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So I've been at this for about 20 years now. Started on D&D but quickly went to Rifts/Palladium for it's massive flexibility. I've just recently found this Reddit and I keep seeing posts looking to honebrew things. So I figured as a forever GM who runs almost exclusively homebrew I'd share my tools.

First off is books, obviously more=better but some of the best books for bang for your buck go like this. Rifts core, duh, should be your first book, it's got rules and stuff. Second up get the Rifts game master guide, spells, abilities, weapons, and just loads of reference, if you want to make a thing you'll find stats here for it. For character creation I'd suggest adding After the Bomb and the heros book, along with the last 2 books you'll be able to make any rcc/occ you can think up. Other useful books include Macross/Robotek if you want to do giant Mecha and Juicer uprising has a great section for performance enhancing drugs.

From there you should have enough reference to work with. Now you need a setting and a story. This is the heart of the homebrew, go wild. Know your world and skim the books, if it's close beat it with a hammer till it fits. Whatever you do don't just freehand, always build off of something you saw in the books, it'll help you keep game balance and avoid your players getting op. Make sure you decide on day one SD or MD, even with a 10 to one conversion MD will dominate your game if you don't plan for it.

I can't think of much more general tips but HMU with specific questions and I'll see if I can help.

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