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Comment: The greatest part of the writer's time is spent in reading, in order to write: a man will turn over half a library to make one book. - Samuel Johnson, 1775
Perry Knight

Perry Knight when he was 12 years old came to the United States with his family (James and Barbara, and his little brother Ian). This was their first trip to the United States to
visit James brother Colin. While sitting in their Ultropolis Taxi cab, the super villain Stratacide hit the city streets with a tornado. It picked up the cab and smashed it against a
building. Everyone was critical injured. When Perry awoke he was told he would never walk again. His family however did not survive. Perry spent time recovering with his uncle
Colin, seething with hatred toward all super beings, with thoughts for revenge in his mind. When he turned 18, he returned to England and sought after anyone involved in U.K.
military to help him defend the nation against hostile super beings. His passion and determination attracted the attention of Professor Gabriel Crowley who was in charge of U.K.
SCRET Super Soldier program, developed in an effort to compete with the Soviet Union’s RIG Program (Red Iron Guard). Perry was the perfect candidate for Gabriel to activate the
Phase Two Trials. The year-long experimentation was a success but Perry was the only one to develop additional super abilities. The process could not be replicated. As such the
program was abandoned but Perry was put in charge all the Phase One Super Soldiers (Super Soldiers from Heroes Unlimited 2nd edition, not Powers Unlimited Two).
Taking on various names, this elite group of Special Force Super Soldiers operated throughout UK sphere of influence, taking on various super villains, rogue nations, and
terrorist organizations. Perry (aka Black Death) showed little or no mercy to anyone they meet with super powers or meta-technology. He killed them with cold efficiency. He did this
for nearly 25 years killing without guilt or compassion. Then one day, while working on a joint operation with US SCRET, a freelance mercenary named Wind Draft showed up looking
like a dead ringer for Stratacide. When confronted, the mutant revealed he not only possessed the powers of APS-Air but Multiple Lives. His however was different for each time he
died, he would resurrect with a completely different personality and alignment. Stratacide a super villain Diabolic was two lives ago. Wind Draft worked as freelance operative for
both US and UK SCRET. Later on, as they were carrying out the mission, Perry used his power to turn off Wind Draft’s abilities and shot him with his PB rays. Suddenly he realized
what he’d done and it turns out the mission couldn’t be completed without Wind Draft assistance. His personal hatred ruined everything. Despite botching the mission and failing in
the objective, the two teams returned home, although Perry immediately requested a leave of absence. Instead he was honorably discharged.
Perry move to the United States and took over his uncle’s family grocery store. Perry tries to live a very quiet life, far removed from all that he did. He feel guilty over what he’s
done, namely how his actions nearly cost many people their lives, but he still can’t forgive the man who killed his family and give him purpose in life. However, he also recognizes he
failed his country and his teammates because of his hate and single mindedness. He wants to be left alone, but alas 25 years of working as a government super beings he has
acquired lots of INTEL so he has on rare occasioned talked with people like Senior Special Agent Scott Benter. However he doesn’t trust people, he’s just that suspicious, and made
too many enemies to let people close to his inner circle. Scott red flagged him with the hope of giving the man the peace and quiet his soul deserves.

Real Name: Perry Knight
Alias: Black Death
Occupation: Former U.K. S.C.R.E.T. operative. He held the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1.
Alignment: Aberrant.
Power Category: Super Soldier
Experience Level: 9th
Hit Points: 67 S.D.C.: 330 Armor Rating: A.R.: 14
P.P.E.: 22
Appearance: He is thin and lanky with an athletic build. He is rather good looking, although not overly so. He has gray
hair (once a thick brown hair). He has bright blue eyes. Perry carries himself well, appearing fully confident in both himself
and his powers.
Attributes: I.Q. 10, M.E. 10, M.A. 21, P.S. 39 (extraordinary), P.P. 15, P.E. 23, P.B. 15, Spd. 44 (30.8 mph/49.5 km).
