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Working up a squad for House Artemis. Here's the leader and his Host Armor.

Deadeye Dillon

Deadeye Dillon is one of the best snipers in the Resistance and a renowned hero even outside of his own Great House. He grew up in one of House Artemis’s Underground Havens, and he always dreamed of following in the footsteps of his Dreadguard father. His parents trained him from birth to make his mark in the Resistance, and he took to his lessons well. He was a natural marksman, an amazing martial artist, and a brilliant tactician, so no one was surprised when he was asked to join the Dreadguard at the age of 15. His skill with a rifle earned him the moniker of Deadeye, and it allowed him to wrack up tens of thousands of kills throughout his illustrious 25 year career. However, his name took on a whole new meaning when he was blinded in the line of duty nearly 10 years ago.

Dillon was selected for an incredibly prestigious and top secret mission. He was one of only four Dreadguards assigned to escort Warlord Artemis to a secret rendezvous with six other Resistance leaders, including Warlord Anhorn from the Great House of the Barren Marsh. Each Warlord had their own entourage of defenders, but the total force was kept to a minimum in order to avoid drawing any unwanted attention. Unfortunately, that is exactly what they did.

The N.E.X.U.S. personality Kali learned about this meeting through one of her Siren Infiltration Robots, and quickly devised a plan to capture these exposed Warlords. She launched a massive assault that caught the group by surprise, but the Dreadguard defenders and Warlords fought back ferociously and were able to temporarily break through the Machine’s lines. They tried to make their escape, but Kali’s forces were relentless. The beleaguered Splicers realized it was only a matter of time before Kali’s legions caught up with them and overwhelmed their tiny force. Deadeye Dillon and five other Dreadguard warriors volunteered to stay behind and delay their pursuers so that the Warlords could escape. Everyone knew this was a suicide mission, but Dillon and the others were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect the Resistance. Warlord Anhorn told them that they were truly an inspiration to Dreadguards everywhere and their heroic sacrifice would never be forgotten.

With that, Deadeye Dillon and his comrades prepared to make their last stand. They were horribly outnumbered, but Dillon had a plan that would give their tiny force a fighting chance. He knew of a narrow canyon up ahead that would limit the effectiveness of the Machine’s army and provide the Dreadguards with an excellent field of fire. They used hit and fade tactics to lure the robots towards this terrain, and once they took the bait, the Dreadguards hit the Machine’s army with everything they had. The plan worked even better than Dillon expected. They destroyed scores of robots with heavy weapons fire without even suffering a single casualty. They could have possibly torn apart hundreds more robots as they struggled to navigate the tight rock walls (and the growing piles of falling robots), but once the Splicers ran out of ammo, they had to abandon the relative safety of their ambush site and charge straight into the heart of the Machine’s army. Outnumbered and surrounded, they fought valiantly against impossible odds, but the outcome was never in question. Deadeye Dillon was torn from his Host Armor and the rest of the Dreadguard were slaughtered, but their sacrifice was not in vain. They stalled the advancing army long enough for the Warlords to escape, which made Kali absolutely furious. She monitored the battle through the eyes of her minions, and she knew that Deadeye Dillon was the man responsible for ruining her plans. She had her robots spare this impudent human so that she could personally repay him for what he had done. She had an elaborate series of tortures planned for her captured Warlords, and since Dillon ruined her fun, he could take their place.

He was brought to a nearby Industrial Center that Kali had appropriated and reprogrammed for “other” uses. Kali controlled every construction drone, automated workstation, and combat robot in the entire installation. When she spoke to Dillon, her voice came through every robot in unison, which was unsettling to say the least. Of course, that was nothing compared to what followed. Kali calmly explained to the restrained Dillon that she had great plans for his precious Warlords, and she was rather “upset” that he ruined all her fun. She went on to say that she appreciated Dillon volunteering to take their place, and that she promised to make sure he gets the full Warlord treatment. The last thing she said before beginning thirty hours of brutal torture (that nearly killed him three separate times) was, “I heard the others refer to you as Deadeye. That’s a great idea. Let’s start with that. What do you say, Deadeyes?” That was the last thing she said during the entire torture session, and the last thing he saw, ever, was the red hot metal probe slowing coming towards his eyes.

The painful blinding was horrific and it made the rest of his session with Kali all the more terrible. He could not see what was going to happen next, and the anticipation was nearly as maddening as the pain itself (something Kali quickly noticed and used to her advantage). Kali never asked him one question during the entire thirty hours. This was not about interrogation; it was all about fun. Eventually Kali grew bored with “Deadeyes” and decided to throw her toy away. She considered killing him, but thought it would be more fun to drop him off in the middle of a ruined city naked, alone, and totally blind. She cauterized his wounds to make sure he could last longer (and suffer longer) in the world. He struggled to feel his way across the terrain, but he had no idea where he was, where he was going, or what might be out there. He realized he had no chance of survival. Eventually he would either cross paths with a robot patrol or stumble into a pile of metal debris and be torn apart by the Nanobot Plague. He managed to survive on his own for 48 hours, but his strength was fading fast. He had not eaten in days, and Kali’s hospitality had left him on the verge of death. It was purely by chance that he was discovered by a band of Resistance fighters before he finally collapsed.

