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Unread postPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 1:20 pm

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Oh Boy I love this thread :D


“Silence you're in my zone”

The life of a mercenary is hard, live by the sword or die by the sword, so to speak. But for a particular french sniper, life had become evenr more complicated. Captured and sent to jail for having shot an USA lieutenent in Afghanistan, albeit he always claimed innocence, he was offered a proposal. The ChemCORP a private company with very profitable contract with the army wanted some "specimen" to test their latst product, the ST-1256X2. A retrovirus that in theory will turn soldier in living stealths, invisible to detection. The sniper, Named Martin Malcorbeu accepted without thinking too muhc, becasue is not that he had other options. That was a mistake, thinking about it later, as it was obvious that if a compnay search subject for test amongst prisoners, surely won't care about their health at all. He realized it when he saw that the most of other subjects had died horribly, from 200 only 4, included Malcorbeu survived. And only Marlcorbeu did not shown sign of insanity. While testing his newfound abilities, one night he overheard two researcher talking about how they were going to shut down the project and that next week they had to "clean" the lab, and Martin was not so naive to not understand what that does means. After all no one want to risk being exposed for illegal human experimentation. That night he planned his evasion, managing to put to profit his knowlegde of explosives.
Somtimes later rumors of a peculiar skilled trouble-solver spread in Europe. If you have a problem you can't solve you've just to phone a certain number in Marseille, that change everyday, and you'll get a friendly shadow on your side.

Real Name: Martin Malcorbeu
Aliases: Le Corbeu(the crow) his nickname when legionnaire, Mika Tudesky, Alphonse Corvetti these two are false identities he use
Experience Level: 7
Power Category: Super Soldier
Alignment: Aberrant but he is slowly improving toward Scrupolous
Attributes: IQ: 14, ME: 11, MA: 10, PS: 16, PE: 13, PP: 10, PB: 17, Spd.: 26
Hit Points: 37, S.D.C.: 67
P.P.E.: 8, I.S.P. : 6, Chi: 13
Age: 37, Sex: Male, Height: 5ft 10inches, Weight: 153 lbs
Appearance: A very good lookin man, dark skin tone, has very short black hair, almost shaved and nice blue eyes. He has a small scar on left cheekbone, a memory of wehn he was a quite troublemaker child. As Noir he wear silver and black costume that conceal all his features, the costume is similar to swat outfit, plus a Padded trenchcoat
that act as military web belt. The mask has v shaped red lenses
Disposition: A friendly and cool person. Always eager to share a witty comment. But a closer look will reveal a very inquisitve nature and his sarcams hide a very dark nature, albeit he try to be a nice person, well most of the time.

Education Level: Militray (basic), plus an extra Espionage Program
Skill Programs:
Basic Military: Running, Climbing 85%, Military Etiquette 80%, Radio: Basic 90%
Military Demolitions: Basic Electronics 75%, Basic Mechanics 75%, Demolitions 91%, Demolitions Disposal 91%, Underwater Demolitions 94%
Pilot Advanced: Navigation(Air, Land, Water) 90%, Read Sensory Equipment 70%, Weapon System 80%, Pilot: Race Car 81%, Pilot: Motorcycle 93%, Pilot: Helicopter 75%, Pilot: Tanks and APCs 69%
Espionage basic: HTH Martial arts, Detect Ambush 65%, Intelligence 60%, Wilderness Survival 65%, Sniper +2 Aimed Shot, Tracking 60%
Secondary Skills: Prowl 60%, Swimming 85%, S.C.U.B.A. 85%, Athletics, Language: English 85%, Language: Arabic 85%, Language: Polish 85%
W.P. Skills: W.P. Rifle Aimed Aimed +5 Burst +3, W.P. Automatic Gun Aimed +5 Burst +3, W.P. Knife +2 Strike +2 Strike when thrown +2 to parry, W.P. Energy Pistols Aimed +5

Combat Style
: Hand To Hand Martial Arts
Combat Abilities: Punch - 1d4+1, Karate Strike/Punch - 2d4+1, Power Punch 2d8+2, Kick Attack - 2d4+1, Snap Kick - 1d6+1, Crescent Kick - 2d4+3, Backward Sweep, Tripping/Leg Hook, Jump Kick: 6d6+1, Flying Jump Kick 4d6+1, Critical strike on a natural 18, 19 or 20, Paired Weapons
Combat Bonuses: Attack per melee 5, Initiative +2, Strike +2, Disarm +4 Parry +4, Dodge +4, Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact +4, Pull Punch +3
Other Bonuses: +1 to damage

Money: 78.000 euros in swissa bank account
Weapons: Pair of Matching Energy Pistols that shot shadow bullets. Recharge only withing his Darkness Damage 4d6 +6 in darkness Range 500 ft. Payload 15 blast in light, 120 in darkness
FR-F2 Sniping rifle wiht Silencer and Telescopic Weapon sight 1600ft/480m medium magnification Cartiridge 7.62 mm NATO Weight Loaded 12.75 lbs Range 800 m(2624ft) Damage 6d6+3
Two Polycarbonate Knives damage 1d6
Belt with 4 throwing knives - the knives contain explosive Damage 4d6 Blast Radius 4 inches
4 Explosive Grenades Damage 2d4x10 Range 100ft Blast Radius: 20ft
2 Flash Grenades: Create A flash of blinding light, he use them to create shadows for his shadow step trick Blast Radius 20 ft
While he don't carry it all the time, he generally had always to 2 lbs of plastic explosive at his disposale hidde in safe compartment of his bike, plus 3 vlastin cap and timers. Otherwise he rely on homemade bombs. He like to combine explosive with his dark aura to play some very dangerous version of landmine game with his opponents if they want tot ake the challenge "if I was you I won't move, mon cher"

