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Unread postPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:34 pm

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Best wishes to my fellow Birthday People under lockdown

Palladium has an unusual number of Birthdays in the month of April: me (Kevin Siembieda), Julius Rosenstein, Matthew Clements, Brandon Aten, Glen Evans, Joseph Bergmans, Connor Brown, Larry Jordan, among others!

We seem to have birthdays in a cluster. May and June, especially June, are the next two clusters, and then October. There are a others spread across other months, but those are the big months, January is another.

Birthdays under a Stay at Home Order sucks. You can’t have friends and family over, you can’t go out to a restaurant or the theater, and maybe even no gifts! That’s okay, I’m blessed with wonderful friends and fans around the globe, and I'm healthy and virus free (we all are), and that is a gift all by itself.

So to my fellow, special April Birthday Folks locked inside their homes, I would like to send a big, loud, rousing...

Happy Birthday and Warm Wishes . . .

from me and the Palladium crew (and a belated Happy Birthday to those of you who were trapped in March). May it be filled with love and warm regards and a bit of fun, even if they must come to you at a distance.

My birthday was actually quite nice. My sweetheart Kathy made me a special dinner and my favorite cake, my brother and sister-in-law who live out of state sent me a package of thoughtful gifts that I loved, my daughter called, and a small army of wonderful friends reached out to me with texts, emails, facebook posts, and phone calls, so I felt very loved and appreciated. Best of all it made me forget about the fear and craziness in the world at large for at least a little while.

I’m happy to say everyone is still healthy and fine at Palladium. I hope all is as well as possible with you too.

Enjoy the Palladium sales and stay healthy. I’m looking forward to shipping lots of books on Monday!

Stay Well,
Kevin Siembieda
That Publisher Guy

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