They nursed him back to health, and eventually returned him home to House Artemis where he was greeted with the hero’s welcome that he so richly deserved. Warlord Artemis ordered that no expense would be spared to repay the tremendous debt owed to Deadeye Dillon for the sacrifice he made and the pain he endured. The Librarians told him they could restore his sight (and even improve it), but he did not want anything to do with them. He appreciated the power of their Bio-Technology and their dedication to the Resistance, but he has seen the monstrous affects of incorporating their gifts into the human body. Most Splicers respect the sacrifices Saints, Skinjobs, Engineers, and even (to a lesser extent) Librarians, Biotics, and Scarecrows make in order to help them fight for humanity, but they trade away their own humanity in the process. Organic technology may empower them, but it mutilates their minds and bodies, turning them into monsters. Dillon would rather be crippled for life than suffer the same fate. This view is nothing new to the Librarians or the Engineers. They took no offensive and instead began working on their back up plan. They created a new suit of Host Armor to replace the one that Kali tore to shreds. It was a basic suit of armor so that Dillon could chose his own preferred enhancements, but they did include a few extras as appreciation for his heroic deeds. They called the Host Armor Eye Sore because it was equipped with dozens of additional eyes, optical enhancements, and two separate Eye Spy organisms. Dillon’s sight may be gone, but while wearing his Host Armor, he can see through all of these eyes as if they were his own.

He was able to rejoin the war effort sooner than anyone could have expected, and much sooner than most people recommended. He was always dedicated to the destruction of the Machine, but the torment he suffered at the hands of Kali created an almost fanatical drive within him. He spends the majority of his time in the field hunting the Machine’s most powerful minions and sabotaging any Power Farm, Industrial Center, or N.E.X.U.S. installation he can find. He leads an elite strike force of Splicers called the Blitz Crew. This team of heavy hitters has taken out some of the toughest targets in the Machine’s arsenal without any additional support or back up. Their victories are legendary throughout House Artemis and even across many other Great Houses. They have successfully taken down targets that would have been difficult for a team four times their size. They are truly the best of the best, and they should be since Warlord Artemis personally hand picked them from the greatest warriors in his house. He felt grateful to Dillon for what he had done (and continues to do), and wanted to make sure he had the proper support for his personal crusade.

His team mainly operates around House Artemis territory, but they have carried their fight all across the planet thanks to the Kraken. Dillon tries to remain busy at all times. If there are no pressing concerns within his territory, he gladly lends the power of his team to any other Great House struggling against the Machine. Most assume this behavior is driven by his fanatical drive for vengeance, but secretly he does it so that he has an excuse to wear his Host Armor as much as possible. When in the Underground Havens, he never wears his armor and walks around blind to show people that Kali may have taken his sight, but she did not break him. It is as much a show for himself as it is for the others. The truth is that he feels weak and powerless without his vision and cannot wait to jump back into the protection of his Host Armor. He hates this feeling and would rather risk his life in battle than endure these cowardly (in his opinion) thoughts. Despite what he thinks about himself, no one considers him a coward, and most consider him to be one of the greatest heroes in the Resistance. He has proven himself in thousands of engagements and continues to prove himself daily.

