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 Post subject: Campaign/Adventure Ideas
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Trying to come up with new ideas beyond "Bad Guy of the Week" and thought I throw this out there.

Being at the older end of the spectrum and having a fairly good memory as well as collection, I've been able to use old (80s/90s) comic books as inspiration/templates. I've had a lot of fun with Genosha, for example. Instead of the psychic lobotomies, I've created and version of the Wheel of Time collars.

I'm not a HUGE film buff, but I'm sure there are stories/scenarios out there that are ripe for my Heroes. Especially classic westerns. Magnificent Seven could give me a lot of mileage.

As a related well of ideas, I feel like going through all the Criminal Minds synopsis could give me ideas I never would come up with on my own. Those writers have issues.

What do you all think? Suggestions?

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If you're going to do collars the 90's X-Men cartoon series did something similar. I'd make them have some sort of detonator if people try to mess with them but you're also going to need to find a way to protect them against someone with Machine Merge or Telemechanics or Electrokineses from messing with them.

Depending on how much time you have for the game you could also do an invasion type story line based off the Secret World Chronicle by Mercedes Lackey, Dennis Lee, Cody Martin & Veronica Giguere with Space/Dimensional Nazi's invading Earth.

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I've said it before but if you have Nightbane books my favorite HU games are Nightlord invasion of HU Earth.

You take your heroes, the public loves them, local police cooperate with them and then after a dark day event they are being hunted by federal agents under the control of the Nightlords. I take all the stuff about the NSB(?) I think it is from Nightbane and put it all into SCRET.

You don't even have to have a Nightbane in the group, just a few characters with knowledge of magic will suffice. If you use Century Station there is even a great idea for a Nightlands version called Grim Gulf .

It is a lot of fun to see super beings throw down with packs of Hounds and Hunters and this is a game were Mega-Heroes would not be too overpowering.

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