Palladium Books® Weekly Update – July 14, 2011

By Kevin Siembieda

This Weekly Update starts out on a bit of a down note, but there are a lot of positives and exciting news, like the 2012 Palladium Open House, so please keep reading.

I guess that means I’ll be starting this Weekly Update with a Behind the Scenes Report:

I can’t lie to you, the last couple of months have been very difficult. Poor Alex is in rough shape. Rougher than I’ve let on in previous Updates. I didn’t want to alarm people or embarrass Alex in any way. Without going into too much detail, Alex has been sleeping half the day and when he’s awake his hands noticeably tremble, anxiety makes him a wreck and he looks . . . well, weak and ill. Some days are better than others.

Through all of this, do you know what has been Alex’s big concern? That he’s not pulling his weight at Palladium and letting you and me down. Can you believe that? That’s the kind of guy Alex is. Even faced with his own serious issues he’s worried about the company and the fans.

The various pressures of deadlines, Gen Con, Alex, new website, other new projects, and the day to day stuff has been taking its toll on all of us. I’ve been working long and hard hours, but my writing has been slow to moderate when I need fast and faster. At least the writing is as good as ever. Maybe even better. Matthew Clements is becoming a big part of Palladium Books. He is writing several new books and has helped on edit and reviewing the work of 4-5 freelancers. Recently I had him edited a hunk of Vampire Kingdoms. I was flattered by his comment about my work: “Kevin, I see what you mean now about what you want from us as writers. Your level of writing is night and day compared to the rest of us, including my own work. I learned a lot just editing it. I intend to incorporate what I’ve read into my own work. I can hardly wait to see the rest.” I’m not tooting my own horn. I was relieved that my writing was still at the top of my game despite being under pressure and writing slow. I was also pleased he got something out of it on a creative level. Alex had told me the same thing, but it was good to have that confirmed by a third party. You are going to love Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms.

We’re all doing our best under new, difficult circumstances, so please do not lose faith in us. Please don’t be too frustrated or disillusioned by delays. Here’s why.

EVERYTHING ELSE is sliding into place wonderfully.

Alex’s house is finished. We’re waiting for the inspection next week to get the Certificate of Occupancy.

Books may be late, but they are going to deliver big! Palladium’s artists and writers have accepted the challenge at the Creators’ Conference and are all working hard to take their work to the next level. Wait till you see the artistry of Chuck Walton, Nick Bradshaw, Mike Mumah, Kent Burles, Mike Leonard, Amy Ashbaugh and others. Wow.

Palladium’s writers are also kicking it into high gear. I had hesitated to mention any of these projects because a few might get cancelled or not finished, or severely delayed. I hate to get people excited and disappoint them with delays or cancellations. HOWEVER, I feel it’s time to share what is in the pipeline or in development. FYI: “In development” means in the process of being written. I’ve probably forgotten a few, so writers, if your book is not in the list it is an oversight, nothing more.

Each and every one of these books is currently in the process of being written. A few are already done and waiting for final review and rewrites. The first three were supposed to be a surprise for 2012.

New Books in Development

(listed in alphabetical order):

Beyond the Supernatural™: Arcanum
Beyond the Supernatural™: Tome Grotesque
Beyond the Supernatural™ Sourcebook

Chaos Earth™ First Responders
Chaos Earth™ – Zombie Apocalyse Rifts-style during the Great Cataclysm.

Heroes Unlimited™ – Had two people who were supposed to be working on a pair of books, but they disappeared on me, so we are looking for folks to write a couple HU2 sourcebooks.

Nightbane® – An as of yet untitled project, and looking for more.

Palladium Fantasy® – Mysteries of Magic 2 & 3
Palladium Fantasy® – Tombs of Gersidi expanded and new.
Plus I have a few ideas on this front myself to revitalize this line.

Phase World®: United Worlds of Warlock
Phase World®: Pirates of the Three Galaxies

Rifts® Antarctica
Rifts® Black Market
Rifts® China Three
Rifts® Deep South
Rifts® New Navy™
Rifts® Northern Gun™ – may be a series of books.
Rifts® Sovietski™
Rifts® Titan Industries™
Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook™

Robotech® Genesis Pits™ adventure sourcebook.
Robotech® UEEF Marines

Splicers® Sourcebook One – concepts and art by Charles Walton.
Splicers® Sourcebook Two – concepts and art by Charles Walton.

