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Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 2:49 am

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Okay, a couple of days ago I was on the net in a Forum talking to some fellow gamers. These gamers are mainly into warhammer/ warhammer 40k. I know very little about either one but I do know the Mechanoids, I knew that the could mop the floor of the universe with ever force sent at them from the Megaverse (Robotech to rifts) but for every thing I said the mechanoids have they said the Guys in 40k had better.

Example: They were talking about large ships, I mentioned that the mother ships were the size of north america, that's from the top of alaska to the bottom of the U.S., they then said that the "Tyranids" had a ship about the size of Eurasia.

Point, I need someone to tell me the differances between 40k and the mechanoids, cause with all the stuff they mentioned I don't know who would win in an all out war.

I say the mechanoids, but I need to know for sure.

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Heh,...this is like trying to do arguments of Star Trek vs. Star Wars. The problem comes in that they use different assumptions and the sci-fi Laws of the Universe work different in each. I could argue Honor Harrington-verse vs. Star Trek but it all amounts to 'I got you! "No you didn't!" playground arguments since they use differnet assumptions about how things work.

WH40K goes with a very grand, gothic feel. Everthing is [b]BIG[/u] from guns to starship to shoulder pad (look at Imperial Marines and old versions of the Guard). To use a given example of the Tyranids. I don't know what source the poster had of 'Tyranid ships are the size of Eurasia'. I've never seen such a reference m'self. What I do know is that they are huge and the deal with the Tyranids is that there are swarms of them, space or ground. But in the end the arguments become circular and only so much smoke and ego in the end. Drop me a PM if you want more details on the gear and assumptions of the Wh40K setting. I don't play the games tabletop, but collect many books since I find them useful for source material.

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 Post subject: Apples and Oranges
Unread postPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2004 8:41 pm

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It's all relative. The gamers you spoke to love Warhammer 40k. They spend hours and hours painting figures and it racks up to quite an investment of time and money. They're convinced Warhammer 40k is the greatest, and very little will pursuade them otherwise.

On the flip side, the Mechanoids are a great, nihilistic concept as well. Despite the size of the Mechanoid warships, one has to figure that the Mechanoids have built fleets of motherships. (By the way, only the assault portion of the ship is the size of North America, the full sized mechanoid ship is about the size of Jupiter when both parts combine).

I'm certain both game designers and GMs can craft bigger and more menacing threats. Starships the size of 100 AU dyson spheres, for example (that's 9.3 billion miles in radius). Anyone can make up an imaginary number higher than the last, the trick is getting it recognized by the public at large to become "canon".

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Unread postPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 10:21 am

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just tell them this

Mechaniods=The Borg X 20^20

most Sci-Fi nuts (gamer or otherwise) are enough of a star trek fan to at least know the comparisons.

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