Age: 55, Sex: Male, Height: 6 foot and 2 inches (1.82 m), Weight: 192 lbs (86.4 kg).
Unusual Characteristics: Delicate, sensitive hands, with long slender fingers and Odd Color Eyes (Bright Blue).
Super Soldier Enhancements: Attempt to Make Invulnerable, Physical Transformation, and Mind and Body
Attune. Note: Despite being middle age, his super soldier enhancements still keep him as healthy as he was in his
20s. He can carry 3900 lbs (1.95 tons/1755 kg) and lift 7800 lbs (3.9 tons/3510 kg).
Major Super Ability: Negate Super Ability
Minor Super Abilities: Lightning Reflexes and Energy Expulsion: Particle Beam
Combat Training: Commando
Attacks per Melee: 9 (2 initial +4 from Hand to Hand +1 from boxing +1 from enhancement) +1 from powers
Combat Bonuses: +11 to initiative, +3 to strike, +7 to parry, +7 to dodge, +6 to auto dodge,
+28 to damage, +9 to roll with punch/fall, +14 to pull punch, +3 disarm, and +3 to Perception Rolls.
Saving Throws: +16% to save vs coma/death, +11 to save vs Horror Factor, +5 to save vs poison and disease,
+2 to save vs possession, and +4 to save vs magic.
Combat Skills: Karate Punch 2D4, Power Punch 4D4 (Counts as two attacks), Backhand Strike 1D6, Elbow/Forearm 1D6,
Knee 2D4, Karate Kick 2D6, Snap Kick 1D6, Crescent Kick 2D4+2, Wheel Kick 2D6, Tripping/Leg Hook (cannot be paired, must dodge
or knockdown), Backward Sweep (cannot be paired, must dodge or knockdown, -2 to dodge), Roundhouse Kick 3D6, Axe Kick 2D8,
Leap Kick 3D8 (counts as two attacks), Power Kick (double damage to any kick attack, counts as two attacks), Jump Kick 6D6,
Flying Jump Kick 4D6, +3 to Body Flip/Throw 1D6 plus P.S. damage bonus (lose initiative and 1 attack/action), Body Block/Tackle 1D4 + P.S. damage
bonus (must parry/dodge or knockdown). All Holds, Paired Weapons, and Knockout on a natural 20 for 1D6 melees, and Deathblow on a
natural 18-20 (double damage, direct to Hit Points, counts as two attacks).
Other Bonuses: 65% trust/intimidate.
Educational Background: Military plus additional UK SCRET Training.
Common Skills: Read-Write/Speak British English 98%/97%, Mathematics: Basic 98%, and Pilot: Automobile 87%.
Military Program (Basic): Running, Climbing 95%/85%, Forced Marched, Military Etiquette 90%, Radio: Basic 98%,
W.P. Rifle (+5 to aim/+2 to burst), and W.P. Grenade (+3 to throw).
2nd Military Program: Demolition 97%, Demolition Disposal 97%, Parachuting 95%, and Trap/Mine Detection 75%.
Espionage Program: Hand to Hand: Commando, Detect Ambush 85%, Intelligence 78%, Wilderness Survival 85%,
Sniper (+2 to called or aimed shot), and Detect Concealment 80%.
Physical Program: Boxing, Kick Boxing, Prowl 85%, and Swimming 98%.
Secondary Skills: Athlete (general), Body Build & Weightlifting, First Aid 90%, Computer Operation 87%, Pilot: Airplane 86%,
Basic Electronics 75%, Land Navigation 72%, Public Speaking 85%, Law (General) 70%, Research 60%, Streetwise 36%, Cook 40%,
and Astronomy & Navigation 35%.
Money: He has about 89,000 British Pounds (120,041 U.S. dollars) in saving he made from his days as a British S.C.R.E.T. operative.
In his checking account, he has 110,000 U.S. dollars which pays most of his living expenses. Exactly how much he receives as a pension
from SCRET even he is unaware of. Most of his money goes to charity.
