Houses of the Order of the Mystic Knights

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Houses of the Order of the Mystic Knights

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House Isceald of the *Order of the Mystic Knights

Size: 1,500 (400 non-Knights)
*Becoming a member of the Order is limited to being a child of a member, marriage, and adoption. This system has made it almost impossible for outside organizations to infiltrate a spy or double agent within the Order of the Mystic Knights. Everyone knows everyone in House Isceald and although someone could attempt to gain entry into their headquarters by disguise, a glance at anyones face would reveal them as an outsider. While impersonation or shapeshifting could fool many when it comes to looks, the years people have known each other would reveal any pretender who had not psychical Mind Bonded (or such like a necromancer who ate the brain of a member) with whom they were impersonating.

Large Company 200 Points + 10 for vehicles and 20 for budget.

Sponsorship: Independent : 10 points wherever

A. Outfits - Speciality Clothing 20 points.
B. Equipment - Magic Technologies 40 points
C. Vehicles - Combat Cars 20 points
D. Weapons - Advanced Weaponry 20 points
E. Communications - Superior Communications 40 points
F. Internal Security - Iron-Clad 20 points.
G. Permanent Bases - Fortified Headquarters (Fadetown of Isceald) 20 points
H. Intelligence Resources - Scout Detachment, Special Military Operatives, Psionic and Magic Operatives 35 points total
I. Special Budget - Nickels and Dimes. 5 points
General Alignment of Personnel - Miscreant and Aberrant. None.
K. Criminal Activity - None.
L. Reputation - Known 10 points - (Disappear for 50 years before returning in Canada)
M. Salary - Good Salary 10 points

Total Points Spent: 240

Support Staff (Non-Knights but members of the house).
Techno-Wizards 20
Ley Line Walkers 20
Warlocks 20 : (Air 5, Earth 5, Fire 5, Water 5)

Communication Team
Merc Soldier OCC with Communications MOS Package (12)
Operator OCC (12)
City Rats (Comms Assistance; 30)

Company Security Guards
Merc Soldier & City Rat OCC (64; 30 with minor cybernetics, 30 with minor psionics mix of See Aura, See the Invisible, Sense Evil, Magic, Sixth Sense), 4 Feral Dog Boys).

Wilderness Scouts (30)
Intel Analyist & Spies (30)
Psionic and Magical Operatives (33)

Medical Support:
Psychic Healers: (30) with First Air or Paramedic or Holestic Medicine.

220 Combat Armor suits

Fade Town of Isceald. Headquarters of House Isceald

The town was in the Magic Zone before a Ley Line Storm Rifted to Canada. Now strong Fades come only, like, once every 8 months or so.

Before the town Rifted it had been attacked by demons.
Answering the call for work, one of the Houses of the Mystic Knights saved what was left of the Fade Town Isceald.
After the battle the leader of the house, Jonathan Berkeley, demanded payment from the surviving town members. So one of the clever town’s people, a Headhunter by the name of Nathan Hall, negotiated a deal. The
Knights would live in Iscaeld, protecting the town from any external forces that threatened them. In exchange, the town would provide them with food and shelter, as well as an equal cut of the local tax.

Fade Town Isceald

Militaristic Encampment, used to be a wilderness town before the House of Isceald and it’s Rifting to Canada. After its magical transportation the towns residents, finding themselves hundreds of miles away from the Magic Zone and the Federation of Magic and over 50 years in the future from the time they knew the towns residents were bewildered about where their place was in these new times. They quickly discovered the Demons & Monsters of Canada were a threat to them if they were not prepared. So their Mystic Knight mercenary company who had a contract to defend Isceald from without quickly got to work and put them to work building the towns defenses in the midst of the dangerous wilds of the Canadian wilderness.

Militaristic Encampment : 320 Points
A. Weapons and Armor : Limited 5 points.
B. Medicine : Extraordinary Means 35 points.
C. Agriculture and Natural Resources : Fair 4 points.
D. Real Estate/Land : Fine 5 points
E. Vehicle & Fuel : Good 15 points
F. Administration & Social Structure : Fearless Leader 10 points
G. Alignment (of the town) : Mixed: Unprincipled & Scrupulous 6 pts
H. Magic (from the Magic Zone) : High Magic 30 points
I. Racial Tolerance : Tolerant 7 points.
J. Trade : Limited 5 points
K. Threats : Dangerous 3 points but the town has hundreds of Mystic Knights to handle any threats.
Skill Levels & Professionalism : Teacher/Rogue Scholar (2):10pts, Techno-Wizard (5);60pts, Defense: Headhunter (1); 8pts.
M. Community Overall : Average 5 points (25% have training in a trade; 6% literate)
N. Shelter : Good 7 points
O. Security & Fighting Force : Sheriff & Militia 12 points
P. Power/Energy : Ley Line 40 points
Q. Special Features : Cellars (3), simple garage (1), large - advanced garage, Hydroponics, Two of them; M.D.C. Bunkers (2) - Total 53 points

Notable Residents of the Town:

(12) High Level Spell Casters 7th to 10th level:

Wizard OCC (Palladium Fantasy) 7th (Guest brought by the 7 level Shifter)
Necromancer 7th (Town Coroner/Mortician/Undertaker)
Shifter 7th
Mystics (4) 8th, 8th, 8th, and 10th
Earth Warlock 10th (Built the walls around the town and bunkers)
Air & Earth Warlock 8th (Helps with the weather)
Ley Line Walker 10th
Techno-Wizards (2) 8th & 9th level

(40) Mid-level Spell Casters 3rd to 6th level:

Shifters (7)
Atlanteans (3): Crystal Mage, Nomad, Ronin Tattooed Defender
Mirrior Mage (1): Guest of the Shifter.
Wu Shih 6th level PCC (1); Mystic China Chi Magic Caster; brought by the Shifter
Warlocks (3)
Mystics (7)
Ley Line Rifters (12) : Rift with the Shifter (PPE free) a lot.
Ley Line Walkers (2)
Techno Wizards (4)

30 Low-level beginners 1st & 2nd level

Medical personnel:
6 Psychic Healers
6 Spell Casting Healers
2 Herbologist 6th & 7th level
2 Nurses
6 Midwives

Skilled Workers & Professional:
5 Techno-Wizards
1 Defense: Headhunter
2 Teachers/Rogue Scholars

The town's residents are not super principled or evil. They value freedom; there own most of all. Many of the most powerful magic users have motivations to become more powerful magically. Others seek experiences and the experience that will come with it. Possessions and wealth are valued by most everyone who lives in a city where it is needed.

These mass of mundane mortals flock together for their own protection. They feel the attitude of superiority by those with powers but it is not really much worse than walking on the same street as a millionaire. Their magical powers are like bodyguards who everyone knows if they or anyone else from outside, or even inside, the town "tries" anything "the guards" could intervene. A bit like bandits being afraid to attack the city of Lazlo because there be Dragons and powerful magic users. While the spell casters themselves don't necessarily have a stake in defending others, they are neighbors and like going out for a drink and a meal, to buy clothes, and get a haircut. So they wouldn't "like" it IF someone hurt their barista who knows how to make their coffee just the way they like it. That VIBE comes across and became a almost cultural status symbol for spell casters to flex their magical muscle and a sign of weakness if those around them suffered and they did nothing about it. That or left so as not to get involved but then they heard towns people whispered that the caster ran away because they were too weak or afraid. While the spell caster or monster who bullied them or shaked them down would get a boost to their ego and reputation which they would brag about. Suddenly spell casters took an interest in defending their egos and reputation but the town and people in it get the benefit. It creates a culture were towns, business, and employees started competing for the "best customers" (powerful spell casters).

A lot of people came to Isceald to experience the Fade town first hand. Stayed for its protection. Some spell casters came to experiment. Regardless, people are here now. Since the teleportation of the town it has only population of 912 (not counting the Mystic Knights and their Non-Knight supporters). Ninty-five (10.2%) of the 912 are spell casters of one form or another. With 228 being major and minor psychics. Leaving 613 humans and D-Bees with no psychic or magical abilities. Fifty-five of these people can read and write. One-hundred and eighty (180) are the skilled tradesmen and women of the town. Three-Hundred and ten (310) are children/younglings ages 16 and below. Most kids are taught by their parents the trade the parents work. The town school does not keep many students after they have a strong enough body and mind to work unskilled labor. As unimpressesive as it might seem, the two rogue scholars who teach feel the support of the towns people who enjoy the stories they tell but find what they have to teach their kids to be to academic to use in the real world and that they will never do better than the profession of their parents. Besides, there aren't that many books around to read and the few that there are, those who can read, can read it to them aloud.

The majority of the towns wealth comes from the techno-wizards who build things and the services of the spell casters. Most ordinary folks income comes from farming, livestock, and services paid for by the spell casters who live in mansions compared to rest. These, comparatively, rich magic users pay taxes of one sort or another. Buy land and pay for the construction of their new house (complete with servants quarters), guild, warehouse, garden or whatever. These people don't just have magical powers. They have economic power too. Although, a lot of internal trade goes on without money every changing hands. The town's taxes pay a flat fee to the hospital's medical staff to cure the sick and injured with a success and speed of almost 100% in a day.
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Re: Houses of the Order of the Mystic Knights

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House Despeiren

Operating in the Deep South, roaming the lands east and south of Lone Star, the vampires of the House of Despeiren rule the night, eliminating demonic rivals, vampire competition, and any monsters or humans that get in their way or endanger their blood supply. With human Mystic Knights to protect them during the day and mortal necromancers to create an ever growing army of the undead they are a force to be reckoned with.

House Size: 172 members
1 Master Vampire
4 Secondary Vampires (formerly Mystic Knights)
146 Mystic Knights

22 non-Knights - Necromaners and their disciples.
Not Counting Zombies who double as labor and fighters.
The Necromancers do not bother making mummies as they are unsuitable I.Q. wise for labor.

The vampires are also make mind slaves as a means of interrogation and "turning" someone into a mole or double agent. After the mission, if they have no futher use for them they are disposed of or converted into zombies.

Alignment Breakdown: 45% Miscreant, 40% Diabolic, 10% Aberrant, 5% other.

Racial Restrictions: None; but rarely non-human.

Non-Knight Membership: Limited to Necromancers only.

Banner Colors: Red.

Banner Symbol: A human skull.

House Despeiren was founded by a band of wandering Mystic Knights after their employer at the time, a Necromancer, Dimitri Levitan, who turned himself into a Master Vampire. Offering the Mystic Knight leader a "full time" position in his campaign to carve out a kingdom for himself as king of the living and dead.

The house is made up of three parts: one part Mystic Knight, one part Necromancer guild, and one part vampire haven.

Their Patron King

Dimitri Levitan - Vampire Master by Necromancer Spell “Return from the Grave”

Dimitri Levitan, the vampire king, commands the small Mystic Knight House, using them as his soldiers. Though he has turned some of the Knights to become his vampiric minions, he has left the majority of them human, so as not to diminish the daytime strength of his army. A group of Necromancers are also among the ranks of the House, learning the powerful dark magic from Dimitri. The most promising of these students are even instructed on how to return from death as vampires themselves.
Note: Dimitri's powers, as a vampire, don't work on Necromancers. He knows this. He knows the necromancers know this. Everyone in the house also knows if Dimitri makes any of them vampires they will be linked to him. Meaning, if he is destroyed they will be too and thus subservant to him. If the necromancers who wish to become vampire masters in their own right they must first learn the spell and go through the year long or so method. Although this is aluring to several of the necromancers most will wait so that they can experience the best of their living life, start families, increase their powers while they are alive because they know if and when they they become master vampires they can't become any more power as necromancers.

