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Today On 20 Questions:An annoying/scummy talk show host/reporter starts talking trash about the player(s) and has a habit of showing up at the worst time to *dig up * the dirt of player(s) which you can have the player(s) on the host's talk show, or giving an interview to the reporter when the player(s)'s enemy(ies) attack, also have the talk show host have powerful people in high places who will do Bad Things to the player(s), their loved ones should they harm or mistreat the talk show host/reporter, The powerful people could range from a mob of crazed fan boys/fan girls of the talk show host/reporter who mob attack the player(s) who have harmed or insulted their idol, a powerful villain who will attack, kill or otherwise make the player's lives a living hell.

Or you could have the powerful person(s) connected to the talk show host/reporter as a powerful political\business\legal person or group that use the talk show host as a tool to frither their agenda and will not be happy that the players have harmed or tarnished the reputation of the talk show host/reporter.

Behold The Power of Fandom:The player(s) gain a following of rabid fans as few as three or four to a mob that would make the total population of main land China look like a church tea social, the level of fandom can range from the player(s) being pestered for autographs to the fanboys/fangirls willing to commit the most evil and perverted crimes against humanity/nature for the player(s) or march to their deaths with not more then a smile to serve/protect the player(s), also ask yourself what will the fanboys/fangirls do should the player(s)disappoint or reject them?,

Also you could have the enemy(ies) of player(s) who have their crazed fanboys/fangirls who serve the villain(s) that the player(s) are fighting which could lead to a large scale battle between the player(s)'s mob of crazed fanboys/fangirls and their enemy(ies)/villain(s)'s mob of crazed fanboys/fangirls that could be a city wide *holy* war between the crazed fanboys/fangirls or a shadow war of assassinations/acts of terrorism that the player(s) may or may not know about as their crazed fanboys(fangirls) attack the enemy(ies)'s of the player(s) and or their crazed fanboys/fangirls dispite being told not to by the player(s) because of the depths of their crazed fandom.

Needless to say have crazed fanboys/fangirls hounding the player(s) is going to put a real damper on say player(s) social and romantic life that could range from simple threats and scorn to player(s)'s friend and love interests to said friends love interests being slowly and honorificly murdered by the player(s) crazed fanboys/fangirls, also you could have the play(s)'s enemy(ies)'s,/villain's fanboy/fangirls develope a romantic interest in the player(s) while they try to stay loyal to the player(s)'s enemy(ies) as well as having the player(s)'s crazed fanboys/fangirls developing an interest in the player(s)'s enemy(ies) or the villain(s) that the players are battling.

If any of you have a favorite plot/game idea feel free to add them to this thread.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:10 pm

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Comment: And then the Catseye Dragon Hatchling and the Mastodonoid started gogo dancing...
I like them, good job! I've got a few adventure ideas I had scribbled out for a full pirate crew write up I did. They're all based around that, but could essentially be prodded and toggled to suit several group and campaign types. Mine are a bit short comparatively, just basic adventure ideas :)

Possible Quests:
Against the Group

We’ll Get Them Yet!:
They’ve finally been sighted, the blighters, and you’ve been hired by local law enforcement of a small town to seek out and find your way on board to disable the ship in anyway possible, slip out unseen, and report back with any information against the crew and their Captain that you manage to suss out. But you cant attract more attention to the town or they’ll be sunk! You’ll be paid in whatever way the town can spare, including lodging, supplies, and credits. A dirty mayor will also approach you, asking for your discretion in the matter as the pirates are surprisingly good for business (his own or the town’s, it’s unclear), he offers a moderate sum of credits, as well.

Kidnapped Fishmen:
A tribe of Idie Swampmen has been missing a couple of members for months now, and they’re suspected to be in the claws of the deadly Captain Reed. The Idie are too frightened to venture into pirate territory, so they ask you to find more information and to bring their brethren back, if possible. With some more research, you learn that kidnapping is unheard of for this group, if you manage to spy on the crew or actually stumble upon the Swampmen, you find out that the missing Idie are actually with the crew by choice! You may report this back to the tribe of Idie, or confront the missing fish folk, which will result in either their return, combat with the pirates, or an offer to get your feet in the door wih the Captain!