Weapons: He is trained in using all the weapons used by the U.K.SCRET, but he relies on his skills and powers.
Energy Expulsion: Particle Beam, Range: 400 feet (183 m), Damage: 4D6+4 on a Natural roll of 12-17, on a Natural roll of 18-19
does 6D6+16, on a Natural roll of 20 does 6D6+16 direct to Hit Points. Attacks Per Melee: Each blast counts as three attacks/actions.
Bonus: +1 to aim. Note: Particle Beams automatically by-pass the A.R. of a target, including all Natural Armor Ratings. Objects destroyed
or people killed by PB are disintegrated! Living things heal damage back three times slower and objects cannot be repaired by normal means.
Particle Beams inflict half damage against Invulnerable beings.
Equipment & Vehicles: He no longer has access to any of UK SCRET technology or special equipment.

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Comment: The greatest part of the writer's time is spent in reading, in order to write: a man will turn over half a library to make one book. - Samuel Johnson, 1775

Macabre is an Ancient Spirit of Hate who arrived during a ritual taking place by a group of college students from Ultropolis University. The ritual was discovered by one student
in a library book. On a whim they decided to do the ritual during a fraternity party. Once she appeared, she immediately requested purpose, a task to spread chaos and discord.
Several students hated a college professor, so they told her to “go be mean to him.” So she did for several days attack him, ransack him home, his car, etc. When the college
professor called campus security and the police, Macabre would attack and kill them. Upon realizing what they done, the college student tried to get her to stop obeying their
commands. Macabre insisted the ritual gave her purpose and until they gave her a new one, she would continue. About this time, Special GIGMA Agent Scott Benter got involved.
She would use Scott’s own hypnotic suggestion powers against him making him do things he did want too. Finally one of the students completed a new ritual and told her to “live
among humans without hurting them.” Macabre answered, “I can do that, continue to spread hate and misery without causing them pain.” Then Scott who manage to break the mind
control she held over him followed up by completing a rapid version of the ritual and told her, “You task is to be self-loathsome until you cannot hate anymore.” The ritual caused
some kind of mental feedback upon Macabre’s mind causing her to collapse. When she awoke, she was no longer compelled by the mystic ritual any longer. Scott hand
unintentionally freed her from its bindings. She was now free to cause grief and suffering all on her own. She flew into the air and disappeared. A few days later, Scott got a knock on
his door and to his astonishment Macabre was there in tears. “What have you done to me?” she demanded. Scott had indeed broken the ritual binding but she was inflicted with self
hatred. Scott now had the task of teaching the spirit not to hate but have virtue, compassion, and goodness. Not having the time or the commitment to do this task, Scott then
assigned those responsible for her summoning to take care of her and steer her on the straight and narrow path of righteousness.
Macabre now wonders Ultropolis University Campus, going from place to place trying not to hate. Macabre spends her days talking to mortals, asking age-old questions of purpose in
life, joy, right and wrong, good and evil. She has “sort of” switched sides, and is possibly on the verge of feeling content and fulfilled. She can still be savage and ruthless (especially
to men in military uniform), but at least she is trying to control her hatred and base instincts, and opposes evil and injustice. The real problem is she “believes” she has fallen in love
with Agent Scott Benter and is not sure how to deal with it.

Real Name: Deilarthata
Occupation: Ancient Spirit of Hate
Alignment: Aberrant
Power Category: Immortal (Ancient Spirit of Darkness)
Experience Level: 6th
Hit Points: 90 S.D.C.: 127 Armor Rating: A.R. 10
P.P.E.: 142
Appearance: Macabre is a gorgeous, tall, busty, athletic woman. She has round blue eyes and medium length,
straight black hair worn in an alluring style. Her blue and black outfit resembles something worn by an exotic dancer and is
obviously made for combat.
