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While I am not talking money here (I would think most Nightlords would find it impossible not to counterfeit paper and modern coin currency), however, what is preventing Nightlords from say, turning a few rocks into valuable gems or other precious stones and then trading them in to fund a Cult of Night? Or turning bricks into gold bars?

And as a side question...Should Nightlords even be played as having natural instincts on say, the molecules and atoms and their configuration to know how to create a real ruby or silver bars? And what prevents them from making indestructible items by tightly compressing molecules or altering their structures on a sub-atomic level that would allow them to make a bullet that ignores A.R. or a sword with a edge so keen, it could sever a head from its body on a natural 18-20? Or should there be some proper skill requirements to give a Nightlord the ability to convert a gun to straight up platinum and a bullet who's tip is a radioactive element?

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