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 Post subject: 2 unrelated questions
Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:03 pm


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1. Reference using skill packages from AU: Galaxy Guide or N&SS for HU characters; does one apply the skill bonuses in parenthesis or do they simply get the skill at base level plus Education Level and I.Q. bonus?

2. Rifter 37 has rules for building an HQ. If one was to use a Dual Class option, do you get the points allotted from both classes? Ex.: There is a Special Operative/Bionic, does this character get to build a secret hideout based on the points from both classes?

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I would say you get one or the other in terms of points for building a HQ. As for your other question, I am unsure how to answer as I do not have my books handy at the moment.

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2. Don't the Spy Agency creation rules in N&S cover the HQ?

1. As long as the skills in question are not for secondary skills you should get the bonuses.

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