Attributes: I.Q. 28, M.E. 14, M.A.15, P.S. 25, P.P. 18, P.E. 28, P.B. 23, Spd. 38/300 mph (483 km) in flight.
Age: Immortal, Sex: Female, Height: 6 feet (1.8 m), Weight: 110 lbs (49.5 kg).
Insanity: She loathes men in military uniform (includes law enforcement) who threaten her and/or challenge her.
The moment she confronts them, nothing else matters. She is easily distracted by their presence (-6 to initiative and Perception).
She refuses to believe they can speak truthfully and only when they are in agony will they ever be honest. Women as far as she
is concerned speak nothing but the truth, which makes it easy for her to be fooled by them.
Unusual Characteristics: She is simply eye-popping gorgeous and constantly attracts attention wherever she goes.
Natural Abilities: Her wings are made of energy and can magically appear or disappear as desired. She can choose to fly into space
into space if she so desired.
Major Super Abilities: Mimic, Natural Combat Ability, and Multiple Beings (6).
Attacks per Melee: 6/7 (3 initial and +3 from Hand to Hand) +1 in flight.
Combat Training: Special
Combat Bonuses: (in addition to those she acquires from gaining her opponent’s hand to hand combat style): +6 to initiative, +2 to strike/+3 in flight,
+3 to parry/+4 in flight, +3 to dodge/+5 in flight, +5 automatic dodge/+7 in flight, +10 damage/+4 damage for every 20 mph (32 km)
of flight speed, +9 to roll with punch/fall, +9 to pull punch, +3 to disarm, and +2 to Perception Rolls. Note: Whomever she engages
in Hand to Hand Combat or observes fighting, after one melee round (15 seconds), she acquires their equivalent level of hand to hand combat,
combat bonuses, and combat skills/techniques (including boxing, wrestling, kick boxing), added to her own (thus making her that much
better than her opponent, she doesn’t add their additional attacks/actions per melee). She can only do this with one person. When she encounters
a person who is an unskilled fighter (non-combatant) or multiple opponents, she will be able to fight with combat style of Hand to Hand: Expert
equal to her own level of experience. Player and G.M. Note: She can only acquire her opponent’s hand to hand (or boxing, wrestling,
and kickboxing) combat bonuses/skills/techniques. She cannot acquire additional combat bonuses, skills, or techniques from physical attributes
or super abilities.
Saving Throw: +26% to save vs coma/death, +9 to save vs magic, +8 to save vs possession, +2 to save vs mind control, +11 to save
vs Horror Factor, and +7 to save vs poison and disease.
Combat Skills: Punch 1D6+2, Power Punch 2D6+12 (counts as two melee attacks), Elbow/Forearm 1D6, Knee 1D6, Kick Attack 2D4,
Karate Kick 2D6+2, Jump Kick 6D6 (counts as two attacks), Head Butt 1D6, Body Flip/Throw 2D4 plus P.S. damage bonus (lose initiative and
1 attack/action), All Holds, Paired Weapons, Back Flip (use in place of dodge, can only use back flip bonuses 94%), Leap Attack (critical strike),
Knockout/stun on an unmodified roll of 19-20, and Critical strike on an unmodified roll of 18-20. Note: She can jump 10 feet (3 m) high
or 15 feet (4.6 m) long, +50% with a running start. Remember she will acquire all the combat skills of her component (their hand and kick attacks,
special maneuvers, and training techniques within one melee round of engaging them in combat or observing them fighting).
Other Bonuses: +14% to all skills, 97% trust/intimidate, 92% charm/impress.
Educational Background: Military Specialist (some familiarity with Earth). Note: She can pick up any weapon (ancient or modern) and
perform with it as if she had a W.P. with that weapon. +2 to strike/aim, parry, throw, entangle, and disarm. Her rate of fire (for archery) is 9. Increase
range of projectile weapons by +50%.
Common Skills: Read-Write/Speak English and Aramaic 98%.
