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Unread postPosted: Mon May 28, 2012 9:54 am

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I have really been enjoying talking with you. The Ultimate Insiders and Benefactors of the Rifts® Lemuria Megaverse Insider are to receive a phone call from me and a brief conversation. I had planned to do so long ago, but one thing after another . . . Anyway, I thought this weekend would be a great time to finally get caught up on those calls and chats.

Ah, but as you may have surmised, many of you are out with friends and family for the Memorial Day long weekend. That’s cool. I hope everyone is having a wonderful time. As I’ve said to some of you or left on many voice mails, I will continue to call you throughout the week and next weekend.

As for the half-dozen or so conversation’s I’ve had with “Insiders” over the weekend, I think I have enjoyed these chats every bit as much as you have. Like I always say, Palladium fans are the greatest and you have all made me feel welcomed and appreciated. Thanks.

Online sales have been absolutely abysmal, so hopefully they’ll pick up after the holiday. Not too worried. I've also had ideas boiling in my head, so I'll be diving back into finishing books on Tuesday.

I’ve done a little bit of work at the office every day (about 8 hours on Saturday, five hours on Sunday), but other than this Murmur, I think I’m taking today completely off.

Saturday was a perfect summer day and I enjoyed some time outside doing yard work and tossing peanuts to squirrels. In the afternoon I spent 4-5 hours at the World Steam Expo – a local Steampunk convention held at the Dearborn Hyatt Regency. It was fun. I was surprised to run into a number of old friends and gamers who came up to me to say hello and chat for a bit. People at this event are especially into costumes and I’d have to say at least 80% where decked out in full steampunk regalia. It was fun and a nice break from work, work, work.

When I got back home in the evening, I had more fun feeding peanuts to our half dozen friendly squirrels who come right up to you (not to mention another few dozen squirrels that come around for the bird seed and sunflower seeds). A couple of the friendly squirrels take peanuts from your hand, including “Bob the chipmunk" who lives under Kathy’s porch. Bob is hilarious and bold as brass. I had him coming right up into my lap to take peanuts. I know that probably sounds silly, but it’s surprisingly fun and relaxing goofing around with the wildlife. Kathy’s house is on an acre of land and has many trees. Furthermore, there is a long, winding park and nature trails literally at the end of the block, so we get a cavalcade of varmints: Six different types of squirrels (Red, Black, Grey, Golden, little and flying squirrels), chipmunks, rabbits, raccoons, possums, woodchucks/groundhogs, moles, bats, the occasional fox, deer, and a wide range of birds from finches and hummingbirds to ducks and hawks. All of which we enjoy watching (the skunks, woodchucks and moles not so much).

We’re trying to figure out whether we’re going to see a movie and go someplace, or just stay at home today. I hope you have been able to take at least a little time for yourselves to enjoy the weekend as well. Take care and thank you for being the best of people.

Oh, and those of you who I still owe a telephone call, fear not, it’s coming, even the gamers in Uruguay and Guam.

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer and Game Designer

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