: Battle Bike "Nightspear" Spd 90 MPH, 200 SDC AR 12, Engine is completely silent, not even the smallest sound
Mazda RX8 AR 7 SDC 300 Speed 155mph Transmission Manual. His civilian car

Equipment: 2 Noir Costumes with built in Hard Armor Vest A.R. 12, S.D.C. 120, The NOir Mask has built in radio receiver and transmitter and Gas Mask. The trenchcoat has the equivalen space of a military web belt, oe SPike Launch rod, Infrared distancing Binocular, Small Flashlight(not that he really need it, but in case he has teammates without nightvision), a pair Handcuffs, Light Camouflage poncho, S.C.U.B.A. Diving suite , included mask, snorkel, fins and 80k cylinder with 90 minutes capacity

Supersoldier Stats
Sponsoring Organization: Private Industry running a contract with the military
Motive for the Procedure: Miltary and Espionage
Nature of the Procedure: Exposition to injection of mutagenic retro-viruses and controlled gamma radiations
Nature of the Test Subject:
Current Status with the organization: Rogue Agent, went MIA and presumed dead, albeit they suspect him being the misterious vigilante Noir
Likelihood of Succesful Replication: Is an ongoing operation with other 3 bona-fide success. They are the result of accidental conditions in their DNA that cannot be actually replied. Also Noir is the only one who did not developed dangerous insanity. Of the other three one fell into megalomania/god Syndrome, another become a cannibal and the third is a serial rapist and murderer

Major Super Abilities: Darkness Control - His darkness control is tad more intense than usual, and as such not only prevetn sigh but block and and all from entering ro getting out of the darkneed area under in his control, as well as parry energy attacks with his darkness. No bonus or minus, just a straightforward roll
Minor Super Abilities: Shadow Step. While inside his darkness he can teleport at will, within the radius limit.
Super Soldier Enhancements: Bionic Sensor System(Motion Detector, Radiation Detector, Heat Sensor, Radio Scrambler-range is equal to his darkness area, Radar Warning System, Infrared Warning System), Hypnotic Mental Conditioning (he is actually invisible to psionic sensitive powers while shadowmelding or in darkness), Uncanny Targeting and Throwing

"The baron is made of raw win. Search your feelings, you know it to be true."

 Post subject: Re: The Hero Exchange
Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:14 am

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Very nice! I like this NPC. Just out of curiosity. Why is his alignment changing? I must have missed the cause of this.

"Your Grace," she said, "I have only one question. Do you wish this man crippled or dead?"

"My Lady," the protector of Grayson told his Champion, "I do not wish him to leave this chamber alive."

"As you will it, your Grace."


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Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:52 am

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Aramanthus wrote:
Very nice! I like this NPC. Just out of curiosity. Why is his alignment changing? I must have missed the cause of this.

Well he just started to realize that sometimes the end does not always justifiy the means, and tha tsimply because you've suffered does not give automaticalyl the right to make others suffer.

"The baron is made of raw win. Search your feelings, you know it to be true."

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Unread postPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:13 am

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Oh ok! So he is actually going from being brutal to someone who is more enlightened. Cool!

"Your Grace," she said, "I have only one question. Do you wish this man crippled or dead?"

"My Lady," the protector of Grayson told his Champion, "I do not wish him to leave this chamber alive."

"As you will it, your Grace."


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Unread postPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:16 pm

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Another one :D
Crazy Easter

Its Hester, dammit ,HE-S-T-ER! Is Not chocolate egss I'm hiding, but a f***ing 9 mm! yo f***tard!!

The world of Earth 999 , the so called After The bomb earth, is not an easy place to live, better that Earth 800(Splicer earth) or Earth 609(Nightlands, still very harsh. The fight for survival is matter of evryrday life, and is not uncommon for kids to remain orphan, in world where there is very few who care about orphans. Such was the fate of Hester Whitepaw, whose family was killed for being on the wrong side of Empire of humankind rifles. Thankfully she somehow survived enough to eb picked up by some bandits. Of course it was a partial luck as being raised by bandits is not exactly being pampered. If she had not proven her worth, and if wasn't for the unusual powers she had demonstrated she is fairly sure they would have dumped her in the wilderness, or worst sold her to a slave market. Nonetheless she wasn't particulary happy with her situatuin, and craved for something better. She has a desire to see the world, explore, wandering free, and more important all this without the risk of having one's own throat cut. She thought that hitting a big score, she would have enough money to stop this life of few comforts and high risk, and pay her dream of buying a luxury ship and start her travel aroudn the world, as she had always a weird fascination for the sea. And this lead her to plan to infiltrate an empire of humankind secret research laboratory, a job she and other six specialist were hired to do. Her speed was pivotal to accomplish the task to recover some valuable data without the EMpire notice. Thigns gone bad, as first there was a mole in the group, and second the experiment, involving puncturing the dimensional barrier. As per Murphy law, things decided to go bad in the worst possible moment.
She do not remember exactly what happend, she just saw a shiny blinding blue light and poof. She found herself in a different place, a world where the "bomb" never exploded, where there are little or none mutant animals and where there are few weird powered humans. It took her sometimes to adjust to this new world, albeit she see it as a new possibility as there are surely more chance for her dream of a carefree life. If only she had not the nasty habit to be involved in the most insane situations. While she is technically member of the LEGION of heroes, a position she accepted because she liked enjoying some of the Legion benefits, she is more a "freelancer" heroine whose moral values are quite hmmm elastic. "the purple diamond the powered Dr. Devasto moon laser? Well I think got lost when the base had been destroyed ain't it?...she then go back browsing web for a list of rare jewels collectors"