Basic Military Program: Running, Climbing 98%, Forced March, Military Etiquette 98%, Public Speaking 98%, W.P. Sword (+5 to strike/+4 to parry,
and W.P. Shield (+4 to parry).
Espionage Program: Detect Ambush 89%, Intelligence 85%, Wilderness Survival 89%, Detect Concealment 85%, and Tracking (people) 85%.
Physical Program: Acrobatics (Sense of Balance 98%, Walk Rope 97%, Climb Rope 98%), Gymnastics (Bars & Rings 97% and Back Flip 98%,
Athletics (general), and Fencing (+1 to strike/parry, +1D6 to sword or knife).
Secondary Skills: Sing 79%, Wardrobe & Grooming 88%, Prowl 79%, Gemology 69%, Mathematics: Basic 98%, Astronomy & Navigation 74%,
W.P. Knife (+4 to strike, +4 to parry, and +4 to throw), Land Navigation 66%, Law (general) 49%, and History 79%/59%.
Money: She never pays for anything. She has other people do this for her. As she lives aimlessly on Ultropolis University, she stays with
whoever wants to put up with her.
Weapons: None, she relies on her natural abilities.
Equipment & Vehicles: None.

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Comment: The greatest part of the writer's time is spent in reading, in order to write: a man will turn over half a library to make one book. - Samuel Johnson, 1775
Stan Gibbson

A few days after Stan Gibbson started his custodian job at one of the experimental research sites for the KLS Corporation. They were experimenting with an immense particle
accelerator/decelerator as a means to mass-produce or collect antimatter needed for propulsion and storage, a way to travel to distant stars. One of the people working on the
project was Charley Richmond, who worked at Project Daedalus in Century Station under Dr. Leopold Sarnhoff. He managed to leave the city before the aliens arrived to arrest the
“alien” Sarnoff and confiscated all off-world technology he helped develop on Earth, as well as any “hybrid” technology. Richmond got away with his lap top full of notes on their anti-
matter research. It was discovered despite having a readily available nuclear power plant to provide them power, they still didn’t have enough “energy” to capture or produce anti-
matter, just barely enough to boil water. So Richmond got the bright idea to put thaesium into their device. Thaesium is a radioactive crystal meteorite found in Antarctica with
alleged properties that gave humans super abilities. However, there were also top secret documents held by the government department known as Project Secure that Thaesium
could be used to power alien space craft or huge orbital space stations. Dr. Leopold noted indicated before the arrival of the Covenent (the aliens) he wanted to perform experiments
with thaesium believing it was the key to how the Atorians developed their Matter/Anti-Matter Drives.
Stan Gibbson was in the lab taking out the trash when a group of scientists and members of the U.S. military where in the room to observe the effects of adding particles of
thaesium into the accelerator/decelerator. When the device was switched on, they unknowingly created a primitive hypergravity bridge, but since it didn’t link to another gateway
device, it created a man made black hole. The entire complex disappeared with everyone inside. An immense undertaking tried to determine what had exactly happened because
nothing remained of the research complex. Suddenly Stan Gibbson appears from out of now where. When asked what happened to him and everyone else, all he can remember is
everyone in at the complex was transported to an anti-matter universe. Their bodies were processed so they could continue to exists without destroy everything. For some reason he
got sent back. Nobody believes his story however Stan Gibbson body is surrounded by a force aura. When the military tries to arrest, Stan fights back and manages to escape.
Nobody believes in Stan’s story and believes him to be a crazy mutant who destroyed the KLS Research Facility. SCRET/GIGMA begin a long search for the man and KLS hires various
Mutant Recovery Teams to capture him.
