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Unread postPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:24 pm

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I suspect what my answer will be on this but I wanted to get a concensus
so would it be allowed if the way used to create pilots for RRT (explaining how to follow) enabled players to put pilots in ALL of their mecha in their force ?

I have sorted out a sorta down and dirty way to "create" pilots in RRT

you start with a core card that will tell you what mecha to purchase

we will use a Valkyrie Core card as an example.
the Valkyrie Squadron Core card comes with 1 VF-1J and 3 VF-1A's
for purposes of this exercise all pilot stats on the selected mecha are used as is from the listings in the core rule book

Main rulebook pg. 93 for mecha costs, pg. 94 for Minor and Major Advance costs.

so the Squad leader in the VF-1J would get to purchase 1 major advance and 2 minor advances
while his squad mates in the VF-1A's would all get 1 minor advance

so in the example it would be 10 points for the VF-1J and 15points (5 each) for the VF-1A's 25 points
Squad Leader 35 points for Major Advance + 10 points for 2 Minor Advances (5 points each) 45 points
Squad Mates 15 points for 3 Minor Advances (5 points each only 1 minor advance per VF-1A) 15 points

its a pretty simple system really it does not detract from the game in my mind... you just have to be prepared to make sure your math is correct when someone wants to check your list...and all it really adds to the game is the ability to tailor ones forces with a little more focus

so the cost of just the mecha would be 25 points + Squad Leaders 45 points + Squad Mates 15 points totaling 85 points for a Valkyrie Squadron with Custom pilots.

not including built in upgrades, support, or specials... that's only 5 points more expensive than the base Valkyrie Squadron Core I really don't see a problem here as I do not think that individual characters like this will have that huge of an impact personally but then I am biased I came up with the idea

if I make it to Gen-Con this year we can test the theory and see if its broken or not...
only problem I see is it is time consuming to build a force and then build the force again with characters in all the mecha... remember just because you CAN have a Major or Minor advance does not mean you NEED said advance..... balance quality over quantity

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