All of the above are being written right now. A few are already finished. Most will be 2012 releases. And this does not include projects I would like to do for Palladium Fantasy®, Dead Reign, Warpath™: Urban Jungle and new mediums.

On the creative side, everything seems to be falling into place. In addition to current Palladium creators taking their craft to the next level, a bunch of old and new Palladium artists and supporters have contacted me about doing work for Palladium Books. That includes RC Aradio, Mike Wilson, Chris Bourassa, Wayne Breaux Jr. (whose artwork is better than ever), Zachary Houghton, and others.

So don’t lose faith when Palladium seems to be positioned to achieve new heights!

We need your help. We need you to continue to spread the word. Run games at conventions and local stores (see the Megaversal Ambassador program for tips on that on the Palladium website around the end of August) There is a new movement of game playing and promo for Palladium gaming events thanks to the efforts of Zachary Houghton, James Brown and Carl Gleba.

Hype up your favorite game company! (We hope that is Palladium.) Be part of a Palladium “grass roots” promotional campaign to bring in new gamers and bring back people who used to play. You do that by talking up the product and memories of past and current fun. Cash flow remains up and down. We need up and up. We need your continued support by purchasing new releases and back stock products. Just as important, you can support Palladium not just by picking up products yourself, but by talking up books you like online and posting links to them in your own posts and websites to the Palladium store. Don’t stop there, talk about them and post links on the Palladium Facebook page, your own Facebook page, etc. Please do it. Let’s go viral!

Let people know Palladium Books® will be at Gen Con Indy. Talk about how you wish you were going. Talk about how people should stop by our booth and check out our books (new and old) or play a demo, especially if they have never played our games, because they’ll love them if they try them. Tell them to start with Dead Reign™, Heroes Unlimited™ or Robotech® if Rifts® or Palladium Fantasy RPG® look too intimidating. These are all great “starter” games and fun. Encourage people who are coming to bring books to be autographed, and chat with me and the creators.

Remind people that Palladium’s games cover almost every genre. Tell ‘em about Dead Reign™, Heroes Unlimited™, Nightbane®, BTS™, Rifts®, Robotech® and all the rest. These days a surprising number of people don’t realize we make games for so many different settings or that there is only ONE game system. Learn one Palladium RPG and you can play them ALL. Let people know that. Let people know that Dead Reign™ is the best Zombie Apocalypse RPG on the market, and it’s awesome. In fact, if you haven’t tried it yourself, you are missing out. I can’t believe how much fun it is to play the game and I co-wrote it! Do it. Please. Do it now. Keep doing it.

I want to keep Palladium Books an independent company to keep producing the types of games youlove. Over the last year I have turned down offers from people looking to either buy Palladium Books or to buy a piece of the company. So far, I’ve turned them down because they immediately want to change everything. To crank out second-rate product and produce books that you don’t want or need. It is quickly apparent that they don’t know the RPG market, don’t care about the fans, and mainly want to exploit our I.P.s (intellectual properties) in other market areas. It’s all about the big money for them. Gosh, the stories I could tell you. We have a big company eyeballing us right now. I suspect their offer will be very tempting. We’ll probably talk sometime after Gen Con. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to big business or making money. I would love to license our I.P.s to any number of companies and expand into new markets like videogames, comic books, toys, and, well everything. Time will tell.

If we can get new product released on a monthly basis, keep sales strong and encourage new gamers to try Palladium RPGs, we’ll be okay. (My experience has been 8 out of 10 who play any Palladium game are hooked.) I want us to build Palladium on what we have, not abandon it. I want to keep producing the great games you know and love. Especially now, when so much at the creative level seems to be falling into place beautifully. The only way we can do that is with YOUR support spreading the word and buying those darn products when they finally do come out.

So that’s what’s been transpiring the last six months. That’s why books have been late, because we’ve been coordinating and dealing with so much. That’s why I’m tuckered out and writing slow. I hope you found this update to be mostly positive and exciting. I hope you’ll help us take the company to the next level without Palladium having to turn to a corporate giant. I hope we continue to produce the role-playing game products you want just the way you love them.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program . . .

Update: Online sales. The last week or two have been lousy. That’s my fault because I have not been able to write, edit or juggle things any faster to get new books released. Those books will be great. You’ll go crazy for them. And a whole lot more are being created even as you read this.

