthday, one Thinking of You and one Fantasy), $9.95 retail, Cat. No. 2515; look great.
  • Gamer Coffee Mug – white logo printed on a black mug, microwave safe. Perfect for game night or morning coffee or work.
  • $22.77 is your special sale price for ALL three items! Available for FIVE DAYS ONLY. Offer ends Tuesday morning, June 21, 2011.
  • $37.95 is the total value at normal retail for these three items.
  • Cat. No. MEM16.

Rifts Free Quebec

Rifts® World Book 22: Free Quebec

– Back in Print – Available Now

If you like Glitter Boys, high technology and/or Canada, you want this book. It is another World Book jammed full of valuable characters, information and adventure ideas.

  • Six new O.C.C.s.
  • Six different Glitter Boys, plus other power armor including the Pale Death SAMAS, Violator SAMAS and others.
  • Free Quebec robots, weapons and equipment.
  • Free Quebec combat vehicles and cyborgs.
  • Free Quebec Navy with power armor and weapons.
  • Overview of Free Quebec with maps and key places.
  • Conflict between Free Quebec and the Coalition States.
  • NPC villains, people, places and adventure ideas.
  • Art by Ramon Perez, Michael Wilson and others.
  • Written by Francois DesRochers and Kevin Siembieda.
  • 192 pages – $24.95 retail – Cat. No. 837. Available now.

Rifts Book of Magic

Rifts® Book of Magic

– Back in Print – Available Now

This is the ultimate guide to magic on Rifts Earth. All the magic spells, magic tattoos, Techno-Wizard items, magic weapons, equipment, body armor, restraints, parasites, symbiotes, magic items, Automatons, Iron Juggernauts, and more from Rifts® World Books 1-23, Sourcebooks 1-4, and Siege on Tolkeen 1-6, collected into one big reference. This is a great reference book. Kevin and all of us at Palladium use it and the Rifts® Game Master Guide constantly.

  • 850+ spells of great variety.
  • 370+ magic items, weapons and devices.
  • Elemental Magic, Temporal Magic, Ley Line Magic, Cloud Magic and Necromancy.
  • Tattoo Magic, Nazca Line Magic, Nature Magic, Whalesongs and Ocean Magic, and more.
  • Magic Songs, Chants, Biomancy, Magic Herbs, and Iron Juggernauts.
  • Techno-Wizard weapons and devices, Rune Weapons, Millennium Tree wands and other magic items.
  • Magic herbs, plants, components and symbiotes.
  • Shamanistic magic, Fetishes, Talismans and more.
  • Comprehensive index of Practitioners of Magic.
  • Designer notes, comments, tips & hints for running magic characters.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda and others.
  • 352 pages – $26.95 retail – Cat. No. 848. Available now.

Rifts World Book 1 Vampire Kingdoms Expanded and Updated

NEW! Rifts® World Book One:

Vampire Kingdoms™, Expanded & Updated – ships June

Kevin Siembieda is completely rewriting, reorganizing, and expanding one of the most popular Rifts® World Books ever published: Vampire Kingdoms™. Updated to 109 P.A., there is so much new material that it is practically a new book, yet it also preserves most of the original characters, concepts and information. The new material is built upon the original text, only rewritten, clarified and expanded. Vampire Kingdoms™ will be updated and expanded in a more dramatic fashion than Kevin’s work in Rifts® Sourcebook One a few years ago. Best of all, it will be quickly followed by the Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook™.

  • The Vampire Hunter O.C.C.
  • Techno-Wizard vampire slaying weapons and devices, new and old.
  • Vampires: Their strengths, weaknesses and powers.
  • The Vampire Kingdoms expanded.
  • Travel through the Vampire Kingdoms and surrounding areas.
  • Desert survival rules and guidelines.
  • Vampire strategies and plans for conquest.
  • The observations of Doc Reid.
  • Camazotz, Lord of Bats and Darkness – his plans for conquest of the Vampire Kingdoms and humanity.
  • Ciudad Juarez mapped and described. A typical village and other places also described.
  • The Yucatan Peninsula, and adventure ideas galore.
  • Were-Jaguars and other Were-Beasts of the Yucatan.
  • Updated and revised to 110 P.A., plus Archie Three and more.
  • Cover by E.M. Gist.
  • New artwork by Mike Wilson, Kent Burles, Mike Mumah and Nick Bradshaw, plus the best of Kevin Long and Tim Truman from the original book.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 192 to 224 pages – $24.95 retail – Cat. No. 802-E. Ships late June.

