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Comment: Eliminating that not so fresh feeling from the world of role playing.
Origins starts today, I will be running a number of Palladium events:

Village of the Damned – Rifts in the Dwarven Forge w/minis
Seems like any other way side village, but it holds a dark secret. Can you save the innocents or will you become the next victims?

Meat Grinder – Dead Reign
Humanity is on the brink of extinction. The leaders of the Death Cult meet to plan the final campaign. Your Reaper team must cut the head off the beast before they enact their plan.

Nukem' – Rifts Chaos Earth
NEMA command issued the order to nuke the Black Obelisk in Madison to stop the zombie plague. Your team must deliver the weapon and try to get out alive.

Northern Run N Gun - Rifts
Off the book gun runnin for Northern Gun is exciting and often profitable line of work. This run may prove to be the retirement score, one way or another.

I have some some great Swag for the players thanks to Palladium. If you are anywhere in the Midwest, gotta make the trip and check out this convention.

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