UPDATE: The Rifter® #55 at the printer, ships July 25. I approved the printer proof yesterday. It looks fabulous from cover to cover. Includes a sneak preview of Vampire Kingdoms™, New Revised Edition. It’s another fun-tastic issue you will not want to miss. As always, we are looking for new contributors to future issues of The Rifter®. Next issue is the October “Horror Issue.” Send in your submissions now and you could be in that issue. The Rifter® is designed to publish “fan” created source material, so what are you waiting for? Send us your 8-25 page articles.

Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms New Revised Edition. Everyone who has seen any part of it has been blown away. Almost done. I have about 25% left to finish. Wayne hopes to start layout this weekend. We hope to send it to the printer next week sometime. Note: We WILL have copies at Gen Con, but it will not ship till after we get back, August 10.

UPDATE: Rifts® Lemuria. Final art has been coming in all week. Part of the book has been edited, it’s going to look amazing and you will love the ideas, player characters, monsters, magic and psionics – many of which can be used on dry land as well as underwater. I dive into this book the second I’m done with Vampire Kingdoms. Rifts® Lemuria should go to the printer before Gen Con and is tentatively scheduled to ship August 22. We may have some photocopies or even Print on Demand copies at Gen Con.

UPDATE: Robotech® New Generation Sourcebook. In final production. Should ship September. Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook™ and Megaverse® in Flames follow it.

UPDATE: Back in Print: The plan is to bring several titles back into print, including Mutant Underground™ for Heroes Unlimited™, Xiticix Invasion™ for Rifts® and the out of print titles in the Coalition Wars® series over the next month or two. Maybe even in time for Gen Con.

The following titles are also recently back in print and ready to ship:

UPDATE: Christmas in July Sale is Coming: It’s a couple weeks away, but I was afraid I would forget if I didn’t mention it now. Palladium Books PDF titles and other publishers will be at a discount price from Monday July 25th to Monday, August 1st (ending 10am EST).

Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms Sneak Preview will be available as a FREE download next week sometime (maybe sooner). Don’t forget, The Rifter® Number Zero and Hades Map Pack were recently made available on DriveThruRPG offers more than 90 out of print titles (and a few that are not) as PDF downloads. It is a good resource for getting The Rifter® #1-48 and to fill in your RPG library with first edition copies of Rifts®, Palladium Fantasy®, Heroes Unlimited™, and other game lines, as well as books such as Nightbane® Book Four: Shadows of Light™ and both versions of the The Mechanoids® RPG (1985) and The Collected Mechanoid Invasion® Trilogy (1981-1983).

Gen Con Indy August 4-7

Palladium Books is Booth 1125

Brandon Aten wants to run a Rifts® Triax game and Zachary Houghton and Lonnie Langston want to run demos of Palladium games. Join the fun.

If you or a friend are going to Gen Con Indy, please stop by to say hello, get books autographed, and to buy the latest releases, back stock titles, some out of print books (like Ninja Turtles® RPG titles, Rifts® Ultimate Gold and others), collectibles, original artwork, T-Shirts and other goodies. The guys and I are happy to sign books and chit chat for a little while with everyone who swings by the booth, so come on over and join the fun. Give us a helping hand by spreading the word that Palladium Books will be at Gen Con Indy.

Tell everyone Palladium will be a Gen Con. Come and visit, get autographs and chat.

Palladium Books is Booth 1125 at Gen Con Indy.

Palladium people you’ll get to meet include:

  • Kevin Siembieda
  • Wayne Smith
  • Nick Bradshaw (artist)
  • Michael Mumah (artist)
  • Brandon Aten (writer)
  • Matthew Clements (writer)
  • And others to be announced.

FYI: I don’t think there are any “official” Palladium gaming events on the schedule but there are always a bunch of “unofficial” games.

Detroit Fanfare, September 24 & 25

Palladium will attend the Detroit Fanfare, September 24 & 25 at Cobo Hall, downtown Detroit. One of the guests is Kevin Eastman – co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles®. So this fun comic book and media convention will be a great chance to get your Ninja Turtles® game books (and comics) signed by one of the creators. Other guests include fan boy favorite actor, Bruce Campbell, and dozens and dozens of comic book guests. Palladium fans may be interested to know Dave Dorman (Palladium cover artist), Tim Bradstreet, and pal, Defiler and Palladium contributor of old, William Messner Loebs will also be attending, among many other guests. I’ll keep you posted as we firm up the details.

Click here for more information about Detroit Fanfare.

Palladium Open House – May 4-6, 2012

Due to popular demand, we will host a Palladium Open House in May next year.