Race: Master Vampire* All strengths and weakness of a master vampire except no familiar or Vampire Intelligence to whom he must answer.

Previously an 8th level Necromancer, now a 5th level Master Vampire.
Alignment: Diabolic.

I.Q. 26, M.E. 21, M.A. 25, P.S. 31, P.P. 26, P.E. 22, P.B. 22, Spd 30.
Supernatural Strength and Endurance
H.P.: 157
Attacks per melee: 6
+3 to initiative, +10 to strike and parry, +8 to dodge, +3 to roll, +1 to entangle, and +2 to disarm

Skills of Note:
Literacy: Dragonese 97%, Speaks American, Dragonese and Spanish at 98%, Basic Math 98%, Horsemanship 80%/60%, Intelligence 72%, Lore: Magic 82%, Lore: Monsters & Demons 98%, Skin and Prepare Animal Hides & Bones 87%, Wilderness Survival 87%, Wittling & Sculpting 77%, W.P. Sword 8th level

P.P.E. 90; ISP: 140

Spells of Note: Can no longer learn new spells but still knows and can teach:
Animate and Control Dead, Bone of Invisibility, Bone Scepter, Command Vampires, Bone Staff, Create Mummy, Create Zombie, Death Bolt (30), Fragile Bone to M.D.C. Bone, Fireball, Grip of Death (13), Horrific Illusion, Necro-Armor (16), Shadow Meld, Strength of the Dead, Summon Vampire, Transfer Life Force, Return from the Grave, World Bizarre,

The Mystic Knights
Their house has one official leader but really operates with two. One for the night (Adrian Despeiren) and one for the day (Edward Wynn).

Adrian Despeiren, the Count Imperator (leader) of House Despeiren, is a Mystic Knight turned into a Secondary Vampire under the rule of Dimitri Levitan. He leads a group of three vampires, all who were once his Mystic Knight apprentices, and who now serve as his Viscounts. As is common among wandering Mystic Knights, these four never broke the fellowship formed during their training, and when Adrian became a vampire the other
three followed his lead and willingly became secondary vampires.

These four vampires, along with the Necromancers of the House and a few human Knights, serve as the nighttime army of House Despeiren, pillaging towns, installing themselves as the new rulers and feeding off the townsfolk for money and blood.

Official Leader of the Knights of Despeiren

Count Adrian Despeiren
Rank: Count Imperator.
Race: Secondary Vampire.
7th level Mystic Knight, 2nd level Secondary Vampire.
Alignment: Aberrant.
I.Q. 17, M.E. 23, M.A. 20, P.S. 28*, P.P. 23, P.E. 20*, P.B. 14, Spd 24. *Supernatural

Edward Wynn, second in command, who leads during the day and ensures the vampires go undiscovered and unharmed.

Count Edward Wynn
Rank: Count Retainer.
Race: Human.
6th level Mystic Knight; age 26.
Alignment: Aberrant.
I.Q. 11, M.E. 13, M.A. 12, P.S. 19, P.P. 15, P.E. 15, P.B. 6, Spd 22.

Wynn is Count Adrian Despeiren’s most trusted Knight, even more so than the Count’s own apprentices, and he has earned it through his own merit. Edward was the first Knight to join ranks with Adrian, and first to swear loyalty when he declared himself Count of the new House. To reward him for his trust and loyalty, Vampire Count Adrian named Wynn as his Count Retainer.

Note: Unlike a traditional Master Vampire created by a Vampire Intelligence Dimitri is a self made man (vampire) as such does not need to make more vampires to placate a Alien Intelligence to bring them into Rifts Earth. He's free to be himself but he still needs to drink blood, feels pleasure in doing so, and is intoxicated with his vampire powers and abilities. All of this has made Mimitri arrogant but he is not stupid. He knows making more Vampires means more vampires who need to feed. It also means more enemies to have to defend against. Consequently, Dimitri doesn't announce to everyone he's a vampire even though every member of House Desperien knows. They also know not to let it get out. To promote this lie that King Dimitri is not a vampire, he has one of the necromancer stand in for him disguised during the day. At night, he can move about freely and with the clever use of the "False Life" necromancer spell he plays a living King Dimitri well. He believes this is best because one of their greatest strengths is that people don't suspect he is a vampire and thus do not take precautions to defend against vampiric attackers.

Free Company.
145 POINTS are available, plus 10 POINTS for vehicles, 10 POINTS
for outfits, and 10 POINTS for weapons

Sponsorship: Independent : 10 points wherever

The House is new, small, and bound by a tight secret that their leadership are vampires. The merc company is under staffed when it comes to support personnal. Being undermanned, they have to do a lot for themselves or go to town to met their needs. The only exception to this are the necromancers. They come from the connections Dimitri had when he was alive and the ones they (the necromancers) have to call upon more necromancers.
Part of Dimitri's deal with them is power, position and protetion in his new kingdom in exchange for the loyal service to him and House Despeiren. At the moment, that means supplying bone magic items. However, their bone magic items, courage, and loyality have earned them a place in the House of Desperin as members. They facilitate with the labor by creating zombies but the numbers are low given the requirements that they can only be created during a full moon and the "raw material" need to be alive at least 6 hours before. Besides that, Zombies are basically only good for secondary skill and unskilled labor. Still, their numbers are growing but they do not count as members of the house. Really they are servants of the necromancers who help them with their work. They make effective decoys when commanded to charge the enemy.

