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Unread postPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 4:27 pm

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Okay, I need your input. Should Palladium bring back the Robotech RPG series?

If we do, should we . . .
a) simply reprint the old books with the old rules,
b) do larger compilations of the old books and rules (i.e., collect a number of smaller books and combine them with a larger one), or
c) rework the old books into new RPG books that include compilations of the old material with updated rules, new and additional writing and a combination of old and new material similar to the Rifts® Ultimate edition (and compatible with the Rifts® Ultimate Edition)?

In fact, should we do a Robotech® Ultimate Edition?

Please post your responses on the Robotech Board. There will also be a "poll" on the Robotech Message Board.

We need as much feedback on this from as many people as possible. Please spread the word to other Robotech fans and let us know what you sincerely would like to see.

No promises, but we’ll weigh your comments and the number of different people responding into our consideration.

With the “flat” role-playing game market, one of our concerns is if there are even enough people interested in buying the darn books if did them as old or updated versions.

Robotech® has ALWAYS been one my personal favorites, so I automatically lean toward a yes vote to do Robotech again. However, I don’t know if gamers would want the old 1980s book or slightly updated versions or completely updated and compatible with Rifts® versions or what?

Please help by weighing in on the poll and posting your comments and desires “if” the Robotech® RPG should come back.

Thanks a bunch. This is a licensed property so we have to make sure there is enough interest to warrant publishing the Robotech line again, especially if it’s more than reprints and/or compilations of old material. (We’re certain glad to do new material if fans want it.)

Here are some of the poll questions.

Which of the following would you most like to see?

- “Reprints” of the original Robotech® RPG and sourcebooks exactly as they were.

- “Compilation” of the original Robotech® RPG and sourcebooks “combined” into a larger “collection” of past titles. For example: The Robotech® RPG and 2-3 sourcebooks like the RDF Manual, Zentraedi, and Ghost Ship all rolled into one juicy book – but unchanged, exactly as they were.

- A Robotech® Ultimate Edition including compiled material plus “new and old” writing, artwork, some color, and rewritten rules much like the Rifts® Ultimate edition. Followed by some compilations of old sourcebooks and some “new” sourcebooks.

- Both Old reprints and new material using the “old rules.”

- Updated compilations of past books with new material and updated rules making it compatible with Rifts® Ultimate Edition.

- Hardcover core rule book whether it is a compilation, reprint or Ultimized.

- I only want “new” Robotech® sourcebooks and material.

– Whatever else Palladium might do, I want to see an adaptation of Robotech® Shadow Chronicles.

– Kevin Siembieda
President, Publisher, Writer and Robotech® fan boy[/b]

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