Real Name: Dillon Hall
Alignment: Scrupulous
S.D.C.: 92
H.P.: 47
Age: 41
Size: 6 feet, 1 inch. 195 lbs.
I.Q.: 13, M.E.: 14, M.A.: 19, P.S.: 22, P.P.: 18, P.E.: 21, P.B.: 5, Spd.: 38
Appearance: Dillon’s once attractive face and body have been marred by hundreds of gruesome scars, including two empty sockets where his eyes were seared away. Most of these scars were given to him by Kali, but an increasing number are the result of combat. When outside of his Host Armor (a rarity), he usually wears hooded clothing that conceals his features.
Disposition: Deadeye Dillon was born for war. He is a brilliant tactician and a natural leader. He is cool, calm, and collected even in the most strenuous situations. It is in civilian life where Dillon feels most uncomfortable. Even before he was blinded, he tended to remain distant from his fellow warriors. Dillon was always friendly and courteous. He just believed the Dreadguard should be a role model for the rest of the Resistance, and he felt that carousing with the Roughnecks did not set the proper example. Since his maiming at the hands of Kali, he has been even less inclined to socialize with his comrades. He just cannot put aside the nagging feeling that people pity his handicap and his battered appearance. He would rather interact with his fellow Splicers in battle were they can truly see his worth.
Experience Level: 7th level Dreadguard
Attacks per Melee: 6
Bonuses: +2 on initiative, +4 to strike, +7 to parry, +7 to dodge, +4 to entangle, +3 to strike with a body flip or body block/tackle, +3 to pin and incapacitate, +3 to disarm, +3 to pull punch, +5 to roll with punch, +4 to save vs. poison, and +12% to save vs. coma/death. His skill with a rifle gives him special bonuses of +4 to strike on an aimed shot and +3 to strike on a called shot. These are in addition to any W.P. bonuses.
Penalties: When he is not operating his Host Armor, Deadeye Dillon is completely blind. However, he has been training with his Falconer ally, Frank Tadasco, in the art of Blind Fighting. When he passes his skill roll of 60%, his normal penalties of -10 to strike, parry, and dodge are reduced to -5. In addition, he maintains his bonuses of +3 to strike with a body flip or body block/tackle, +4 to entangle, and +3 to pin and incapacitate.
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Damage: Axe Kick: 2D6, Elbow: 1D6, Forearm: 1D4, Kick: 2D4, Knee: 1D6, Jump Kick: 3D6x2, Punch: 1D6, Critical Strike on an Unmodified 18-20, Paired Weapons, Body Flip/Throw: 1D6 (plus victim loses one attack and initiative), Knockout/Stun on a Natural 20, Body Block/Tackle: 1D4, Pin/Incapacitate: 18-20, Crush/Squeeze: 1D4.
Skills of Note: Bartering (58%), Bio-Comms (98%), Boxing, Climbing (90%/80%), Cooking (30%), Detect Ambush (50%), Detect Concealment (50%), First Aid (75%), Forced March, Host Armor Combat (98%), Machine Lore (45%), Military Etiquette (85%), Operate Bio-Equipment (98%), Running, Sniper, Trap Construction (40%), Wrestling, W.P. Heavy Bio-Weapons, W.P. Light Bio-Weapons, W.P. Pistol, W.P. Rifle, W.P. Knife, and W.P. Sword.
Allies: Dillon and his team have traveled the world battling the Machine and have earned the respect and admiration of thousands of Splicers. There are dozens of Great Houses that see Dillon as a hero and welcome him like a brother. He does not fight for glory, but he sees no harm in nurturing allies. He is hopeful that the example he sets might help end these foolish Blood Feuds, but he is a realist and does not hold out too much hope.
Enemies: Deadeye Dillon is fanatically dedicated to the destruction of N.E.X.U.S. and all her minions. He will fight at anyone’s side as long as their common enemy is the Machine. His tactical mind is the only thing that has kept his fanatical drive from getting him killed, but still it sometimes gets the better of him. He holds a special hatred for the Machine personality Kali, and he will often take crazy risks to strike targets under her control. Dillon would never risk the lives of his teammates in these personal pursuits, but he would gladly risk his own. This is one of the main reasons Warlord Artemis gave him this commando squad in the first place. Dillon always places his dedication to duty above his personal vendetta, and Warlord Artemis knew this. He thought command would be the best way to keep Dillon alive, and so far his hunch has been correct.
The Machine is Dillon’s only enemy. He will never participate in any type of Blood Feud even if his Great House is threatened. He will alert his comrades of any impending plots against House Artemis, but he will not go to war with his brothers. This well-known attitude has earned him the same “hands off” status given to the Saints. Only Splicers from the most treacherous Great Houses will ever raise a hand against him of his team. Dillon may be reluctant to strike first, but if these traitors want to come after him, he has no problem striking back. He has killed hundreds of Waste Crawlers throughout his career, but as much as he despises these vile humans, he still has no desire to hunt them down. He only fights to defend himself; nothing more.
Money and Valuables: 120 credits plus 2000 credits in relics and trade goods. He has little need for money. All his equipment needs are provided by the Resistance and he is in the field so much, that he has little need for anything else.
Weapons and Equipment:
Eye Sore: His personal suit of Host Armor
Demon Seed Cannon with the following Bio-Enhancements: Targeting Sight with Telescopic Vision, Targeting Sight with Thermal Vision, Targeting Sight with Nightvision, Chig Launcher, Ultra Upgrade, Omni Upgrade, Lock Tight Tendrils, Feeding Link, and Speed Reload.
Light Cell Laser Pistol with the following Bio-Enhancements: Lock Tight Tendrils and Fasting
Booster Patch
Slap Patch
Eye Pod
6 Chigs
2 Migs

Eye Sore

Eye Sore was created for Deadeye Dillon as a reward for his heroic sacrifice in the line of duty. While he ultimately survived his horrible ordeal, his eyes were destroyed by Kali’s minions. This is why his personal Host Armor is covered with additional eyes, optical enhancements, and sensory enhancements. Dillon may be blind, but while wearing his armor, he can see through all these eyes as if they were his own. The eyes are scattered all across the armor, so Dillon can see in all directions simultaneously. It took some time to get used to the flood of visual imagery, but it was far better than adapting to his sudden blindness.

In addition to the visual enhancements, the Librarians pumped up the genes of Eye Sore to make sure it was stronger, faster, and more durable than the average suit of Host Armor. Warlord Artemis saw the growing fanaticism within Deadeye Dillon and he wanted to make sure this heroic Dreadguard had the tools to survive his personal war with the Machine. He was given a rather impressive suit of Host Armor to begin with, plus they let him select his own Bio Enhancements to further strengthen and customize his armor.