A. Outfits - 10 points. Uniforms: Light M.D.C. padded armor (30 to 40 M.D.C.). The knights often use the spell "Armor of Ithan" on themselves. The necromancers usuall just support or cast spells while invisible; rarely do they engage in melee combat.

B. Equipment - Magic Tech 40 points (Although all the spell casters are necromancers). Standard issue for the night shift are: Necklace of Bat-skulls which grants nightvision and keen hearting. Also, flaming skulls for use as campfires and extra fire support as magical fire. While All Mystic Knights and Necromancers get issued the *bone magic item of "chicken Bone" granting simple invisibility. The day shift typical makes use of Necklaces of Birdskulls for superior vision. A rare few with W.P. Whip have been fortunate to get a Spinal Whip. All of this has shaped the Mystic Knights of the House to operate and fight in terms of these strengths. While necromancers have taken to piloting zombies with "Transfer Life Force" into battle.
Note: The Necromancers also do double duty with healing.

C. Vehicles - Fleet Vehicles 10 points; The necromancers, and some of the mystic knights, perfer to ride their zombie horses (they need no food, water, or rest and feel no fear, cold or heat plus regernate damage).

D. Weapons - Basic Weaponry 10 points. Mystic Knights magically recharge their E-clips.

E. Communications - Secured Service 10 points. All have radios.

F. Internal Security - Tight 10 points. Mystic Knight are always on guard day and night shifts. Gradually, the knights are supplmenting their basic duties like guarding with zombies (sealed in EBA armor to conceal) they can superviser and order about.

G. Permanent Bases - None
H. Intelligence Resources - None.
I. Special Budget - Nickels and Dimes. 5 points. Live for today, undead for eternity.

J. General Alignment of Personnel - Miscreant and Aberrant. Cost None.
K. Criminal Activity - None.

L. Reputation - Famous 50 points - As a small but incredible power mercenary army with an undefeated record of eliminating their targets and leaving no witnesses or survivors. All the while they have not lost a single member of their service. Ninty percent of their attacks and victories are at night although they never declared it a win until the light of day. They are also known for killing vampires. In reality, they have taken prisoners for their leadership to feed upon. So they keep human prisoners (although to the prisoners they think they are slaves, being held for ransom from their families or group they are associated with) as livestock for their four vampires to feed upon. Unless they decide to kill their vicitms they are taken away from the other prisoners, rendered unconscious or they used the "Trance" or "Domination" spell, their blood was taken and their wounds are disguised as torture with the bite marks sealed by "light healing." It is typical for them to keep 40 such prisoners onhand (but seldom more; to much management) who often get replaced when they acquire new ones. Note: this prisoners are not grabbed off the street or kidnapped. They are those who have surrendered or were taken alive as part of a merc op or the occasional bounty they picked up. Once a month or so, during the full moon, a hand full will be selected for conversion to zombies. Almost no one ever makes it out a live but those few who are for some reason turned over (to collect money or spread disinformation) are terrified of the House of Despeiren and do not speak of them or their experiences as their prisoner.

M. Salary - Outragous Salary 40 points. To make up for the lack of support personnal they pay a huge salary so knights can afford to pay for things themselves. Same with Necromancers. Although one of the benefits is that they pick through the battle field for bones and corpses. Death is a booming business in the company of the Mystic Knights.

Total Points Spent: 185

Standard Issue (Day Shift):
Light padded 40 MDC armor
Energy rifle and vibro-blade
Short-range type radio with scrambler
Bone of Invisibility*
Necklaces of Birdskulls

Standard Issue Night Shift
Light padded 40 MDC Armor
Energy Rifle and Bone Scepter.
Short-range radio with scrambler
Bone of Invisibility*
Necklace of Batskulls (nightvision)
Skull with Flaming Eyes
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Re: Houses of the Order of the Mystic Knights

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House Sigil

House Size: 450 (75 non-Knights).

Alignment Breakdown: 50% Miscreant, 20% Aberrant, 15% Anarchist, 10% Diabolic, 5% other.

Racial Restrictions: Humans and human-looking (True Atlanteans, Shapeshifters, and some muties).

Non-Knight members: Limited to highly trained spies and assassins
Sunaj Assassins (4)
Sunaj Shadow Mages (4; who cast shadow suit or armor on their Mystic Knight Cell).
These Atlanteans 1st loyality is to the Sunaj, 2nd to their Aerihman Clan, third to Maceo Sigil himself, and last to the Knights of the Mystic Order as a whole. Maceo Sigil only allows atlanteans from his clan of Aerihman in and even those are part of the Sunaj.

Of the 63 other non-knight members:
Psi-Ghosts (3)
Psi-Slayers (3)
Psi-Stalkers (3)
Techno-Wizards (3)
Major Psychics Sensitives (7)
Minor Psychics Sensitives (11)

Banner Colors: Black and white.

Banner Symbol: A raven bust.

As the current seat of power for the Order of the Mystic Knights, House Sigil’s Ealdor rules the Order as Archduke.

Archduke Maceo Sigil
Rank: Archduke of the Order; Ealdor of House Sigil.
Race: True Atlantean of the Aerihman Clan.
Mystic Knight 12th Level; age 76, but looks about 35.
Alignment: Diabolic
I.Q. 12, M.E. 21, M.A. 25, P.S. 16, P.P. 22, P.E. 15, P.B. 19, Spd 34.