Real Name: Hester Whitepaw
Aliases: That crazy rabbit, psycho-bunny
Experience Level: 4
Power Category: Mutant Animal
Alignment: Unprincipled
Attributes: IQ 5, ME 12, MA 11, PS 8, PE 12, PP 20, PB 16, Spd. 25 - her max speed is 250 mph but took her 6 action per melee to reach it
Hit Points: 27, S.D.C.: 110
P.P.E.:10 , Chi: 12
Age: 19, Sex: Female, Height: 5ft 3inches plus 2 ft of ears, Weight: 66 lbs.
Appearance: A cute looking anthro-rabbit, white short fur cover most of her body albeit is shorter on hands and face, she does have a slight muzzle and buckteeth, on top of her head are two long rabbit ears who move and reflect her mood, she does have red eyes, she die her top hair of electric blue with pink stripes or of pink with blue stripes, she tie her hair in a short pigtail. Wear mostly confortabble jumpsuit, t-shirt but she don't like wearing shoes. Has a piercing located at middle lenght of her left ear and wear a spiked collar all the time. Her voice has a certain animal tone, sound like a classic "chipmunk" like voice

Disposition: A young girl with a clear vision of what her future should be, but with a prgmatic realization that there are lot of obstacles to it. She does not like trouble, but having being grown in an enviroment that seemed OZ meet Moreu Islands, she had learned that letting other step on your neck means just becoming a their dinner, and you've always ensure that others respect you, evne if you've to enforce it with roundhouse kick on their face. This and her anarchist attitude sometimes create a tension when faced with a different , more normal situation. She has sort of hate for racist jerks, that remind her the Empire of Humankind, so Shocks, Coalition, Prevert Parties and similar ******** are often ehr target for some funny tricks, well for her at least, her humor is kinda prison like .

Education Level: Raised by bandits, native of ATB earth(equal to on the job training)
Primary skills: Detect Ambush 65%, Detect Concealment&traps 60%, Escape Artist 65%, Pick Pockets 60%, Tailing, Pick Locks 65%, Acrobatics (sense of balance 83%-walk tightrope or highwire 87%-Climb rope 93%-Back flip 85%-Climb 40%), Kickboxing, Land Navigation 67%, Camouflage 55%, Read Sensory Equipment 65%
Secondary Skills: Wilderness Survival 50%, Tracking 45%, Prowl 50%, HTH Basic, Literacy: English 50%, Identify Plants & Fruits 45%
W.P. Skills: W.P. Sword +2 to strike and parry, +1 to strike when thrown, W.P. Automatic Pistol Aimed +4 Burst +2

Combat Style: HTH Basic + Kickboxing
Combat Abilities: Punch 1d4, Elbow 1d6, Kick: 2d4, Knee Strike 1d8, Roundhouse kick 3d6, Axe Kick 2d8, Jump Kick 4d10 but must be the only kick that melee and use all attack per melee, Dodge, Autododge, Entangle, Body Block/Tackle, body flip/throw, roll with impact/fall/punch: +5
Combat Bonuses: 6 attack per melee round, +6 initiative, +5 to strike, +8 to parry, +11 to dodge, +6 autododge, +4 damage x 20mph of speed, +9 to roll with punch/fall/impact
Other Bonuses: +2 to save vs. HF

Money: on her generally 50 to 110 dollars, but she had stored 12.350$ in secret location.
Weapons: top quality ceramic katana Damage: 3d6, Sap gloves on her hands Damage: +2 to hand to hand damage, One polycarbonate knife Damage: 1d6, TI. 50 Ace 9mm caliber Damage 6d6, Range 120 ft, 13 round magazine.
Equipment: A multi-purpose puch holding her superior lock pick set, A black knapsack with lot pins attached to it mostly depicting colored rabbit in many guise. Grappling Hook and line, pocket Night viewer, flashlight, duct tape, Mp3 player with a mix of punk rock and techno-dance pieces, one diary and some books about improving reading and writing skills, a thermos filled with Carrot, orange and lemon(she try to always have a thermos filled with fresh juice, she does not like the commercial ones). She has also a comm-card of the Legion that work as safe cellular phone, credit card and id card all at same time.

