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not sure if its ever been addressed.

so our gm started a heroes unlimited campaign, with random job and power sets...

the character I am playing is an empowered hero, (all the powers come from an item) who's job/career is as a model specifically swimsuit model.

so I am looking for suggestions as to what would be a good skill set as I am already thinking I am going to have to ask the gm to allow me to take some skills from RUE, or other sources because a skill that totally makes sense to me, Wardrobe and Grooming, does not seem to be in the heroes unlimited skill list, I am also thinking something fashion possibly relating to design, and possibly acting would totally make sense as well.

I would appreciate suggestions and if possible links or references to where skills are found.

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Check the We Gots The Skills thread at the top of this forum.

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Easy solution. You can use the skills from Dead Reign and/or Beyond the Supernatural. Or you could use RUE although it has a bunch of skills that don't apply. That's it. Or use the Ordinary Person O.C.C. found in Dead Reign or Beyond the Supernatural to gain your skills.

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Rifter 19 has a bunch of additional physical skills. Including things like body sculpting and other modeling skills.
Then take acting (twice for professional at +10 if the GM will allow it)
Seduction is actually a good fit... your trying to look seductive in a lot of those shoots, so the skill would be of great use.
Disguise is also good for making 'adjustments'. Concealment can round out a rogue skill program
(so 1 rouge, 1 physical so far)

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