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 Post subject: character generator
Unread postPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:58 pm

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Comment: I ******* hate the atmosphere of the conversations here on these forums
is there any online apps/websites that you can make what a character looks like (avatar creator), ive seen the heromachine 2.5 and 3.0, any others?

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 Post subject: Re: character generator
Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:20 pm

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never heard of that i'll have to check it out, there is Fuse (which is on steam) really much more involved than anything that would be needed for making a still picture (and i really don't know what i am doing with that kind of stuff much lol) but it might be worth checking out

i own but am less well versed in RUE, and my memory is ... lackluster at best keep that in mind if my posts contradict canon lol

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