<<Mutant Animal Stats>>
Animal Type: Rabbit
Total Bio-E: 70+5+10
Hands: Full
Speech: Partial
Bipedal: Full
Looks: Partial
Animal Powers: Leaping Feline, Advanced Hearing, Advanced Smell
Animal Super Abilities: Heightened Sense of Awareness, Extraordinary Speed- her max running speed is Spd.x10 mph , she can keep that speed for one minute per PE, or at crusing speed, equal to Spd.x5 mph for 10 minutes per PE, she can move at lower speed indefinitely her speed is tripled in MDC universe, regardless of level of magic)
Vestigial Trait: Vestigial Ears, Diet: Herbivore

"The baron is made of raw win. Search your feelings, you know it to be true."

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Nice NPC! I like this one! I can see using him in other settings too.

"Your Grace," she said, "I have only one question. Do you wish this man crippled or dead?"

"My Lady," the protector of Grayson told his Champion, "I do not wish him to leave this chamber alive."

"As you will it, your Grace."


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Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:28 pm

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I made this guy a while ago for a Q&A post but i fell in love with him.
The chimes (their peoples language sounds like the music of crystal chimes) as they are called, are peaceful and cultured race. The spend most of their time in the study of the arts and sciences. (They are the masters of crystal and sonic based technology) But among their people is a sub set of fierce honorable warriors who see it as their duty to protect all that they find worth in. They have been known to face insurmountable odds with out flinching for a cause they believe in. With there natural abilities and training they make formidable adversaries to say the lest. So the travel on there grown crystal starships from their stark yet beautiful crystal studded world out into the universe like knights of old in earths history, driven by their overpowering sense of duty and honour.

Name: Shing. (Or as close as you can get in English Mostly the sounds of crystal chimes...)
A young warrior among his people he has picked earth as the domain he will protect. He has observed earth for a couple decades now and is amazed by it's inhabitants potential. He feels they are worth spending the time guiding and guarding them to see what they can become. And since his race does not die of old age that could be a long time in deed.

height: 5'5" tall
weight: 270 lbs.
discription:smooth dark blue (the darkest sapphire.) human shape even the head shape totaly smooth save for the thousands of hair sized faceted crystals on top. It's through the manipulation of these crystals that they communicate and mimic the sound of speech giving them their chime like voices. The hands are actually not natural (normally a smooth round stump) through the use of their power to grow and change their own crystal bodies (body weapons) that they make hands or other tools to manipulate objects..

IQ: 13
ME: 20 (save vs Psychic attack/insanity) +6
MA: 19 trust/intimidate 55%
PS: 86 hand to hand damage +71 (superhuman)
PP: 37 parry, dodge, and strike +8. initiative bonus +2 .
PE: 41 save vs comma/death 61% save vs magic & poison +11 / immune
PB: 15
SPD: 57 yards/meters can run in a minute 1140 in a melee 285
SDC / Hit Points 512 / 65 AR: 14

Powers and natural abilities:
extraordinary PP, Super human PS, extraordinary PE, healing factor, and body weapons
as a mineral based life form I take 1/2 damage from kinetic damage and energy save heat and cold where i take 10% now Healing factor says i take 1/2 damage form heat and cold so do that mean I take 5% damage. As a mineral based life form I heal 2D6 per 24 hr and can enter a healing hibernation and doubles my healing rate every day (ie. 2D6 then 4D6 then 8D6, and so on) I even regenerate limbs.. Healing factor heals 3 sdc a minute and i hp per 15 minutes and 4D6 instantly twice a day.
And i don't fatigue and I am impervious to poisons, disease, toxins, gasses, pollution, and magic potions +2 save vs horror factors
speak/ Read /Write Chime: 98%
basic math: 98%
Language / Literacy 60% (+5) / 40% (+5)
English, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindustani, and spanish
Acrobatics sense of balance: 90% (+5)
Gymnastics walk tight rope or beam: 86 (+3)
----------------- climb rope: 98%
----------------- back flip: 98%
----------------- work bar and rings: 86 (+3)
Boxing: Knock out on a natural 20
Wresting: Body tackle 1d4 plus knock down shoulder spikes can add an extra 1d4 pin/incapacitate on a roll of 18, 19, or 20
crush/squeeze for 1d4+71
pilot: Contragravity pack: 60% (+4)
Pilot: Hover Car 70% (+5)
first Aid: 65% (+5)

secondary skills
Sing: (in chime) 40% (+5)
Detect ambush: 45% (+5)
Intelligence: 40% (+4)
Prowl: 55% (+5)
Climb / rappelling: 82 (+5) / 50 (+5)
Fencing: +1 Attack and to strike and parry with sword or knife
Sword: +2 to strike and parry
blunt: +1 to strike and parry
Knife : +1 to strike when thrown +1 strike and parry
Energy pistol
energy rifle
energy heavy
Hand to hand Commando 3 level (It said pick any Hand to hand under combat specialist and commando has a great combination of lethal and none lethal moves)
# of attacks 6 (7 with knife or swords)
initiative bonus +4 (+5 with knife or swords made with body weapons)
strike +10 (+13 with sword +12 with knife and +11 blunt)
Parry +12 (+15 with sword +14 with knife and +13 blunt)
Dodge +12
Auto Dodge +3 (+8 PP bonus?)
Auto Body Flip (in place of a parry) +1 (+8 pp?) damage is 1D6 plus +71 and knock down
Pull Punch +3
Roll with fall or punch: +7
Disarm (as a defence) 19-20 as an attack +2 (+4 with body weapons)
Backward sweep kick no damage but knock down attack. used only on opponents coming from behind cannot be parried only dodged and at a -2
Paired weapons.