The House of Sigil methods and missions are spying, sabotage and assassination, and they typically do so through stealth or disguise. As such, the House does not operate as a traditional merc company. Instead, they are more of an assassins or espionage organization that send Mystic Knights on missions in small squards (four members who all know each other and fulfill roles within their group as needed) with an occasional non-knight member for support and so they can gain experience. If they need the assistance of a specialist, special equipment, money or spells they need only make the request and await their turn. While on assignment, members are expected to be resourceful (keep what they take or find), have freeedom to operate using methods that are best for them (ends justifies the means) as long as they do not hurt House Sigil or its members. As a whole this makes the House's member rich but not the House itself.

Thinking like a spy agency the House of Sigil have no headquarters as an organization. Assignments and meeting are arranged through secure communication at places they have never met before (they never meet at the same place twice). This is by design so as no one can eves drop on them (stake outs won't work they have no house to watch or raid). The meetings location are typically provided with less than an hour notice.

As an organization, they dedicate their lives and training to perfecting the skills of stealth as such an organization they operate in "cells," each cell consist of a master, a second, and a number of specialist or trainees getting experience. Each cell will have one or more specializations, such as: disguise/impersonation, sniper, support, surveillance/spying, tranportation, use of poison, etc. Some cells operate purely to provide services to others, such as healing, magic and research. Only the top members of the House of Sigil know of all the cells, each cell normally knowing of another few, and their messengers.

Note: The House of Sigil "cells" have two amongst them (never the master) that, are ordered, without knowledge of the "other" to spy on their "Cell" can and report directly to the master of internal security. Also, cells are make their own contacts, moles, and safe houses. If necessary or even advantagous the cell is expected to eliminate them as loose ends. This is not betrayal since they are not members of the Order and not cheating the House of Sigil unless they don't fulfill their assignments or defy orders. Cells can also call upon another Mystic Knight or House such as the House of Isen. Typically such assistance comes at a price that covers their costs and time but they can charge whatever they want and even refuse to help unless Maceo Sigil, as Archduke orders it. There is also the danger of information leaking which, depending on the circumstances, could get the Mystic Knight of Sigil demoted, exiled or worse.

Over time, the leader, Archduke Maceo Sigil, plans to arrange the adoption and marriage of Aerihman Clan members into the Order of the Mystic Knights until they are all his people. Not wanting to arouse suspision in his own House and other Houses he will let competent and loyal Mystics Knights die or retire over time. The long lived atlanteans will out live them. Until then Maco Sigil will continue to run the mystic knights of his house like a variation of a Sunaj cell.

Secret Organization: 200 points

Sponsorship: Secretly the House of Sigil is supported by the Sunaj through the connections of their leader. Extra *10 points to Dress and another 10 anywhere.

A. Dress: Opulent. 30* points. (Includes Sunaj Equipment)

B. Equipment: Magic tech. 40 points. (They make extensive use of Atlantean Crystal magic items, Sunaj gear, and TW Shadow Magic items*)

C. Vehicles: Nothing to trace back to them. Members are expect to make secure their own transportation by their own means or thru the ability of someone in their squad. If they need resources outside of themselves and their squad they may call upon House Isen for support, since it is their speciality.

D. Weapons: Basic 5 points (assassins, kidnappers, and spies don't need a lot of firepower)

E. Power Armor: None. It is not their style to be a tank out in the open on the battlefield.

F. Communications: Limited magic: 30 points

G. Security: Secure 20 points (They have no headquarters to defend/guard). They use passwords with each other and tests. For example, Mystic Knights don't suffer energy weapon damage. "Prove yourself, shoot yourself in your bare hand." They also use the spell "See Aura" a lot to id their team. After a few months of studying each others auras they can recognize them on sight.

H. Headquarters: None

I. Intelligence:
A spy network having the resources of an information network. Plus they can send professional specialists into an area to find specific information. The information is collated by a central spy master, who has a position of complete trust within the House. Only the spy master knows all the details of the spies, their movements and missions.
They have moles in many major powers in and out of the Magic Zone. Costs 50 points.

Psychics : 20 points
Scouts: 5 points
Spies: 10 points
Underworld Contacts : 5 points

J. Monthly Budget: None

K. General Alignment: Diabolic : None

L. Criminal Activity: None

M. Reputation: Excellent (still not out from under House Brujo's shadow) 25 points

N. Monthly Salary: Freelance Income. 10 points. Incentive based system bigger the job bigger the reward. Operatives have the freedom to loot, without sharing, during assignment as long as it does not endanger the mission. It is understood, if a Knight wants to sell their loot the House and its members get to bid on them before going outside the House.

O. Special:
Enemy: Order of the White Rose + 15 points

P. Disadvantages: The vindicators of the House of Brujo want depose Maceo Sigil and return their house to its former position as leader of the Mystic Knights. +15 points

Total Points: 250

*TW Shadow Magic Items.
TW Equivalent of the spells: Shadow Globe, Shadow Skin, Shadow Vision Shadow Walk, and Whispered Voice
Note: House Sigil will not share their TW Shadow items and attempts ther existence a secret.
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Re: Houses of the Order of the Mystic Knights

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House Brujo

House Size: 650 (100 non-Knights).

Alignment Breakdown: 60% Aberrant, 15% Anarchist, 15% Miscreant, 10% other.

Racial Restrictions: Humans and Elves only.

Specialized Non-Knight Membership: Limited to mages.

Banner Colors: Blue and white.

Banner Symbol: A Gothic griffin.

House Brujo is less of a merc company and more of a Magic Guild. Once they had built up their treasury they stopped taking jobs that paid well and left those to the other Houses of the Order. The jobs they look out for are those that involve or whose rewards are in magic items, materials and spells.

Large Guild: 300 build points.

Sponsorship: None

Dress: Good - 10 points

Equipment : 60 points in equipment
Spell Library: The guild has a collection of spells. A Wizard cares for and protects the library. It contains all common spells, plus most spells up to 6th level. 30 points.
Magical Laboratory: The guild has a Magical Laboratory and Library, staffed by an academic man of magic. The Mage will research new spells, circles and wards for the guild, and investigate new items and magics. Costs 30 points.

