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Unread postPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 12:52 am


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New member here, I just got my Battlecry order in a few days ago and am really excited to start building and playing!

I do have a few rules questions, though, looking at the various cards for the game. How does buying upgrades work?

For example, the various missile upgrades available to Veritechs. Is the points-bonus per ship being upgraded, or is it for the entire unit? If I purchase the Veritech MLOPs for the base unit, will it cost me a total of 80 points or 100 points, as it's +5 points for four models?

If I purchase a -1J add-on for the unit, it has to have the purchases as well, correct? So it would cost, to attach to the previous unit, 31 points instead of 30 points just to add the model, correct? Could I purchase a different special weapon only on the 1J, like giving it a Gravity Bomb while the rest of the squad has the standard missile loadout?

Can multiple Missile Hardpoint upgrades be purchased for the squad? Could I, say, pay +5 for the MLOP and also +10 for the Gravity Bombs? Or does each Hardpoint upgrade replace each other?

Thanks in advance! Knowing this will help figure out what weapons I model on each Veritech.

Unread postPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 2:01 pm

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Page 75 has your answer. You buy each upgrade once for all the mecha on the Force Card. In your first example it will be Valkyrie Squadron (80) + MLOPs (5) = 85.

For your second example, I think you meant VF-1S, because you can't buy a -1J as a Support or Special card. Either way, while it's considered part of the squadron, it doesn't need to take the same upgrades. For instance, my Valkyrie squadron has the MLOPs, while the VF-1S has nose lasers and Gravity Bombs.

For each option, read them carefully. Some options say "gains/gets", others say "change/replace". The former are add-ons to existing weaponry, and the latter replace them entirely. Thus, a Valkyrie squadron can only take one of the first three options.

Watch out fer dem pancakes.

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Awesome, thanks! I must have missed that part, but it really helps to have it explained straight-out like that. And you're right, I meant the -1S, my bad there.

Now, to finish putting all these bad boys together...

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