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Nice hero! I think it's a cool one! Please keep them coming!

"Your Grace," she said, "I have only one question. Do you wish this man crippled or dead?"

"My Lady," the protector of Grayson told his Champion, "I do not wish him to leave this chamber alive."

"As you will it, your Grace."


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Comment: "You know my name."
-Bill Tilghman of Oaklahoma
Sky Lion
Real Name: Francois-Tone Locour
Level:8th Level Mutant
Education: Graduate School
Power Category: (Selected not random)
Unusual Mutant Physical Characteristics
1) Hair is massive, like a lion’s mane.
2) Overlarge Hands with retractable claws (3d6+PS dam)
Major Powers: Animal Abilities: Big, Wild Predator Cat, Divine Aura, Sonic Power, Adapt to Environment
Minor Powers: Lunar Strength, Criminal Intuition

Sky Lion is the last member of the East Bay Area’s Mutant Underground protection team. The group was hunted almost to extinction by a Bioform Genetics Laboratories created supersoldier named ‘The Handler, but their desperate fight allowed the freakish but not particularly combat ready mutants they protected to escape to Berkeley’s streets (not a perfect solution, but you come up with one under armor piercing gunfire, tough guy.). Sky Lion is still being hunted by the eerie supersoldier through the Oakland network of sewers, and if the new defenders of the Mutant Underground piece together what happened to the last team fast enough, they can possibly save him in time. If not *makes motion across throat*

Sky Lion is smart. He rarely telegraphs his powers, and let’s people assume what they like from his monicker. He is leading The Handler and his support teams to a Sewer grate his 15 large predator escapees from the Knowland Zoo are currently waiting by. The Handler, with Inhabitation power, knows about the port, but not that a final stand is coming..

This is my personal PC in the last Mutant Underground game I played.

“You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.”
-Charles Bukowski

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My character for this thread is a recent character i made

"get these damned Innocents out of my way"
RCC: Alien mutant
Humanoid Skeletal with a jackal head (think anubian warrior)
Comes from a Abrasive Atmosphere world
Race has Teleport (sand based ie when teleporting the body turns to sand and blows away) and Extraordinary speed as racial powers and are double jointed
Race is called The Pharaohs
Level 1
Alignment: Aberrant
IQ: 23 +9 to all skills
ME: 17
MA: 16
PS: 67 (supernatural strength)
PP: 16
PE: 13
PB: 8
SPD: 20

Super abilities:
Energy Explusion Fire
Supernatural Strength
manipulate Kinetic energy

background: Po-Am-kir-vatu is the younger brother to Anubis himself. after creating a formula for creating random mutations Anubis asked his younger brother to use it on him, so Anubis could take the warrior caste leadership. however the warriors did not like this and banished Anubis to earth forever. His brother stayed behind due to Anubis's loyality to his brother. Hundreds of years passed before Po-Am-Kir-Vatu got the last bug out of his formula and used it on himself so he could finally defend himself against the warrior caste since they believed the Scientist are scum that do not get any respect. The formula worked perfectly His body changed, his skin no longer normal black but metallic black, his eyes started to glow, His body became stocky and broad (which seemed to be the only thing that the formula constantly did since Anubis because stocky and broad) His muscles became dense and more powerful, he started to notice that every now and then flames would come out of his body. Life was good most of the warrior caste left him alone but one day 4 months after the mutations happened the leader of the warrior caste decided to pick on Po-Am-Kir-Vatu, long story short The leader lay dead in a puddle of his own blood, skull crushed, body twisted. Running for his life Po-Am-Kir-Vatu got to his ship before the entire warrior Caste could get to him. He sent a message to the leader of the scientist caste telling her that "I have killed the leader of the warriors i now am leaving to join with my brother"

Attitude: after being contacted in his tenth year on the planet by a multi-planer being who has taken the role of Protector of Innocent Humans informed him not to kill innocents, he has accepted this law with severe distaste ie calling the being every time there are innocents in the way (the quote makes sense now:P) and telling the being that its the job of the being to Get the innocents out of the way. He normally leaves humans alone unless they pi-- him off.

Side affects of the Mutation: must consume more then Pharaohs normally do (think a whole giraffe per meal) in order for his powers to be at full capacity each meal his misses (he needs around 4 meals per day) he looses 10 percent on everything, missing one meal he looses his vibration power until he eats the required amount of food. (i dont think this is normal but i felt it was fair to put this on him.)

Heard during a Rp session: "Im going to assault Chi-town"

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Comment: Avid Cyborg and Braka Braka enthusiast.
I call this one. We shoulda never given Steve the keys to the vault. For your enjoyment I present.

Immortal Godling. (Blackvault powers.)

"Don't worry citizens I'm a Hero and I got this!"

Major super Abilities.
Alter Physical Structure Electricity.
Brick Tricks.
Quantum Teleport.
Slow Motion Control.

