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So I’m playing a Mystic knight in my campaign, they’re more of a npc. Question I have that’s really bugging me is that say for instance you have two opposing factions that are in battle but each side has a battalion of Mystic knights. What’s the correct game play here. I ask because I know mystic knights aren’t like good guys and have all the ridiculous trappings of honor, chivalry, and what ever else nonsense but wouldn’t willing to kill your brothers and sisters seems a little extreme. So I’m asking for any one to interpret this dilemma I’m facing. My opinion is that the mystic knights aren’t just ruthless barbarians that will fulfill the contract with said employer if they’re faced with such a decision.

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Welcome to the forum, Cruzankin.

You might like to take a look at Rifter 45, which contains an "optional" article about Houses of Mystic Knights that discusses this sort of thing.

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What battlefield etiquette? ALL but the White Rose Chapter of the mystic knights are, in the baseline, EVIL.

Answering the OP's question with the canon answer should be done First.
After that you can post your house your house rules.

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I play them as opportunist mercenaries like other mercenaries.

Rifter 52 Cannibal Magic
Rifter 55 The Ancestral Mystic P.C.C.
Rifter 59 The Lopanic Games adventure "The Lion, the Ditch & the Warlock". Illustrations to this adventure can be found here.
Rifter 71 & 72 Double Issue Ninjas & Superspies adventure "On a Wing & a Prayer"
Rifter 80 Masters Unlimited

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