Transport : Magical: The guild has done away with mundane transport. Most members (and guild goods) travel via magical means, such as flight, and even teleportation. 50 points.

Weaponry : Basic: 10 points.

Communication : Limited magic: Apart from mundane methods, the guild House
has limited magic with which to communicate, such Magic Pigeon spell. Costs 30 points

Security : Paranoid: Iron clad security with the added advantage of everyone and every area is scrutinized, magically and psychically scanned, and watched. Key areas of the guild are protected by powerful and permanent spells such as Sanctum. Costs 45 points.

Stronghold : The guild House has its own tower. Costs 25 points

Intelligence : Magic & Psychic: Through scrying spells and abilities such as astral projection, consulting spirits, or the use of enchanted items such as crystal balls. They are able to gather most types of physical information (where somebody or something is, the route somebody is traveling, etc.) but may have difficulty with precise details. Costs 20 points.

Budget : Short of the complete destruction of the House, they have the resources to repair, replace or heal virtually anything. No expense is spared. Powerful men of magic,
experienced adventurers or specialists can be afforded, as well as small armies. Costs 40 points

Alignment : Aberrant The House can be trusted to keep its word, but its motives can not. Costs 2 points.

Criminal Activity : None. Their leader sees the need to commit petty crime for money, as men of magic, is beneath them.

Reputation : Suspicious: The guild is known to be a shadowy organization, and is not trusted; especially since it does not seem to care about making a profit, gaining political power, or having a reputation that keeps people in line out of fear. Who does that? Their leader don't care much about their reputations as much as he cares about magic. 2 points.

Salary : None. 5 points. Members are not paid but they are provided benefits with free use of tranportation (including teleportation), the library, magical medical aid, communications, rooms to stay, food, intelligence, security, clothes/uniforms, armor, and basic weapons. They don't exactly want members around who crave battle, money or power over others more than they want to explore magic and learn more of it. That means spending a lot of time meditating, being in tune with magic and nature, traveling to places of magic, and bringing back spell casters or magic items that make a unique contribution to their understand of magic. After the fall of Tolkeen the House of Brujo is incredibly active in acquiring as many rare and power magical items and even magic users with knowledge of unique spells (Spells of Legend) as possible.

The first formed of the Great Houses, Brujo still commands tremendous respect within the Order. Though the House no longer holds the top control of the Order, it is of no concer to them as the focus of the House is on the pursuit of the magic arts. This is a direct result of the House's Elven leadership and the large number of elven members.

House Brujo maintains the strongest tie to House Isceald, which views Ieldran Brujo as the rightful Archduke, contending that he was never challenged by combat for the title and therefore retains it. Furthermore, they revere Ieldran Brujo as the founder of the Order, and would follow his commands without question. However, Ealdor Brujo is so far removed from Order politics, and so engrossed in his pursuit of magic, that he would be unlikely to ever call on them for their

The Vindicators
The Vindicators are a secret sect of Knights within the ranks of House Brujo, attempting to covertly undermine the power and control of House Sigil and the current Archduke. The mindset of the Vindicators came into being shortly after Sigil’s rise to power, however the group itself didn’t materialize until the mysterious deaths in the field of several Brujo Knights. Suspicions of Sigil involvement in these deaths not only prompted the group to form, but continues to fuel its increasing membership. While their day to day operations center on retaliation for the suspected foul play against their brethren, the ultimate goal of this hidden brotherhood is to return House Brujo to power within the Order.

Ealdor Ieldran Brujo
Rank: Ealdor of House Brujo.
Race: Elf
13th Mystic Knight
Age 193, but looks to be in his early forties.
Alignment: Aberrant.
I.Q. 21, M.E. 12, M.A. 19, P.S. 16, P.P. 17, P.E. 23, P.B. 14, Spd 17.
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Re: Houses of the Order of the Mystic Knights

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House Bregdan

House Size: 850 (150 non-Knights).

Alignment Breakdown: 65% Aberrant, 20% Anarchist, 10% Miscreant, 5% other.

Racial Restrictions: Humans and Elves only for ranked

Knights. No restrictions for non-ranked Knights.

Specialized Non-Knight Membership: Limited to skilled men of arms and high level adventurers. No Crazies.

Banner Colors: Red and white.

Banner Symbol: A Gothic lion.

A powerful force within the Order, House Bregdan closely matches the strength of House Brujo. Bregdan is one of three Houses that, along with Brujo and Sigil, constitute the upper caste of the Order of the Mystic Knights. Though it is commonly accepted that Bregdan is the third House of the upper caste, beneath Sigil and Brujo, it is this House that holds the most control when it comes to large-scale conflicts involving the Order. The Knights of Bregdan are the officers and field commanders that keep the army moving.

Large Company 200 Points + 10 for vehicles and 20 for budget.