He designed his armor for heavy combat, not stealth. Even though he focuses on long range sniper attacks, he learned from the mistakes and weaknesses of his last suit of Host Armor and equipped this one with retractable Forearm Bone Blades for close quarters combat and a Lightning Blaster so that he would never again be at the mercy of a limited payload. In addition, Eye Sore has a Bio-Force Field to make this impressive suit even more durable and Organic Thrusters to allow for easy access to higher ground for sniping.

One of the enhancements that Dillon did not choose, but one that he has become a big fan of are the two Eye Spies mounted on the backs of his shoulders. He has found many creative uses for these tiny Bio-Tech devices. One of his preferred tactics is to place one in an ambush site so that he can still see adversaries once they duck behind cover. The strategic use of Eye Spies allows him to make some impressive ricochet shots or perfectly lobe Chigs near a protected target.

Class: Host Armor
Crew: Deadeye Dillon
Level: 4
M.D.C. by Location:
• Hands (2): 60 each
• Arms (2): 120 each
• Feet (2): 80 each
• Legs (2): 160 each
• Forearm Bone Blades (2): 88 each
• Organic Thrusters: 150
• Head: 130
• Main Body: 302
• Bio-Force Field: 200

Running: 90 mph
Leaping: 40 feet high or 80 feet across
Digging: 20 mph. It takes 3D6 melee rounds to dig a hole large enough for concealment.
Swimming: 30 mph or mph when using his organic thrusters.
Underwater Depth: 700 feet
Flying: 200 mph

Statistical Data:
Height: 7’ 1”
Width: 3’ 10”
Length: 2’ 8”
Weight: 585 lbs. including the weight of the pilot.
Cargo: Only what he can carry or strap on his back.
Physical Strength: 32
Operational Lifetime: 50 years
Bio-Regeneration Rate: 3D4 M.D.C. per hour
Horror Factor: 9
Feeding: Eye Sore is a Carnivorous Host Armor. It needs to eat 20 to 50 pounds of animal matter a day, and may gorge on up to 90 pounds at one time. After gorging, the suit can go 1D4 days without feeding and without suffering any ill effects.
Color: The entire armor is mottled tan and brown in color. The multiple eyes spread all across the armor range in color from solid black to violet.
Sleep Requirements: The Circadian Rhythms enhancement allows the pilot and armor to stay awake for 4 days straight without ill effect. Both the Host Armor and pilot can recover from days of sleep deprivation after only 10 hours of sleep.

Senses and Features:
• 16 Pairs of Additional Eyes: They are strategically located all across the armor. 6 pairs have Advanced Vision, 4 pairs have Enhanced Vision, 2 pairs have Nightvision, 2 pairs have Underwater Vision, 1 pair has Macro-Vision, and 1 pair has Electromagnetic Vision.
• 2 Eye Spies with Enhanced Vision: Each organism is a detachable eye that can transmit visual data back to the Host Armor even if the two are 6 miles apart. One removed, the snail-like creature will die within one hour, but a new one automatically regrows after 3D4 hours.
• Radar: Maximum range is 6 miles in open spaces.
• Circadian Rhythms: Allows the pilot and armor to stay awake for 4 days straight without ill effect. Both the Host Armor and pilot can recover from days of sleep deprivation after only 10 hours of sleep.
• Enhanced Neurological Connections
• Increased Metabolic Rate
• Resistance to Electricity: Electrical attacks do half damage. The Host Armor and the pilot within are also immune to stun weapons.

Combat Bonuses: +2 attacks per melee, +5 on initiative, +3 strike, +3 parry, +3 to dodge, +2 auto-dodge, and +1 to disarm. Cannot be surprised form behind. Additional bonuses while in flight: +1 on initiative, +1 strike, and +2 dodge.

Weapon Systems:
• 2 Forearm Bone Blades: Each inflicts 6D6 damage. Bonuses: +2 to strike, +1 to parry and disarm.
• Lightning Discharger: 4D12 damage. Range: 100 feet. Payload: Effectively unlimited. Bonus: +1 to strike.

Hand to Hand Damage:
• Restrained Punch: 1D4 M.D.
• Full Strength Punch: 1D6 M.D.
• Power Punch: 4D4 M.D. but counts as 2 attacks.
• Forearm Blade Strike: Adds 6D6 to normal punch damage
• Kick: 2D8 M.D.
• Leap Kick: 4D8 M.D. but counts as 2 attacks.
• Head Butt: 1D4 M.D.
• Bite: 3D8 M.D.
• Body Block/Ram: 1D6 M.D.

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I'll be posting the various NPCs inhabiting my game. Here's the Warlord:

Warlord Robert “Mack” Macklin
The Warlord of the Great House of Mountain Home, Robert “Mack” Macklin is a career soldier and military strategist. Mack was born and raised in a Retro Village (actually the size of a large town, about 30,000 or so people) designed to mimic the United States, circa late 60’s, complete with hippies, protesters, and even reports and footage of a faux “Vietnam War”. No one is sure why The Machine chose this particular time period, faked a war, or left this village in relative peace.