Rifts Vampires Sourcebook

NEW! Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook™

All new source material

Trouble is stirring in the Vampire Kingdoms as ambitious vampire lords, ladies and misanthropes seek to expand their power to dominate more mortal life forms.

Written by Kevin Siembieda and a handpicked selection of other writers, this sourcebook explores the vampires of Mexico and their kingdoms in ways you never imagined. Tons of new data, adventure ideas and revelations.

  • Vampire protectors and guardians.
  • Vampire rogues, mercenaries and warlords.
  • Vampire operations away from the Kingdoms.
  • Vampire incursions along the southern borderlands.
  • New vampire hunters and human strongholds.
  • Vampire hunter “exterminators.”
  • Frightful revelations, secrets, and adventure ideas.
  • And much, much more.
  • Cover by Michael C. Hayes. Interior art by various artists.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda, Braden Campbell and Mark Dudley.
  • 128 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 884. July or August release.

The Rifter #55

NEW! The Rifter® #55

– Ships July 8

The Rifter® is your doorway to unlimited imagination and numerous Palladium role-playing worlds. It offers new heroes, powers, weapons, magic and adventure for your games. It presents new villains, monsters and dangers to battle, and new ideas to consider.

The Rifter® #55: Is under construction. Wayne Smith is busy selecting material for this issue even as you read this.

  • Palladium Fantasy RPG® source material.
  • Rifts® source material.
  • Rifts® Thundercloud Galaxy source material.
  • News and coming attractions.
  • And more.
  • Cover by R.C. Aradio.
  • $11.95 retail – 96 pages – Cat. No. 155. July 8 release.

Rifts World Book: Lemuria

NEW! Rifts® World Book: Lemuria™

– Ships July 26

The power, secrets and magic of the underwater realm of Lemuria revealed. Player characters can use symbiotes, magic and technology to breathe underwater and spend time below the waves.

Lemuria is more than an underwater civilization of aquatic beings. They can trace their lineage as far back as the Atlanteans and can survive on dry land as well as underwater. In fact, their greatest secret is that there is no one resting place for the Lemurians, their great cities are always moving. Learn about the people of Lemuria, new Biomancy magic and weapons, Biomancy engineered riding animals, sea herbs, new powers of healing, sea monsters, and more. Epic adventure awaits.

  • The Lemurians, their race, history and society.
  • New O.C.C.s including the Serpent Hunter, Shriekers, Oceanic Guardsman, Aquatic Biomancer and others.
  • The Stone Guardians of Easter Island and other mysteries.
  • Biomancer Gardens and Aquatic Biomancy.
  • Biomancy armor, weapons and equipment.
  • Symbiotic creatures and constructs; some that enable air-breathers to survive underwater, indefinitely.
  • New psionic abilities.
  • Sea Serpents, Sea Dragons, monsters, and riding animals.
  • New dangers, new challenges, adventure ideas and more.
  • Written by Greg Diaczyk.
  • Cover by John Zeleznik.
  • 160 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 885. Final page count and price may be subject to expansion and increase. July 2011.

NEW! Robotech® New Generation™ Sourcebook

This Robotech® sourcebook will be a Summer 2011 release.

  • Rules for using mecha, power armor and technology from all four eras of Robotech.
  • Kit-bashed mecha and rules for jury-rigging and combining parts from different generations of mecha.
  • Freedom Fighter O.C.C.s and resistance organizations.
  • Rogues and misfits from the three Robotech Wars.
  • New weapons, vehicles, mecha and more.
  • Villains, traitors, bandits, Invid henchmen, adventure and adventure ideas galore.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda and Irvin Jackson.
  • A “manga” size sourcebook.
  • 192-256 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 554. Final page count and price may be subject to change. August 2011 release.

NEW! Rifts® Megaverse® in Flames

The Minion War spills across Rifts Earth, where demons and infernals hope to recruit allies and use the Rifts as gateways of destruction. Their influence shakes things up across the planet, especially at locations where demons and Deevils already have a strong presence. More details to follow, but for now, 'nuff said.

