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Unread postPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 10:24 am


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So, for my group, I did a holiday event. It had some special rules, namely: Santa's Castle.

Santa's Castle was Defense 6, 30 MD structure, that granted Leadership 6 to the side that
controlled it. Also, they could spend a command point to roll for Gifts from Santa. The chart
was this: 1- Reload one Mecha, 2- Remove all damage from one Mecha, 3- Get 3 additional
command points, 4- Replace one Destroyed Mecha, 5- Replace all destroyed Mecha in one
Squadron, 6a- Roll Twice, apply both effects. If ONE of these rolls is a 6, then 6b- Pick
the effect of that die. If BOTH dice of the re-roll are 6, then apply all applicable effects
from Santa's Bag.

UEDF Force:
1 Valkyrie Squadron, with VF-1S Special, and one VF-1R Support option
1 Area Denial Squadron
1 Artillery Support Squadron with a Tomahawk Squad support option

Zentradi Forces:
1 Recon Squadron
1 Attack Squadron with Recovery Pod Support Option
1 Regult Artillery Squad with a Glaug special option.

Battlefield was 4x2(due to what I had available for terrain for this).

Beginning of the Game: Zentradi won Santa
Round 1:
UEDF won initiative
Valkyries spent command points to double move, and 3(One of the Rs, the J and the S) succeeded.
They got in to missile range, and the S and the J fired their missiles into two of the Glaugs, while the
R fired its missiles into the heavy artillery pods and 2 of the light artillery pods. Due to AMS and missing,
all survived.

Zentradi Activation was the Attack squadron stayed where it was, and fired into the Valkyries, taking out
the A. The Zentradi then attempted to steal the UEDF activation, and fired the arillery pods, removing the
S. Key note: the Zentradi did NOT MOVE.

UEDF Second Activation: Phalanxes open fire..and hit with MOST of their missiles, with only a couple shot
down,and only 3 missing out of the 16 missiles. This resulted in massive losses, including MOST of the Zentradi
artillery(they got a lot of dodges successful).

Zentradi third activation: The recon squadron shoots at the Lead R, and shoots it down. Again, at this point, the
Zentradi have not moved.

UEDF Area Denial squadron advances, but is out of range.

Turn 2:

Zentradi win initiative. They bring most of their battle pods back, using most of their command points. Santa repairs
one Glaug
UEDF Steals the first activation, and the Zentradi failed to counter.

UEDF First activation: Artillery fires, and destroys most of the zentradi, including one Glaug, and the remaining
artillery fires into, and blows up Santa Castle, claiming control of it when it rematerializes the next round.

Zentradi artillery squad(Glaug and 2 light pods) stays still and tries to shoot(and misses!) the remaining valkyries.

Valkyries switch to Guardian Mode, and fly forward, shooting missiles and GU-11's into the recon squadron and the
artillery squadron.

Attack squadron activates and moves forward, spreading out.

Area Denial Squadron moves up, and takes pock-shots at the the Attack Squadrons Glaug, and manages to hit it.

Recon Squadron has just its Recon Pod left, so does nothing(the Zentradi were out of command points at this point).

Turn 3:
Santa reloads all of one Mecha for the UEDF.
Zentradi win initiative.
Artillery Squadron Glaug(sole remaining unit in the artillery Squadron) shoots at the VF-1A and shoots its down.

VF-1R Activates, and flies up, and spends command points to fire all weapons. Missiles hammer into remaining Glaug, but
it shoots down the volley, and the missiels miss the Recon pod. GU-11 and missiles from the 4 pack finish off the glaug,
and scratch the paint onthe recon Pod. Head Lasers miss, but Autocannon hits the recon Pod.

At this point, due to time constraints(this took 3 hours due to inexperienced players on both sides), we called the game
because with what was left, how it was going to go was..obvious.

Important Lessons: First: Phalanx squadrons are NASTY. (If you see someone with a Phalanx Squadron..with more
Phalanx added on? I think it is acceptable to punch him in the face, really)
Second: Zentradi should NEVER, EVER, EVER be static. Especially if there is artillery on the UEDF
Third: Artillery in a smaller sized board is just bad.

Unread postPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:40 pm

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Sakieh wrote:
Important Lessons: First: Phalanx squadrons are NASTY. (If you see someone with a Phalanx Squadron..with more
Phalanx added on? I think it is acceptable to punch him in the face, really)

:lol: Yea... but what a fireworks show! :nuke:

I'll still enjoy watching you get blown off the table while you stare in helpless wonder at Phaze's marching legions of colored perfection. -- Godsgopher

Unread postPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:34 pm

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Well done Battle report sir.
Something you may want to try in the future. A Zentreadi Player of mine has been taking the 20 point regult character(Prion-Galar i think) and placing him in an attrition squad which he the spreads out all 4 to 5" away from eachother. then boosts speed straight at the phalanx unit attempting to close in melee fast. with this tactic a 4 man phalanx unit can only kill a maximum of 4 Mecha in a turn of firing, and if you deploy and move right they are caught in melee turn two.

And then He proceeds with the furious chicken kicking of doom.

Why are they using such primative weapons?

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