Due to “security concerns” about the “War”, the village had been under martial law (complete with curfews, travel restrictions, etc.) for as long as anyone could remember. Unknown to all of the villagers, the “military” were actually Nex Androids; all other robots and drones (including Rat Bombs) were kept away from the village. The façade worked beautifully, and the general populace was blissfully unaware of the truth.

As a child, Mack was completely enthralled with the military. He would spend hours watching Machine created “War Footage”, and read anything he could find on the military and warfare. Shortly after Mack’s 14th birthday, a large group of Splicers raided the village, with the intent of destroying the Androids and liberating as many villagers as possible. Though the raid was considered a success (almost all the Androids were successfully destroyed, and most people liberated) in the end, the results were disastrous. The psychological strain of witnessing their military being slaughtered by inhuman invaders, being abducted, and then finally learning the truth, proved too much for most of the villagers. Many of the villagers committed suicide outright; most of them fell into a deep depression from which they would never recover. The youthful Robert Macklin proved to be an exception.

Mack was awe struck by these soldiers and their amazing armor suits and weapons. After a few preliminary tests, Mack was accepted into Dreadguard training, impressing everyone with his instinctive grasp of combat and tactics.

Mack shot to fame within his House a few years later. While on a Long Range Recon Patrol (LRRP), his small group was ambushed by a Machine Seek and Destroy Squad. Mack alone managed to escape. Enraged at the death of these friends, Mack began secretly trailing the Squad, hoping for a chance at some payback. Over the next 72 hours, Mack would attack the squad over and over, whittling it down with guerilla tactics and hit and run maneuvers. Using his skills, wits, and bio-weapons, he managed to destroy the entire squad single handedly. Mack would distinguish himself in battle again and again, proving to be a consummate warrior and strategist. He may have become Warlord sooner if fate had not intervened.

During a planned raid on a Retro Village, the Draco transport carrying Mack and his squad was shot down, and 4 survivors (Mack included) were taken captive. Why they were taken captive instead of killed is a mystery to all.

For the next several days, The Machine engaged in all sorts of mental torture (though very little physical), designed to break each of the warriors. Only Mack was strong willed enough to withstand the mental assault, and miraculously managed to retrieve his Host Armor and escape. He returned home to a hero’s welcome and was proclaimed “Warlord” a few years later. He has been the Warlord now for almost 20 years.

If Mack suffered any lasting effects from being held in captivity, it has never compromised his ability to lead. His leadership is hard, but fair, and Mountain Home has prospered (relatively speaking). The Splicers of Mountain Home are among the most well trained and combat hardened troops around; they routinely complete missions that others would deem impossible. Due to his age, Mack is not as active in combat as he once was, but still consults and offers tactical advice on most missions.

THE TRUTH: Most of the above story is common knowledge among the leaders of the Resistance, however, its only about 80% true. Mack was shot down, and taken captive. However, he did not “escape” completely on his own, nor were his companions killed through torture.

The horrible truth: Mack killed each of the survivors himself with his bare hands.

Lilith wanted to see how far humans could be pushed before they mentally cracked, hence why the squad was captured alive rather than killed outright. During the several days the captives were held, Lilith subjected them to a barrage of non stop mental torture (sleep deprivation, auditory and visual pain, withholding food, etc.) During the starvation torture, Mack’s sanity slipped, and he murdered his fellow soldiers one at a time to ensure his own survival. Lilith was absolutely delighted by this turn of events, and decided to “reward” Mack with his freedom.

Mack’s psyche has never truly recovered and this, combined with his overwhelming guilt, has slowly eaten away his sanity over the last several years. He’s developed a sort of “split personality”, with his Host Armor, “Silhouette”, serving as the other personality! He’s rarely out of his Host Armor, and will often spend long hours in “conversation” with it, seeking support and advice from it.

Though he blames his age, Mack is actually becoming more and more self-centered; he considers himself (and Silhouette) far too important to risk in combat (though he will fight to defend himself, or if Mountain Home itself is threatened.) His strategies and plans are becoming increasingly erratic and prone to failure. It’s been only through blind luck (and the help of his close aid, Roland) that the plans have worked. However, it’s only a matter of time before his insanaties becomes public knowledge.