  • Soulmancer and Blood Magic.
  • The Seven Deadly Plagues.
  • The Demon Plagues across the globe.
  • Battleground: Earth – as demons and infernals amass their legions.
  • Rifts Calgary – also known as Hell's Pit; the kingdom described.
  • Ciudad de Diablo, Harpies' Island and other notable Hell holes on Earth.
  • Lord Doom, Pain and other demonic leaders.
  • Horune treachery, Dimension Stormers and other villains.
  • Global chaos and the places most dramatically affected by the Demon Plagues.
  • Notable demonic generals, mercenaries, people and places.
  • Many adventure ideas.
  • Written by Carl Gleba.
  • 192 pages – $24.95 retail – Cat. No. 876. August 2011.

NEW! Rifts® Chaos Earth Sourcebook: First Responders

Data about the chaos and madness of the early days of the Great Cataclysm, and the brave men and women who tried to stem the tide of destruction and save lives, the First Responders.

  • Apocalypse Plagues: Strange diseases, symbiotes and mutations that transform, torment, harm and kill Earth's survivors.
  • First Responder O.C.C.s, skills and special equipment.
  • Civilian O.C.C.s, skills and orientation.
  • Notable rescue vehicles, robot drones, and technology.
  • New weapons, vehicles, mecha and more.
  • Character modification and enhancement rules.
  • Creatures from the Rifts and adventure ideas galore.
  • Written by Jason Richards & Kevin Siembieda.
  • 96 to 128 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 665. Coming in 2011.

Rifts Dimension Book 14 Thundercloud Galaxy

Rifts® Dimension Book 14: Thundercloud Galaxy

– Available Now

The book is sitting in our warehouse waiting for your orders. It is packed with great ideas, great art, unique, new alien races available as player characters, weird creatures and monsters, secrets of the Gene-Tech, weapons of the Dominators, ancient ruins, colony creation rules, adventure galore and much, much more.

The Scramble is the mad dash to claim and colonize the thousands of worlds of the Thundercloud Galaxy. Colonists flock to the Thundercloud filled with dreams. Space Pirates and an array of cutthroats also flock to the galaxy, guns in hand, ready to rob and fleece the colonists. Lawmen and heroes are in great demand, and the opportunities for clever adventurers are said to be without limit. As the civilizations of the Anvil and Corkscrew Galaxies scramble to colonize the Thundercloud, they are beginning to realize the galaxy holds more riches, beauty, horrors and secrets than anyone has ever imagined, making it a place of discovery, adventure and treachery like no other.

Thundercloud Galaxy™ is a perfect companion to the rest of the Phase World®/Three Galaxies™ based Dimension Books as well as the Minion War™ series. Players can be pirates, raiders, brigands or hired guns, or they may be explorers, adventurers, Spacers, or any number of heroes trying to protect the colonists or the indigenous peoples of countless worlds and colonies. The possibilities are truly limited only by your imagination.

  • 17 new alien R.C.C.s plus the Elder Races, Dominators and more.
  • 9 notable monsters and strange creatures, plus minions.
  • Learn about the mysterious Elder Races, complete with stats.
  • Dominator weapons, gear and salvage available to players.
  • Gene-Tech and their chemical enhancements, gear and salvage available to players.
  • Monster Creation Tables.
  • Colony Creation Tables.
  • Indigenous People Tables.
  • 101 Ruin Adventures.
  • Notable spacecraft, weapons, power armor and gear.
  • Discover the Exiles, Splugorth Bio-Wizard Doctors, Denlech, Trensik Mercenaries and other mysterious people.
  • An overview of the Thundercloud Galaxy, bits of history, new insights and many avenues of adventure.
  • Any type of space opera and science fiction scenario you can imagine can be played out in the Thundercloud Galaxy.
  • Written by Braden Campbell and Kevin Siembieda.
  • Cover by John Zeleznik. Art by Michael Mumah.
  • 160 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 883. Available now.

Rifts World Book 8 Japan

Rifts® World Book 8: Rifts® Japan

– Back in Print – Available now

This fan-favorite sourcebook is filled with high-tech wonders, magic and monsters. There are 20 O.C.C.s (Occupational Character Classes) that range from the traditional ninja and samurai to power armor, giant robots and cyborgs.

  • 20 O.C.C.s including the Mystic Ninja, Ninja Cyborg, Ninja Juicer, Cyber-Samurai, Ninja Techno-Wizard, Japanese Demon Queller & more.
  • 12 suits of power armor including Samurai SAMAS and Glitter Boys.
  • 9 giant robots.
  • Cyborgs of Japan, including Dragon Cyborgs and other bionics.
  • Advanced weapons, melee weapons and other gear.
  • Mystical powers and martial arts.
  • Enchanted weapons and items including the Living Samurai Sword.
  • 11 notable demons, goblins and dragons of Japan.
  • Kyoto Millennium Tree, visions, wands and weapons.
  • Overview of Japan, its people, magic and technology.
  • Written by C.J. Carella.
  • 216 pages – $24.95 retail – Cat. No. 818. Available now.