Minor super power.

Megapower- Godlike Hit points.

SnPs-36. IQ-11. Pp-26. Pe-36.
Spd-21. Me-28. Ma-20. Pb-38.

Hp-6777. Sdc-846. Ar-16.
Mdc-15246. Bio-reg: 4D6 per minute.

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Never got to play this one, but really looked forward to it. Something of a cross between Thor and the Hulk: a homeless man who can let his rage turn him into a raging immortal God of battle.

(Conor O’Brien)
Born in Ireland as the reincarnation of Cuchullain. Unable to control himself in fights, he killed two men and fled to the US. Now is now homeless in NYC and works various menial jobs, so as to avoid getting to close to anyone or harming those around him. Must conquer his rage to be admitted back into the Otherworld, Magh Meall.
Immortal – fallen godling
Unprinciples Lvl: 1 Exp:
Job: day laborer
Apartment: various shelters around Manhattan
Car: none
Life savings: $ ($)
Education: technical
IQ – 12 HP: 45 SDC: 65 (105/225) AR: (0/10)
ME – 8 Roll: +8/(11/13) Pull: +3/
MA – 16 (40%) Dodge: +0/2 Parry: +0/2 HF Save: +4/impervious
PS – 37 (40) (+22/25 dmg) Psi Save: 0/2 Ini: +2/5 Magic: +2/(4/5)
PP – 15 Strike: +0/(2/5) Disarm/Entangle: +1/0
PE – 13 (16) (+ 0/1 save; 0/+4%) Attacks: 5/(7/8) PPE: 62
PB – 12
Spd – 21

Major Powers
Monstrous Form (+4 ft., +100 lbs, AR 10, +120 SDC, +3 PS and PE, combat reflexes +3 strike, +2 parry/dodge, +2 roll, +1 attack, +1d6 dmg HtH; bio-regeneration 2d6/round)
Natural Combat Ability (1 round to adjust, auto dodge, long jump)

Minor Powers
Heals 3x faster
Perfect vision
Keen senses
Extraordinary Strength
Battle Rage (4 rounds, +2d6 dmg HtH)

Auto dodge
Body block/tackle
Pin on 18-20
Squeeze – 1d4
Kick – 2d4
Karate Kick – 2d6+2
Jump kick – crit (2 attacks)
Leap attack – crit
Head butt – 1d6
Knockout/stun on 19-20
Judo flip – 2d4
Punch – 1d6+2

Magic spear (Gae bulg) – +1 strike, +1 parry, returns when thrown. Kept in a long black strap bag.

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Dane and Rifka

Your friend is only mostly dead.

These creatures of light and good have taken up residence on earth and the powers they have developed over the centuries assist them in fitting in to this world discretely, adapting appearance and form so as to be able to blend in to any situation. They are engines of healing and repair and have an intense interest in restoring the broken beings and machines to full function. They actively oppose the ravages of war and time. While their abilities provide them ample ability to repair machines and creatures inherently, they have also spent a great deal of time learning how those things work in detail so as to provide the best possible method of restoration. They also occcasionally enjoy roles of entertainment, infiltration and espionage, just to shake things up a bit when life gets a little dull. Throughout their lives they have enjoyed roles as circus performers, actors, singers, combat doctors, combat pilots and mechanics.

Real Names: Dane and Rifka
Aliases: Potentially infinite
Experience Level: 15
Power Category: Immortal ancient spirits of light
Alignment: Both unprincipled
Attributes: Him IQ: 21, ME: 19, MA: 20, PS: 22, PP: 22, PE: 22, PB: 19, Spd.: 17 -- Her IQ: 20, ME: 21, MA: 21, PS: 23, PP: 20, PE: 21, PB: 18, Spd.: 18
Hit Points: 187, S.D.C.: 95 AR 10
P.P.E.: 162, I.S.P. : ?, Chi: Him 592, Her 576 (both can chi overcharge to double these amounts)
Age: Appears 28, but 1138, Sex: Him Male, Her Female Height: Him 6F4 (varies), Her 5F1 (varies), Weight: Him 230, Her 92

Appearance: He can appear as any human male between 1/72 inch tall and 7f4, various borgs or bots, any vehicle, or a being of pure light. She can appear as any female humanoid between 1/72 inch and 12F tall, various borgs or bots, any vehicle, or a being of pure light. Their light forms appear to be humanoid shaped cohesive borealis effects.

Disposition: Generally pacifists, calm, cheerful caring healers. Love meeting new people and making friends to share good company. They try to maintain a low profile and have residences and hidouts all over the globe. Suckers for helping a good cause.

Education Level: 1138 years of well funded education of both earthly and offworld varieties
Skill Programs: Xenorobotics, xenobiology, xenobotany, alien anthropology, analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry, genetics, robotic bionic and mechanical engineering, medical doctor, pathology, research, professional dancing, singing, photography, swimming, acrobatics. They have an intense interest in repairing everything and everyone they possibly can while still maintaining their independence and low profile. He takes particular delight in restoring vintage cars.

Combat Style: Tai chi, Lee Kwan Choo
Martial skills: Calm Minds, Chi weight control, Chi overcharge, Shijin, Chiatsu, Kokyu, Lee Kwan Choo stunning strike.

