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 Post subject: Funny moment in gaming
Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:31 pm

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Hello, does anyone have any instances you would like to share when, in their games, something happens that causes the whole group to stop and take in what just happened?

I'll start.
A character (named Sully, human, no offensive powers, out of ammo) was being chased by 2 armed baddies. While running the player asks the GM what is around his character and among other things the gm says an off the ground diner. The player asks what kind of door it has. The GM states it's a solid wooden door with no glass.
Sully runs up the two or 3 stairs inside the doorway and finds there is no back way out of the diner. The player then asks if the door opens in or out, to which the gm says in. Sully stops, leaves the door open, standing there. When the guys come running up the stairs for him, Sully slams the door shut, knocking the nearest guy back into the 2nd and both go back down the steps.

We had to stop for the night because after all the laughing we couldn't refocus.

Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 10:09 pm

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I have a crit system for skills in my game, roll doubles and succeed, crit success, roll doubles and fail, crit fail. Its context sensitive.

Two low power players are creeping up on a pawn shop, knowing it has at least three baddies in it, all with shotguns. Player one climbs up on the roof, silently, player two moves forward to the back door.

And player two's phone goes off OOCly.

We all laugh at the tension breaker and how stupid that was.

Given what I just said about crit fails, you see how this ended up.

He rolls a 99, and his damn phone goes off in game too, alerting the enemies. He answers the phone with the greeting 'you just made me crit fail a prowl roll!'

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Unread postPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:08 pm

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I guess I’ll share the story of Captain Heroic.

One of my players loved to make odd characters and he came up with Captain Heroic a mutant/experiment who had invulnerability and a psychosis where he thought he had a BUNCH of other super powers. Which ones it was depended on the game and time of day… but they all depended on him eating the right Hostess product. It started with Twinkees and then expanded to Fruit Pies. Any time the powers didn’t manifest (which was every time) was primarily due to a lack of freshness in the product or just a need to eat one more. The other players primarily used him as a walking talking shield they could hide behind due to his invulnerability. Also one of the super strong players started using him as a ‘bat’ like Hulk with Loki, but using him to strike big baddies with, which worked pretty well overall. But one day they were chasing some bank robbers getting away from the roof of the building via a super-tech helicopter. Soooo the player decided to activate his ‘flight power’ and chase after them and jumped off the roof of the building. The Sears Tower size bank building. Needless to say the city was NOT happy with the rather large crater he left, nor was the bank even though they got most of the money back despite having to stop to dig him out of his hole. Sadly after the 3rd or 4th session Captain Heroic got old for the player and was replaced IC when he decided that Hostess changed the recipe and that he didn’t in fact have any super powers anymore.

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