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I know I am not a megaversal Ambasador but I figured if any one would have feed back on this It would most likely be you guys.

I found a game group at a college near were I live and got them to agree to play Rifts. The group has players that drop in and out typically there can be 3-6 people playing in a game. They are not familiar with palladium charter generation system. I only bring one copy of the core book with me, along with several relevant books.

So given that charter creation tends to take the most amount of time I came up with a idea to stream line it and reduce book lock.

The idea is charter generation hand outs that contain the list of skills by type and %, hand to hand table what stats mean and alignment as well as a step by step walk threw. That would serve as a general guide then once they pick a race and Occ make a copy of that page for them to use for charter creation. My goal is to limit the amount of time spent waiting on a book as well as flipping threw the book to pick skills.

Does this sound feasible, would it not violate any Palladium intellectual properties and is there anything else I should include in the hand out to speed up charter creation?

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I may debate canon and RAW, but the games I run are highly house ruled. So I am not debating for how I play but about how the system works as written.


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