Money: Whatever they can scrape together. Able to put together a few bucks pretty quickly and easily restoring damaged vehicles or providing medical assistance.
Weapons: None to speak of other than powers
Vehicles: They dont need vehicles as they can reach any point on the globe in 52 minutes using their photonic form, but they can assume the form of a large library of popular earthbound and skybound vehicles.

Equipment: He's got a pair of tech glasses that provide night vision, uv, ir, xray, telescopic and living anatomy features. She's got a pair of tech glasses that provide sense death and destruction and paranormal vision features. They can frequently be found carrying beef jerky, wintergreen mints, distilled water, towels, digital superzoom cameras, laptops of the most powerful contemporary sort.

Him: APS Light, alter facial features, shrink, technoform, metal manipulation, speed tasking
Her: APS Light, alter facial features, shrink, technoform, alter physical body, shapechanger

Photographic memory, reduced mass when shrunk, in mechanical form they can understand whispers from 200f away and dodge surprise attacks from behind. In photonic form punches, arrows, bullets, force blasts, poison, grenades and explosives do no damage. Metal manipulation changes the amount of damage he takes from damage caused by metal both airborn and bot/bionic even when he is not photonic. In photonic mode they fly 22000 feet per second. Mach 22.3. They can fire photonic blasts to a range of 2500 feet, radiate 675 watts of light in a 1500 foot radius or create a 65 foot radius blinding flash and do bonus damage to vampires and other creatures of the night. In photonic form they regenerate 2d6 per half hour of exposure to sunlight. He can use metal manipulation to improve armor ratings and sharpen blades. Despite their helpful nature, they are pragmatic and tend to beat a hasty retreat when they encounter danger.

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Bump to revive

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Great idea!

I think most resources we like to share can be found For fans of this show!
We also updated ours with the latest episode.
Sharing great talent with great people here. has a new show up! It features the voice talents of Chris from @TheSwordcast (Twitter)! or their site You need to tune in to both.

Sometimes the best ideas are shared.
Check out the pod casts as you work or study to get inspired for any character you want to create.


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I Present

GRAVITAR, The Master of Gravity
Name: Erick Karl Matthias
Aliases: Carl Matthews, Eric Kranston
Experience Level: 5
Power Category: Imbued
Alignment: Miscreant
Attributes: IQ: 17, M.E.: 19, M.A.: 21, P.S.: 14, P.P.: 17, P.E.: 14, P.B.: 15, Spd.: 26 [Flying: 240 mph]
Hit Points: 32
S.D.C.: 55
P.P.E.: 8
Age: 27, Sex: Male
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 178 lbs. [214 lbs.]
Appearance: Tall blond haired blue eyed charmer, with a smile that conceals a cold heartless lust for power. As GRAVITAR he wears a suit of Flex Steel Armor colored Deep Indigo Blue with Silver and Lighter blue high lights, as well as a Dark Blue Cape attached with breakaway clips.
Natural Abilities: 65% Trust/Intimidate
Imbued Villain
 Nature Of Imbuing Agent: Special combination Nano-Technology and Radiation (Gravitons)
 Kind of Addiction Agent Causes: Psychological
 Who can gain Abilities: Gravitar Only!
 Who can make Agent: Gravitar and those trained.
 How long does Dose of Agent Last: 2D4 + 5 Hours
 How often can Agent be taken: Twice per 24 hours.
 Super Abilities (Rolled 8 minor, traded 6 minor for three major)
Major Powers: Gravity Manipulation, Gravity Waves, and Force Manipulation!
Minor Powers: Energy Expulsion: FORCE, Bend Light, and Flight: ENERGY (Special – Free power due to combined Gravity powers and Energy expulsion, without increased S.D.C.).

Education Level (+ 35%): Master’s Degree – Nano-technology
Skill Programs
Nano-Robotics Program: Computer Repair: 88%, Electrical Engineering: 94%, Mechanical Engineering: 83%, Nano-Manufacturing: 83%, Nano-Robotics: 78%, Robot Electronics: 89%, Robot Mechanics: 78%,
Nano-Technology Program: Advanced Mathematics: 98%, Chemistry: 88%, Biology: 88%, Chemistry - Analytical: 83%, Computer Operation: 98%, Computer Programming: 94%, Sensory Equipment: 88%, Nano-Technology: 88%
Teachers Skill Program: Public Speaking: 75%, Writing-Technical: 78%, Research: 89%
Espionage – Information Gathering Program: Computer Hacking: 78%, Intelligence: 86%, Cryptography: 83%, Radio: Basic: 98%, Electronic Countermeasures; 88%
Language Skill Program: Language/Literacy – Spanish: 98%/88%, Language/Literacy – Japanese: 98%/88%, Language/Literacy – German: 98%/88%, Language/Literacy – Arabic: 98%/88%
Secondary Skills: HtH: Expert, General Athletics, Running, First-Aid: 68%, Swimming: 70%, Pilot-Airplane: 69%, Navigation: 73%, Pilot-Motorcycle: 76%, Pilot-Automobile: 68%, Wardrobe/Grooming: 69%
W.P. Skills: W.P.-Pistol