Sponsorship: Independent : 10 points wherever

A. Outfits - Speciality Clothing 20 points.
Uniforms + Medium MD armor (usually 40-55 M.D.C.), For Elite (60-80 M.D.C.).
B. Equipment - Magic Technologies 40 points
• Techno-Wizards (7)
• Ley Line Walkers (7)

C. Vehicles - Combat Cars 20 points
Transport Vehicles
• 60-80 lightly armored trucks (M.D.C. 30).
Combat Vehicles
• 80 Sky Cycles
• 140 Power Armor Suits
• 70 Assault Tanks
D. Weapons - Advanced Weaponry 20 points
Standard Issue Weapons and Armor (non-Knight)
• L-20 Pulse Rifle
• Armor: M.D.C. 60.
• Handgrenades (12)
• 140 with Particle Beam Rifle.
• 210 will have 1D4 + 1 minor techno-wizard/magic weapons
• All high ranking officers/elite will have a rune weapon/bio-wizard device or other
E. Communications - Full Range System 15 points
F. Internal Security - Iron-Clad 20 points.
G. Permanent Bases - Fortified Headquarters 20 points
H. Intelligence Resources - Scout Detachment 5 points total
I. Special Budget - Large Loans. 1 Million credits 25 Points
J. General Alignment of Personnel - Miscreant and Aberrant. None.
K. Criminal Activity - None.
L. Reputation - Known 10 points
M. Salary - Good Salary 10 points

Total Points Spent: 240
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Re: Houses of the Order of the Mystic Knights

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House Isen

House Size: 500 (300 non-Knights).

Alignment Breakdown: 35% Aberrant, 30% Anarchist, 25% Miscreant, 10% Diabolic.

Racial Restrictions: None (20% non-human). Notable non-humans include 5% Kittani field mechanics (non-Knights).

Non-Knight Membership: Primarily skilled professions, including Operators, Techno-Wizards, pilots, scholars and doctors.

Banner Colors: Gold and white.

Banner Symbol: A Gothic eagle.

House Isen found its niche in supporting the other Houses, and its own coffers, in a non-combat capacity. The members maintain weapons, armor and vehicles; prepare fortifications; develop, deploy and defuse explosives; treat wounded Knights; pilot transports; and care for horses and other exotic mounts.
The House not only opens its doors to non-Knights (no prejudices), it often relies on the expertise that these outsiders bring into the fold. Isen is the only House where the non-Knight membership actually outnumbers the Mystic Knights members (like a normal merc company).

Despite sometimes being looked down upon by their peers in the Order, the Knights of Isen fill an important role in managing the support staff of the armies, especially during large or extended contracts. The Knights and other agents of the House act as field medics and mechanics, repairing battle damage to both metal and flesh alike. After the battle lines have been drawn, House Isen is there to build up fortifications doing the battle, as well as setting up traps and explosives and detecting and defusing those of their enemies.
Even though these Mystic Knights usually serve in these support roles, they have the same combat and magical training as other Mystic Knights in the Order, and are just as lethal.

In addition to its work with the armies of the Order, their customers don't end there. the House also contracts out its services as mechanics, medics, and transport escort specialist ensuring the delivery of supplies and munitions against hijackers and the enemy. Their natural ability to recharge E-clips makes them quite valuable as field munitions suppliers. Then they can leave taking their clients wounded with them for long term care or bionic/cybernetic rebuilding.

For the customer, there is less stigma that they hired mercs when they see them performing medical and repair services instead of doing the front line fighting for them and taking the glory. This had made House Isen "appreciated" outside the order. They are more of a mercenary medic and combat engineering company than stormtroopers.

Large Company 200 Points + 10 for vehicles and 20 for budget.

Sponsorship: Independent : 10 points wherever

A. Outfits - Utility Outfits 5 points. The Mystic Knights of House Isen are ordered not to identify themselves as combatants or provoke their clients enemy unless their contract calls for direct combat. Typically at the clients request but their employer knows and so do the troops they heal and E-clips they recharge. Note: the Mystic Knighs of the House see the advantages to being mistaken as regular mercs or civilians non-combatants. Being underestimated means the enemies first attacks are in ignorance of the Mytics Knights abilities. They are immunce to energy attacks unless magically sources + they can cast Armor of Ithan on themselves and others. Also can fire energy bolts without a gun.

B. Equipment - *Magic Technologies and Unlimited Equipment 90 points total.

C. Vehicles - Fleet Vehicles 10 points. They largely transport their fellow members, the Orders weapons and equipment, and their clients and their equipment/munitions. The Mystic Knights ensure the safe and secure delivery from their clients enemies and hijackers in general.
Maintains a fleet of trucks , trailers , motor-homes, and light Armored-Personnel Carriers (APCs; 4D4 x 10 M.D.)

D. Weapons - Basic Weaponry 10 points. The House of Isen typically fills the role of combat engineers/medics setting fortifiying a clients defensive position or building a temp Foware operating base for the Order of the Mystic Knights campaign. Strategically they do not operate as a direct assult force. Although, the 200 Mystic Knights of Isen are can fill in or for the knights of the other House when they are wounded. Operationally they are more like Reserve fighters and defend when they, their non-knight members, or their client is attacked.
Standard Issue:
Common Northern Gun Energy Rifle and an energy pistol or vibro-blade
20 heavy weapons particle beams are available.
20 Northern Gun powered armor.
10 Northern Gun Combat Robots (Mostly used in construction)

E. Communications - Superior Communication System 40 points. They are quite good and delivering supplies and explosives to the front line troops of the other Houses.

F. Internal Security - Tight 10 points.

G. Permanent Bases - Fortified Headquarters 20 points

H. Intelligence Resources - None. Spying on others is not really their thing. Although every Mystic Knight has 'sixth sense' their non-knight members were admitted partly because of their psychic healing and mechanical powers.

I. Special Budget - 1 million credits in their emergency fund. 25 points

J. General Alignment of Personnel - Miscreant and Aberrant. None.

K. Criminal Activity - None.

L. Reputation - Known 10 points. As a Merc Company unremarkable but reliable and unintimidatable as combat zone medics, engineers, supply runners, and base defenders.

