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 Post subject: Megdamage Conversions
Unread postPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 8:18 pm

Hello, I have a question concerning Mega damage worlds for super characters. I have the Rifts conversion book. But with the advent of the new heroes books (Such as powers unlimited and the new main book itself) there are many powers that are not listed in the conversion book. Does anyone have a good way to figure out things like MDC damage or the MDC that specific powers give to characters?

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I don't use the MD system for anything, but you could most likely extrapolate from the existing powers in Skraypers, Conversion Book I revised, Phase World, and in some cases, some powers have an MD conversion listed in their description.
Good luck.

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According to Skraypers, all powers that provide super SDC (by natural body armor, altered physical structure, force fields, super durability, etc.), provide their normal SDC as an equivalent amount of MDC, and may also allow you to combine your total HP and SDC to determine total MDC. Powers that inflict damage by emitting energy also convert 1:1. Powers that grant immunity to energy include both SDC and MDC forms of that energy. Healing powers will be SDC only unless the character has MDC from another power. Powers other than Alter Physical Structure that provide less than 100 SDC (assuming a maximum roll for dice-based bonuses), remain SDC, while those that offer 100 or more provide half as much MDC (or an equivalently proportioned die roll).

The Original Conversion Book Varies from the above conversions in so far that Alter Physical Structure powers that transform the character into solid matter only provide 3/4 of their normal SDC as MDC (e.g., 600 SDC = 450 MDC).

Powers that provide Extraordinary, Superhuman, or Supernatural Strength convert as listed in whichever conversion book you use.

As I don't have the Revised Conversion Book, I can't confirm whether or not some of the above conversions are valid under the current rules.

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