I know, as recently as a week ago, I have been telling everyone we were not going to do an Open House in 2012. However we have gotten so many requests and appeals to hold one that I have given in to it.  We’re looking at May 4-6 (plus VIP Thursday, May 3). More exact details below and in the next Weekly Update. You can start ordering tickets next week. What do you think? Good idea? – She’s working away on more cool stuff. Check it out in her online store. Kathy continues to whip up new creations with more life size Halloween props going up this weekend. The Queen of Ghouls has plans for more zombies, skeleton pirates, wizards, werewolves and monsters in the weeks to come. Halloween is creeping up fast.

Keep those imaginations burning bright and start planning to be here for the 2012 Palladium Open House, May 4-6, 2012.

– Kevin Siembieda, Publisher

2012 Palladium Open House – May 4-6, 2012

YOU talked me into it. So many fans have been asking and pleading with me and Wayne to hold a Palladium Open House in 2012 that I have decided to do it. Actually, I talked to my crew first, to make sure they were on board. They said yes, so we are a go for POH 2012!

This may be our last Open House. Having sufficient parking is becoming a big issue. You may have to car pool from the hotel as it is. And the event is a ton of work that takes four weeks out of our production schedule. It is especially hard on Kathy Simmons, who coordinates most of it and does the catering (we’ll try to help her more). So we may make this our big, final Open House blow out.

Based on the number of people who have been asking about the POH we’re anticipating 300 gamers. I hope YOU are one of them.

– Kevin Siembieda

V.I.P. Thursday (May 3, 2012), $75. You get in an entire day early, you are the first to play in special events, participate in special panel talks, play in special game events, the first to purchase items, and enjoy a dinner catered by Kathy Simmons (and those who have been to past VIP nights know how awesome that is). Tickets will probably be available for purchase as soon as next week Thursday.

Individual day and weekend tickets (Friday-Sunday) should also be available for order by next week Thursday.

The same beautiful hotel is available with rooms at the same beautiful price as the 2009 POH – $69.00 for a room with two double beds or one king-size bed. They now serve a “hot” breakfast too. The manager was thrilled to hear Palladium fans are coming back next year. She insists the Palladium Open House brings in the nicest people of any event they host. You guys and gals are awesome.

We need G.M.s. This means we’ll be looking for volunteer Game Masters (you get a T-shirt and a discount on books if you run three “official” games).

Plan to enter the Costume Contest. Winners get a nice plaque and real prizes. Rifts/sci-fi, fantasy, modern (includes horror) and best of show are the categories.

The whole idea behind the Palladium Open House is to revel in Palladium role-playing games and the RPG experience. Meet and game with players from around the world, try new ideas, and play favorite games. Let’s make this one epic.

2012 Palladium Open House – May 4-6, 2012

Three days of nonstop gaming & fun (plus V.I.P. Thursday, May 3)

– At the Palladium Offices & Warehouse in Michigan

* 90+ Gaming Events:

  • Rifts®
  • Robotech®
  • Chaos Earth™
  • Nightbane®
  • Heroes Unlimited™
  • Ninjas & Superspies™
  • Phase World®/Three Galaxies™
  • Dead Reign™
  • After the Bomb®
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG®
  • Beyond the Supernatural™
  • and more . . .

* Plus open gaming at the main site and designated hotel. There will be an area for “open gaming” for ANYBODY who wants to start a game. So Game Masters, bring your books, dice and adventure notes and be ready to game.

* Many games are run by the folks who actually make your favorite games.

* No fees for the individual games or panel talks. ALL events are covered under the price of admission.

* Meet 40+ Palladium creators – the largest gathering of Palladium creators in the world! Most available every day, the entire day.

* Chat with Palladium artists and writers from across the country.

* Get autographs from all the Palladium creators.

* Live panel Talks and interviews.

* Events from 9:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. (possibly longer).

* Costume Contest (Saturday evening) with trophies and prizes.

* Live auction (Saturday evening) with rare, out of print books, original artwork, proofreader copies of manuscripts, collectibles, toys and more.

* Get new releases, back stock items and Palladium collectibles.

* Get original artwork and limited edition prints.

* Celebrate Rifts® turning 31 years old.

* See (and play games in) the Palladium warehouse.

* Get a tour of the Palladium offices.

* Intimate setting. Easy access to Palladium creators.

* Held at the Palladium warehouse and offices.