Real Name: Robert Macklin
Alignment: Diabolic (but appears to be Scrupulous)
S.D.C.: 46
H.P.: 57
Age: 50
Size: 5 feet, 10 inches 190 lbs.
I.Q.: 19, M.E.: 7, M.A.: 19, P.S.: 17, P.P.: 18, P.E.: 17, P.B.: 11, Spd.: 31
Appearance: Macklin looks like the typical career military office; tall, ramrod straight, with close cropped salt and pepper hair. Macklin is trim and muscular, but has a slight stomach that somehow resists his grueling exercise routine. When outside of his Host Armor (a rarity), he usually wears an immaculately prepared officer’s uniform.
Disposition: To his troops and followers, Macklin radiates self-confidence and control. He is a charismatic leader and commander, able to inspire with a few words. In battle, his mind is still quick, and able to put plans and strategies on the fly. However, the cracks in his façade are starting to show. Macklin has become increasingly intolerant of anyone seconding guessing or criticizing him (except for his close aide Roland and a few others) and a few of the more outspoken critics have already disappeared (or are assigned to suicide missions.) He is also starting to display an unhealthy paranoid streak.
In private, Macklin is fidgety and nervous. He has no real concern for anyone other than himself (and maybe Roland), and would sacrifice the inhabitants of Mountain Home without a second thought if it meant his survival. If he is separated from Silhouette, he will become increasingly aggressive, violent, and unable to make decisions. He is becoming more and more reliant on his Armor to “make” his decisions. So far, only Roland and Edgar are starting to see the depths of his insanity.
Insanities: OBSESSION: Silhouette must be worn or in close proximity.
OBSESSION: Cannot take criticisms, second guessing, etc.
Experience Level: 11th level Dreadguard
Combat Skills: Hand-to-Hand: Commando and Host Armor Combat (numbers in parenthesis indicate stats when in Host Armor)
Attacks per Melee: 6 (10)
Bonuses (All bonuses, including those from stats): +5 (+10) on initiative, +5 (+10) to strike, +9 (+13) to parry, +9 (+11) to dodge, +5 to auto-dodge when in armor, +1 to entangle, +5 to strike with a body flip or body block/tackle, +3 (+5) to disarm, +8 (+13) to pull punch, +3 (+4) to roll with punch, +5% Skill Bonus, 55% Trust/Intimidate, +5% vs. Coma/Death, +1 to save vs. poison., and +12% to save vs. coma/death.
Body Flip/Throw, Body Block/Tackle, Backward Sweep Kick, Karate Strike (2D4), Karate Kick (2D6), Jump Kick, Paired Weapons, Critical Strike on Natural 20, Death Blow on Natural 18-20, Knockout/Stun on a Natural 20
Skills of Note:
Climbing, Military Etiquette, Bio-Comms, Operate Bio-Equipment, Machine Lore, Biology, and Parachuting all at 98%
Wilderness Survival, Tracking, Trap & Mine Detection, Detect Ambush, Machine Technology, and Preserve Food all at 90%
Camouflage, Detect Concealment, Prowl, Sign Language, Identify Plants and Fruits all at 85%
Genetics: 79%, Intelligence: 80%, Land Navigation: 80%, Public Speaking: 75%, Fasting: 76%, Boxing, Running, Sniper, Host Armor Combat, Athletics (General)
Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Heavy Bio-Weapons, W.P. Light Bio-Weapons, W.P. Knife, W.P. Sword and W.P. Whip.
Allies: As Warlord, Mack has all the resources of the Great House at his disposal. He is also guardedly friendly with leaders of other Great Houses, and will support them in most instances.
Enemies: As he has gotten older, Mack is becoming more and more aggressive about fighting the Machine and expanding his territory. Mack has a special hatred for Retro Villages and considers them a prison where the inmates need to be freed. Mack will attempt to liberate any Retro Villages he hears of, often ignoring other more valuable targets.
Money and Valuables: As Warlord of a Great House, Mack has all the resources of the Great House at his disposal.
Weapons and Equipment:
Silhouette: His personal suit of Host Armor
Light Cell Laser Rifle following Bio-Enhancements: Targeting Sight with Telescopic Vision, Targeting Sight with Nightvision, Chig Launcher.
Light Bore Pistol
“Whip” style Tentacle Scourge with Electro Shock Upgrade
2 Slap Patches
Eye Pod
8 Chigs

Silhouette is Macklin’s Vampiric Host Armor. Silhouette has been designed as an all purpose armor, able to handle a variety of battlefield tasks. Many of the armor features are defensive in nature, allowing Macklin the greatest chance for survival.

Class: Host Armor
Level: 11
M.D.C. by Location:
• Hands (2): 87 each
• Arms (2): 177 each
• Feet (2): 99 each
• Legs (2): 207 each
• Head: 167
• Main Body: 447

Running: 80 mph
Leaping: 40 feet high or 80 feet across
Digging: 20 mph. It takes 3D6 melee rounds to dig a hole large enough for concealment.
Swimming: 30 mph or mph when using his organic thrusters.
Underwater Depth: 700 feet

Statistical Data:
Height: 6’9”
Width: 3’ 10”
Length: 2’ 8”
Weight: 455 lbs. including the weight of the pilot.
Cargo: Only what he can carry or strap on his back.
Physical Strength: 31
Operational Lifetime: 50 years
Horror Factor: 11

Feeding:Vampiric. The Host Armor must feed on at least 30 Hit Points of blood (about 3 to 5 pints) of blood per day. It cannot gorge.
Color: The entire armor is a deathly grey, with stark white accents. It looks almost like an urban camouflage pattern
Sleep Requirements: The Circadian Rhythms enhancement allows the pilot to stay awake for 4 days straight without ill effect. The Host Armor does not require sleep, but must rest 2D4x10 minutes after feeding.