Months later Senior Special Agent Scott Benter was following up on a lead about a teen mutant at a high school in Ultropolis when an explosion happens that obliterates the
entire building. Scott arrives to find an unconscious Stan Gibbson surrounded by debris and ruin. Scott finds the ruins of broom and uses it to object read the man. Scott sees the
man and witnesses a bizarre flash of Stan and the broom being transported to the anti-matter universe, being experimented on by a highly advance race of aliens and for some
reason rejecting him. Stan’s body is no longer surrounded by a force aura never the less Scott drags him away and hides him. Later on, as emergency crews arrive, Scott uses his
coat and his invisible haze to move from the scene unnoticed. He takes Stan to his alien friend Gunter who does several alien scans on him. He determines Stan’s entire body has
been turned into anti-matter but the process has temporarily been reversed, he’s normal but in a few days or weeks he will revert back, fortunately the force aura will keep him from
destroying the planet. Scott takes Stan to his apartment where they spend a few days together. With help from Gunter, Scott uses his GIGMA connections to create a new identity for
Stan (Frederick Baker). He sets him up with a job as a custodian at his old high school in Ultropolis. Scott just wants him to keep out of trouble and not blow up the planet. Stan is
ever grateful for Scott and Gunter for all they’ve done for him. Gunter claims his “people” a few times made contact with the beings living in the anti-matter universe. With the right
tools and hybrid tech, he believes he might be able to reengineer Stan and give him control over his transformation so he can enjoy a relative normal life. The problem is finding the
tools and designing the hybrid tech. In the meantime, Stan keeps to himself and lives a very lonely life alone in the small underground apartment Scott set up for him. Stan misses
his family and longs to be with them. He hasn’t told Scott the reason the school blew up was because he was confronted by Charley Richmond who like him was sent back on Earth
and processed to inhabit the positive universe. Charley wanted his help to take over the planet and hold it ransom or else they trigger its eventual destruction. The two man fought
and Stan found a way to weak his force field and triggered a matter/anti-matter explosion. Scott hasn’t told Stan his object read indeed informed him what happened and because
Stan fought to protect Earth, Scott hasn’t called SCRET to take him away to a Holding Facility. Scott is indeed terrified at the possibility of what Stan represents and hopes Gunter
can indeed fix him soon.

Real Name: Stan Gibbson
Alias: Frederick Baker and Master Fusion
Occupation: Night Custodian for Ultropolis High School
Alignment: Scrupulous
Power Category: Mega Experiment
Experience Level: 4th
Hit Points: 30 S.D.C.: 91 Force Aura A.R.: 14 with 690 Force S.D.C.
P.P.E.: 56
Appearance: Stan is a normal looking guy, with smoke-gray eyes. His thick, wavy, brown hair is short and is worn in
an uncomplicated, dignified style. He is nearly average height, skinny, yet with a broad-shouldered build. His skin is pale and
he has prominent cheekbones. He wears dirty overalls and old, tattered clothing. The same clothes he’s been wearing for
several years since he cannot remove them or exchange them new ones.
Attributes: I.Q. 8, M.E. 3, M.A. 4, P.S. 15/25 (superhuman with force aura), P.P. 10, P.E. 16, P.B. 7, Spd 12.
Age: 30, Sex: Male, Height: 5 feet, 10 inches (1.55 m), Weight: 160 lbs (72 kg).
Side Effect: Requires Energy for Nourishment: Cannot eat or drink normal food; must absorb radiant energy such as
electrical, light, or thermal (not organic life energies). Must have 200,000 amps or six hours of light per day. As a bonus, the
character never gets hungry nor fatigues when exposed to sunlight or heat. Power Lock: Stan’s body has been permanently
transformed into anti-matter. His other powers serve as the means to keep him from physically interacting with the normal
universe and to convert energy into a source of food/nutrients.
Vulnerability: Because every particle in his body is anti-matter, Stan is incapable of interacting with any of the five states
of natural matter, without causing a fierce burst of energy 2D4x100 damage (if the damage exceeds the target’s S.D.C., it is
completely atomized). Stan generates a powerful Force Aura to keep a physical barrier between himself and the outside world.