* Events run by G.M.s who are the very designers, writers and artists who make the games, at the place where the magic happens.

The Rifter #55

NEW! The Rifter® #55

– At the printer - Ships July 25

The Rifter® is your doorway to unlimited imagination and numerous Palladium role-playing worlds. It offers new heroes, powers, weapons, magic and adventure for your games. It presents new villains, monsters and dangers to battle, and new ideas to consider.

The Rifter® #55:

At the printer. Looks fantastic. Packed with adventure and game ideas for your campaigns.

  • Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms®: Sneak preview by Kevin Siembieda.
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG®: Source material that expands upon the Quorians, by Travis Guerrero.
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG®: Ancestral Mystic™ who derives special abilities from his ancestors. By Paul Herbert.
  • Nightbane®: Dark Day™ Chronicles, Volume Three, a short story and character stats by Jeremy Hutchins.
  • Rifts®: The original Triax O.C.C.s updated by Brandon Aten.
  • Rifts® Thundercloud Galaxy™: More on the CCW by Braden Campbell.
  • Rifts®: Black Crusade™ Two: More on the Methodean True Atlanteans, their syndicates and secret organizations, history and adventure ideas.
  • News and coming attractions.
  • Fiction and more.
  • Cover by R.C. Aradio.
  • $11.95 retail – 96 pages – Cat. No. 155. July 25 release.

Rifts World Book 1 Vampire Kingdoms New Revised Edition

NEW! Rifts® World Book One:

Vampire Kingdoms™, New Revised Edition – ships August 10, 2011

Kevin Siembieda is completely rewriting, reorganizing, and expanding one of the most popular Rifts® World Books ever published: Vampire Kingdoms™. Updated to 109 P.A., there is so much new material and even original material has been rewritten, that it is practically a brand new book. Yet it also preserves most of the original characters, concepts and information. The new material is built upon the original text, only it has been rewritten, clarified and expanded almost completely and in a much more dramatic fashion than Kevin’s work in Rifts® Sourcebook One a few years ago. Best of all, it will be quickly followed by the Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook™.

  • The Vampire Hunter O.C.C., all new.
  • Vampires: Their strengths, weaknesses and powers.
  • Vampire strategies and plans for conquest.
  • Vampire minions and protectors.
  • The Hero Vampire and Deluded Vampire O.C.C.s.
  • The Vampire Kingdoms expanded.
  • Techno-Wizard vampire slaying weapons and devices, new and old.
  • Travel through the Vampire Kingdoms and surrounding areas.
  • Desert survival rules and guidelines.
  • The observations of Doc Reid.
  • The presence of Archie Three.
  • Camazotz, Lord of Bats and Darkness – his plans for conquest of the Vampire Kingdoms and humanity.
  • Ciudad Juarez mapped and described. A typical village and other places also described.
  • The Yucatan Peninsula, and adventure ideas galore.
  • Were-Jaguars and other Were-Beasts of the Yucatan.
  • Updated and revised to 109 P.A., plus Archie Three and more.
  • Cover by E.M. Gist.
  • New artwork by Mike Wilson, Kent Burles, Mike Mumah and Nick Bradshaw, plus the best of Kevin Long and Tim Truman from the original book.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 192 to 224 pages – $24.95 retail – Cat. No. 802-E. Ships August.

Rifts World Book: Lemuria

NEW! Rifts® World Book: Lemuria™

– Ships August 22

The power, secrets and magic of the underwater realm of Lemuria revealed. Player characters can use symbiotes, magic and technology to breathe underwater and spend time below the waves.

Lemuria is more than an underwater civilization of aquatic beings. They can trace their lineage as far back as the Atlanteans and can survive on dry land as well as underwater. In fact, their greatest secret is that there is no one resting place for the Lemurians, their great cities are always moving. Learn about the people of Lemuria, new Biomancy magic and weapons, Biomancy engineered riding animals, sea herbs, new powers of healing, sea monsters, and more. Epic adventure awaits.

  • The Lemurians, their race, history and society.
  • New O.C.C.s including the Serpent Hunter, Shriekers, Oceanic Guardsman, Aquatic Biomancer and others.
  • The Stone Guardians of Easter Island and other mysteries.
  • Biomancer Gardens and Aquatic Biomancy.
  • Biomancy armor, weapons and equipment.
  • Symbiotic creatures and constructs; some that enable air-breathers to survive underwater, indefinitely.
  • New psionic abilities.
  • Sea Serpents, Sea Dragons, monsters, and riding animals.
  • New dangers, new challenges, adventure ideas and more.
  • Written by Greg Diaczyk.
  • Cover by John Zeleznik.
  • 160 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 885. Final page count and price may be subject to expansion and increase. August 22, 2011.