Bonuses from Vampiric Metabolism:Track by smell alone: 98%
Recognize specific people/emotional extremes (can be used as a makeshift lie detector): 84%
Detect Poison/Trace Elements in food or drink (including blood): 98% and 86%

Armor Features:Acid Blood
Stealth Field
Regeneration: Super
Reinforced Exoskeleton
Enhanced Neurological Connection
Circadian Rhythms
Resistance to Lasers
Resistance to Physical Attacks

Weapon Systems:
• Vampiric Fangs: 1D8 M.D.
• Reinforced Knuckles: +1D6 M.D. to punch damage
• Tendril Injector (right wrist)
• Chemical Sprayer w/Burning Vapors and Sleep Chemicals (chest)
• Pair of Super Light Cells w/Mega Upgrades (head)
• Long Range Spore Discharger w/Ultra-Upgrade (left shoulder)

Hand to Hand Damage (does not include Reinforced Knuckles):
• Restrained Punch: 1D4 M.D.
• Full Strength Punch: 1D6 M.D.
• Power Punch: 4D4 M.D. but counts as 2 attacks.
• Kick: 2D8 M.D.
• Leap Kick: 4D8 M.D. but counts as 2 attacks.
• Head Butt: 1D4 M.D.
• Bite: 1D8 M.D.
• Body Block/Ram: 1D6 M.D.

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Very cool. Solid backstory. He definitely sounds like a good candidate to start a few Blood Feuds.

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I meant to have this up a long time ago, but a bout of pneumonia had me laid up for a while. Anyway, here's an NPC that figures heavily into my adventures:
Edgar Friendly
Edgar Friendly (as he calls himself) is the “personal advisor” to the Warlord Robert Macklin. In reality, Edgar is the power behind the throne, able to manipulate Warlord Macklin with little effort. He is cruel, cunning, and devious in the extreme.

Edgar began life in the Great House of Mountain Home; a lower class child with a gift for mischief and a desire for power. As he grew older, his gift for mischief became a gift for criminal activity, starting with simple theft and vandalism. As Edgar grew older, simple crimes were no longer enough. He wanted real and true power. At first, Edgar toyed with the idea of becoming a Dreadguard or Outrider. However, while mulling this over, Edgar came to a realization. The Dreadguard, for all of their vaunted abilities, were still merely human. Take away the armor and the bio-technology, and they were nothing. The true power then had to lie with the Liberians and Engineers, the source of the bio-technology.

Shortly after his 18th birthday, Edgar became a Scarecrow. The ambitious youngster proved a Liberians dream; Edgar would gladly perform any task, no matter how atrocious, if he felt it would bring him greater power.

Edgar spent the next several years slowly building a network of informants and solidifying a power base. The phrase “The walls have ears” can certainly apply to the Great House, for very little happens that Edgar is not aware of.

As fate would have it, Edgar “stumbled” onto a plot to assassinate Warlord Macklin (a plot he himself conceived.) Edgar was able to stop the assassins during a bloody battle that almost cost the Scarecrow his life. Impressed with his knowledge and daring, Macklin began consulting the Scarecrow on domestic and internal security matters. Edgar was able to assist the Warlord again and again, eventually working his way into Macklin’s inner circle. Edgar proved his worth over and over again, being able to ferret out spies, saboteurs, and assassins (both human and Machine.) While many of these threats were genuine, a good number were also elaborate hoaxes and plans by Edgar to remove various rivals and obstacles as he searched for a puppet to usurp Macklin.

During this time, Edgar and his Liberian began to notice the first signs of insanity creeping over Macklin. The once powerful and capable warrior was becoming old and indecisive, his instincts dulled by his neurosis. Edgar found this turn of events incredible; he had spent so much time trying to find a figurehead, and now the Warlord himself could fill the role of “puppet leader”. Delighted with this turn of events, Edgar has now dedicated his efforts to ensuring Macklin remains Warlord for as long as possible; his “heir” to be someone of Edgar’s choosing.

