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The sale of physical books was supposed to end, Wednesday, September 23, after midnight, HOWEVER, we experienced some computer/Internet issues so we could not send out the notice this morning as planned. As a result, I will leave the sale up till Thursday evening, September 24, so you don't miss out. But time is still running out in these final hours.

Last chance to take advantage of this fun sale that focuses on adventurers, mercenaries and adventuring in the Rifts®, Heroes Unlimited™, and Palladium Fantasy® settings. Your characters could be those heroes and adventurers or the mercenaries could be hunting them, or the mercs could be rivals after the same goal or reward. There are plenty of ideas here for adventures and fun to take your minds off the real world. A great way to prep for the release of Rifts® CS Manhunters and Titan Robotics, coming this fall. And do not overlook Rifts® Black Market which is an awesome gaming resource for villains, gear, and adventures. It is one of my favorite books. Game on!

- Rifts® Adventure Guide – The art of running Rifts® games. Random Rifts table, 101 adventures, tips on playing and making adventures, character archetypes, rules for creating traveling shows, towns, merc companies, and more.
- Rifts® Black Market – The most powerful Black Market factions, 10 Black Market O.C.C.s and their special abilities, 29 weapons, plus vehicles, power armor, TW weapons, robots, Traveling Show creation tables, and more, including the TW Ironmage Glitter Boy! An awesome resource for players and G.M.s alike.

- Rifts® Black Vault™ – Discover rumors about the Coalition States’ legendary Black Vault™, said to be a Top Secret depository for rare and powerful magic items and mystic artifacts the CS does not want loose in the world. 101 magic items and secrets await.

- Rifts® Mercenaries – Epic in scope, weapons and vehicles from Naruni Enterprises, Golden Age Weaponsmiths, Iron Heart Armaments, Wellington Industries, and others; 40 NPCs, 9 Merc O.C.C.s, 6 NPC mercenary companies (Armageddon Unlimited, Braddock’s Bad Boys, Demonbusters, Larsen’s Brigade, Shadow Warriors, & Robot Control), adventures and more!

- Rifts® MercTown™ – A rough and tumble town that caters to the needs of mercenaries. Many shops with weapons, armor and gear for sale, and many jobs waiting for the right crew of mercs, bounty hunters or adventurers to take on. Great for adventure ideas.

- Rifts® Merc Ops™ – The name kinda says it all, merc jobs and job brokers, bounties, the 10 Most Wanted, plus weapons and gear and lots of adventure ideas.

- Rifts® Mercenary Adventures – 7 Merc O.C.C.s, Combat Mage O.C.C., 45+ Combat Spells, boot camp, adventure ideas, and more.

- Rifts® Index Volume One – 40 pages of adventures, 25 Hook, Line & Sinker™ adventures, 5 full adventures (many involving the Army of the Coalition States) and NPCs. Plus an Index for Rifts® World Books 1-6, Sourcebooks 1 and 3, Rifts® Conversion Books 1 & 2, Rifts® Mercenaries, Dimension Books 1 and 2, and the original Rifts® RPG (First Edition rules). Back for the first time in nearly 20 years!

- Rifts® Index Volume Two – 50 pages of adventures, 20+ Hook, Line and Sinker adventures, two full adventures, NPCs, and more. Plus an index for 17 Rifts® titles (including Underseas, Japan, South America 2, Juicer Uprising, CS War Campaign, Lone Star, New West, Spirit West), as well as Rifts® Sourcebook 2: The Mechanoids®, SB 4: Coalition Navy, and Rifts® Phase World®).

- Rifts® Vanguard – 8 Vanguard O.C.C.s, their agendas, their history and their reasons for working in secret for the Coalition, and why they kill and undermine other practitioners of magic. Plus, more about the Firetown ‘Burbs and many adventure ideas. The Vanguard play a big role in The Disavowed™.

- Rifts® Xiticix Invasion – 9 types of deadly Xiticix, the Hive structure, the Hivelands, weapons, Wild Psi-Stalkers, 15+ NPCs, Lazlo’s Xiticix War, CS operations in the Hivelands, Fort Barron, Fort Perrion, adventures, maps, and more.

- Heroes Unlimited™ RPG – 101 super abilities plus a multitude of sub-powers within them, bonuses and special combat capabilities, 100+ magic spells, enchanted weapons and objects that instill super abilities, Mega-Heroes and immortals, aliens, mutant experiments, super soldiers, cyborgs, robots, and more. Create any type of hero you can imagine.

- Heroes Unlimited™ G.M. Guide – 10 full adventures, 25+ NPCs, 70+ magic spells, tips on making and running adventures, Quick Roll Villains, rampage rules, world hot spots, vigilantes, anti-heroes, the law, alignment guidelines, G.M. tips, and more.

- Century Station™ – 40 heroes, 51 super-villains plus weapons, equipment and adventure ideas, and the District of Century Station mapped and described.

- Fantasy: Adventures on the High Seas™ – Ships of the world, Demon Black Ships, ship combat, islands of the world, 12 O.C.C.s including the Sailor and Pirate, character sheets, maps, and countless adventure ideas when you visit a dozen island ports including the Isle of the Cyclops, Y-Oda, Zy, the Four Sisters, Forbidden Island, the Floenry Islands, and others, each offering adventure opportunities.

- Fantasy: Island at the Edge of the World™ (1st Edition) – Crystal Magic, magical Crystal rings, wands and weapons, the Crystal Fortress, the Silent Forest, the Island at the Edge of the World, and other notable places for adventure.
- Fantasy: Western Empire™ – Western society, notable people, noble houses, and places, the Western Alchemist, magic items, herbs, drugs, vampires, city generation rules, 3 adventures, many adventure ideas and maps.

- Fantasy: Wolfen Empire™ – Six fleshed out adventures, 101 adventure ideas, the 12 Wolfen Tribes, their history and legends, the Wolfen Empire, its economy, civilization, Wolfen Military, rank, position and plans, 13 notable creatures of the North and more.

- Fantasy: Yin-Sloth Jungles™ (1st Edition) – 9 O.C.C.s, 16 races and monsters, 28 skills, the Yin-Sloth Jungles, the Orcish Empire, notable cities, adventures, and more.

- FINAL HOURS – sale ENDS tonight – Wednesday, September 23, after midnight, so act before you miss out. A sale of physical books is available from – described above. Time is running out for both. Note: Because we experienced computer issues that delayed sending out the Final Hours notice much earlier, we will leave the sale up till at thru Thursday evening. However, the ends tomorrow morning. Enjoy.

Physical books on sale: ... Items.html

Similar sale on ENDS Thursday morning, 9:00 AM Eastern Time. Link: ... _id=246835

It offers ALL the same books as above PLUS: - All First Edition Palladium Fantasy® titles. All First Edition Heroes Unlimited™ titles. And all First Edition Rifts® titles.

Reminder: Rifts® Index One and Two, as well as Rifts® Novel 3: Treacherous Awakenings are available as PDF titles along with the first two novels and 300+ other Palladium Books RPG Titles. Rifts® Novel 3: Treacherous Awakenings™, the pulse-pounding and satisfying conclusion to the Rifts® trilogy by Adam Chilson. It is available as a PDF on right now! $9.99 – Cat. No. 303 and as a physical book from Palladium for $15.99. The other two novels, Rifts® Sonic Boom and Rifts® Deception’s Web, are also available as PDFs from DriveThru and Palladium, though the first novel is almost sold out as a physical book and will be re-released in the same format as the PDF in 3-4 weeks. There are more than 300 RPG titles on DriveThru with more stuff coming your way.

That Publisher Guy,
Kevin Siembieda

© Copyright 2020

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