Rifts World Book 13 Lone Star

Rifts® World Book 13: Lone Star

– Back in Print – Available now

The Coalition State of Lone Star is a wild and woolly place of contrast and conflict. The Coalition States claims the entire State of Texas as their own, but they only control a small corner of it. It is here, at the Lone Star Complex, that the CS engages in genetic engineering and creates the famous Dog Boys and a host of other mutants. The rest of the state is held by the Pecos Empire – an empire of bandits, outlaws and rebels. The perfect companion to Rifts® New West™, Rifts® Spirit West™ and Rifts® Machinations of Doom™.

  • 19 R.C.C.s, many of which are mutants.
  • A few new O.C.C.s.
  • Dog Boys – an in-depth look at how they are designed, bred and trained.
  • Dog Boy armor and CS weapons.
  • CS Death Wing assault armor.
  • Hover cycles of the Lone Star state.
  • Notable characters in the region.
  • Overview of Lone Star and the Pecos Empire.
  • Overview of the Lone Star Complex and the mad doctor who runs it.
  • A wealth of background material and adventure ideas.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 176 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 825. Available now.

Heroes Unlimited Armageddon Unlimited

Armageddon Unlimited

for Heroes Unlimited and the Minion War – Available now

Armageddon Unlimited™ is the ultimate good vs evil setting and adventure. The fate of the world hangs in the balance and only you can stop its destruction as demons and Deevils fight for control of the Earth and bringing about the end of life as we know it.

Armageddon Unlimited™ is more than an epic world-saving adventure, it is also a sourcebook jam-packed with new powers, magic, weapons and Power Categories that can be incorporated into any Heroes Unlimited™ campaign. This book can be used as a standalone adventure sourcebook for Heroes Unlimited™ or as a pivotal plot in an expansive Minion War™ campaign. Get a free sneak preview of the book from

  • 7 new Minor and 14 Major Super Abilities.
  • Deevil and Demon magical Chaos Weapons.
  • Enchanted Weapons of Order and a few Enchanted Objects.
  • Demon Hunter Power Category and abilities.
  • Crusader of Light Power Category and abilities.
  • Heroic Hellion Power Category – play a “reformed demon.”
  • Hellion monster creation table.
  • Magically Bestowed Variant Power Categories and abilities let you wield weapons that empower good and destroy evil.
  • Doctor Vilde, the mastermind behind the Armageddon plot.
  • The secret island base of Doctor Vilde and 16 maps.
  • More than a dozen NPC villains.
  • The Church of Unity and its role in bringing about Armageddon.
  • The Chaos Generators – the key to stopping Armageddon.
  • A menagerie of evil villains, people and places.
  • The Armageddon scenario, adventure ideas and Minion War™ on Earth.
  • Written by Carl Gleba. Additional text by Kevin Siembieda.
  • Cover by John Zeleznik.
  • 160 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 527. Available now.

Rifts Baseball Cap

“Rifts® Logo” Baseball Cap – Back in Print

Back by popular demand. A black Rifts® Logo on a khaki baseball cap with black trim. Looks great and fans love it! Makes a great gift.

  • Cotton cloth fabric, khaki color with black trim and black Rifts logo.
  • Cloth Velcro strap for size adjustment. A nice cap.
  • $14.95 per cap – Cat. No. 2544 – Available now.


PDF downloads from

This is a great resource for getting out of print Palladium titles and other select books. We’ve made 90 titles available as PDF digital downloads This is a great way to try Palladium products and get access to out of print RPG source material. Some notable titles include. 
Splicers® RPG
Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, First Edition Rules. 
Boxed Nightmares™ for BTS, First Edition Rules. 
Nightbane® Book Four: Shadows of Light™.
The Mechanoids® RPG and The Mechanoid Invasion® RPG Trilogy.
Palladium Fantasy RPG®, First Edition Rules and select 1st Edition sourcebooks. 
After the Bomb® RPG and sourcebooks
The Rifter® issues 1-48.
The Best of The Rifter®
Deluxe Revised RECON® RPG and Advanced RECON® Sourcebook.
- And more – go to and check ‘em out.

