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My family and I have always enjoyed talking to folks about or games; facebook and the like, and in person at the conventions. Communication, Communication, and err more communication.
One surprising supporter of our games is Mia Banks, online romance novelist. The Ladies of the house, after enjoying her books, joined her on Facebook and she is a author who hosts 'writing chats' and actually follows up with fans on facebook. After a conversation with Jenn she found her way to our family & convention page and then ...Offered Prize support!
We never turn such away. She sends; book marks, mechanical pencils, pencil sharpeners...and by the most popular convention goodies, hand sanitizer!

At conventions we always run into self publishing authors and right now the zombie survival theme is very popular. If your running dead reign and you see these folks at conventions share the story of the game! Most of the time they will be more than happy to donate a autographed book.
Every year at A-KON a group called 'The Ladies of sci-fi' come to sell books, offer writing advice and publishing wisdom. These gals are always more than happy to promote our fliers and one even came to game with us one evening.
At your convention find these people they are a amazing convention connection.
You'll end up with folks who never even dreamed of playing a roleplay game at your table because these people promoted it.

Conventions are amazing things. I have seen people met, fall in love and the next year are married. I have seen starving artists a year later self publishing there own comic books. I have seen kids cosplaying for the first time and beyond nervous...only the next year to be internet sensations.

For Palladium we can do the same.
Find your support, and the strange tides that bring everyone to the same port.

Blessed be

The Haun bunch

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