M. Salary - Excellent Salary 20 points

Total Points Spent: 240

Medical Support Staff (Armed+Hand to Hand: Expert):
100 Medical personnel of one sort or another. The majority of these people are Mercenary Soldiers and Vagabonds, most with psionic healing powers. It was part of the reason these people were allowed to become members of the House of Isen. Some were born into it had their psychic powers developed as healing psionics. All have additional training to the equivalent of the Merc Medic MOS or Rescue Advanced Training Skill Package providing the skill Paramedics when they have patients left but no ISP.
25 Major Psychic Healers.
45 Minor Psychic Healers.
*5 Ley Line Walkers (with Paramedics, chem, and biology + Healing Spells)
12 Nurses (double as managers and record keepers)
8 Paramedics (City Rats with cybernetic medical diagnositc implantes but no psionics)
2 Body Fixers (double as managers)
2 Cyber-Docs (double as managers)
1 more Psychic Healer

100 Services Support Staff (Armed+Hand to Hand: Expert):
20 Chappie Cooks to prepare food for the masses
12 Tailors and Cleaners (laundry)
12 Barber - grooming on others (Also do housekeeping and Whittling & Sculpting)
12 Transport Pilots Mercs with Piloting MOS (truck drives, heavy vehicle operators)
12 Water and Fuels (plumbing, basic mechanics, basic electronics, Jury-Rig
12 Animal Handlers (takes care of horses and other steeds, etc).
12 Aquisition/Procurment Agents (Accounting work: Appraise Goods, Barter,
4 Managers

100 Maintainers & Technician Support Personnel:
15 Communications Systems Specialist
15 Kittani Field Mechanics
15 Operators
5 Rogue Scientist
5 Psi-Techs
15 Headhunter Anti-Robot Specialist
15 Headhunter Techno-Hound
*5 Techno-Wizards
*4 Earth Warlocks
*1 Stone Wizard
5 Managers
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Re: Houses of the Order of the Mystic Knights

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The Order of the White Rose

Knights of the White Rose (Mystic Knights): 491 (Half are typically away)

Support Personnel: 1,068

Squires of the White Rose: 662 (Half are away with their knight)

Gateways knights: 103 (Teleport Knights of the White Rose & support to and from)

Keepers of the Garden: 138 (Gardeners, Healers, and Animal Handlers that can fight)

Reconcilers 51 (Mystic Knight that can fight spirits and lay them to rest)

Loyal Techno-Wizards, Shifters, and Mystics: 114

Large Company 200 Points + 10 for vehicles and 20 for budget.

Sponsorship: Independent : 10 points wherever

A. Outfits - Unlimited Clothing 50 points.

B. Equipment - Electronics Supplies and Good Gear + Magic Technologies 45 points (Pedals from the magical white rose have incredible healing powers when Keepers of the Garden are not around to psychically heal)

C. Vehicles - Basic 3 points. Teleportation by the Keepers of the Gate and Steeds

D. Weapons - Basic Equipment 5 points. They recharge their own E-clips.

E. Communications - Secured Service 10 points

F. Internal Security - Tight 10 points.

G. Permanent Bases - Fortified Headquarters 20 points

H. Intelligence Resources -
Psychic and Magic Operatives - 20 points
D-Bee Specialist - 20 points

I. Special Budget - Large Loans 1 million credits for emergencies 25 points

J. General Alignment - Scrupulous and Principled 10 points

K. Criminal Activity - None. They fight injustice. They don't commit it.

L. Reputation - Unknown 5 points. The Order of the White Rose does not advertize. The dress and operate much like Mystic Knights and can often be mistaken as such. They may not "correct" peoples guess that they do not belong to the Order of Mystic Knights to keep from having to fight and kill.

M. Salary - Freelance 2 points. Knights of the Whiter Rose and their supports do not fight for profit. The fight for justice and liberty

O. Special - Rumored Existence: Cost 10 points
Friendship: Local People 20 points

P. Disadvantage for Building Points: Enemy - Order of the Mystic Knighs +15 points

Total Points Spent: 255
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Re: Houses of the Order of the Mystic Knights

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House Hiredmann

House Size: 3600 (800 non-Knights).

Alignment Breakdown: 35% Aberrant, 30% Anarchist, 25% Miscreant, 10% Diabolic.

Racial Restrictions: None (25% non-human). Notable non-humans include 3% Simvan Monster Riders, 3% Kittani, 2% Ogres, and 1% Vanguard Brawlers.

Non-Knight Membership: No class restrictions.

Banner Colors: Red and black.

Banner Symbol: A wolf bust.

The largest of the Houses within the Order. Hiredmann’s high tolerance for non-humans and non-Knights within the ranks and willingness to accept almost anyone who will swear loyalty has made it the House that it is today.
The Knights of Hiredmann are the all-purpose fighters and soldiers of the Order. In large contracts, these Knights serve as the line soldiers, always making up the bulk of the Order’s mercenary armies. In addition to its work on large contracts for the Order, House Hiredmann works a great number of smaller contracts, sending out small contingents of Knights to supplement existing mercenaries and mages.

Despite its large population and its high workload, the House is considered to be in the lower caste, and has little political power within the Order.

Mercenary Army 300 Points + 10 for vehicles and 20 for budget.

Sponsorship: Independent : 10 points wherever

A. Outfits - Unlimited Clothing 50 points.

B. Equipment - Electronics Supplies and Good Gear + Magic Technologies 45 points

C. Vehicles - Unlimited Vehicles 50 points.

D. Weapons - Maximum Firepower 60 points

E. Communications - Secured Service 10 points

F. Internal Security - Tight 10 points.

G. Permanent Bases - Fortified Headquarters 20 points

H. Intelligence Resources -
Psychic and Magic Operatives - 20 points
D-Bee Specialist - 20 points

I. Special Budget - Large Loans 1 million credits for emergencies 25 points

J. General Alignment - Scrupulous and Principled 10 points

K. Criminal Activity - None.

L. Reputation -

M. Salary -

Total Points Spent: 340
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