If this barrier were to be destroyed, Stan’s anti-matter body would interact with matter (solid, liquid, gases, or plasma) and
annihilation would occur, triggering an explosion nearly equal to a nuclear bomb that does 10,000 points of damage to a 1050 feet
(320 m) radius around his entire body in all directions. Once any matter/anti-matter explosion occurs, the G.M. has to roll to
determine what happens next.

01-10% Stan lives revert to normal, no permanent damage; his anti-matter form returns in 1D4 weeks. Roll on the insanity tables, Neurosis and Phobia.
11-25% Stan survives, reverts to normal, and remains a normal person for the rest of his life.
26-40% Stan is atomized, but the blast radius is doubled!
41-85% Stan is atomized but the blast radius increases by 1D6x100%
86-00% Stan is atomized, the blast radius increased by 2D4x100% and the damage increases to 2D4x10,000! All five states of
matter in the blast radius is atomized, this creates a sudden change in air pressure that can crush objects, and high winds that can knock
objects down (3D6x100 points of damage to anyone or anything caught in the open). The range of this lethal blast force can extend an
additional 7000 feet (2133 m or 1.3 miles/2.1 kms) beyond the initial blast radius for every 8000 points of damage. This mean
atomization of 50,000 points of damage to 6300 feet (1920 m/1.1 miles/1.9 km) will produce a pressure wave (3D6x100 points of damage)
at range of 43,750 feet (13,335 m/8.2 miles or 13 km).
The Cascade Effect: If some physical/kinetic attack inflicted upon Stan surpasses his force aura (i.e., destroying it and damaging his anti-matter body),
if any part of him (hair, blood, saliva, skin cells, etc) touches matter, it causes annihilation. The fear is this could trigger continual matter/anti-matter
explosions could eventually destroys the entire planet!
Mega Powers: Standard mega abilities and Longevity (he ages one year for every 12 years of time).
Major Super Abilities: Copy Energy Pattern/Energy Conversion, Force Aura, and Alter Physical Structure: Anti-Matter (special).
All of his powers work as a Power Combo. His body copies all energy attacks (except kinetic, electromagnetic, sound, and cold) and covert them
into force field energy or radiant energy that his body absorbs as food. His Force Aura keeps his anti-matter body from having physical contact with
matter. His Force Aura only protects him from kinetic energy/physical attacks, hostile environment, temperature extremes, hazardous chemicals,
and airborne infection. Energy attacks (including magic and psionics) can by-pass the Force Aura, however, his natural immunity and copy energy
pattern/energy conversion ability reduce the damage he takes from all energy attacks to 1 or 2 points, even an alien battle ship particle cannon only
does 1 or 2 points of damage to him.
APS-Anti-Matter, His organic body looks no different only every particle converted into anti-matter. This allows him to breathe without air
and makes him impervious to cold, radiation, depressurization, zero gravity, organic requirements, and the hazards of space. In fact, he can
survive indefinitely in space. He can speak in the vacuum of space and does not require food, water, gravity, or an earth atmosphere to survive.
He can see in total darkness even the void of space (absent of light). He cannot be blinded by intense light and can gaze into the brilliance of a
nuclear flash without ill effect.
1. The Touch, Stan can weaken the Force Aura around one finger so he can perform a finger poke. When Stan makes contact with any form
of matter with this finger poke, he still doesn’t make “full contact” with the object but allows .0035 oz (.1 grams) of anti-matter to make a “brief” contact”
with matter. When this happens, two things happen. First, the object touched takes 2D4x100 points of damage! If the damage exceeds the target’s S.D.C.
(and Hit Points for living things), it is completely atomized (disintegrated). Not a single particle is left, just a three foot (0.9 m) deep, smoldering
crater. Second, everything in a 10 foot (3 m) radius is struck by a pressure wave (similar to those of a nuclear explosion) that does 3D6x10 points.
2. Anti-Particle Blast, this is the release of a controlled energy attack over a specific target area. It is nearly identical to Energy Expulsion: Particle Beam.
