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 Post subject: Setting Idea
Unread postPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2014 1:46 am

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Comment: Molon Labe
I've had this idea for a setting floating around for a few year, but have been inspired recently to try and flesh it out. I'm going to throw the basic premise out there and would appreciate it if others would toss in (constructive) thoughts, suggestions, and ideas. (This will be the bare min. Info as I'm using a tablet)

The basic idea is for a traditional fantasy setting as a space opera, and set in our existing solar system. I know that Phase World already does something similar, but not exact.

The basic story is...hundreds of years ago humans spread out across the solar system, terra forming and colonizing many planets. When they reached Pluto the came to the attention of a great, timeless evil who was undaunted by there technology. One by one the colonies fell, until the evil reached Earth, were it was only stopped thanks 3 heroes and no small amount of cosmic intervention.

So far pretty standard sci-fi, even borderline cliche I know. I said it was only a rough idea, not a great idea.

Anyway, though humanity was saved its civilization was destroyed, and it would take the next few hundred years before it would regain even a semblance of its past glory; a task made more difficult due to humanity's fall and the steps taken to save it have brought the entire solar system to the attention of the supernatural. Guided by the Order (the quasi-mystical brotherhood founded by the three heroes), humanity has finally returned to the stars.

To their shock they've discovered dwarven mining (and combat) cyborgs on the moon and mars; eleven kingdoms on Venus; not mention the orc, goblin, and ogres barbarians they have been dealing with on Earth for centuries. Of course these being have begun to think of this places as their homes and Don't appreciate the reemergence of a human empire.

In such a setting technology will play a major factor, and rediscovering secrets from the past will play a major part of the store. The players most likely be Palidins of the Order, which is divided into three different sect (one established each of the heroes mentioned previously); while all Palidins will be warriors, the will also have a focus depending upon there sect. One will be the ultimate soldiers/warriors, another psychics, and the third spellcasters.

I have more, but writing on this tablet is giving me a headache, so it will have to wait.

As I said any ideas will be appreciated; just keep in mind I'm going for a sci-fi lovecraftion feel. A star wars and star trek meet Buffy on mars.

 Post subject: Re: Setting Idea
Unread postPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:34 am

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Sounds like Mutant Chronicles, except you've added in fantasy races.

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 Post subject: Re: Setting Idea
Unread postPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2014 11:10 am

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I added a note to my EverNote a couple days ago; space stations as kingdoms, mecha knights. I haven't done anything else with the idea, and I may never, but it seems applicable.

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