Real Name: Unknown; goes by Edgar Friendly
Alignment: Miscreant
M.D.C: 184+Armor
Age: ??
Size: 6 feet, 2 inches, 215lbs.
I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 18, M.A.: 20, P.S.: 31, P.P.: 20, P.E.: 20, P.B.: 4, Spd.: 82
Appearance: Like all Scarecrows, “ugly” doesn’t begin to describe Edgar. Tall and slender, Edgar looks like a walking corpse; thin and corpse-like, complete with pale grey skin. His voice is easily his greatest feature. When he speaks, his voice sounds like velvet, smooth and resonant. Edgar prefers wearing loose robes and tunics to disguise his unnerving features.
Disposition: Malicious, deceiving, and cool as ice. Edgar has no morality whatsoever, and will hurt, lie, cheat, and kill anyone to attain his goals, no action is too underhanded. Power is all that matters to him. Edgar is constantly scheming and plotting and firmly believes that the end justifies the means. He is careful and cunning and always ensures that nothing can ever be traced back to him. His actions are never rash or impulsive, and he will sometimes wait months or even years before taking revenge or action against those who have opposed or angered him. Many people have made an enemy of the Scarecrow and never realized it until the tragic end. Edgar is a masterful actor, and can portray nearly any emotion at the drop of a hat.
Around Warlord Macklin and his aide Roland, Edgar is quick to play the loyal, dutiful servant He knows he is the true ruler of Mountain Home (from behind the shadows) and has no desire to usurp the aging Warlord. He is fully aware that Macklin is losing his sanity, and is using this to his advantage, manipulating the Warlord into making the decisions and plans Edgar and the Librarian want. Edgar is clever and silver tongued, and can usually talk Macklin into any course of action (while making Macklin believe it was his idea the whole time!) Edgar will do anything to ensure Macklin stays in power and has successfully eliminated half dozen potential challengers to his authority.
Experience Level: 8th level Scarecrow
Combat Skills: Hand-to-Hand: Assassin
Attacks per Melee: 8
Bonuses (All bonuses, including those from stats): +6 on initiative, +5 to strike, +6 to parry, +6 to dodge, +5 to auto-dodge, +2 to entangle, +3 to pull punch, +2 to roll with punch, K.O./Stun on Natural 17-20, +20 S.D.C. damage, +2 save vs. mind control, +7 save vs. toxic gases, poisons, drugs and disease, +5 save vs. Horror Factor, +2 save vs. insanity, 60% trust/intimidate, +30% vs. coma/death.
Damage (Supernatural Strength)
Restrained Punch: 5D6+20 S.D.C. Full Punch: 4D6 M.D.
Power Punch: 1D4x10 M.D.
Special Abilities:
Super Endurance: Can last 10 times longer before feeling the effects of exhaustion and can remain alert and operate at full efficiency for up to 5 days without sleep.
Super Leap: Can leap 60ft across and 30ft high after short run (half from a dead stop)
Super Healing: Regenerates 2D4 M.D.C. per melee round and is virtually impervious to pain; no amount of pain will impair Edgar until he is down to zero M.D.C. At this point, he will collapse into unconsciousness, but will continue to regenerate. When back up to at least 3 M.D.C. above zero, he will regain consciousness and be ready for action within 1D4 seconds (one melee action.)
Superior Senses: Crystal clear sight and hearing (can clearly read a street sign at one mile and hear a whisper at 100ft.) Sense of smell is a thousand times greater and can follow a scent trail that is up to two days old. The sense of smell offers the following specific abilities:
1. Identify common smells: 800ft range, 76% chance of success
2. Identify specific odors, including specific individuals, items, or monsters: 105ft. range, 52% chance of success (+10% if smell is familiar, +15% to follow blood scent.)
3. Track by smell alone. Does not need tracks or any other visible trail. 62% chance of success.
Natural Horror Factor: Edgar is downright scary!! Horror Factor of 11.

Skills of Note:
Detect Ambush, Wilderness Survival, and Interrogation at 90%
Climbing, Bio-Comms, and Literacy at 80%
Military Etiquette-85%, Intelligence-84%, Sniper, Pick Locks-70%, Surveillance-70%, Use and Recognize Poison-66%, Vital Points-Robots and Humans, Land Navigation-68%, Prowl-65%, Tracking-65%, Pick Pockets-65%, Concealment-52%, Sign Language-45%, Psychology-35%, Kick Boxing, Running
Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Archery, Bio-Weapons: Light, Bio-Weapons: Heavy, Knife, Paired Weapons, Whip.
Allies: Edgar’s only true allies are his Librarian and his fellow Scarecrows. Everyone else (Warlord Macklin included) is either a pawn, a threat, or beneath his notice.
Enemies: If you are not with him, you are against him. Along with the Machine, Edgar views any who oppose him or threaten Warlord Macklin’s rule as enemies. However, Edgar prefers to work from the shadows; as a result, many people he considers enemies do not even realize they are on his bad side.
Though he pretends otherwise, Edgar considers Roland a major threat. The young Dread Guard is not easily manipulated and sees the Scarecrow for what he is. However, due to Macklin’s fondness for the youth, no direct action can be taken against him. Roland will have to be dealt with soon.
Money and Valuables: As “Personal Advisor” to a Warlord of a Great House, Edgar can access almost any of resources of the Great House, subject to the Warlord’s discretion.
Weapons and Equipment:
Due his strength, Edgar will often use just his bare hands in combat. However, if anticipating heavy combat, he will carry the following:
1. Heavy Bore Rifle with the following upgrades: Targeting Sight with Nightvision and Ultra Upgrade
2. Spiked Ball Tentacle Scourge

Edgar seldom wears armor within the confines of Earth Home, but will when he ventures to the surface or anticipates heavy combat. Edgar has a suit of Chitinous Armor and Leatherback Armor, but neither has any additional enhancements.

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Is his real name Denis Leary? :D

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:lol: I was wondering if anyone would catch that. I thought REALLY seriously about working in some kind of Denis Leary reference into his real name or background, but couldn't really come up with anything.

Considering his devious nature, I thought naming him "Friendly" would be a hoot.

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I likes the scarecrow and eventually Ill get mine posted (if the 4yr old will leave me alone long enough) but you missed the PP bonus for your autododge.

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