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Comment: They/Them
Shadow Warlocks of at least 7th level using the Pass the Torch Elite Talent can effectively temporarily turn a target person into a Nightbane. In that the S.W. does not themselves possess a Morphus a "brand new Morphus" is created, with any time constraints mentioned within the talent writeup seemingly more in reference to delays at the table instead of time spent within the setting. The effect is made permanent if the Talent user dies while manifesting the talent.

How might this be used to allow a Shadow Warlock to become a Nightbane? This thread necessarily posits the death is that of the S.W.'s body, and that they may transfer their consciousness to the newly Became Nightbane before ending the effect. Via the Mimic Spell Talent a Shadow Warlock in a megaversal game might be able to piggyback off of an Earth Warlock's casting of Transferrence of Essence and Intellect, so as to place themselves in a Morphus of suitable material. What other effects might be so leveraged? Note that there are issues of consent involved in the Passing the Torch talent such that the target being incapacitated voids the effect, so some sort of extramundane coercion is generally required. Finally, while Pass the Torch lists "mortal races without psychic abilities" as valid recipients, earlier in the talent description there are a couple of mentions of people, so unfortunately swapping consciousness with an ordinary dog or the like won't work.

Perhaps more interestingly than how, what are some ramifications of a setting where a group of Mystics can pursue what they might see as increased communion with the Formless Ones from whom the Nightlords usurped their power?

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