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It seems the prevailing opinion is that Heroes Unlimited Revised doesn't really work to build the iconic characters that have dominated superhero comics for the last sixty years. For the sake of argument, I wanted to start a thread to discuss how you would go about approximating such characters, using only the HU2 corebook RAW.

To start off, I'm attempting builds for the two most iconic heros of all. No specific names in mind. Just iconic archetypes.

The Big Blue Boy Scout

Ability Scores: 12-13 across the board. The boy scout is usually portrayed to be slightly above average in all respects when compared with other members of his species. The only exception is ME, which should be 15+. When the boy scout faces off against other members of his species, he usually wins by way of sheer determination.

Power Category: Mega-Alien (obviously).

Alien type: Human-like. The boys scout's people appear entirely human.

Planet of Origin: Earth-like. Again they look human. (Optionally: High Gravity. Upside, he gets bonuses to PS, Spd and SDC, which are on brand. Downside, he's short, which is not. I can take it or leave it.)

Power type: Alien Mutant. This may be a controversial take, but one way to describe his powers is that his people all undergo the same phenotypical (rather than genotypical) mutation when exposed to our sun.

Unusual Features: Ambidexterity (to reflex his capacity for multitasking.

Powers: Unstable powers (Powers grow with age.) Most versions of the boy scout's origin story include the fact that his powers developed incrementally wirh experience, so this tracks well.

At first level he gets Invulnerability, Super Vision (Advanced Vision), and Advanced Hearing. As he gains levels he picks up Supersonic Speed, Supersonic Flight, Energy Projection (Energy), and Super Vision: X-Ray Vision.

For his mega abilities he takes Tremendous Physical Strength and Longevity. His weakness is vulnerability to an exotic metal (the irradiated fragments of his homeworld.)

He rounds out his skill selection with Research, Writing and others that make him a capable journalist. In the end, he has the full suite of powers you'd expect from a Big Blue Boyscout, though perhaps not at the same extreme levels as his iconic counterpart. I think in gameplay he would feel very close to the source material

A Flying Rat Guy with Abandonment Issues

Ability Scores: 16+ acrooss board. Rat Guy is depicted as being at the peak human capacity in all areas.

Power Category: Rat Guy's all about skills. There are a couple options that work here.

Physical Training (Speed and Agility) combined with the Military Specialist education level gives you first rate fighting abilities and physical training, while still having agood selection of deductive/covert ops skills. Drop the weapons program, and double dip the Espionage program to get nearly every espionage skill. If your willing to play an Unprincipled alignment (which fits with some grimmer renditions of Rat Guy) you can round this out with seversl rogue skills through physical training. Take the Police/Law Enforcement program to get Surveillance and Crime Scene Investigation. Dump your secondary skills in WP archery/targeting (for rat shaped shuriken) and an assortment of science, technical and rogue skills to round out your detecting skills.) The only weak side is you get no budget for gadgets and trick weapons.

Alternatively, you could combine the Hardware Category with the Military Specialist education level.

Start with the Weapons specialty. This might seem odd given Rat Guy's aversion to guns, but it gives you Demolitions and Demolitions Disposal, two ancient weapon WPs (take blunt for truncheons, and archery/targeting for flying rat shaped shuriken), and a horror factor, which is great for scaring cowardly and superstitious villains.

You can sink you budget into gimmick weapons.

Most critically, Weapons is the only Harware specialty that lets you take a second specialty without losing attacks.

For your second speciality take either Electronics or Mechanical. Electronics gives you a better skill selection for detective work (Surveillance and Computer Hacking) and ensures your autonomy.

Mechanical lets you build a tough Rat Car, while keeping a discretionary allowance for other gadgets that is, on average, equal to the Electronics budget. Downside is weaker skills, and the possibility that you might end up beholden to powerful patron (Rat Guy is definitely a solo-op.)

For your other skills, drop the weapons program, double up on Epsionage, and take the Physical program (includjng probably Boxing, Gymnastics) and sink your secondary skills into physical training to beef up.

Your not quite up to the level of Physical Training in hand to hand, but with H2H Martial Arts, Boxing and W.P. Blunt and paired weapons, you're still pretty tough in a fight.

I'd actually venture that a Hardware (Weapons/Mechanical) Rat Guy who gets lucky enough to roll up superb ability scores (to cover his weaknesses compared to Physical Training) some really fat budgets, and independently wealthy for his Hardware Mechanical sourcwe of funding can fully match the abilities of his comic book source material, especially if he uses the going back to school rules to pick up some additional scholastic skills as he advances.

Other iconic Super Hero builds?

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Note that posting copyrighted characters here in these forums using the HU texts is forbodent.

Answering the OP's question with the canon answer should be done First.
After that you can post your house your house rules.

May you be blessed with understanding,
and the ability to change course when you are off the mark.

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Locked for review.

Oderint Dum Metuant.

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