Like all PBs, the beam automatically by-pass the A.R. of a target, including all Natural Armor Ratings. Objects destroyed or people killed by PB are
disintegrated! Living things heal damage back three times slower and objects cannot be repaired by normal means. Range: 600 feet (182 m)
maximum, Duration: Instant, Damage: When rolling the D20 to strike with the anti-matter blast, only a Natural roll (not modified by bonuses)
of a 12-20 hits. A roll of 11-17 does 4D6+4 points of damage, a roll of 18-19 does 6D6+16 points of damage. A roll of 20 does 6D6+16 direct
to Hit Points! The anti-matter blast cannot be divided between two targets. Attacks per Melee: Each blast counts as two attack/actions!
Bonus: +1 to strike on Aimed Shots.
Force Aura, his Force Aura unlike others force aura or force fields only protect him from kinetic energy/physical attacks, as such it has twice
the normal amount of S.D.C. and further enhanced by his Mega Hero status (+50% to S.D.C.). This gives him a NAR of 14 and 690 S.D.C. The force field
recovers 4D6 S.D.C. every 10 minutes. His force field prevents his body from making physical contact with his bare skin, however with his force aura he
can still punch, kick, or grab objects with the force aura making contact rather than his skin. The force field allows him to carry, lift, hold, punch,
etc with Superhuman P.S. Note: If Stan surrounded a person with his force aura (which he can do), they would immediately suffocate because his
force aura is not permeable (does not allow liquids or gases to penetrate it). Stan only sleeps for 1D4 hours and when he does, his Force Aura stays on.
[b]Combat Training: Non-combatant. He cannot perform an automatic parry.
Attacks per Melee[/b]: 2 attacks/actions and 3 non-combat actions.
Combat Bonuses: +1 to initiative, +1 to dodge, +10 damage (force aura), and +4 to roll with punch/fall with force aura.
Saving Throws: Impervious to disease, +4% to save vs coma/death, -4 to save vs Horror Factor, +8 to save vs magic (even if he fails he takes
half damage, duration, and penalty), +4 to save vs psionic attack (even if he fails he takes only half damage, duration, and penalty),
+6 to save vs possession, -4 to save vs illusion, -2 to save vs insanity. Seducers gets a +20% bonus when using seduction, and anyone intimidating
or interrogating him get a +20% bonus.
Combat Skills: Force Aura Punch 2D4+2, Force Aura Power Punch 3D6+2 (counts as two attacks).
Educational Background: Street schooled, he dropped out of school in the 9th grade.
Common Skills: Read-Write/Speak 44%/English 92%, Mathematics: Basic 42%, and Pilot Automobile 72%.
Street Skills: Streetwise 50%, Prowl 50%, Pick Locks 50%, Pick Pocket 50%, Palming 40%, Cook 55%, Sewing 60%, General Repair/Maintenance 55%,
and Recycle 50%.
Secondary Skills: Fishing 60%, Swimming 70%, Pilot: Truck 56%, Identify Plants & Fruits 45%, Carpentry 45%, Gardening 52%, Salvage 55%,
Basic Mechanics 60%, Physical Labor, Mining 45%.
Money: He has $3217 in his checking account.
Weapons: None, he relies on his super abilities to protect him.
Equipment & Vehicles: He doesn’t own a car so he tends to rely on public transportation but tries to avoid crowds whenever possible.
The only equipment he has is whatever the school allows him to use while on the job. Note: Stan’s clothes and shoes were also processed and
turned into anti-matter. Fortunately his body seems to produce a Bio-Aura that if he reverts to normal after an explosion, his clothes also revert to
positive matter. When he changes back, his clothes would also change. Gunter is trying to figure out how to get him new clothes with a Bio-Aura
on them because his old ones are started to deteriorate from constant use as he cannot remove them and even if he could, any contact with them
and positive matter would trigger annihilation. Stan works nights at the school to avoid contact with people. Scott has done his best to pay off folks
who might have a problem with Stan.

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