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 Post subject: No Revenge!!!!
Unread postPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 3:37 pm

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I mean it, don't mess with Steve Sheiring. He's not worth it. Please, it would kill me if somebody took revenge upon him and hurt or ruined their own life.

Believe me, I understand the anger. One evening when a new discovery of betrayal was made. I lost it and just began to sob and pound on the wall. Poor Julius came in to ask what was wrong now, and when I told him, he grabbed his jacket and stormed off shouting, "I'm going to kick his ass!"

Julius is a Third Degree Black Belt in Aikido and has fought off knife wielding muggers, so if anyone could kick anybody's butt, it's Julius. I had to grab Jules and calm him down. I sure didn't need Julius going to jail for assault. Heck no! I share this story so you know we understand your anger and pain, but DO NOT do anything bad. Two wrongs don't make a right. Check your alignments and take the high road!!!! We're better than that.

Let's focus on the positive and the good. It has been awesome that so many people have said such wonderful things and shared so many personal moments. Let us keep it that way.

What's done is done. Julius was my hero that night and his empassioned reaction snapped me out of my shock and anger. It made me deal with the realty. You are all my heroes, too! Be smart. Stay frosty and be cool.

Your outporing of support in words and deeds has given Palladium a huge shot in the arm. We can make it to Summer and with continued support and hard work on our part we'll beat this. We'll triumph! And we'll have done it the right way, with dignity, nobility and as a team. Truly a Megaverse united.

Okay? Thank you.

Kevin Siembieda

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