That Should Be My Ship!
A dastardly looking Horune Pirate is holed up in the town jail for causing a ruckus, and then your fine, upstanding adventuring group passed by. He’s loud and abrasive, shouting about treasure and magic items. If spoken to, he gruffly admits that he was once a member of an open water pirate crew before they were taken down by Lemurians. He had wanted to start his own crew with the survivors, but was usurped in a surprise mutiny by that thieving Captain Reed and her nasty Brothers! He offers you a cut of any treasure to help him take over the crew and kill Reed (you’d have to pay his sizable bail first). If this is done, the group has to utilize their tracking skills (the Horune ends up being totally useless for knowledge of swamps and rivers, which was why he was getting violent in town), and ends up in a standoff with the Captain. With some decent role playing, you learn that the Horune had tried to kill Reed before, resulting in his being marooned on an island, he’s just seeking his revenge. Depending upon the actions of the PCs, you could get in with the pirates by killing the Horune, or start a physical confrontation with the pirates.

Working With/For the Group

CS LASER Weapons, Get Em While They’re Hot!:
The crew has recently taken down a small patrolboat of CS sailors and have loaded a sizeable shipment of CS LASER rifles. While they plan to keep a couple for themselves, the rest all need to be sold; that’s where you come in! You’ve been hired to safely transport and quietly sell the weapons in a Black Market hub (don’t worry, they gave you the name of their dealers there) some 300 miles away, transfer the funds back, and recieve your own cut (a generous 25% for the party to split) before the lawman even catches a whiff of you! If you get caught, however, you’re on your own!

Find That Bloody Bilgerat!:
To get in Captain Reed’s good graces, she’s assigned you as rat catchers; some crew member has been selling information (and pocketing what they can of any spoils) to law enforcement! Find the traitor among the crew for a nice bonus, kill them or bring them to the Captain. The traitor ends up being a merchant whom helped get goods into town to trade, something not learned until the group starts sniffing about near the town docks and market squares. When confronted, the traitor offers a cut of any profits he makes as a merchant for the forseeable future, so long as you keep quiet about his involvement.

Shhh…We’re Hunting Magic:
You’ve been chosen to help the crew perform a stealth mission aboard a sizable (and well guarded) CS barge that passes through once per year, laden with magic items confiscated and set to be taken to a new storage facility for disassembly, destruction, (or worse) use. You need to help the high ranking members and the Captain sneak on board, incapacitate the guards, creep in for a few of their magic items, and scurry out without raising the alarm. Seriously. Don’t trip the alarm, we’ll all die. You’ll be rewarded handsomely in credits or with a lesser magical item/weapon.

What the Frack is That?!:
The ecosystem has been doing some funny things lately; dead schools of fish floating by, stagnant water, dry riverbeds, migrating birds, you name it! It’s up to you to figure out why. Some research and and talking over local legends yields much, turns out, a Mega Damage monster awakens from a long slumber beneath the swamps! You can fight it (with the help if the crew – and local town if you’re close enough), or find a way to banish it, or find some way to appease it and make it return to its sleep for some unfortunate travelers in the far off future to deal with!

Ol’ Lonesome, Wholesome Bud:
Bud the Larmac is a rather lazy and dislikable fellow. A lonely, lazy, and dislikable fellow. In a drunken stupor, he asks you to help him around the nearby town and talk him up during his allowed shore leave (nobody else is willing) in the hopes that he can get a date (and to keep him quiet about the Folly and out of the Captain’s fur for awhile.) He’s ornery, constantly drinking, slovenly, and not terribly suave or bright, but he’s promised you an amazing item if you manage to help him score. If you do (and good luck, you’ll need it), he eventually gifts you with your own "Elemental Hot Stone" (see items in post, or substitute with something unique but unimpressive) that he had swiped from a cook! Man, what a jerk!

Link to the crew: ... rew-rifts/

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Unread postPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 9:50 pm

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Comment: Don't waste your time gloating over a wounded enemy. Pull the damn trigger.
These are pretty amusing, keep it up!

Mark Hall wrote:
Y'all seem to assume that Palladium books are written with the same exacting precision with which they are analyzed. I think that is... ambitious.

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