Combat Style: HTH - Expert
Attacks per Melee: 5 [6 when flying/hovering]
Combat Bonuses: +2 Initiative, +3 Strike, +5 Parry (+8 Parry Laser/Light attacks), +5 Dodge, +3 Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, +2 Pull Punch
Combat Bonuses when Flying: +4 Strike, +6 Parry (+9 Parry Laser/Light attacks), +7 /+ 9 Dodge, +4 Damage per 20 mph flight.
Saving Throws: +2 Save vs. Psionic Attack, +2 Save vs. Insanity
Hand to Hand: Punch: 1D4, Karate Strike/Punch: 2D4, Karate Kick: 2D6, Kick Attack: 2D4, Roundhouse Kick: 3D6, and Snap Kick: 1D6
Energy Expulsion – FORCE: Damage: 3D6, Range: 200 ft.
Gravity Wave – PUSH: Range: 500ft or 50 ft. radius, Damage: 75% Chance knock off feet (lose initiative and two attacks/actions), Damage: 1D6, +4D6 if pushed into solid object.
Force Manipulation - CRUSH OBJECT: Damage: 6D6 per round, Range: 280 ft., Weight Limit: 900 lbs.

Money: Gravitar has amassed a personal fortune of 15 million in bank accounts, 10 million in stocks and bonds in various companies worldwide, and has 2D4 x $10,000 in cash on hand at all times.

Flex-Steel Body Armor: A.R.: 16, S.D.C.: 200, Energy Resistant (1/2 damage), Helmet includes – Passive Night Vision/ Targeting Sight/ Infrared: 1600 ft., and Telescopic Vision: 4000ft, also sealable with air filtration system, and Air Supply (4 hr.).
High Velocity Mini Jet Pack: Max Speed: 250 mph, Flight Duration: 1 hour/fuel pellet, Maximum Altitude: 1000 ft., +4 dodge flying. Only uses the Jet pack as an ace in the hole should his powers fail, and he needs a quick getaway.

Note: Gravitar’s imbued powers are a result of his body being saturated with nano-robots of his own design, which cause his cells to absorb gravitons when exposed to a high intensity graviton burst. These absorbed gravitons are what provide him with his super abilities. He wears a small graviton generator on his belt to provide the burst of gravitons that are required to trigger his powers. These nanobots also provide him the equivalent of IRMS (Internal Robotic Medical System) that will heal 1D4 Hit Points or S.D.C. per minute or 1D4 x 10 per hour. The IRMS system only works when his powers are NOT active.

Background / Story:
Carl Matthews graduated top of his class at MIT, and soon took a teaching position at Penn State University, before moving on to a work at three major universities in three years. What no one realized was that were ever Carl worked there always seemed to be some sort of series of strange and often unexplained accidents in the research labs at the University, although never in his lab. Carl was breaking into the labs, and/or hacking the universities data servers to steal classified and often military research before sabotaging said research. He would then sale the information to the highest bidder, more often than not Fabricators Inc. This all changed when he went to work at Crescent City University, where he was working on developing a Nano-robotic medical system, which he injected himself with after a automobile accident that he did not want to report to the authorities as two people died in the accident. The IRMS worked as designed and concealed his injuries; and no one ever connected him to the deadly accident.

It was a couple months later when he was attempting to steal the research data from a neighboring laboratory that he accidentally triggered an experimental Graviton generator, which trashed the lab and sent Carl into hiding as he had been sent flying through a display case. Surprisingly he did not heal as the IRMS seemed to have been knocked out by the graviton burst, he did however realize that the graviton burst seemed to have triggered some kind of change in his body, as he found that he could now seemingly control the force of gravity. Driving out to a cabin he owned in the country he experimented with his new found powers realizing he could also now fly. It was while he was flying that his powers suddenly faded sending him crashing to the ground, he would likely have died if the IRMS nanobots had not started working after the graviton charge dissipated from his cells.

After he recovered, Carl experimented and soon discovered that the nanobots needed an intense burst of gravitons to supercharge his cells. Having stolen the plans for the experimental graviton generating unit that triggered his discovery he sabotaged the original to hide his theft, hoping that the unit would over load and destroy the lab and any evidence of his theft. This did not go as planned as the researcher who had designed the graviton generator along with his lab assistant and a reporter for the university paper where in the lab when the graviton generator overloaded and exploded empowering them all three (See Black Mass, Black Light, and White Dwarf), and killing seven students working in a neighboring laboratory. Unknown to Carl, the researcher Prof. William Marcus Sterling (Black Mass), had installed a series of hidden cameras within the laboratory after Carl’s first break in, and had recorded Carl’s subsequent break in and sabotage on an off-site server. After the accident, the recordings were viewed and Carl’s involvement became apparent, causing the University to contact the police. The following day Carl was fired and arrested by the police, twenty-four hours later he was released on bail and disappeared.

One month later the Super Villain GRAVITAR, The Master of Gravity made his first appearance. Carl now Erick Karl Matthias, soon making a name for himself after taking down a Jumbo Jet, and a daring day time robbery of a police evidence locker where he made off with 10 million dollars in drug money and 5 million in conflict diamonds, the robbery was just a cover for destroying police evidence against a client of Fabricators Inc., the robbery resulting in the deaths of 9 police officers and 13 civilians caught in the crossfire.

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