2011 Palladium Releases

2011 New Releases & Back in Print

Rifts® Dimension Book™ 14: Thundercloud Galaxy™ – New – Available now!
Armageddon Unlimited™ – New – Available now!
The Rifter® #53 – New – Available now!
The Rifter® #54 – New – Available now!
Aliens Unlimited™ – A Heroes Unlimited™ sourcebook – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® World Book 20: Canada – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® Dark Conversions™ – Back in print – Available now
Palladium Fantasy RPG® – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® Game Master Guide – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® World Book 5: Triax & The NGR™ – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® Bionics Sourcebook – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® China One – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® Megaverse® Builder – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® Baseball Cap – Back in stock – Available now
Rifts® Dimension Book™ 6: Three Galaxies™ – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® Black Vault™ – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® Mercenaries™ – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® World Book 8: Rifts® Japan™ – Back in print – Available now
Rifts® World Book 13: Lone Star™ – Back in print – Available now
- Rifts® Book of MagicBack in print – Available now

June 2011 Releases

- Rifts® WB 23: Free Quebec – BACK IN PRINT – Available now
- Rifts® WB One: Vampire Kingdoms™, Expanded & Updated
- Rifts® Coalition Wars® Book One: Sedition – coming back in print
- Rifts® Coalition Wars® Book Two: Coalition Overkill – coming back in print

July 2011 Releases

- The Rifter® #55 – New
- Rifts® World Book™: Lemuria – New
- Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook – New (tentative)

August 2011 Releases

- Rifts® Megaverse® in Flames (Minion War™ crossover) – New
- Robotech® New Generation™ Sourcebook – New (tentative)

New Releases Coming Soon (tentative)

- Rifts® Chaos Earth™ Sourcebook: First Responders (as soon as we can slot it in)
- Dead Reign™ Sourcebook Three

In the Pipeline

- Robotech® UEEF Marines and other Robotech® sourcebooks.
- Rifts® sourcebooks
- Rifts® Chaos Earth™ sourcebooks
- Palladium Fantasy®: Mysteries of Magic™ Two & Three
- Palladium Fantasy® other sourcebooks
- Warpath™ Urban Jungle RPG
- And other good stuff. Lots of other good stuff!

Recently Back in Print

HU Aliens Unlimited Rifts Phase World The Three Galaxies Rifts Adventure Sourcebook Three The Black Vault Rifts Mercenaries Rifts Book of Magic Rifts World Book 22 Free Quebec

Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game®

Rifts® World Book 20: Rifts® Canada

Rifts® Dark Conversions

Rifts® Game Master Guide

Rifts® Bionics Sourcebook

Rifts® World Book Five: Triax & the NGR

Rifts® World Book 8: Rifts® Japan

Rifts® World Book 13: Lone Star

Rifts® World Book 24: Rifts® China One

Rifts® Dimension Book 7: Megaverse® Builder

Aliens Unlimited – For Heroes Unlmited

Rifts® Dimension Book™ 6: Three Galaxies

Rifts® Adventure Sourcebook: The Black Vault

Rifts® Mercenaries

Rifts® Book of Magic™

Rifts® World Book 23: Rifts® Free Quebec™

The Queen of Ghouls: Life-Sized Halloween Props

Check out the new creations by Palladium’s very own Kathy Simmons. See her zombie doctor and other new zombies, Jack Skellington and Sally, and more. New creations are on the drawing board, and so is a new website. Each Halloween prop is truly life-sized (most are 6 feet or taller – Jack is almost 8 feet) and seems almost alive.

Each is an all-weather, life-sized Halloween prop that can handle rain and snow, and is a one-of-a-kind work of art (no two are exactly the same). Each looks frighteningly “real.” All come apart and fold down to slightly larger than a king-size pillow for easy storage. Comes with easy instructions, a plastic storage bag, and the lawn stake to stand it up in your front yard. Indoor stand sold separately.

Types of “Ghouls” include: Zombies (all kinds!), killer clowns, wizards, witches, devils, grave ghouls, scarecrows, executioners, mad doctors, deadly nurses, vampires, werewolves, and more. Kathy's also now offering an array of hand-painted Halloween signs, signs with heads and bodies hanging from them, witch's brewing pots, Halloween centerpieces and more. Best of all, her high quality creations are much more affordable and imaginative than most competitors or mass produced items in a store, making them affordable Halloween fun.

If you think the photos online look good, you should see them in person. A typical “ghoul,” as she calls her creations, costs $129-$259. You can see some of her work at her Queen of Ghouls™ Ebay store –

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