NEW! Robotech® New Generation™ Sourcebook

This Robotech® sourcebook will be a 2011 release.

  • Rules for using mecha, power armor and technology from all four eras of Robotech.
  • Kit-bashed mecha and rules for jury-rigging and combining parts from different generations of mecha.
  • Freedom Fighter O.C.C.s and resistance organizations.
  • Rogues and misfits from the three Robotech Wars.
  • New weapons, vehicles, mecha and more.
  • Villains, traitors, bandits, Invid henchmen, adventure and adventure ideas galore.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda and Irvin Jackson.
  • Cover by Apollo Okamura.
  • A “manga” size sourcebook.
  • 192-256 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 554. Final page count and price may be subject to change. September 2011 release.

Note: With any luck, there will be companion Robotech® sourcebook released by the end of the year.

Rifts Vampires Sourcebook

NEW! Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook™

All new source material

Trouble is stirring in the Vampire Kingdoms as ambitious vampire lords, ladies and misanthropes seek to expand their power to dominate more mortal life forms.

Written by Kevin Siembieda and a handpicked selection of other writers, this sourcebook explores the vampires of Mexico and their kingdoms in ways you never imagined. Tons of new data, adventure ideas and revelations.

  • Vampire protectors and guardians.
  • Vampire rogues, mercenaries and warlords.
  • Vampire operations away from the Kingdoms.
  • Vampire incursions along the southern borderlands.
  • New vampire hunters and human strongholds.
  • Vampire hunter “exterminators.”
  • Frightful revelations, secrets, and adventure ideas.
  • And much, much more.
  • Cover by Michael C. Hayes. Interior art by various artists.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda, Braden Campbell and Mark Dudley.
  • 128 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 884. September release.

NEW! Rifts® Megaverse® in Flames™

The Minion War spills across Rifts Earth, where demons and infernals hope to recruit allies and use the Rifts as gateways of destruction. Their influence shakes things up across the planet, especially at locations where demons and Deevils already have a strong presence. More details to follow, but for now, ‘nuff said.

  • Soulmancer and Blood Magic.
  • The Seven Deadly Plagues.
  • The Demon Plagues across the globe.
  • Battleground: Earth – as demons and infernals amass their legions.
  • Rifts Calgary – also known as Hell’s Pit; the kingdom described.
  • Ciudad de Diablo, Harpies’ Island and other notable Hell holes on Earth.
  • Lord Doom, Pain and other demonic leaders.
  • Horune treachery, Dimension Stormers and other villains.
  • Global chaos and the places most dramatically affected by the Demon Plagues.
  • Notable demonic generals, mercenaries, people and places.
  • Many adventure ideas.
  • Written by Carl Gleba.
  • 192 pages – $24.95 retail – Cat. No. 876. September or October release.

NEW! Rifts® Chaos Earth Sourcebook: First Responders

Data about the chaos and madness of the early days of the Great Cataclysm, and the brave men and women who tried to stem the tide of destruction and save lives, the First Responders.

  • Apocalypse Plagues: Strange diseases, symbiotes and mutations that transform, torment, harm and kill Earth's survivors.
  • First Responder O.C.C.s, skills and special equipment.
  • Civilian O.C.C.s, skills and orientation.
  • Notable rescue vehicles, robot drones, and technology.
  • New weapons, vehicles, mecha and more.
  • Character modification and enhancement rules.
  • Creatures from the Rifts and adventure ideas galore.
  • Written by Jason Richards & Kevin Siembieda.
  • 96 to 128 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 665. Coming in 2011.

Rifts Book of Magic

Rifts® Book of Magic

– Back in Print – Available Now

This is the ultimate guide to magic on Rifts Earth. All the magic spells, magic tattoos, Techno-Wizard items, magic weapons, equipment, body armor, restraints, parasites, symbiotes, magic items, Automatons, Iron Juggernauts, and more from Rifts® World Books 1-23, Sourcebooks 1-4, and Siege on Tolkeen 1-6, collected into one big reference. This is a great reference book. Kevin and all of us at Palladium use it and the Rifts® Game Master Guide constantly.

  • 850+ spells of great variety.
  • 370+ magic items, weapons and devices.
  • Elemental Magic, Temporal Magic, Ley Line Magic, Cloud Magic and Necromancy.
  • Tattoo Magic, Nazca Line Magic, Nature Magic, Whalesongs and Ocean Magic, and more.
  • Magic Songs, Chants, Biomancy, Magic Herbs, and Iron Juggernauts.
  • Techno-Wizard weapons and devices, Rune Weapons, Millennium Tree wands and other magic items.
  • Magic herbs, plants, components and symbiotes.
  • Shamanistic magic, Fetishes, Talismans and more.
  • Comprehensive index of Practitioners of Magic.
  • Designer notes, comments, tips & hints for running magic characters.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda and others.
  • 352 pages – $26.95 retail – Cat. No. 848. Available now.

Rifts World Book 8 Japan

Rifts® World Book 8: Rifts® Japan

– Back in Print – Available now

This fan-favorite sourcebook is filled with high-tech wonders, magic and monsters. There are 20 O.C.C.s (Occupational Character Classes) that range from the traditional ninja and samurai to power armor, giant robots and cyborgs.

  • 20 O.C.C.s including the Mystic Ninja, Ninja Cyborg, Ninja Juicer, Cyber-Samurai, Ninja Techno-Wizard, Japanese Demon Queller & more.
  • 12 suits of power armor including Samurai SAMAS and Glitter Boys.
  • 9 giant robots.
  • Cyborgs of Japan, including Dragon Cyborgs and other bionics.
  • Advanced weapons, melee weapons and other gear.
  • Mystical powers and martial arts.
  • Enchanted weapons and items including the Living Samurai Sword.
  • 11 notable demons, goblins and dragons of Japan.
  • Kyoto Millennium Tree, visions, wands and weapons.
  • Overview of Japan, its people, magic and technology.
  • Written by C.J. Carella.
  • 216 pages – $24.95 retail – Cat. No. 818. Available now.

Rifts World Book 13 Lone Star

Rifts® World Book 13: Lone Star

– Back in Print – Available now

The Coalition State of Lone Star is a wild and woolly place of contrast and conflict. The Coalition States claims the entire State of Texas as their own, but they only control a small corner of it. It is here, at the Lone Star Complex, that the CS engages in genetic engineering and creates the famous Dog Boys and a host of other mutants. The rest of the state is held by the Pecos Empire – an empire of bandits, outlaws and rebels. The perfect companion to Rifts® New West™, Rifts® Spirit West™ and Rifts® Machinations of Doom™.

  • 19 R.C.C.s, many of which are mutants.
  • A few new O.C.C.s.
  • Dog Boys – an in-depth look at how they are designed, bred and trained.
  • Dog Boy armor and CS weapons.
  • CS Death Wing assault armor.
  • Hover cycles of the Lone Star state.
  • Notable characters in the region.
  • Overview of Lone Star and the Pecos Empire.
  • Overview of the Lone Star Complex and the mad doctor who runs it.
  • A wealth of background material and adventure ideas.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 176 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 825. Available now.


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The Queen of Ghouls: Life-Sized Halloween Props

Check out the new creations by Palladium’s very own Kathy Simmons. See her zombie doctor and other new zombies, Jack Skellington and Sally, and more. New creations are on the drawing board, and so is a new website. Each Halloween prop is truly life-sized (most are 6 feet or taller – Jack is almost 8 feet) and seems almost alive.

Each is an all-weather, life-sized Halloween prop that can handle rain and snow, and is a one-of-a-kind work of art (no two are exactly the same). Each looks frighteningly “real.” All come apart and fold down to slightly larger than a king-size pillow for easy storage. Comes with easy instructions, a plastic storage bag, and the lawn stake to stand it up in your front yard. Indoor stand sold separately.

Types of “Ghouls” include: Zombies (all kinds!), killer clowns, wizards, witches, devils, grave ghouls, scarecrows, executioners, mad doctors, deadly nurses, vampires, werewolves, and more. Kathy's also now offering an array of hand-painted Halloween signs, signs with heads and bodies hanging from them, witch's brewing pots, Halloween centerpieces and more. Best of all, her high quality creations are much more affordable and imaginative than most competitors or mass produced items in a store, making them affordable Halloween fun.

If you think the photos online look good, you should see them in person. A typical “ghoul,” as she calls her creations, costs $129-$259. You can see some of her work at her Queen of Ghouls™ Ebay store –

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